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African Bank Ltd

59 16th Rd, Halfway House Estates
South Africa - 1685

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 112 569 000(Head Office) 5 12
+27 861 111 011(Customer Service) 13 3
+27 112 569 323(Debt Counselling) 6 2
+27 112 569 073(Consumer Advocate's Office) 1 6
+27 800 633 633(Ethics And Fraud Hotline) 0 4
+27 860 000 975(Funeral Policy Queries) 2 0
+27 861 888 786(Credit Life Queries And Claims) 1 0
+27 112 074 500(Collections) 5 3
+27 860 333 004(Applications Call Centre) 0 1
+27 861 000 555(Card Call Centre / Stop Card) 0 2
+27 861 000 444(Card Call Centre / Activation Line) 2 1
+27 112 073 821(Debt Counselling) 0 0
+27 112 074 724(Consumer Advocate's Office) 0 1
+27 800 007 788(Ethics And Fraud Hotline) 0 0

African Bank Complaints & Reviews

African Bank / making it difficult for customers

Jan 15, 2019

I made an arrangement with african bank for something that was not my fault. They did not deduct at the beginning of january 2019 like the arrangement was from day one to deduct on the first of every month and so my money were spent. I went to african bank in the middelburg mall and made...

African Bank / customer service

Jan 03, 2019

Good day, I went to African bank branch in botshabelo complex, to renew my credit card, and I was assaulted by the consultant by the name of Isaac lefu. The guy was so rude and he even sware at me, for that matter I was not even helped by him.i was helped by the lady called lemodilo, she told...

African Bank / personal loan

Nov 29, 2018

I got a call from African Bank offering a loan on the phone I got approved I was told to go to the branch, I went to the branch which it was approved still at the branch I submitted everything, we signed everything (contract), I asked when I will receive the funds the lady was not sure. I...

African Bank / loan

Oct 30, 2018

I received a call from African bank consultant telling me that i can go to any branch and apply for a R200 000 loan. i went to tembisa branch in tembisa Plaza as told, i gave them every doc they needed. after 3 days i call the branch and ask you is the R4900 not in to my account, i wa...

African Bank / identity theft

Oct 29, 2018

I lost an id on the 24th of april 2012 and repoterd it to braamfortein police station and also report to the safps, but I tried to go to the branch (african bank) three times in dobsonville and I could not find help every time I go there they told me they dont know how to help me I must...

African Bank / unfair blacklisting

Oct 28, 2018

My name is Roselyn Ralebofu, maiden name Mushi, the year 2014 was placed under administration and the year 2017 I came out of that administration via seshego district court in polokwane and some few weeks I realised African bank has also been placed me under administration so now I'm...

African Bank / wrong debit order date

Oct 23, 2018

I am really pissed off African bank debited my account on wrong date and used the money that I needed to use urgently and it has tarnshed mt credit rating.This is not the first time this has happened, money was debited on the 17th but my instruction was 25th .I was really disappointed as I...

African Bank / african bank loan overcharge

Oct 22, 2018

My name its rosina I have a loan with african bank and last month I was suppose to finish paying my loan I spoke to a lady she told me that I was left with r1384 its the last payment from african bank because I wanted to settle the account, now after the payment they called me again and...

African Bank / loan

Oct 08, 2018

Hi there Last Tuesday I did an online request for an agent to call me, I was called by an agent, we did an online application, i qualified for a loan of R22 000 and a silver credit card for R15 000, I was told to go to the nearest African Bank with my Proof of I.D, Proof of residence, 3 month...

African Bank / unethical behavioiour

Oct 05, 2018

I am currently being pursued by GLA attorneys who is threatening legal action if I don't start paying my loan immediately through them. I also have a debit orders lodged against my bank account at Capitec Bank. Who do I pay? Directly to AB or through the lawyers. My loans has not been...

African Bank / harassment

Oct 02, 2018

I do not know what African Bank does not understand. Tracers harass me at my work place and that after I told African Bank please do not phone me on my work telephone number neither send out tracer. I will make monthly payments and as soon as I can I will pay more. But this they do not...

African Bank / loan and interest rate

Sep 05, 2018

I am in arrears but I have not run away from this I have even contacted African Bank paying and additional amount monthly, I have been checking my statements and now notice that my arrears and balance not decreasing even with extra payments... I'm being charged 32.5% interest at this rate...

African Bank / collections department - nonsipho ndlalose

Aug 30, 2018

Nonsipho Ndlalose called me from the collections number, advising me that my account is in arrears. Which is untrue, I logged into my bank to confirm that all payments have been made. She still accuses me after I told her to give it 24 hours after the debit order for August 2018 wa...

African Bank / double deductions

Jun 29, 2018

African Bank has been double deducting from my account, witch has left me with about R250 a week in my account to feed my family with. One of them is a 1 year old. That is 80% of my money. When I complain they just say sorry it will not happen again but it does. Please stop. I have to keep...

African Bank / stop calling me

Jun 28, 2018

Please stop calling me - this is harassment and I will go to the police. I have had my mobile number for 15 years and never ever used African Bank, a Mr Denny has given my mobile number as his which is fraud and you have been calling me up to 13 times everyday for the past month. Everytime...

African Bank / telefoon oproepe en houding van die mense wat skakel

Jun 26, 2018

Goeie dag Ek is nou net mooi gatvol om dit mooi te stel van die mense wat n mens so bel jinne 13 keer op n dag is darem net te erg en as jy se jy by werk jy besig en kan nie praat nie bel net n ander persoon weer soos vanoggend weer bel n vrou ek se ek besig en werk van 9-18:00 sonder...

African Bank / Credit Card And Loan Existing

Jun 01, 2018

Dear African Bank my balance was R6700 on my credit card this morning it showed R6000 How is it that my bank charges and what ever extra charges is R700 My word if I knew I was gonna pay just for bank charges R700 every month I would have never taken out a loan and credit card My Loan my...

African Bank / statements

May 14, 2018

Urgent urgent urgent Good day I phoned african bank call center a few times, requesting a statement. they said it takes 48 working hours. a week is past and I am still waiting. I send mails, and still no reply. is it so difficult to just send my my statements as well as the arrangement...

African Bank / illegal loan

May 11, 2018

Please I need urgent clarity and all documentation on how my husband was offered R100K loan without my consent. We are married in community of property and further more his affordability assessment could in no way be reached as he was paying for a bond school fees and many other debt he...

African Bank / harassment on wrong number

Apr 26, 2018

For over a year I have been trying to get my phone number off of your system. You keep harassing me for payment for some RANDOM person. I've mentioned it on HelloPeter, Facebook, Twitter and still nothing. I believe I pay per sms and call received - this ultimately leads to theft on your...

African Bank Fourways Shopping Centre / applying for a fixed deposit account

Apr 17, 2018

Hi my name is Louis Joffe.On Saturday morning the14th April 2018 my wife and I went into the African Bank branch In Fourways Shopping Centre.We were attended to by I think Mandlaenkosi.I wanted a fixed deposit account for 1 year interest reinvested R700000.The gentleman said he couldn't...

African Bank / personal loan

Apr 13, 2018

I went into Your Clearwater Mall branch on Easter Saturday. to appky for a personal loan THE GENTLEMAN that helped me was Neo..I submitted all the documents required and he gave me a pre approval of R10.000.He told me to phone in the following Thursday to be sure..As I was leaving the bank...

African Bank / deducting while the account is closed.

Mar 06, 2018

Hi, I just need an assistance I always recieve bouncing back money deduction from African bank. While my account was closed last year 2017, after closing the account I recieved messages to rate the service at African bank sarvey... suddenly this passing 3 months I've notice smses showing...

African Bank / harassment

Mar 02, 2018

Every day 3 to 4 times a day you are phoning and harrassing my husband to get my telephone number. No1: you will never get my phone number No2: my husband does not have an account with you and therefore you are publicly harassing him. No3: we are married anc and he has nothing to do with my...

African Bank / personal loan :10775855002

Feb 27, 2018

I took a loan of R7000 on 30/03/2015 and I paid it off two months later on 30/05/2015. when I review my credit scoring on the National Credit system, it shows that I am still owing African Bank R7, 855.00. I seriously do not understand what I should do so that African Bank can update their...

African Bank / incorrect debt orders

Nov 08, 2017

Good day I have logged a call with African bank on Monday (06.11.2017) After realizing money had been taken off my account. I had paid up the loan / Credit card in 2015. I was then informed that money had been taken out that account and they where taking money out of my account. I had...

African Bank / bad service

May 22, 2017

Good day I had an account with African Bank that was paid up. I forwarded all relevant documentation to them. They even send me an email indicating that they have received the money and sorry for the inconvenience caused. They send me emails informing that they will update my profile at all the...

African Bank / service - delayed and unprofessional

Feb 27, 2017

Extremely delayed and unprofessional... Have no idea what they are doing. Their consultant contacts you, but then are unable to assist - why are they doing promotions when they cannot handle it?? No-one replies to your emails or understands simple english. Process going on for almost a...

African Bank / pathetic service

Nov 13, 2012

A month ago I did an online query for a loan. That same day I was contacted by African Bank to let me know I have been pre approved for a loan and a credit card. I went to a branch with my docs to complete the application and the consultant informed that he can only process if my payslip...

African Bank / loan

Mar 05, 2012

Hi, I called african bank to request them to accept the r3000.00 payment from me for my loan account 3534927008. I apoke to lucky makua and he discussed this issue with his supervisor. He told me that they have agreed and I can pay r3000.00. I paid r3000.00 via internet banking on the 21st...

african bank vrybug / arreas on my acc due to mistake made by an agent

Apr 28, 2011

my acc is on arreas of R1021.10, i took a persoal loan on the 20th of april 2010 at vrybug branch and the date of 1st instalment was suppose to commence onthe 27th july 2010 according to the contract and the date i singed for the debit is the last day of the month to my suprise eversince...

African Bank / credit card

Apr 18, 2011

On the 1st of April i checked my credut card balance using mu cellphone the balance was R407.00 but from that day whenever i check again the balance has go up to R578.97 please guys i have paying this credit card for 2 years now without using it R300 is a lot of money.Then if this is the...

African Bank / incompetent and unproffesional staff


I had to change account details at African Bank. I went into their N1 City branch with the proof of my bank that I had changed my account type and I was told by a not so friendly lady that they cannot accept that, they need a bank statement?! So I went to my bank and got a bank statement...

African Bank / interest charges rip off


My husband has also taken out a loan with them, and is in arrears, but pays them every week. However we receive statements and we have now noticed, that the money that he pays every week, just about covers the interest that they charge on this loan! How can we get them to stop adding thi...

African Bank / stay far away from african bank


I have got 3 personal loans and 1 credit card accounts with African bank. I have not yet been paying my accounts very well and in arrears at this stage due to recession affected me financially, with all of them i am in arrears. To my suprise, over this past weekend, when i went to try to...

African Bank / disappointed and frustrated with the service


A week ago I applied for a loan(9 September 2009) with African Bank. I applied in Trumpshed I was informed on the day that it was excepted by Lerato and that I need to wait 48 hours for them to credit my account. Which I gladly accepted as this is African Banks procedure. when the 2nd day...

African Bank / today african bank deducted twice from my banking account without me giving them the permission


Today African Bank deducted twice from my banking account without me giving them the permission. I'm very dissappointed in them. I contacted them and what do they tell me, nothing is reflecting their side. When i explained to them one of the consultants tells me to send a banking...

African Bank / they put people who do not have authority to make decisions


I had a loan of R10k.with African Bank in 2006, I paid up my installments as arranged until the loan was reduced to R7k plus late 2007, then I lost the job and could not afford to keep up with payments. In April '09 when I checked my credit record I realised that they listed me for...

African Bank / make promises they can not keep


You know, just the other day I complained about african bank – the way they treat their customers, how they don’t listen to their customers and how they just call you on weekends at ridiculous time like 07:00 in the mornings. And it does not matter how many times you explain...

African Bank / my refund


good day I have an acive loan with African bank and this month on the 27.10.2009.three amounts came off my bank account and were as there was only suppose to be one amount of please please please refund me back my money asap.I have other bills to settle so I want my money now!!!You...