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The fee's at 5/3 bank are astronomical. To me it is absolutely ridiculous that they can debit an account immediately, but not honor deposits. This is only a way for the bank to make money. It dishearten's me that a bank in this country can actually run this way. They also deduct everything in your account, from largest to smallest. Convienently for them, if you run out of money, they can charge you more overdraft fee's for all of the smaller items going through. They do not deduct things in chronological order. What a ridiculous company. I have talked with one person and convinced them to not use 5/3 bank. I hope to get others away from there as well.

  • Ce
    Cee Graves May 06, 2009

    I so agree. My sister just had a major problem with Fifth Third banks and had the same issue! These banks want to take our government tax money to get them out of THEIR debt and then again TAKE the taxpayers money whom they hold in accounts in unfair fees. A slap in the face of Americans. How can the meltdown of the American financial system be stopped if banks keep taking consumers money? Fifth Third Bank has proven to me, my family and friends to be one of the worst banking institution to trust with our hard earned cash.

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  • Vi
    VictimKL Oct 05, 2009

    I just got taken for maintenance fees for over 1/1/2 years that were taken from my account without me knowing it! When I origianly signed up, I specifically asked for a no minimum balance and no fees. This was a secondary account that I normally do not deposit into, but only want to use as an emergency.

    This is the second time they screwed up on my account - I am done! They also said they would only give back 30 dollars of the over 120 dollars they owe me.

    Never again will I use this bank or recommend them - staw away!

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  • Be
    BefuddledKim Oct 16, 2009

    I had overdraft protection that I activated the night before I thought a check might clear before my direct deposit pay posted, and they over drafted my account for (an hour and a half in the middle of the night) where they decided to clear the check before they cleared the over draft protection transfer, its like wtf?? Even in the paper work it says overdraft protection posts IMMEDIATELY!! They refuse to take off the fee, saying its "Their policy" but its not actually written down anywhere! They also admitted its not written anywhere!!
    I'm currently contacting a lawyer.. this HAS to be illegal

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  • Sk
    skwerlsr Aug 12, 2010

    I wish I had read this before getting an account with them because they got me with that very same thing. Now I'm looking at my account and I find a maintenance fee in my statement. After I overdrafted by $3 buying birthday presents, I ended up paying them half of what I spent on those presents! I cut all payments to 5/3 and opened a new account at another bank. Because I was too lazy to go to 5/3 to close the account, I now have $7.50 I owe for maintenance fees. What is this fee for and why can't I find any information about it?

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  • Mr
    Mr. Vong Mar 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can certainly agree that 5/3 fees are nonsense. I had not even had my checking account open for a year and they found a way to screw me over. I have another bank I primarily use and because I didn't use my checking account with 5/3 over a period of 3 months I was charged the $7 maintenance fee that put my account into overdraft so I was charged an additional $30. Since it was the maintenance fee that put my account in overdraft, no notice was sent so I had no idea at all. I didn't have but only enough to keep the account open so when I got charged the maintenance fee and overdraft 5/3 CLOSED my account AND sent it to collections WITHOUT any notification! I also have a savings account with them that has enough to cover the maintenance fee if 5/3 cared enough to take care of their people. They told me that they have features through text or online for me to keep up with my account, but why would I need to if I don't primarily use it? It's not like I over drafted my account through my own doing. I had no clue about the maintenance fee. I am appalled and highly recommend not banking with 5/3

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rip off

We have been with fifth third bank for over six years. Last week we deposited several thousand in our account with our tax return check. this was on saturday. on tuesday i discovered we had been charged $270 in overdraft fees..for what??? On wednesday i went to the bank only to discover another overdraft fee of $370. The bank claims that on Friday we overdrew $2.00 on our account. When asked about these fees we got no answer. We deposited thousands on saturday. We then called corporate and were told our check did not clear until tuesday. well according to my online statement, my available daily balance on monday was over $3000.00. They claim they cannot divide the money online to show money available and money pending. well that is misleading and fraud. How can you charge me over $600 in fees for a supposed $2.00 overdraw??? that money was needed to pay off bills and keep our family going and they screwed us. I have since contacted the BBB, and I have also contacted a news station who deals with money matters. Both are contacting the bank. i will not stop until i get this money back.

  • Ve
    verrante Jul 06, 2009

    these jerks are NOTORIOUS for doing that crap. they don't know how to invest so they steal from their customers to pad the bottom line.

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  • Tr
    TraciB15 Oct 22, 2010

    I have the same problem with 53 Bank They suck big time i am paying 800.00 in overdraft when it showed the money available pissed

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  • Wi
    william crowley Dec 17, 2010

    they just let anyone take money out of your account then hit you with overdraft this is the forth time this happen iam going to pnc

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  • Ge
    GETaLiFe123 Mar 05, 2011

    You are all [censor]s who cannot manage a checking account

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  • Ca
    calliope Jul 18, 2012

    I have had this same problem with 53. They show available and pending, but the numbers are incorrect. They charge hefty fees based on this incorrect online information. When confronted, they Corporate office claims that the online statements are not accurate and should not be used for decisions on spending. When confronted at our local branch in Columbus, Indiana they claim that they must call the Corporate office and will call back and never do. That is that, I am changing to a credit union.

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late charges

I have had a car loan with this bank since 2007. I have had them loose my payments where I had to go in with the receipt they gave me along with a cancelled check to have it corrected. Most recently I received 2 payment books in February saying my payment went up in January. Then the collection calls start. Telling me I am 2 months behind. They never received my February payment. I ask and get charged for a record of my payments and see that every single payment has been received and posted on or before the due date and every single payment was assessed a late charge. Its an automatic thing with this bank. I call to complain and I am told it will take 2 days. I call in a week and they say, that adjustment wasn't done correctly. Call back in 2 days. I just got off the phone and am told 10 days. And I should know this as its clearly marked on the form. I don't have a form!! I ask what my payment is since its due tomorrow - two months late - even though they received a payment in February. Where did it go? They have no idea. At the end of each call they ask if there is anything else they can do for me - I ask to mark my loan paid in full. I know on the 5th of next month I will be calling again to dispute the additional late charges. My payment history shows that there was only a 2 month period when they did not charge me this fee. If this is how they report their bad debts and delinquent payments its no wonder they are one of the worst banks in Rockford.

  • Ja
    jasonswife Feb 18, 2010

    Every year in Feb. we make 12 payments on our land that we have had with them since 2006 when they were first charter and it was never an issue, however in 2009 they can't seem to figure out how to apply our payments and we have been forced to make 3 land payments for the month of Jan. 2 of them that went all to intrest I really wish that someone could explain this to me but all I get from the branch manager is...Well NORMAL people don't make their payments 12 months in advance. Not sure where to go from here

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debit a closed accout

I closed a checking account at fifth third bank and open another one, because i had filed a chapter 13 and gave creditors my account number so fifth third bank let them debit my checking for 2 months and charge me overdraft fees they said they could reinverse me my money . I have file complaint with BBB and Indiana attorney general. I will also filed other complaints they must be in with these creditors.

  • Cl
    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    Your not the only one. I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story

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overdraft fee abuse

Just last week 5/3 (Fifth Third Bank) charged me $444 in overdraft fees in one day. There was about $4000 in...

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predatory fees

We would advise consumers to avoid 5/3 Bank like the Plague! My husband and I were assessed $640 in overdraft fees from 2/24/09 - 3/11/09, which 5/3 removed from our account. Here's the story: admittedly, we weren't keeping as close an eye on our account balance as we should have, since we were out of town. 5/3 assessed a fee between $25 and $37 each time our account was overdrawn (a few times, the account was overdrawn by $2 and 5/3 assessed a $37 fee each time). When we returned from our trip, my husband deposited several hundred dollars into our account to cover the overdraft. Since the exorbitant overdraft fees from 5/3 were unexpected ($330 in one day), he did not take those into account. Thus, when 5/3 removed the fees from our account, THEY CAUSED OUR ACCOUNT TO BE OVERDRAWN AGAIN. My husband deposited more money to cover the overdrafts, and 5/3 continued to assess fees which they would remove from our account, CAUSING THE ACCOUNT TO BE PERPETUALLY OVERDRAWN. Furthermore, we were not notified of the charges for several days, which led to being overdrawn again. My husband considers this LEGALIZED EXTORTION. We have been 5/3 customers since 2000, but are closing ALL of our 5/3 accounts and taking our money to Chase Bank instead.

  • Me
    metronne Jan 16, 2009

    Agree with everyone. This bank will change the rulese mid-game, slap you with fees, and then treat you like a piece of human garbage when you call. Their customer service reps might as well be robots programmed to demean you and refuse your every request. I've been dealing with one stinkin' "over limit" fee for over two months now... long story short, this fee is a result of some super predatory and unethical business practices on the part of Fifth Third... and I for one am totally fed up. My question is, what does it take to bring a class-action lawsuit against a firm for unethical practices? Or, if that's not possible, what type of lawyer should I look for to at least help me get my individual matter settled?

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  • Mr
    Mr Bee Mar 11, 2009

    How's this...we closed our account because 5/3rd was gouging us and causing our account to go negative through fees that they did not tell us about until it was too late. Then, after closing our account, a once-a-year automatic direct withdrawal, that I had totally forgotten about, came through (what are the odds!) and 5/3rd of course, charged us a fee on a closed account! They had called to ask if we wanted them to pay the auto withdrawal. I said no, we just closed the account. The woman said OK and hung up. Then 4 days later, we get a call from the bank saying we were overdrawn!!! I called and said " huh!" She said the act of asking them not to pay the auto withdrawal was a charge-able action. They now were charging me a daily, ever growing, late fee even though my account was no longer at the bank. As a courtesy, they said they would waive most of it, but we still owe them $12 for nothing. Someone has to start a Class-Action lawsuit against these thieves. I call it a reverse bank robbery.

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  • Li
    Listen Up Mar 12, 2009

    You need to bring your acct to a positive balance before you can close it, otherwise it will be charged off and then reported against your credit...

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  • Su
    Sue53Now Apr 25, 2009

    I have lawyers interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Fifth Third Bank for Predatory Overdraft Fees and Unethical business practices. Please send your story along with and proof you may have to [email protected]

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  • Pi
    Pissed Customer in NC Oct 09, 2009

    Fifth Third Bank does not care about the customer.

    They do accounting backwards Highest to lowest clearing your account so they can maximize the fees to the customer. I had 32.00 in very small transactions clear - if they did accounting normal lowest to highest I would have had a 35.00 fee. Just one. But because they do it opposite it cost me over 400.00 in fees... plus 8.00 a day - for 20 days... I was unaware of the account going negatvie so that was another 160.00 - They would not refund ANYTHING. The Customer Service Person said - if you dont like it - Bank somewhere else.

    I contacted an attorney - they are preparing a lawsuit - if you also feel they are Predatory, and do unfair business practices you should also call...

    Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
    One Nashville Place
    150 Fourth Avenue, N., Suite 1650
    Nashville, TN 37219
    (615) 313-9000

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  • La
    Larry B. Nov 26, 2009

    I'm not surprised at all and believe 95% off the horror stories about this "Free Checking" Crap that this 53rd bank claims they have! They are the most incompetent "Professional Bunch" of people I've come across in my 50 years of living! I started a bank account with them in July of this year because the company I work for has their business and payrole there, and was switching to Direct deposit. That was the beginning of the most disfunctional bunch of people I've ever met, customer service, local branch, etc. It started when I was charged 7 over draft fees on a debit card only, in the "pending status" when we all know that the funds are taking from the available balance immediately, but because they were in the pending status and one overdraft accured I was charged $198.00, and was told with a giggle that I was being charged another $132.00 at the end of the day and didn't know what for and wasn't even giving the opportunity to make it right!?!!??? After three months of arguing that the funds were there in (black and white) one of the overtures ($33.00) was put back with a note attached by one of the only people in the Cincy customer service center that obviously knew that something wasn't right. This person also E-mail her supervisor about this and I'm waiting for a responce. Also, I'm just getting started, Recently I wrote a check for $125.00 to a meat vendor on the 27th of October and the check was electronically withdrawn from my account 3 days later...O.K. no big deal...? Wrong the bank paid the check again 16 days later! I brought this to their attention...(thats funny) and showed that it was the same check number and the name on the check with the same date it was wrote (keep that in mind), of coarse my account was $3.98 over by of the day because of this and guess what...Yep, overdraft fees out the yeng-yang! I keep the minimun in this account because of their borderline illegal, and unethical business tactics. Of coarse I had to take off work, another $250.00 down the drain, to try to get this reversed and was told we'll (local bank) investigate it(?) and monitor your account and call you back each day and let you know what we can do for you...waiting, waiting, waiting. of coarse no reply! So I called the customer disrespect service and was actually help by the formentioned person I spoke about earlier and the fees were reversed along with one that was applied in July. Suddenly while at work I strangely get a call form my local bank in Huber Heights, Ohio, who said that they would monitor my account and call me everyday saying "well I got the overdrafts taking off because of the double cashed check, I was told by this person at the local bank that because it was longer than 30 days on the incident in July that nothing could be done about that?" not true...well needless to say I let her have it and she was actually left speechless. I in fact took care of it myself with the forementioned person, Her name is Vicki, and called her on it! She didn't know what to say and my next adventure is dealing with the check that was cashed was probably my fault for sending the same check # twice (what the @!#*)according to the last customer disrespect service non-english person I taked to ????? Keep ya posted ! (Is this the good stuff you go through with the great free checking bank they claim to be ?????) My wife and I can't purchase a damn turkey or I can't buy a new pair of work boots because we are so gun-shy to spend a dollar...! Anyone got a good attorney or a class action law suit I can jump on????? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...?

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In my opinion, Fifth Third Bank 'stole' over $1, 000.00 from me. How they did it was to compile...

late fee ripoff

Fifth third bank is a ripoff. I refinanced with them in the middlof 2008. I sent my payment in by mail on the first of this month, feb 2009, and last week I received a phone call and letter stating that the payment was not received. I told them that I mailed the payment and they blamed on the mail service. Over the years, my payment has never got lost in the mail with any other bank. This is the second time that they could not find my payment by mail. As instructed by them I made a second payment at a local fifth third bank, this time with a late fee. That payment was posted on the next day. Yesterday they deposited the original check that was sent in the mail because I notice that my bank, where my checking account resides, has returned the check due to insufficient funds. Due to their negligence or witholding my mail on purpose, I had to pay late to them and now I have to pay a fee to my bank for insufficent funds because they tried to get two payments for the same month out of me. Next month I am making the payment in person as I do not trust fifth third bank. I am getting out of this as soon as I get the opportunity. Do not do business with this bank.

  • Mu
    MusicGuy Jun 15, 2011

    The customer service wasn't my problem with them in fact they were so friendly and sweet that my sugar count went up upon leaving the bank.
    Mine was the involvement with the overdraft fees. I'm trying to run a business so when I make a substantial deposit, say on a Thursday evening or Friday morning, they hold everything until Tuesday morning. I thought I was doing OK by waiting 24 hours to use the money but that didn't help either. By the following Wednesday hundreds of dollars were mounting up in overdraft fees. Needless to say I have left that bank.
    Unfortunately I made one more deposit to make it a zero with a note to close out the account which is what was required. Well, they had to hold that depost until the check cleared ($7) and here it is weeks later and I found out that they want $200 in overdraft fees! That's my story.

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bad service

I advise anyone considering using Fifth Third Merchant Services for Procesing their credit card charges to...

mortgage late fees

Please do not use fifth third bank!! They are horrible. I have been ripped off by them three times in 8 months and when I confront them with it they do not care and would not direct me to anyone who could help. In this day and age where there is so much competition in banking this company simply does not care about you and will try to get every extra penny out of you in a sneaky way. The day my mortgage payment was due, they called be at 5:05 asking for payment in full and $100 late fee when I checked my bank account they took their payment out that day but for some strage reason their computers did not check this!! This happened twice in 6 months!!! And the best thing about it is they did not care.

  • Ja
    jasonswife Feb 18, 2010

    I have made 3 morgage payments to fifth third bank in 1 month because they say I owe them intrest

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guilty of harassing communication!

Fifth Third Bank is guilty of Harassing communications this is prosecutable by law according to the Title 13 here in the State of Alabama so if you are getting them annoying phone calls go down to the local magistrate and file a Harassing Communications Warrant for the arrest of the CEO of Fifth Third Bank if enough people do this it is bound to force the illegal practice that they use to be stopped this charge can be multiple and so he can be prosecuted as many time as people file this. They use scrupulous business practices so the only way to fight back is to hit them by using the laws available to the consumers. Please check this with your local laws.

overdraft and other fees

My Paypal is set up so that when there is not enough money in my checking account, they will take the money off my credit card. My bank, however, thinks it’s funny to accept the bill from Paypal instead of deferring it to my card. This way, I overdraft my account. Then they charge me with anywhere between $37 and $99 in fees. This happens because someone will call me and tell me my account is in the red. Then I will go online and transfer money from my credit card to bring it above zero. (This time I had to max out my card to cover all of their fees.) Once it is above zero, and I’ve paid the cash advance fees for transferring from my credit card, the bank will charge me a “daily overdraft fee” which has been anything from $6 to $27. This will usually overdraft my account, starting the process all over again.

I went into the bank the other day and forced them to change my account so when there is no money in it, THE TRANSACTION IS DECLINED. This is how a checking account should work. He said he could set that up but I would have to come in every month and do it again. Excuse me?

I woke up today with another overdraft. A Paypal transaction that was from January (when I had money) was charged to my account. I went back to see how the ### this was possible and saw that my bank had rejected ONE of the Paypal transactions and overdrafted me in the amount of the rest. This is their idea of one last joke. I have been trying to close my account but can’t until all of the fees are paid off. The longer it stays open, the more fees they charge.

I HAVEN’T MADE ANY PURCHASES WITH MY DEBIT CARD IN OVER TWO MONTHS. And yet I get the “Overdraft Phone Call” every morning. Surprise!! Fifth Third Bank hates you even more today than they did yesterday.

  • Sh
    Shirley C Aug 04, 2009

    I agree with you and everything that you say. I think that there are a whole lot of unhappy fifth third customers.

    I began really analyzing my account which has been opened for 2 1/2 months and this bank has charged me $1800.00 in fees.

    Here is one example - on May 28, 2009 I had a balance of $791.00 in my account. I had a business utility check that I wrote for the amount of $672.00 that the bank cleared "highest to lowest" - then I had 3 ach withdrawals go through and the last one put my account in the negative $121.00. Here is the kicker. They withdraw the funds for the check - posting it to my account as paid. They then process the ach debits at a pop of $37 each for nsf fees and after all is said and done, they change their minds and bounce the check for $672.00, along with all of the other transactions for that day.

    Long story short - I had 791.00 in the account - the only things that were paid were 2 ach debits for $100 each - and another for $40.00 that is a total of $240 that was paid - and when they were through with my account for that day I was in the negative $325. The entire activity for that day was $912.00 - I had 791 in the account - that is a difference of 121 that I was short, however with there completely unethical way of doing things only $240 were paid and the rest was in fees and return checks.

    How in the world do they get away with this? They think that because they hand you a 45 page policy booklet that is smaller than a postcard and nearly impossible to read with out a magnifying glass that basically they can get away with anything because their policy basically states - sorry about your luck but we can find any angle we deem fit that best benefits our pocketbook and leaves your account in the red and there isn't a darn thing you can do about it, they shrug their shoulders and continue to rip off other unsuspecting fifth third account holders.


    [email protected]

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  • Em
    emeth Feb 05, 2010

    Oh yes 53 Bank (Fifth Third Bank) pimps their customers to line their pockets. Rather than deducting payments as they come in- by the time of purchase, for example, they take the highest amount out first and then the kids lunch money out last- by their prioroty.

    As a result of their policy they returned 3 $10 dollar or less purchases and hit us for over $100 and then added daily hits and when you want help with your account before a cancelled purchase hits they make you let it go through before you are allowed to dispute it and as mentioned many other manipulations e.g. paypal related issues of not giving paypal their authorized deduction... Thus racking up hundreds a month for unsuspecting customers. If they are the 2nd largest bank in the entire midwest with HQ in Ohio is is not difficult to wonder how much of their 233 billion 'under management' has been stolen through unethical practices. It really makes you wonder how the state od Ohio has let them rape and pillage their own citizens and fleece the midwest.

    The question is how to take the CEO to task as they are currently doing at Bank of America.

    Before you open an account be sure to ask the order of processing checks.

    TCF is another ### dog but does not hit a person 10 times but makes it miserable to use your own money with long waits for checks to clear and handcuffed manager. Some banks pay commissions or bonuses on ODs.

    When will the government get the gumption to file lawsuits against 53? when enough of us complain. SEE LINK BELOW TO OTHER COMPLAINTS ABOUT FIFTH THIRD BANK

    Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia (encyclopedia of almost everything in the world...

    Please read #4 below. Can you tell me what’s up with that? And all the other MAJOR Crap.

    1. ^ a b c Fortune 500 2008: Fifth Third Bancorp - FITB
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    15. ^
    16. ^

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  • Th
    thesmokemonster Jul 17, 2011

    Check out this video of a recorded call I made to Fifth Third Bank. It's animated and the story text may be a little fast, so just pause if you must, but it explains the story.

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  • Th
    Thomas T. Bors Sep 20, 2011

    Hello, Hello and Hell at 5/3 Bank. A new system was put in to service for automatic payments. This is the worst system that I have ever seen. Now I have to do 3 times as much work to transfer moneys than before. Now they cheked on when my bills are due to be payed and they will pay it automaticly five days ahead of time. So Iwill not be late. O. K. but changing my schedual of payment? Whos money is it? It is mine. So, change back your system to be more friendly and let me decide when I want to pay it. My dear friend who is an officer at 5/3 told me, she has trouble with this new system and the transactions. If she has problems what do you think I have? I'm computer iliterate, very, very slow. I was in construction before my retirement. I built ### houses and now I feel like I'm they are ### on me. All I see is ### holes. They all tell me how much they like this new system and everyone else also. I think they are trying to feed me more??????. Please get it together and leave the old system alone. Us seniors don't realy care about the new crap you installed. Besides I feel you are confusing us so you can make more moneys on the late or over drafts. I have been banking with this same bank for 35 years here in Island Lake, Ill. The employees are nice but the upper management suck. My picture just for you ### holes.
    Thanks but no thamks.
    Thomas T. Bors.
    [email protected]

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wrongful action of foreclosure

My name is Sam Zakarian. I'm writing this in the hopes that someone will listen to my nightmarish...

credit card payment

I recently did a balance transfer with this bank, and from day one it has been an issue. At first they sent me a letter saying they couldn't approve me because of my credit for the amount I wanted. They said they would approve me for $10, 000 but not for the amount I wanted, well my transfer was for $3, 000 so of course a mistake. Then I went to pay my bill on line like I do with all my bills and guess what you can't pay your credit card bill on line or on the telephone with any other means of payment but a fifth third bank account. Also today is Saturday so the representative told me I am late any way because even if the due date is on this day you have to pay the prior business day. Now I will have a $37.00 late fee. I can't stand this company and we bailed banks out when all they do is try to screw us no matter what. Do not do any means of business with this company, they do not let you know important details.

  • Ka
    kanye east Jul 07, 2009

    I also just recently transferred another cc balance to this rinky dink company. I never received my first statement so i called yesterday to find out when the payment was due. It's due tomorrow. I tried to find a way to pay online like every other sane company allows you to do these days. When i finally got someone on the phone they told me the same thing. I have to go to one of their service centers tomorrow before they close to pay in person! You can't even pay over the phone unless you are already late! That is ridiculous in this day and age! I am really anxious to find out that i might lose my 0% apr if i pay on the day that it is due like the earlier Poster has stated! I agree with everything you said ckfay!

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  • Li
    LifeDontWasteIt Mar 19, 2011

    Wow. That is almost the same thing with me. Unreal. I'd never use them again. Once this transfer is paid off - no way.

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overdrafts on atm

I have been using ATM cards for 25 years and not once has an ATM transaction gone through if the funds are not there. They are always rejected as insufficient. You then lower the amount and it goes through. 53rd introduced MATRIX SERVICE, which is supposed to be a courtesy. It allows you to overdraft a a few dollars and charges a $33 overdraft. They told me they gave me this courtesy because I do not have a history of overdrafts...therefore, they put this on my account without my requesting to make sure I overdraft so that they can collect fees. I am still fighting with them to get my fees back.

If I do not have a history of overdrafts...why do I need something that will allow me to is obvious that it is to collect ridiculous fees./

  • Ki
    kitten211 Apr 23, 2009

    The bank provides matrix coverage in the event of an emergency, what if you were out of gas and had no way of getting home and no other means of making a gas purchase, in this even you would gladly over draw your account and pay the fee so that you could return home safe and sound. The best way to avoid over drafting your account is to balance your check book and be responsible for your own finances.

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predatory fees, banking practices, and horrible customer service

After this being the SECOND time that this ridiculously absurd bank has given me and my partner the run...

service charges

Had a balance of 67.00 and used an atm for 75.00...Had over 400.00 in service charges. I called the band in fair haven michigan where I have had an account for 18 years plus a mortgage (2) and all they would take off was 100.00. Not only that...When I Hung Up...I looked at my account and they closed it the next day.

53 Bank Stinks 53 Bank Stinks 53 Bank Stinks

53 Bank Stinks53 Bank Stinks

53 Bank Stinks53 Bank Stinks

53 Bank Stinks

53 Bank Stinks

Pick on the Little Guy...who else can I complain to...?

  • St
    steve Bastin Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well i pulled up to an ATM machine withdraw 67 an my customer copy said i had available 120 an on balance said i was negative 25 it got me all confuse so the next day i went to the bank they said i was being charge 3 overdraw fee's when i knew i had money where did that money go?i got mad and told them how could that be possible im not gonna pay for some thing that i never used so then i also had a savings account an they said i had to keep 200 dollars in there for at least 2yrs i was only 6 months with them banking so i decide to keep my savings there and soon i found out they charge me the fee's from my 200 dollars savings account iwas so mad they still your money and they say is your fault.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Jan 07, 2009

    53 third bank has charged me overdraft fees on items that appear as cleared on one day then they appear a few days later when funds have gone down as overdraft. then they charged me a return fee on the same item, so I'm being charged twice on one item.

    I contacted the branch manager who said to me that theses were legit charges and there was nothing he could do about it. this has been going on for over a month and I have lost over $600.00 during that time. We have finally decided to close our account. BEWARRREEEEE!!!

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  • Cl
    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story cut and paste it here.

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  • Cr
    Crystal221 Feb 04, 2010

    They did the same to me and I'm trying to dispute it now.

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overdraft fees

1. On 9/05/08 I had balance of 85.34 in checking account (pretty low i know does not happen often) 2. on...

overdrafts with positive balance

On 10/03/08 I depostied a Government check for $ 336.00 into my checking acct. that had a balance of $ 429.74...

rip off

I have read reports submitted against Fifth Third Bank Corp in regards to their methods of creative transaction alterations to unfairly create debits against member's accounts... I AGREE 100% and feel there should be a Class Action Lawsuit against Fifth Third Bank Corp.

Personal Incidents-

1. Fifth Third has withheld debit transactions for extended periods of time then strategically batch posted them while delaying deposits to overdraw the account. They then proceeded to initiate overdraft frees per line item.

2. Direct Deposit- Payroll Direct Deposit is to be posted and available for transaction the day of the posting. On Aug.30, over $4, 000 from payroll was direct deposited into my account. On that day, resulting from their creative transaction management methods, one of their batch postings of debits took the account negative and was overdrawn by approx. $200. Fifth Third did not credit my account of the direct deposit payroll. As oppose to crediting the account, they placed the funds that should be available from my direct deposit on hold.

It forced me to visit the branch office on Saturday morning to discuss the issues. I was told by the acting lead officer that the reason for the direct deposit being place on hold was because she personally placed the account on hold because of the overdrawn status several days earlier. During that discussion with her, I later understood, thru her own admission, that if I hadn't physically visited the office to resolve the issue, my account would still have been on hold status with no funds available.

I then asked a simple question and attained an answer that clearly points to Fifth Third Bank Corp. practicing unethical transactions at the cost of their members: My question was, 'when an account is place on hold, is it done manually, as in by a person and not systematically'; her response was 'yes'. I then asked, when an account is overdrawn, are overdraft fees debited from account thru automation, as in automatic thru their so called 'robust' system, her answer was 'yes'.

Finally my ending question to her and my point- In this day of technological marvels, why and how, from an ethical standpoint, can Fifth Third, or any other banking institution get away with running two systems (manual and automated) that clearly preys on members funds to benefit their organization.

  • Ke
    Kelli Buford Oct 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This same thing has happened to me just recently. I am on board to support you and anyone else with going forward with a class action lawsuit. Someone has to put a stop to their bad and unethical practices. Bank of America had a class action lawsuit against them for the same thing that Fifth Third has done. The consumers won that lawsuit. I am on board to support whats right.

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  • Jg
    J. Gearhart Mar 11, 2009

    I too have fell victim to Fifth Third's dishonest and unethical way of, what they call, business. I would love nothing more than to see that this institution gets what they deserve. If there is a class action against Fifth Third, please count me in.

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  • Jp
    jphillips67 Mar 18, 2009

    I have posted severasl complaints and would like to file a personal complaint against them for losses and damages as well as a punative suit for unethical banking practices. Currently I just don't pay the fees and let them attempt to take me to collections, then dispute.

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  • Pa
    patty38 Apr 24, 2009

    I argee with you . I have a problem with 5/3 Th charging overdraft fee for an account which I closed in Sept. 2008. They have put my name on ChexSystems. There wasn't any money owed at the time this account was closed. They also took money out my other accounts to put into this account. If you decied to take them to court count me in . They have bad customer service and over charge there customers. Someone needs to do something . I owe 1, 400 for an account in which I closed.They gave me no explaination how this could happen. Patricia A Luster

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  • Na
    namespeoplesearch Apr 30, 2009

    I actually have had Fifth Third Bank overdraft my account for the second time from what I consider unethical practices. I overdrew $1.11 and was charged $465 in overdraft fees. This is how they do...I had debit charges on my account from THE DAY BEFORE a check for $50 came through which caused me to overdraw $1.11 (my mistake, but I had more than enough money to deposit the next morning to cover it, besides my direct deposit). I would have understood a normal $36 overdraft fee for that one item, but they said the check was 'pending' on the previous day, so in turn they tacked a $36 overdraft fee ON EVERY ITEM that day which total hundreds. How can they do this? This is the second time they've done this to me. They rearrange the debit items from most to least somehow, not the actual time they come onto the account. I work in billing at a very large corporation and we would be fired for rearranging anything on a ledger! From what I can see this is down right FRAUD.

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  • Su
    Sue53Now Jul 01, 2009

    I've had about $700 stolen form me by this bank in a little over a year. I have a lawyer interested in bringing a class action suit against them feel free to contact me at [email protected] for more information. Also to help join and join the "fifth third bank - predatory..." case. It's a way to help get the class actionc ase against them moving and can help you to get your money back.

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  • Ck
    ckin Aug 03, 2010

    this bank is a scam. i had several transaction made that shoul have been covered. they charged my last which the most first enabling me to overraft 4 small item which should have been paid. on top of that my account it -36.48 i was going to pay to off et the balance but they sai i would still have to pay overdraft. my account is set up to decline payment if there are not enough funds but yet they allowed charges to go thru... i will no longer use this bank. everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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