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I have been charged 3 times for $5.99 each time on 6/2, 6/11, and 6/16!! I want these charges reversed now!!! I do not have spare money for you to be taking!!! Why am I being charged this? These are just fake charges made by google to get some money from people that they dont have to spare!! That google hope's that people wont take a look at so they can get away with it!!!


  •   Jun 20, 2019

    Research. Stop blaming the wrong company for your errors. Telepathic is the name of the business that bills through Google. Most likely it is Google Play but you obviously gave your credit card information to another company

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  • T
      Jul 04, 2019

    It is the app called HOOKED by the developer Telepathic through GOOGLE PLAY!
    You have to check subscriptions if it is there you have to cancel. The company continuously renews without permission!! I recently had this problem and found this out!!

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  •   Jul 04, 2019

    @TNix14 Like I said ... people click to buy but don’t read the fine print or cancellation policy. Some websites have a checked box on an item and it’s way at the bottom of the page. Prechecked boxes are against card association rules.

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