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Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of AmericaThey refuse to return my mother's money to her

Beware of Bank Of America

They will steal your money. They have no "customer service" since they do not care about their clients.

My mother is 96 years old. My mother had $120, 000 invested with MBNA in CD's. They merged with Bank of America. I went to a local branch where they refused to provide me with any information, and told me I should "forget about it!" I tried calling the bank's main office, but could not speak with a live person. I called the branch back and requested a corporate number. The assistant manager refused me my request and said the manager would call me the following week. Of course I never heard from either one of them again.

My documents indicate these investments. My mother and I are entitled to all monies due us including of course any interest.

They are a pitiful excuse of a bank, and after reading my reviews, I hope that others will not have to suffer similar consequences.

Tony Raymond
973 Circle Drive
Baltimore, MD 21227

Bank Of America They refused to give me my money — They said they don't have my account in there.

I closed my account with Bank of America last week and got 21 cents back after closed it then i opened another bank. I told my work to not direct deposit with Bank of America but...

Bank Of America Mortgage — BOA lied to me

I am a older person who was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2013. I had so many medical bills even with insurance. Called BOA to see if they could modify my RATE. It took 1.5 years, over 100 phone calls and to make matters worse, they put me into foreclosure. I have NEVER been even one day late on my mortgage and was not at that time. It was a nightmare. Finally, they told me the rate had been modified and they were sending me the papers. I checked the rate and all looked good. Little did I know they had extended my term from 30 to 40 years! I have tried repeatedly to get a copy of those many phone calls as this was NEVER, EVER discussed in our conversations. Not even mentioned. They did confirm the new rate in my final phone call but no mention of changing the term. What a slick move on the part of BOA. I have been with them for 35 years and this is how they treat loyalty.

Bank Of AmericaThey closed my account with out any reasons

They closed my account with out any reasons didn't tell me why they closed my account I been with Bank of America for a long time . Am piss off they closed my account . I don't like how they try tell me they don't have no reason why they closed it it's pissing me off . Now I got go with a new bank account .

Bank Of AmericaFraud, Identity Theft

On 3/5 a person claiming they were Emma Krist submitted a check for the amount of 1400.00. Teller and manager verified it and gave the person 1000.00 and dep 400.00. Later the same person came back and withdrew 800.00 from account leaving a balance of 200.00. My mother is on a fixed income of 1200.00 a month and 77 years old have to pay bills still. Your fraud dept indicated it would take 30-90 days for the system to work the process. Supervisor Taylor Horan and her staff were not customer service driven and indicated there was no provisional credit they could credit. This is unacceptable as the branch at 1604/Bandera is at fault and someone should of issued a credit immediately like credit cards and other renown institutions. I'm very dissatisfied at this point with the level of people you have in charge and would like to speak to a higher person in charge that will rectify this issue immediately. I'm very disappointed how you all handle situations like these and as a member of RBFCU and USAA we would never be treated like this. Also, very disappointed how you all have the whole acct # on the statements in which the Person that created this identify theft figured it out. Thank you
Kathy Meza for Emma Krist [protected] Acct # 735880 6 ending numbers

Bank Of AmericaCustomer service

I've recently opened a business checking account. So far I'm not impressed with ability to contact customer service. Took 3 months to set up my debit card. After my initial sign up I called my enroller to inform that I never received my starter pack. He never called back. I finally receive a replacement card but no pin after a few weeks. Now I find out that I need to schedule an appointment for everything. I needed a simple notary service and had to schedule for 2hrs later. I'm driving a long distance and between work hours. It is very inconvenient and time consuming to have to wait around town for something that only takes 5 min and is time sensitive. I went down the road and found a share branch of my personal credit union and was in and out and on my way to the post office in under 10min.

Bank Of Americafraud division of so called "security"

Weekend of Feb 29.
I was upset with security fraud group at Wells Fargo so I switched to Bank of America. Friday FebThe FIRST time I used my debit card it's use was frozen without telling me. Actually an email asked if I had authorized the purchase so I answered yes. It said oh well then it's ok to try again. Go back, stand in line, wait again, try again, and it declines my purchase again!!
I call customer service, wait on hold for 45 minutes with a 10 minute estimate! Finally transferred to Fraud group after another 20 minute hold. The guy says let him look into something and puts me on hold. After another 20 minutes, the call is disconnected!
Try again. on hold and never answers.
Try again, finally get to Fraud she answers, introduces herself and claims she couldn't hear me although Im screaming into the phone and hangs up on me.

Done with this [censored] bank. What is the next bank I try? I think my mattress.

Bank Of AmericaLate Fee

At the end of every month I pay my card in full. My payment due in Feb. was submitted on the end of Jan., the transfer did not occur until 2/25, four days after the due date, how convenient. I called to voice my concern on 2/28. the associate I spoke to was rude and continued to talk over me, I have been on hold waiting to speak to yet someone else.

I guess the interest charged is not profit, you need to extract more monies with late fee charges.

Bank Of America — personal account/holds/checks

Recieved my tax refund check, today went into Burien branch to cash. The tellers already seemed irritated about dealing with tax checks, by the comments that were being made ("OH...

Bank of America Financial Center — service

Every time I go to the bank this branch only has 1 teller to help you. I have gone when the doors open and shortly there after. There is always a line of people to serve. There...

Bank of America Financial Centermerchant services

In November 2019 I purchase my practice and got a loan from Bank of America, based on my loan agent's recommendation I acquired merchant services from same bank, on introducing their services to us the bank rep Daniel O'Flaherty on recorded line on conference call with my wife (Dr. Ely Hasany) informed us that their merchant device to be used for the transactions would be a refurbished machine by brand name of Clover with onetime fee of $195.00. Which we agreed to pay. Later he sent us an electronic contract (170 pages) to be signed, due to trust we put in the reps word we purchased the machine. In January I received my first statement and I was charged $256.33 and also fees were way higher than original coated, I contacted Mr. Flaherty to complain but he never replied. I found another rep, Jessy Bishop, she said she will review the case. After a while I got an email from Ms. Bishop that she acknowledged that we were misguided and changed our rates from 0.42% to 0.31% but did not answer my question regarding the machine. In February I got another statement billing me again for $256.33. I reached out to Ms. Bishop she sent an email to me that based on contract I have agreed to pay 3 instalments of $256.33, I tried to protest it but she never returned mu emails or phone calls after a week I got tiered and called their department again another rep, Jill, answered and I explained everything she said she will look into it. After couple of hours she called and said that there is nothing she can do despite a recording of our conversation and my wife being witness on the conversation we cannot even return the machine and cut our losses.
Here are the facts:
1. I was misguided by a rep and bank does not acknowledge it
2. Several of their competitors offer you the same even cheaper services with a free machine you just have to contract them.
3. The exact same machine (new not refurbished) is sold on Amazon for around $280.
I know I signed a contract but while you are in the middle of opening a new business you have to trust a rep from a known bank not to deceive you like this, if I knew if I had to pay almost $1000.00 for something that I could get it for free, I would have never purchased this machine. Also now that I know they have cheated me I requested to return the machine and cut my losses but bank advised that regardless what I was told I have to return the machine.
Therefore I am filling a grievance against Bank of America Merchant Services department for A) false advertisement and information B) bait and switch technique C) price gauging.

Dr. Nima Aleagha

Bank of America Financial Centerunauthorized credit card charges

Carol L Smith
867 11th Ave
Fox Island, WA 98333

Bank of America
PO Box 982237
El Paso, TX [protected]

Claim Number 8369
Credit Card Number Ending 8223

February 10, 2020

I am writing to document the sequence of events leading to the current disputed or fraud charges in the amount of $323.65 with Bank of America.

8/09/2019 - Notified by Bank of America that my card might have been part of a compromise. Credit
card ending in 8223 was closed and a new card issued ending in 5595.

8/21/2019 - I noticed my card had been charged $323.65. I called Bank of America and charge was

8/23/2019 - Box containing merchandise was delivered to my address. I sent an email to NEMO
and told them I did not order merchandise and if they would pay shipping I would
return the merchandise.

9/30/2019 - Nemo received merchandise. This can be verified by speaking to Charles at Customer
Service on [protected]. He stated the name on the bank card was Patricia Haley in Chico,
CA. and the credit card ended with 1633. My card ended with 8223.

If Bank of America is disallowing this claim based on the vendor telling you I had the merchandise then I am asking you to get in touch with Charles at NEMO again because he will verify they had the merchandise returned from me. I have a FED EX shipping ticket which will prove the merchandise was returned to NEMO in Dover, NH on 9/30/2019 at 11:26 AM. I also have an email from NEMO to me
confirming they had the merchandise.

In addition, I am attaching all pertinent letters from Bank of America. It appears they plan to do nothing because they are not willing to make a second call to NEMO which would confirm they had received the returned merchandise.

Thank you,
Carol L. Smith

Bank Of Americachecking account funds have disappeared

I am a retiree residing abroad and have just been robbed by Bank of America. I've been a BOA customer for the past 35 years and have never over drafted my account balance nor encountered a late or missed credit card payment.
Two years ago I decided to open an account with another institution and have since encountered problems with BOA. During this past month I attempted an e-deposit from my BOA checking account to my account with the other institution only to have it rejected. The reason given was my BOA account was locked. BOA does not have a two-way messaging service and with no BOA branches locally, I must rely upon written or telecommunications.
When calling I was informed they could not discuss the problem with me but must talk instead with my wife who is the Secondary Account Holder. I explained she was temporarily unavailable and was given a reference and telephone number for her to call. Upon making contact she was informed they couldn't help and for her to call BOA Customer Service. I decided it best that I close the account and have written a letter dated January 29, 2020, requesting they do so. Mail at this location is once weekly and will be included in this week's mail pouch.
My account balance as of January 27, 2020, is substantial however this morning, February 4, 2020, I received a banking alert email that my account had dropped below $25.00. When checking my account I found it is no longer listed although my BAO credit card accounts are.
Where did my money go? Have I been robbed?

Bank of America Financial Centermortgage lending

I recently called and spoke with Patrick Sheridan regarding rates for a refinance loan. I have been a customer with BOA for 17 years and wanted to place my mortgage there also. I told Patrick I was checking with one other lender and he seemed fine. During our conversation, he was rather condescending and would get upset when I asked a question. When I decided to go with the other lender, I got a pretty snarky email from Patrick saying: "Thanks for wasting my time". This just solidified why I went with another lender. Just thought you should know this as I really did want to place my loan with BOA.

Sheridan Patrick A
Tue, Jan 28, 11:49 AM (19 hours ago)
Hi Mrs. Buffington, Just following up to see if you want to proceed. The bank gives me a limited amount of time to get your documents collected and in the file

Nancy Buffington
Tue, Jan 28, 12:11 PM (19 hours ago)
Hi Patrick, I sent you a text earlier this morning. I have decided to go with another lender. Thank you for your time.Nancy Buffington

Sheridan, Patrick A
Tue, Jan 28, 1:06 PM (18 hours ago)
I am not able to receive texts on my work cell phone. Thank you for wasting my time

Nancy Buffington
7:37 AM (1 minute ago)
to Patrick
Your snarky comment in you last email just solidified why I went with another lender.
When we previously spoke (and see my previously email, ) I told you I was checking with another lender. During our conversation you also were pretty condescending, and when the other lender matched your rate, there was no question, who I would use.
Having been a customer with BOA for 17 years, it was my intention to place my loan with BOA. However, "apples to apples", the deciding factor was being treated with respect and not being talked down to. You may want to think about that for your future business.
Nancy Buffington

Bank of America Financial Centerchecking account

BOA closed my account and gave only 21 days to act. I got the letter which had Jan 21, 2020 on it so 6 days have passed. They won't say why. They should give more time to act. At least 90 days.
The decision is final and cannot be negotiated!!!
People should worry that this could happen to them with very little notice and only if you are lucky to realize it on time. No online alerts at all.
My account was opened 30 years ago with Fleet which is now BOA.
Too bad for them, I just setup my paycheck to auto deposit with them. I will tell all my kids to close their accounts too.

Bank of America Financial Centerthe stolen property

November 2018 Bank of America repossessed my car they hire a company to do it after I went and got my car back from the repossession company I noticed there was some stuff missing out of my car I called Bank of America in file a complaint he's being a year and they always give me the runaround please give me a number that I need to call to file a claim supposed to I did it in the beginning and I did it through the whole year and that person never calls back u.s. can reach me on my email [protected]

Bank of America Financial Centerbeing charged each month of 166 dollars for a mortgage

I am having $166 a month taken out of my bank account to bank of america for a mortgage that I don't have nor did I agree to any of this... Bank of america gave our mortgage to progressive... And our mortgage was transferred to progressive and we were done with bank of america in 2008 and since then I have filed bankruptcy on my home... I didn't know until now that I am being charged again for a loan I don't have... I want my money back that you have taken out of my bank account... Thank you and you can call me at [protected].

Bank of America Financial Centercredit card

In November of 2019, I received notification that one of my two credit cards with Bank of America would be closed within a few weeks due to inactivity and so I got on the phone and was advised to charge the card for a small purchase to prevent the closure. I've been a BOA card holder since early 2000, 's. I followed the advice given to me and made a few small purchases online for black Friday. On January 16th I tried using my card online for a purchase and it declined. I called BOA and was told that my account was closed because it was "delinquent". I've never had a missed payment, always paid more than my minimum payment, never given them any reason to refer to me or my account activity in a derogatory manner. Three calls later, I was offered no help and declined the opportunity to speak with a manager or supervisor.

Bank of America Financial Centerunauthorized charges

Edd bank of america card services is the worst. On november 6 2019 an unauthorized charge went into my account charge was 309.00
Called bank of america's claims department and they told me it takes 10 days to get the funds back. Waited exactly 10 day's funds were back..
In january mind u 2 months later I get a letter that they will be taking the money out of my account because I felt with the merchant in the past. I called them back up advised them again I did not authorize these charges at all they said send in proof that you used another account with them I faxed what they wanted and they removed 309 and i'm still waiting for my money to get put back everything was faxed. On the website it stated any unauthorized charges will go back into account not true this card serices from edd is fraud..
Also they won't let you dispute anything after 120 days so if you are like me and don't look at your statements right away you are just goin to have to let an error be..

unauthorized charges

Bank of America Financial Centeroverbilling and fee

Boa agent on the telephone admitted fault of double charging me the credit card payment (failure of website to cancel the 2nd scheduled payment), but charges have yet to be reversed, and fees have been added when I disputed the double billing by my primary bank. The agent (with a very heavy india speech accent) then requested the spelling of my full name, billing address, full ssn, and telephone number (all of which should be on file) in order to refund the second billing. Knowing private personal info will never be asked over the non-secure telephone, I hung up. I contested the billing with my primary bank, which boa added another fee for a returned payment. I have filed complaints with the texas dept of banking, the us federal trade commission, the us treasury dept office of consumer complaints, and the us justice dept consumer financial protection bureau. Boa refused to talk to me, so maybe they can explain themselves with the govt.

Bank of America Financial Centerloan modification fraud

Bank Of America did a loan modification and mis handled all the funds. I went to refinance after 10 years and was just told I own today the same amount I bought my home for. I requested a copy of everything, and they have mismanaged the money I paid to them monthly of my mortgage. I Can not even refinance, till I can get an attorney to fix this. I do not have the funds and I'm almost 80 yrs.
I need help.. [protected]

Bank of America Financial Center — safe deposit box

On Monday 01/05/2020 I went in to close my safe deposit box. I was told I did not have one by Robert Sommer the Relationship Manager. The Loan Officer came in the office and...

Bank of America Financial Centerchecking account

I opened a checking account after receiving a $500 bonus offer from BoA. I funded the account and transferred my directed deposit there. Then 4 days after the account was opened, they closed it and now my paycheck is missing. Customer service on the phone are extremely rude and completely unhelpful. The branch staff are no better. What should I do?!!

Bank of America Financial Centerchecking / savings and credit card

I'm furious BOA closed my account. I was a preferred member. My account because low temporarily because I was supporting a family member. I was going to get my money back. I told the bam. They sent me an email about my balance on 12/13. They closed my account on 12/23. I've been a client for 14 years. Now. I have to fins another bank. And get my ChexSystem report. This is happened to other people too. I requested to get cash. I don't want a cashier check. I have rent and bills to pay. Horrible bank. They don't ask questions. They just closed my account.

Bank Of Americamortgage process

We did a ref. with BOA recently. At first closing, my name was spelled wrong on every pages. The notarization person and us agreed to do a correction and come back again. The closing date is postponed from 12/7 for a later date. On 12/10, a new notarization person came to our house, we found out that in the closing file, I have two version of spelling of my name. The person said it's up to us to sign. In order not to involve any title mistakes, we refused to sign. After my complain to BOA, there are different people called me to reassure the mistake is taking care of and I can go ahead to do a closing. At our 3rd closing, I found on a few pages, my name is still wrong. With the suggestion for the notarization personal suggested to cross the wrong name and initialed my true name underneath.
So far, send email to the bank and no reply at all.

Bank of America Financial Center — Unable to establish accounts in both names

My husband and I hold joint accounts at Bank of America. One account I have had since 1974. (my husband and I did not marry until 2006). Once I married, I made this a joint...

Bank of America Financial Centercredit card purchase

On November 18, 2019, I made a purchase online from Kmart /Sears. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and a Christmas t-shirt size xxl.. using their size chart. I usually wear an xl.m so I ordered an XXL. The shoes arrived timely.. then after many weeks I sent many emails asking where the t-shirt was .. I get a tracking number saying it is shipping from China! I did not order from china!  I tried tracking it, .. it came back invalid tracking number! also got a foreign transaction fee!   Total.. $16.50 for the t-shirt and $1.48 fee...I have contacted this merchant through email and phone over 15 times before I filed a dispute with Bank of America.. and each time I am told they are looking into this, Now for the past week, , not one word back from them on the emails I keep sending. The t-shirt finally arrived.. it is tiny! I would say in American size..  it is a medium ( I wear an xl and ordered an xxl ) I contacted then immediately.. for a refund.. they asked me to send a pic of their t-shirt on top of one of my own.  I did this and sent them the pic. They said I should have used their size chart!!! I DID!! ...  I wear an xl.. after seeing their size chart I ordered an XXL. I got an email we are looking into this.. that is all I have ever gotten, I filed the dispute with Bank of America.. they had me jump thru hoops sending so many pics and documents.. and I am still waiting and out the money. Did I return the t-shirt?? NO!  Where too????? There has been no communication from this company to be able to do ANYTHING!  I have tried. This is a fraud and a rip-off... I spoke to K-Mart they told me I had to deal directly with the merchant! I am upset. Never have I had Bank of America treat me like this over such a small amount of money. I used my credit card cause I felt safe that if anything goes wrong! Bank of America will stand behind me! Wrong!! I would like a resolution to this quickly. We are going out of the country on Dec. 15th, 2019 and will not return until Jan 3rd, 2020 Thank you

credit card purchase

Bank of America Financial Center — checking & savings accounts

Client's checking and savings accounts were suspended for "Fraud Review" without notice or explanation; and account funds in excess of $400, 000 was converted by BOA...

Bank of America Financial Center — making a payment on my mortgage

On December 3, 2019 at approximately 10:45 a. m. I checked in at the front entrance to get my check which is made out to me and Bank of America to get it stamped or approved so I...

Bank of America Financial Centerunauthorized charges

I submitted 2 separate claims to the claims department for unauthorized charges from Apple ITunes that I discovered on the mobile app. After submitting both claims they were paid but then I later received a letter stating that they would be reversing the credit on one of the claims I called & asked why & I was told that since I have made purchases from Apple iTunes in the past I authorized the charges yet the other claim was from Apple iTunes & they made that credit permanent. I then disputed the denial & they told me they wouldn't reverse the credit until reviewing the appeal but they still reversed the credit I have been going back & forth about this claim after submitting evidence I still haven't received a response & it's been more than 30 days of submitting the appeal & I haven't received a credit to my account. The customer service wasn't knowledgeable nor professional, one lady I spoke with asked why did I submit so many pages of evidence I told her because I am showing proof that I did not authorize the charges & I feel if I needed to fax a 1, 000 pages of evidence it shouldn't matter I felt that it was rude, unprofessional, and inconsiderate of the matter.

Bank of America Financial Center — property claims

661107 After speaking to a representative from Bank of America on October 28th, 2019 regarding my property claim, On November 2nd I receive a packet from Bank of America with detailed...

Bank Of Americamailing debit/credit cards to customers without notice

On 11-14-19 I discovered two debit/credit cards were mailed to me on May 31, 2019 of which I did not receive and had no notice that they were being sent. Especially when the ones I have did not expire. No answers given - just B of A wanting to now replace them. Explained there are mail problems, but they insisted on mailing them to my address. Requested they mail cards to a local branch office for pick up. They could not! They did, however, offer to send them UPS.

Additional Problems:
Bank branches refusing to accept cash or checks to be deposited into B of A customers account.

Bank branch offices not answering the telephone for hours.

Texts to authenticate me sent to the wrong telephone number, therefore no texts received.

Customer service rep refusing to transfer me to a Manager after numerous requests

Poor, poor customer service with unreasonable bank practices!

Bank of America Financial Center — looking for 10,000.00 missing money

im Melva Stone now of Harper, KS. 67058 i did a transfer to this bank to a Loriene Brown for a home. she ended up being a fraud and never went and picked up my money . BOA called...

Bank of America Financial Centerchecking account was closed 15 year customer


I want to bring attention to bank of america executives if they are not aware .Bank Of America Los angeles Area Customers who have last name ending YAN or IAN they will close your account just because you happened to have that last name . this is pure discrimination based on national origination . I am not in search to find class action lawyer to represent us Armenians or anybody who has last name ending YAN or IAN . This is So wrong . i hope my message will be loud and clear . NO DISCRIMINATION. SHAME ON YOU BANK OF AMERICA

Bank Of Americateller

They could not get the machine to work at the bank today. Very frustrating as I had my atm card and they could not get it to work. Now I need to wiat several days. Unfair becuase I don't have access to my money for 3 days now. They are holding my money, I have mine ID, my attm card. Why can I not have access to withdraw since they can't get my card to work?

Bank of America Financial Centerair alaska credit credit

I have had this horrible card experience for over 6 months. I am an individual who promptly pays all my bills in full and on time.. Twice during my ownership od this card i have been advised that my payment was past due. Not true your online system apparently takes days to acknowledge receiving paymet. So Twice i made duplicate payments believing that the payment i tried to schedule the first time failed. It has virtually impossible to get my duplicate payments refunded.

I have more excuses as to why it hasn't been done. Now the latest response i got was that it would take at least 30 days. What??????????????????????????? Ridiculous This is my money not yours.

To add insult to injury I closed my account and demanded a refund of my annual fee. Instead you charged me an additional annual fee. WHat are you doing? Do you have completely ignorant individuals running your customer service center.

I plan on reporting you to the banking commission as well as filing a class action suit against Bank of America. I am a shareholder and I will be selling those shares as well.

The worst customer service center experience ever. Dealing with the devil would be easier.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I will also tell Alaska Airlines what you have put through. And i will tell them that as a result of my experience with you I will no longer be flying Alaska Air. I am sure this is not why they partnered with you.


Helen Parker

Bank of America Financial Centeraccount was closed for no reason

Bank of america sent notice that account is closed and also not allowing to be cosigner on other accounts. I have been customer of BOA for 20 years with lot of funds in bank and also excellent credit history. when I call they simply say business decision.

very worse bank after long business - I bet if I go to any bank in the world, they will welcome with red carpet.

No business ethics at bank of america. fraudulent bank

  • Ca
    Carolinapd Jan 17, 2020

    @bank of america victim.. Same just happens to me. Worse because mi mom was authorized on my account they will closer her personal account she has with my dad, where they get their pension deposit, very bad way to do business after 20 years of banking with them is the least i deserve

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Bank of America Financial Centerquality of service

On November 2, I visited Bank of America Financial Center in Woodbridge, NJ. I had a banker Jaya, who was rude. I went in there for assistance since I lost my card. But was met with uglyness in her attitude. First she constantly stated I was wrong about a code which I understand. But she mentioned it over in over. While I just wanted to know the next step. She called the supervisor who mentioned the same thing. They were rude, and condescending. Please trained your bankers about customer service.
Thank you

Bank of America Financial Centerservice!

You know it's really sad when you go and try to send your mother some money and the account just locks. You call the 1888 number and they tell you that the account just been canceled. I've been using this bank for like 5 yrs never really had an issue but this is definitely fraud. I have money on my checking and savings account how do you just cancel my account like that with no valid reason. Never again

Bank of America Financial Center — I used my state ben if it card there and atm took my $600 cash benefit

661107 On October 16th about 12:20 in the afternoon I went to pull my cash aid our I put I wanted $600 in 100 dollars bills and the machine said I want allowed to pull that much at a...