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auto loans (repossession)

I have been speaking w/trish and elliot in collections/repo center and those are the only two I like dealing with since they know whats going on. I spoke w/elliot on 3/13/2020 in...

mortgage refinance

My husband and I are having the same issue. We started our refinance in Oct 2019. The loan processor waited so long to do anything that they had to run our credit again. They just...

auto refinance

I'm beyond irritated with Navy Federal right now. I have an auto loan through another company and applied for a refinance through navy federal yesterday. I owed $9400 on my auto loan and put a $2200 payment on there before I requested a refinance of $7200. I called NavyFed and gave them a heads up that the payoff quote would be different than the automated system, but if they speak to a representative, they'll get the correct amount. The loan officer called me back and told me I was approved for a $7200 loan at 8.65% interest as long as I could provide proof of income and that the payoff quote was only $7200 when they called to check the next day (today). I revived a notification that I was approved today, but they had approved me for almost $10, 000. I called and they said I could pick up a check from them and work out a refund from my other creditor, or submit a new application. I asked if my credit would be pulled again and she assured me that they don't pull credit twice within a 30 day period. Well they pulled my credit again and then denied me for the smaller amount. The $10, 000 that I was approved for several hours ago is now void. I'm beyond irritated and they told me I cannot file an appeal until I get a letter in the mail. If they would have done what they promised to do in the first place, the loan amount would have been correct the first time.

many issues..

I am not sure what has happened to quality banking at Navy Federal. Every day got progressively worse. Its to the point where its representatives and the organizational hierarchy doesn't even care. I have zero confidence in this bank at this time and have taken my service elsewhere. Countless issues and the integrity is nonexistent to me. Navy Federal needs to get it back together.

Improper account credit and debits, all sorts of mistakes, you name it etc.

mortgage loan 2 month process smh

I applied for a mortgage loan August 9th 2019 it is now Oct the 1st 2019 and I still don't have a close date. Really, what's really going with this company. NFCU The lack of urgency is very present. Loan Processor and Loan Officers don't communicate and you have to go thru other channels to hear from your assigned loan processor because they won't respond to your emails or call you back. The process takes way to long. Navy federal doesn't care if you lose thousands of dollars and expect you to just live with it like it's okay. NOT ACCEPTABLE !!! Something truly needs to be done about the unprofessional behavior. I want to speak with upper management about their Mortgage Dept. about who's going to pay for the money that I will lose if NFCU doesn't close on my loan NOW. The craziest thing about all of this is that I was Approved for everything, EVERYTHING!!! but I can't get the Underwriters to move forward with my loan in a timely manner, someone needs to fire the underwriter manager because nothing is getting done or hire more help

  • Na
    natliebs Oct 05, 2019

    Were you able to get a hold of any upper management? I am in same boat as you. Close date is next Wednesday with zero information from processor. Still in underwriting. Could care less if lose earnest deposit or house. So frustrated.

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  • Va
    Valerie Quinn Oct 18, 2019

    I am in the exact same boat, my loan started Aug 11, I have extended the close date two times, the sellers won't grant another one, I can't get ahold of anyone and will lose the contract and earnest money tomorrow. I am randomly looking for executives in Linked in that night have some connection to mortgages. This is terrible.

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  • Wi
    wingding117 Dec 10, 2019

    Worst customer service in over 39 years... We must all have the same loan processors as I got zero customer service. I was told in November it would be 10-15 days to get the appraisal... now 4 days before closing they are telling me its not going to happen until next year.

    Numerous emails sent asking for a time to call and talk to them... or asking if we would close on time and nothing until 4 days before closing...

    I sent an email to the loan processor’s supervisor... I got nothing but crickets... I called to get her supervisors’s work number or work email and was told they couldn’t give it out... as it was private... no worries... i found the CFO and CEO’s email address on line...

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  • Mm
    MMMyers Feb 24, 2020

    My husband and I are having the same issue. We started our refinance in Oct 2019. The loan processor waited so long to do anything that they had to run our credit again. They just called this month Feb 2020 to verify my employment. As of now we still do not have a close date. We tried to go through upper management and we never received a call back. We have been with NFCU for at least 15 years. Expected much better from them. Very disappointed.

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my credit line

On or about 2016, my ex-wife use my name to order a MasterCard without my knowledge where she withdrew all the credit and failed to make payments. I found out while I was living in South Karolina and filed a complaint with the local police department. I also file a complaint with the navy federal and was told an investigation was pending. Later, found out the issue wasn't resolved where I became the debtor of the money that was withdrawn. I need the navy federal to fix my status and prosecute this person (evelyn k. gaitan) for identity theft and credit card fraud.

thank you.


I cannot believe the way you have treated my widowed mother and the family as we try to do business with you in regards to her finances. I have been given full privileges on her behalf after a long and protracted runaround by all of your departments. For me to list everything that you have done to complicate our lives and cause such stress would required me several hours to document. My Mom just tried to order checks and again you have thrown up roadblocks. My parents are/were 88 and have been lifelong members while I was a 30 year member. If you treat longtime clients like this I can't imagine what you do to your new customers. I can't help but feel that there would be someone there who would be appalled at what has occurred. When I asked for a name to address our concerns, I was told that none could be provided. If my Mom didn't have so many accounts tied up with you I would close them all. You can contact and apologize to my mother, Marilyn L. Evans at [protected].

customer care service

Today I had an issue with my bank account for unauthorized payments. I spoke to a supervisor name Brian, we spoke at 7:59 am on 9/4/19 I requested to speak to him in regards of the matter because I did not want the option of my card being deactivated because I still needed to use it through out the day. In the mist of me complaining to him, he states I have to deactivate, I then inform I don't want to report fraud, I just wanted to dispute if possible, because my card is how I get to work, then he proceeds to get quite, I then get confuse and state, that him being quite doesn't solve our issue at hand, then he states tht he was quite because he deactivated my card! After I had stated numerous time I did not want that step taken. He still did it with out my permission. That was the reason I request to speak to him because I needed further assistance, due to the fact I did not want it deactivated, that's why I request for a supervisor and not the fraud dept. he was very disrespectful, and had no regards for the situation at hand or attempt to help me. I'm am a loyal customer and I was under the impression that navy Federal customer service representatives were allowed to blandly disrespect their customers and make decisions with out the CUSTOMER authorizing the action. He had no empathy and did not want to provide me with his work employee number so I could escalate. This has been a terrible experience and I need someone to take action.

please I need a favor with my loan

Please I am a customer of Navy federal credit Union. I have been loyalty to my esteem. Please I have complications with my pregnancy due to that I don't work like I used, my doctor has put me into light duty at work. please my problem now is I want my balance should be reduce so l can it off ASAP. I don't want to have bad credit in future maybe I might decide to buy a hot or a car in future. So please help me from Charity Ababio if any informed please contact me no my(c) number 571/274/6448 or email me at [protected] Thank you for your understanding.

my account hacked, credit union holds me responsible

Here are the events as they transpired:
On July 31 I made a cash withdrawal from my credit card to my checking account of 5, 000.00.
At home on Aug 1 I logged on to my account and noticed an ACH transaction to a Clarence Knox dated the previous day for 1040.00. I called NFCU and disputed that charge. While I was on the phone the operator informed me that 4500.00 was currently being deducted from my account, and asked if I am authorizing that. I stated over the recorded line that I am not authorizing that transaction and it is unauthorized.
She closed my checking account and I was issued a new checking account number. She informed me that an investigation would be conducted and results take about 8 to 10 business days at which time I should hopefully have the funds returned.
I left for Mexico on vacation on August 6. On Aug 14 I logged on to pay a bill and noticed that the funds were not replaced, and that there was a message stating my claim was denied with no further information.
On Aug 16 I returned to the US and there was a voice mail from a man named David, whom I assume is the investigator, asking me to call him. I called and left a voice mail on Aug 16 at 1400 PST.
I called again Monday Aug 19 at 0800, Tuesday Aug 20 at 0730, and then again on Tuesday Aug 20 at 1238. David has not returned any of my calls.
A follow up email response from NFCU stated that Woodforest National Bank has been contacted but it is unlikely they will return the funds.
Since I have never heard of a Clarence Knox or of Woodforest National Bank, I googled them and learned that the bank is in Texas.
On Monday Aug 19 at approx 0745 I called their fraud department to have my voice recorded stating that the funds to a Clarence Knox at their bank are not authorized.

I also filed a police report, which I attached to my rebuttal letter.

August 20 I received a letter from NFCU stating that after a thorough investigation they have concluded that I am responsible for the 5540.00 that was taken.

To summarize, a 21 year long standing NFCU member was robbed, is recorded stating that the transaction that was occurring while he was on the phone was not authorized, and is being held responsible for those funds.
I trusted NFCU to hold my money. My money was taken under their watch, and they are holding me responsible for it.

Did NFCU hear the voice recording of my interaction with the operator?
Did NFCU do a ping of the IP address that the originating computer came from?

Since the investigator has not returned any of the four calls I have made to him, at the very least I requested that NFCU do an IP search of the originating computer that sent funds to Clarence Knox.

It is within my rights to know the full extent of the "thorough" investigation that was conducted.

credit card business checking savings

our checking account and a credit card we never applied for my mom is 91 years old all of her money has been ripped off from her account bank has done nothing also a bussine...


I really love Navy Federal customer service and staff and I really want me and soon my family to have a long future with Navy Federal I only have one dispute with them I open a...

im new I want to go apply a debit card in navy federal credit union

Hi my name is eleanor wong I would like to come over to your navy federal credit union bank to apply to have a debit card. Im new havent been to this bank. And i would like to...

customer service

Doing some late night browsing I check my accounts and notice I have S738.00 dollars in my shared acct. with my husband minus $29 fee. I call and speak with Matthew. It still is unclear what happened but that morning I check my acct and it was overdrawn by 7.69 so I added $790. I made a check pymt in the amount of $748.00 for 4/11/19. I speak with Matthew who tell me well it posted yesterday but would have come out today. Well, it should not have posted yesterday but that would be an error of the other company but if it was scheduled to come out today all funds are available. I ask Matthew as corteousy can the $29 dollars be waived this time. He says give me two to three minutes to find out. He comes back and so sorry. I ask can I have his ID number or last initial and the manager that advised him name. He says I made the decision myself. I say so are you lead of supervisor to make these decisions alone. He remains quiet as I am taking and asking questions as if I am annoying him. I notice it. I have so many years experience in a call center. It makes you feel like your just not important and the other party just wish you would shut up. He then ask if I want a supervisor. I say no ! I would have liked for him to speak with a supervisor to discuss my issue. I have NEVER had bad customer service from NFC but this did it.

credit card

I applied for a Navy FCU CC and as I started to fill out the offer they had for me, I went without refreshing the website while I gather paperwork, when I logged in, the offer was nowhere to be found in my profile, calling Navy fcu left me uneasy as one of its member professional worker offered to take my financial history, I sense this person to be a gosiper. Today Feb 21, 2019 I went to fill out the balance transfer from the approved CC, well another glitch I received a CC balance transfer error before I even got started and everything was greyed out, even after I spoke with Navy fcu and got the ok from cc services to go ahead and do the balance transfer. It is evident the cadre of evil, jelous and anti-christian people that poison the name and reputation of the Integrity Navy Federal tries to uphold, they may have no idea how to route out this rotten stream. NavyFCU offered this feature product & service and in their cold fierce heart want to murder Christians who tell them the truth when they are treated badly. God knows if the letter I sent to them 45 minutes ago will get looked at by the right people who can stop this covert agression. I have received many injustices from Navy fcu. The government supportes them for the troups, but they fiercely hate Christians

checking/customer service/business services/corporate/

We have both personal and business accounts. On the personal side Navy Federal has approved myself and my fiance, very extreme large amount in credit cards . Our business account we cannot even borrow a penny. To make matters worse, Oh Lawd where do I begin!! So, let's start with opening a business account there. While talking with the rep at the branch and trying to decide what business account we would like. She inticed us with the account that earned interest, no hidden fees, whatever we spend in ATM fees at another bank we receive back, and etc. So yes we went for it, why not? It sounded great! Boy was'nt we in for a surprise! Let give a little background first. We own a automotive and semi repair shop. We sell tires, along with repairing all kinds of vehicles. It is usual business for us to have a $2500 parts bill on every Monday, $2000 or more payroll on Friday, and tire bill anywhere from $100 to $2000 per day. With being said it's not unusual activity for me to write checks for these amounts, and deposit $100 to $8000 per week, if not more some weeks. After a year of banking is when the problems began. We began receiving returned checks, and vendors calling us. We did dismiss some of this for a while as our fault. While some of this was how our credit card processor was handling funding to our account. Then we had a employee do a internal theft, who is incarcerated now due to this criminal act. Does not help us any because he is a third time felon we found out during trial and was sent back for good, so we will never get that $23, 000 back. During the theft of $23, 000 stolen right out of our bank account, Navy federal never once helped us in any kind of way. In fact, we applied for a loan to help us get through the hurdle till more money came in, and to cover checks that had bounced during this theft. Navy federal declined the loan and gave no reason for the refusal, but greatly enjoyed all the money they was making on our grief. This is where bad went to worse with Navy Federal! I think they enjoyed the money they was making sooooo much they found this as a way to higher there financial scores with FDIC, and stocks and so forth. Let me fast forward a little to the recent past several months. So, we was back in business after receiving a loan from another financial institution, because Navy Federal declined, their loss so I thought. We had deposited a very large amount cashiers check, and we still was getting returned checks. I was making deposits on the daily and still getting returned checks. So, come to find out Navy federal started placing holds on our deposits, and returning checks even though they money is there in their hands to cover the checks written. I battled with Navy Federal branch for a few weeks till finally they stopped placing holds on deposits, and it was agreed upon that our account could not handle holding funds. It's not like this is my trash guy, and I can tell him give me 7 days because my bank put a hold on paycheck. After this argreement, or so I thought we had one. We started getting returned checks again, and there was no way, cause we made sure there was funds to cover the checks written. We fought this with Navy Federal, and the explanation we kept receiving was well there are checks pending and they go through to be paid before your deposit is applied. OK, I will accept that explanation for now! So, my fiancé got a little smart and on purpose wrote a certain number of checks, and paid cash for other stuff because we was setting up to watch how Navy Federal was processing all this. The day finally came where we knew exactly how many checks was out when they would be presented and the time the deposit was made to cover those checks. And, on that day that we had been working on to watch we sat up from 11pm till 3am and sure enough there it was. Even though I made the $3000 deposit before 12pm that day, because you know their cut off time to be applied to the account was 1pm they said, they processed all those checks and returned everyone of them then did not apply my deposit till 7am the next day. When I presented this to the supervisor at the branch I got the most technical, rehearsed, bullcrap story of why my theory does not work and that it was all my fault. I argued why that was bullcrap!! A few days later I received a credit for all the returned checks, and bullcrap miscellaneous technical glitch letter to present to my vendors that never put Navy Federal to blame (of course). Did not help with our reputation with our vendors though. We still had to pay their fees. Also during all this investigating and watching our account we found we was being charged international fees, we never received any money back from other ATM's, and something else that just states misc fee, WHAT? Now when questioned about this I get some bullcrap excuse and told to go to business services that the branch does'nt handle our account. WHAT? And WHEN DID THIS BEGIN? This branch is where we came and opened this account, signed documents, talked to someone and set this account up?!?! Now let's fast forward again to the end of 2018, and beginning of 2019. I walk in to the location on a Saturday and deposited a little over $700, and the teller tells me I can only have $250, and in 7 days I can have the remaining, and this is after the deposit is completed. WHAT!?!?! I just wrote payroll and wrote a check to my tire supplier who for the 4th time will get another returned check! And, we have already came to a agreement about this. Guess what I get, I'm so sorry ma'am but there's nothing I can do any deposit over $250 dollars is a 7 day hold. WHATEVER!!! 2 ½ weeks later I go in on a Monday and deposit a little over $2, 700, and again we will let you have $500, and you can have the rest in 7 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! No I want my money, I have checks written to run my business and I need that money! I'm sorry anything over $500 is a 7 day hold. Okay this is a joke, cause not even 2 ½ weeks ago you said it was anything over $250, and now your telling me it's anything over $500. The teller says yes I know we are not the ones making the rules it's corporate, and corporate tells us what to allow. I argue this till one of the supervisors comes over, and overrides the hold. Then I come in with a cashier's check from a local bank (local meaning within 1 block, around the corner from Navy Federal) made to me for $6, 633.29 (I remember the amount to the penny, because this happened like within the past month) The teller says okay we will let you have $2500 now, $2500 in 2 to 3 days, and the rest in 7 days. NOOOOO!!! I threw a fit! I need that money now!!! Not only do I have some checks to cover, but I need to pay rent, (and we was also going to switch banks, but it does not matter what I was going to do with the rest of it) The teller says I'm sorry anything over $5000 we have to placed a hold. It's a cashiers check money has already been applied to it. I'm sorry we don't know if it's real. You are kidding me? As much as I come in here and as much as I deposit, and never once presenting a bad check for deposit in 2 years, your actually going to stand there and give me that kind of explanation? And the bank is less than a block away from you, and their phone number is on the check, call them!? I'm sorry Navy Federal does not allow us to do that in our procedures. Ok explain this to me one day its $250, then it's $500, then it's $2500, and now today its $5000? So what is going on, because this tells me you have been holding funds from deposits from me and causing bad checks for the past 2 months now, EXPLAIN??????? I'm sorry we don't make the rules this comes from corporate. Ok, so when I call corporate again about this I can tell them to quit lying to me that it's a branch decision, right? Yes, it is corporate. I leave I call corporate and ask for answers. CORPORATE, and one representative and 4 supervisors all say all of this is the branch decision and they have no policy as such to hold a cashiers check, or money order (which they have in the past), and that the branch made the decision not corporate, and they could have called the issueing bank if they had a problem with the check and verify it, and that they could not do anything after the branch placed their hold. And, coming from CORPORATE, they said well for future reference you can deposit at the ATM, and it's only a 24 hour hold. When I told corporate all of this I'm writing right now, they said I cannot understand why they are doing this to you, and none of this has ever came from corporate. WHAT?!?! When I went back to the branch to discuss what their CORPORATE said they stated I do not know who you talked to but it is a corporate policy. OK first let me see this policy you speak of, they tell me that there is nothing they can give me the customer to see that it is for employees only. Second I gave them the names of who I spoke to and the branch said they was lying to me. When I called corporate in front of them they refused to talk to them stating they could not talk to them on a customer phone that it was corporate policy, corporate said no it is not and that corporate was making notation of this incident. Then I go in the branch a week and a half after this cashier check event with a $3, 987.75 check from a very highly respected and well known customer. The teller says OK we are making $1500 available today to you, and you can have the rest in 7 days. Needless to say I LOST IT, RIGHT THEN, RIGHT THERE!!! I made sure everyone in the bank was staring me down and hearing the whole entire conversation. Immediately, not the manager, not the supervisor, but the teller said I can override it for you this time. REALLY!!! What about all of these other times, why are you deliberately sabotaging our company? Why have you made it impossible for us to get money saved so I can go somewhere else? Why have you been doing this to me when someone with no authority at all can simply override? Let me tell you why!!! Because all this time there never was a corporate policy. It comes down to numbers, and how good does Navy Federal look to the FDIC scoring. If a branch is not performing well enough they crack down on the accounts that have the highest activity, and do little things that the average person would not catch to get their scores up, and make them look as though they are such a excellent company with $$$$$$$$$.

dispute problem

I am a navy federal account holder since April of 2017 and never have had any issues with them until recently. My husband had used his debit card at a merchant and instead of charging him the 5.98 they charged 55.98, sounds like a simple fix sure, but we were told to go back to the merchant and let them know to refund the 50.00 so my husband did and the merchant told him too bad no refunds. So we then called Navy federal and they told us to go to the closest branch and file a dispute. That was January 26th. We were told by the agent at the branch the money would be in our account monday the 28th of January, which did not happen so we called the customer service number and they informed us that the fraud dept wouldn't get the dispute until monday. So then we called on the 29th of January and was told that it could take up to 5 business days, well today is the 5th business day and still no refund nothing has been done with our dispute and my husband and myself have spoken with managers and various reps and now all of a sudden they are saying 10 business days. They refuse to escalate or give us any updates and are very rude. THIS IS THE WORST BANK! They should be ashamed of themselves for being a military bank. We have already contacted a lawyer about the bank and fraud and since I was told today that they have until the 12th of february to make a decision, we have no choice but to wait. It's very clear no one at Navy Federal knows what they are doing. Between my husband and myself we have spoken with multiple people.

Our resolution would be to put the 50.00 back in our acct.

checking account

From 27 Sept 2016 - July 2018 someone stole over $23, 000.00 from my account. I found out who used my card and I notified NFCU and they just denied my fraud claim. Now I didn't sign the receipts and the merchants who accepted the card should of asked for identification. I sent them a package containing over 50 pages of my account and the transactions of fraud on the earth Of October 2018 and they tell me that the post office box that I sent it to is used for everything but the fraud dept. So my package with notarized statements and everything is missing which is another reason my claim is denied.


I deposited a check via my mobile device Monday 10/29/2018. It was approved on Monday and I was told the funds would be available on Wednesday 10/31/2018 at 6am, two business days after it was approved. It is Wednesday 10/31/2018 10:28am and I was just told my deposit will not be released until Thursday and there are no exceptions. So what they really meant was 3 business days and not 2? I spoke to Jessica a supervisor who says there is no one higher than her that she can let me speak to concerning this issue. She further advised she's sorry their representative gave me wrong information but I just have to wait until tomorrow at 6 am to get my funds. They can't do a provisional or temporary credit or anything to help me out. I just have to wait. I've seen other Banks honor their word and make it right. I've also seen other banks verify the check has cleared and release the funds. Well Navy Federal I do have a choice of where I put my funds and what Bank I want to use. You won't have to worry about doing this to me again. I hope it was worth it.

bad customer service

Spoke to a Tiana on 10/5/2018 at 9:50 tonight about my account and was told my date of birth was incorrect even though I gave her all the information she requested. The date of birth is not even wrong by month or year, but by date and 1 day at that. She put me on hold 2-3 times. Just to tell me she can't confirmed if my pay has been posted to my account.

Then I spoke to CJ (won't give me his last name for security reason) who was trying to lecture me about how my birthday was wrong by 1 damn digit even though I gave him the information to my telephone password, my SSN, my red debit card and he hang up on my because he didn't want to hear me talk. This is UNACCEPTABLE! There are thousands of other bank and credit union I can bank with. I've been with NFCU for over 20 years and with 1 phone call. The amount of time he put me on hold (4-5 times).

customer service complaint

Let me start by saying, I stood in line for 20+ minutes & watched two people do a job that one person is capable of doing. The bank is not a place to flirt & frolic, yet the...

va loan [protected]_english_appraisal nmls: 1468350

The appraiser missed the upgraded features of the home in stating that the house had only two bedrooms instead of three. This three bedroom house cannot be rightly compared to a...

availability to deposit, app deposit issues and failure of reps to care or find solution

I am livid. Our family has been with Navy Federal since 2010.

I only have option to use mobile deposit app to deposit as your bank does not have local branches I can simply walk into. TO WHIT, insult to injury, was suggested by your nonchalant reps today by phone.

The first time I deposit a check on the mobile app this morning, it did not reflect on the app. I refresh the app, the deposit still did not reflect although the app told me it went through correctly. I waited sometime signed out and sign back in and the deposit still did not show up. The deposit did not even show up in pending deposits.

Again, I took pictures of the front and back of the check and deposited again I had the same outcome. This check is from my father from his bank which my account will show history as depositing from before.

After experiencing this trouble twice, I contacted Navy Federal by phone. An hour later, insult to injury I have been told countless different things and I do not have a resolution.

First, I was told that they need to get with the electronic department because they could not even see the 2000 deposit as well. Then I was told after sometime they saw the deposit, But that there may be some trouble because it was deposited twice. Hey no kidding tell me something I don't know your app was not working you couldn't find it when we first got on the phone. An abundance of caution I redeposited of course before calling.

10 minutes go by, when the rep tells me that I will need to wait for an email.

And that if I get an email that the deposit is approved that only 200 will clear. At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor. A supervisor comes on the line who is extremely scripted and nonchalant.

Since I don't feel I am in the best care I request his manager or supervisor. I am told that I cannot have one. He told me that his supervisor or manager does exist but that I do not have the right to speak to them. At that time I ask if there's a department that I can call retention or such and make a complaint. This so-called supervisor tells me I cannot and he will take the complaint. I ask him again for any department that I can speak to because it this point I do not trust him and he tells me no he is not going to name departments or get me information on who I can contact and says "we have many different departments."

So again I ask this gentleman OK can I speak with member services department or retention or anyone that would deal with customer issues with the bank after all this time and with your attitude he tells me no.

I try to explain my situation but he said my details don't matter and stated a script once again. He said that I could write a PO Box if I so wanted to. After asking him for contacts any kind of resolution any kind of people I could speak to you at navy federal even considering the way I've been cared for he said he did not have anything for me.

I am floored by this behavior and this treatment. Navy federal has always been good to our family. I'll daughter is grown and banks with Navy Federal and has a car loan through Navy Federal our son is grown he banks with Navy Federal. We have bank with Navy Federal for years and have history and asked does the deposits of my father's checks from the same bank. No one ever even apologize to me or clarified what was going on with the app or the issue instead I was question for depositing twice after waiting.

I would appreciate someone that has decision making abilities get in touch with me. I am very unhappy and took notes today on the phone where I was treated subpar.

employee complaint

I was treated poorly, disrespectfully, unfairly, unprofessionally, and rudely by a Navy Fed bank rep, inside the branch, located in Rancho Bernardo, on Bernardo Center Dr and...

direct deposit

I expected my direct deposit & my direct deposit usually comes in at a certain time. However after calling the toll free number I was told by the Supervisor Ms. Misha that she could not advance the process. And she said that I would have to wait until 6am despite the fact that it was an emergency and it is imperative that I receive my money as I usually do in a timely manner right after midnight every Friday morning. I would like to know why or what was the reason why I couldn't of received my funds immediately on the due date as scheduled. I remember when I was out of town in Denver, CO. & they expedited the process to receive my funds then. Then why couldn't anything be done about it now??? Pls give me a call at your earliest convenience regarding this Urgent matter at: [protected]. This is supposed to be a Credit Union? Which means there should be more alternatives and benefits than how a normal bank operates. I have my whole 7generations of family members who joined the military & fought in war to obtain military benefits and discounts. As being raised a military brat the company should honor or allow this type of transactions to clear especially in an emergency and especially if it was done previously.Thank you for time and consideration regarding this urgent matter...~Roderick Carrier Jr.

consolidation of 4 personal loans

My writing to you in regards to my recent personal loan refinance application that was denied. I am disgusted and appalled with your decisions. I have been a member for many year...

online banking

Navy Federal routinely locks there customers out of the online banking. Everyone I know who has a Navy Federal Account has this annoying problem. I tried logging in for the first...

direct deposit posting

I am writing this because I am tired of getting different information on the phone than I am given in the bank. I was opted into a program that releases my direct deposits to my...

company work check put on hold for five days

I submitted my check through mobile deposit on 7/20/18 and when I returned back to work on 7/23/17 I seen that my money has not deposit I waited anther day to call and it turns out that the check was returned and put on hold for five day. I was told that I can take the check to their bank and cash it but didn't want to accrue a charge. The 5 day waiting period is obscured and not right. NFCU didn't want to override whatever is going on which is not my fought.

customer services

My dad online banking was some house locked out. My dad do not any computers and not even a cell phone. I call them because my dad is with navy federal because I have acct with them. So I call them with my dad in the phone they say my dad has to call that they can not unlock his acct. now my dad is almost 80yrs with 5th grade education. I come to my dads house and they are drilling him like a drill sergeant my dads nerves becomes radical and he starts to shake. So I get on the phone and they say they can not tell me anything or unlock his online banking. Even tho it clear I'm on his acct and they sent 2 cards with me and his name on it. Then they say he set up a name code ms no he didn't my dad memory is gone and he even tells her that too. So my dads throws out 3 names and she said I can't tell u which one it is u have to go into a branch the [censored]ing branches are over an hour away from my dads houses and I work 6 days a week. This bank has disturbed my dad and his nerves to reset online banking. Just to think I was going to get my kids some Accra with them never in life will I refer this bank to anyone I wouldn't even set my dog a acct with navy feredal

mortgage loan process

I'm not sure if this is going to the appropriate office for resolution or customer service. I have had bad experience with different people in NFCU. Tanaya Gibson was unresponsive...

teller, customer service

Hello, i have been working on my job now for a few months. I usually go to one branch that is closer to my job to cash my check but this particular Friday I decided to go to the one closer to my house since I was off of work. Let me first mention that each site is well over 30 mins from my home because in my area there are no Navy Federal's to be found. I moved to Richmond from the Hampton Roads are where there were plenty, so the fact that I have been here for 5 years and still bank with them should speak for itself. Anyhow, this Friday I chose to go to the Fort Lee branch off of Temple, close to the base. I was told that my check would be placed on a hold. When I asked why they could not provide me with an direct answer other than pointing to a sign that says checks may be subject to a hold. I tried to explain to them this normally happens when the acct is new, check being cashed is from a new person or employer or maybe something suspicious was going on with the account. But for them just to hold my check because of how I looked, was a discrimination. I also advised them that I had just recently cashed my last pay check at the other branch with no problem at all. They did not care. They knew, as I was told when I called the 888 number to report the discrimination, that it was totally up to them if they would accept my check or not. Here it is 4 days later and my check still hasn't cleared. I am now let on multiple bills that were do on the first and on top of that I found out from a recent call that my funds wont be released until tomorrow. This is unfair and discrimination at its best. I don't think that someone who works 10 hours overnight should have to doll up just to cash a check to make a teller feel better. The teller that served me was Linda Beverage, and the manager who could careless and actually told me out of her mouth that maybe the other branch made an exception for me but they wont. I am actually ready to close all of my accounts as soon as I find a new bank. I have been with NFCU since 2008.

customer service

Description of Complaint: Friday on june 15 th i went to deposit a check, i had recieved from my job. I went in and asked how long it would take to clear the lady "Carol" said she...

Navy Federal Credit Union — auto loan/ access # 5976882

Hello, I have been working with multiple people from Navy Federal, from going directly to a branch office, communicating over the phone, as well as email to correct this. I...

checking/customer service

My name is Brittany Wilson. Access number [protected]. My accounts were restricted on 6/1/18. I was not given notice and when I called i was given the run around and no concrete...

checking account

I made a deposit on a Sunday of 1303 and had no idea of the extra hold over 1k. This caused me over 100 in fees I contacted the bank who took no accountability in their poor...

checking account/ customer service

On May 6, 2018 while out the country on vacation. Navy Federal called me to state they had mistakenly deposited $4500 into my account and they needed to retract the money. I said OK sure, after reviewing my account I saw that when they did this they threw the balances of my checking account in the negative (I had money there before this) and they maxed out my checking line of credit which should have had close to $2000 in it. So, I called them back to rectify this the same day which was a Sunday. I was told that the account would correct itself Tuesday and I stated that's not acceptable to me as I'm on vacation and may need funds before then. They decided to extend the balance of my Checking line of Credit into my Checking account and stated that on Tuesday the temporary credit will reverse back, so I agreed. Coming off vacation a week later I noticed my checking LOC was back to normal and thought all was well until I received a call yesterday stating that the rep who was responsible for reversing my account was out and forgot to reverse the money and they will now be taking it back. Again not my fault, so now the money I thought was replaced and balanced wasn't and now I owe all the money back. I asked for an arrangement to pay the money back since this was an Navy Federal error yet again and I felt they should grant me this. The rep who is a supervisor agreed and the agreement was set for me to pay bi-wkly until paid in full and I paid the first payment during the call. I get another call today 5/23/18 from the previous rep Supervisor Shawn stating that the arrangement made was out of the previous supervisor scope and that all the money has been retracted out of my account. He continued with no apology to say that if this put me in a predicament that I can apply for a small loan to cover the now massive negative amount in my account. He continued to say that I didn't agree to an arrangement so he authorized for the whole balance to come out. I explained that I was on the phone for over an hour with the supervisor the day before and agreed to pay the money back bi-weekly so why would you turn around and draft almost $2000 out of my account after. He had no empathy, no concern what so ever for the predicament he has now put me in. I explained that I was helping my son who is relocating to a base in South Dakota and I was depending on the money I had to help him and he just said I should maybe apply for a loan. I am beyond angry at how I was treated with this whole ordeal and for Navy Federal to treat me with such ill regard is very upsetting and off putting. All he cared about was getting the money not the fact that if it wasn't for Navy Federal employees errors in my account in the first place we would even be discussing this at all. This by far is the worst experience I've ever had with any bank or institution. Not wanting to take ownership of their own errors and the unwillingness to work with the member who they have caused such a big inconvenience and disrupted my vacation and now my life with financial difficulty. The lack of empathy and concern for the predicament they put me in has caused them to loose me and my son as a member. I will be closing my account as soon as I pay them back all that is owed. I will be writing there corporate office with an official complaint.

inhumane treatment of their members

My Name is Dianne G. 2038293 I have been a member of the NFCU for approximately 30+yrs, however in February 2017, I lost my job. With that being said I contacted NFCU as well as my other creditors to let them know my situation and how I would take care of my debt. Mind you I had 2 open products with NFCU a car payment that I owed less than $1K and a credit card bill in which I had credit protection. Needless to say, I was getting a monthly settlement in the amount of $270.00 but as soon as the deposit was put into my account "the computer would take it". It was at that point I started contacting NFCU to appeal the fact that was the only money I had because my unemployment was exhausted and I had nothing else to live on. No food no shelter period. My plea fell on deaf ears and I would continue to have people try to talk down to me and advise me on what bills they had. I was appalled! I would call them make an arrangement and they would still call and harass me or send correspondence after I called them and set up specific arrangements. This went on for months. I have never seen anything like it. These people have no compassion and will all give the same line. "It's the computer I can't do anything".

Well, I think their practice is "gangster" and if anyone feels like they cannot keep their accounts current, it is my suggestion to remove your money immediately. They will not even leave $1.00 in your accounts and that is all of your accounts except your IRA.

I hope this helps someone.

customer service conductivity

My name is Belinda and I am a Navy Veteran. My heart goes out to any active duty military who has to deal with this institution. I could not imagine myself being on active duty and dealing with this credit union. The lack of courtesy, respect and honor is not something you get when you are a member. Each time I call this credit union I am treated really bad. Something on the upper management portion of this credit union needs to occur. Changes need to be made so that member s can feel respected and comfortable whenever calling this place. I can never ever call this credit union without drama. Navy Federal Union, please stop sending black ladies to do your dirty work, that is the oldest trick in the book. I am also African American, every time I have an issue they always send me to some shady black woman. Please stop your drama and the job you are supposed to. This is a biased, non integrity based established, that is in need of serious customer service training.

lack of knowledge

My name is jacqueline kitt i called in @443pm to get my funds available to me like everyother thurday. I spoke with john who i told my name on my check does not match my name and...