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Navy Federal Credit UnionFortunate activity on my account

I went to make a purchase with my debit card and I noticed there was a lot less money in my account then there was supposed to be so I went over the recent transactions and I noticed over the past 10 days there was a lot of transactions made in the state of Wisconsin when I live in Florida at the same time as the transactions in Wisconsin for being done I was making transactions in Florida nobody from Navy Federal credit Union contact me about the suspicious activity I'm baking with you guys for 20 years every time I would have been contacted so when I found out about the function of the activity I called them Navy Federal explain to them I was never in Wisconsin and there was purchases done on the same day from two different states I bought Navy Federal in paperwork showing that I was in the State of Florida during these transactions in that will be done in Wisconsin I am 100% disabled veteran who lives off a fixed income I can't afford to wait 10 business days for an investigation when out of 20 years I've been banking with Navy Federal they always gave me a provisional credit now they're saying a provisional credit isn't mandatory it's on a Case by case basis the contract I signed and the paperwork I have says that a professional credit will be placed in your account doing the investigation so the funds can be accessed I'm talking about over $1, 000 the last time I had fallen in my account and they didn't investigation they said they did an investigation I called back an hour later and Navy Federal credit Union told me that it wasn't fortunate activity so I called up Wells Fargo where the fortunate activity took place and Wells Fargo told me the Navy Federal never even contacted them and with this phone claim that I put in today they gave me a provisional credit for $40 went over when there was over $1, 000 of funds there are are fraud but I'm being told that I'm not getting the provisional credit they need 10 business days I clearly wasn't in Wisconsin and that's why I drove to the branch to give them the paperwork to show them that this isn't right I live off of fixed income I'm 100% permanently totally disabled veteran single with you kids been baking with Navy Federal for 20 years and now I got to worry about paying late fees on all of my bills because of the situation this isn't right whole thing could have been avoided in the Navy Federal would have contacted me when they seen my card used in a different state like they always have I'm really stressed out this isn't fair no way to treat a customer that's been baking with you guys Navy Federal for 20 years I'm extremely stressed out over this and need help

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    Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]opening a buisness account

    Today 02/04/2021 I went in to a local branch 7979 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23505 to open a small business account. I already have a few small business accounts. I was turned away at the door, I was told that takes to long and people can not be in the building longer than 10 minutes. Ever time I have created a new account I have gotten the help of an employee because each time they have required something new or different. I have tried using online services and I am not great with computers, I can do basics. Even before Covid services have been going down but to turn away a customer with existing accounts is unbelievable.
    Martin Plaisted

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      Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Checking account

      They approved a deposit with a 2 day hold. After 3 days they marked my account thousands in the negative. Then told me my account will be negative for another week and a half. I don't have any way to purchase food or fuel / day to day living. Completely unacceptable. I will be closing all accounts and mentally burning the business down. Never bank with navy federal.

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        Dec 16, 2020

        Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Employee

        On Dec. 4, 2020, approximately 2:23pm, I went to NFCU to withdraw funds out of my account, at the location...

        Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Availability to use my accounts

        Needed to access and use MY accounts and the app was down. I went to attempt to use it on the website and the website said scheduled maintenance, use the app or mobile web page. Both of those were also down. Disrespectful and a little deceitful to say things on your pages that aren't true and are just something to redirect someone.

        Availability to use my accounts

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          Oct 18, 2020

          Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Mortgage refinancing

          Fatima, this is Steven W. Daily. Please let me get right to the point. This fiasco started on June 6th 2020...

          Oct 16, 2020

          Navy Federal — Bank restriction on use of account bank card

          I navy Fedral cridit Banker while making a purchase there was undoubtedly an abrasive amount of card...

          Oct 14, 2020

          Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — atm dispute

          On Sept 24th I deposited $1900 in a COOP Credit Union ATM. The atm gave me an error message, did not give me...

          Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Personal loan

          I applied for a personal loan from Navy Federal and it was denied again, reason for denial "caused loss to Navy Federal". I have been with Navy Federal for over 20 years at some point in time I went through a financial hardship and filed for Bankruptcy several years ago. I presently have a Direct Deposit check that comes in every month, I presently have a Checking and a Saving acct with them. How long will I be penalized for this... I'm aware that the Bankruptcy could have an impact, but I've purchased a home opened up various accounts purchased a few cars since the Bankruptcy. Like I stated I have been with Navy Federal for over 20 years!!! Will I never be able to get a personal Loan from Navy Federal, If so I will have to find another institution to conduct my Banking business with. My letter of denial was received on 9/18/202. I've also requested an appeal lowering the amount that I originally requested. Trying to Consolidate some bills. Thanks!!

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            Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Manager is an incompetent and unprofessional little girl

            I am almost 70 years old and I have never seen a sorrier bank branch. I just opened a checking and savings account at the Navy Federal branch in Albuquerque and within a week they sent me checks (with the wrong number on the checks). Then when I went in to ask them about the checks and a fraudulent withdrawal on my debit card they told me that they didn't know who the debit was paid to. In frustration, I asked to close the account and withdraw all of my money. The young girl who said she was the branch manager, Christy Piper, called me a fool (in front of witnesses) and refused to do anything. And the ATM there was out of service. She's not much of a manager. There are plenty of other banks around. Avoid this one. This girl is a loser.

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              Jun 16, 2020

              Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Mortgage loans

              I had applied 2 weeks ago for a mortgage loan. My credit is good, my job is good, I calculated my debt to...

              Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Unauthorized debit card charges

              I would like to file a complaint with NFCU, as I recently had two fraudulent charges on my debit card.
              I was told an investigation is pending.
              And in the meantime that they need to let the charges post -- more than $1100!
              And that after that they would TRY to get the $$ back.
              I need the money back. Not a promise to TRY their best.
              What is wrong with these people?!?

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                May 04, 2020

                Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — sba ppp loan application

                I stopped into a NFCU location a couple of weeks ago and filled out a form for PPP because I am a small...

                Mar 15, 2020

                Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Auto loans (repossession)

                I have been speaking w/trish and elliot in collections/repo center and those are the only two I like dealing...

                Feb 25, 2020

                Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Mortgage refinance

                My husband and I are having the same issue. We started our refinance in Oct 2019. The loan processor waited...

                Nov 07, 2019

                Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] — Auto refinance

                I'm beyond irritated with Navy Federal right now. I have an auto loan through another company and applied for...

                Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Many issues..

                I am not sure what has happened to quality banking at Navy Federal. Every day got progressively worse. Its to the point where its representatives and the organizational hierarchy doesn't even care. I have zero confidence in this bank at this time and have taken my service elsewhere. Countless issues and the integrity is nonexistent to me. Navy Federal needs to get it back together.

                Improper account credit and debits, all sorts of mistakes, you name it etc.

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                  Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Mortgage loan 2 month process smh

                  I applied for a mortgage loan August 9th 2019 it is now Oct the 1st 2019 and I still don't have a close date. Really, what's really going with this company. NFCU The lack of urgency is very present. Loan Processor and Loan Officers don't communicate and you have to go thru other channels to hear from your assigned loan processor because they won't respond to your emails or call you back. The process takes way to long. Navy federal doesn't care if you lose thousands of dollars and expect you to just live with it like it's okay. NOT ACCEPTABLE !!! Something truly needs to be done about the unprofessional behavior. I want to speak with upper management about their Mortgage Dept. about who's going to pay for the money that I will lose if NFCU doesn't close on my loan NOW. The craziest thing about all of this is that I was Approved for everything, EVERYTHING!!! but I can't get the Underwriters to move forward with my loan in a timely manner, someone needs to fire the underwriter manager because nothing is getting done or hire more help

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                    • Mm
                      MMMyers Feb 24, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      My husband and I are having the same issue. We started our refinance in Oct 2019. The loan processor waited so long to do anything that they had to run our credit again. They just called this month Feb 2020 to verify my employment. As of now we still do not have a close date. We tried to go through upper management and we never received a call back. We have been with NFCU for at least 15 years. Expected much better from them. Very disappointed.

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                    • Wi
                      wingding117 Dec 10, 2019

                      Worst customer service in over 39 years... We must all have the same loan processors as I got zero customer service. I was told in November it would be 10-15 days to get the appraisal... now 4 days before closing they are telling me its not going to happen until next year.

                      Numerous emails sent asking for a time to call and talk to them... or asking if we would close on time and nothing until 4 days before closing...

                      I sent an email to the loan processor’s supervisor... I got nothing but crickets... I called to get her supervisors’s work number or work email and was told they couldn’t give it out... as it was private... no worries... i found the CFO and CEO’s email address on line...

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                    • Va
                      Valerie Quinn Oct 18, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I am in the exact same boat, my loan started Aug 11, I have extended the close date two times, the sellers won't grant another one, I can't get ahold of anyone and will lose the contract and earnest money tomorrow. I am randomly looking for executives in Linked in that night have some connection to mortgages. This is terrible.

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                    • Na
                      natliebs Oct 05, 2019

                      Were you able to get a hold of any upper management? I am in same boat as you. Close date is next Wednesday with zero information from processor. Still in underwriting. Could care less if lose earnest deposit or house. So frustrated.

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                    Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]My credit line

                    On or about 2016, my ex-wife use my name to order a MasterCard without my knowledge where she withdrew all the credit and failed to make payments. I found out while I was living in South Karolina and filed a complaint with the local police department. I also file a complaint with the navy federal and was told an investigation was pending. Later, found out the issue wasn't resolved where I became the debtor of the money that was withdrawn. I need the navy federal to fix my status and prosecute this person (evelyn k. gaitan) for identity theft and credit card fraud.

                    thank you.

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                      Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]Banking

                      I cannot believe the way you have treated my widowed mother and the family as we try to do business with you in regards to her finances. I have been given full privileges on her behalf after a long and protracted runaround by all of your departments. For me to list everything that you have done to complicate our lives and cause such stress would required me several hours to document. My Mom just tried to order checks and again you have thrown up roadblocks. My parents are/were 88 and have been lifelong members while I was a 30 year member. If you treat longtime clients like this I can't imagine what you do to your new customers. I can't help but feel that there would be someone there who would be appalled at what has occurred. When I asked for a name to address our concerns, I was told that none could be provided. If my Mom didn't have so many accounts tied up with you I would close them all. You can contact and apologize to my mother, Marilyn L. Evans at [protected].

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