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Bank of America reviews & complaints

Bank of America complaints 1289

Bank of America - Fraud on all cards

This happened covid time and me having chemo. All my credit cards were hit by an Attorney in NY, I live in Oregon. I have sent in all info to bank of America I do not know this person BOA has different names on him First name middle name then turned around. I was given letters stating good news it has been resolved and we will credit your accounts a couple months later I received letters on all 3 cards SORRY- We know you didn't charge this but maybe a signer on your card did or you oked someone to do it > I have NO signers on my cards nor would I give someone the ok to charge 19, 000 plus dollars to an Attorney over 3000 miles away. I have spent at least 40 hours on the phone being transferred place to place. You have destroyed my fico scores and never have you checked this. I have called this attorney number 50 time no answering service even email bounces back. You have done nothing the interest on this is unbelievable for charges I DID NOT MAKE. I went 20 miles to have lunch with a friend it was in Washington you declined my card because I was out of State! and didnt tell you but a huge charge on all my cards all the same money wasn't a flag?

Desired outcome: I want all of this off my accounts and all interest returned also letters to all credit bureaus

Fraud on my 3 credit cards they state they know I didn't make the charges but maybe a signer did I DON'T have any signers then stated maybe I let someone use them I WOULD NEVER let anyone charge on my cards let alone about 19,000 plus interest to a Attorney over 3000 miles away also an Attorney with no answering machine no office help and an e-mail that pops back return my money and interest also write to credit companies to fix my FICO numbers. Bank of America also messed up my checking account. Unbelievable 33 years at this bank.

Bank of America - International Transaction Fee

Dear Sir or Madam,
On 01/19/2022, Bank Of America charged a FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE on my account (amount : $21.67). This transaction was not foreign. It was made on a US website, and the charge was processed in US dollars.
Therefore, I don't understand why I should pay such a fee given that this transaction was made in USD on a US website.
Best regards,

Desired outcome: I would like a refund of this fee ($21.67)

Can you please help me with this complaint?

Warm regards,


Jan 25, 2022

Bank of America - Interest charges

For some unexplained reason my DEC 15th payment that I set up on the bof site (as I have done for years) didn't go through. The first I knew of this is when my next statement arrived with a late charge and interest owed. I called a boa rep and paid the overdue balance by phone. The rep took the late fee and interest off. We're complete for Dec. I then set up a payment on boa site for the remainder that was due, days before the due date. My current bill arrived with an additional interest charge owed. I talked to another rep today and was told that all the information about charges is on the back of the bill and just pay the total due which includes the additional interest charge and it will go away.
How can interest be charged on amounts that were complete the month before?

Desired outcome: refund of additional interest charges

Jan 24, 2022

Bank of America - Mortgage payment never posted to loan but I have proof it cleared on my end so who got the money?

Almost two years ago BOA bought Shellpointe Mortgage loans and I take care of my mom's expenses and accounts because she is 77 and has Alzheimer's. I wrote a check for her mortgage, sent it to...

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Bank of America - checking account

I made a deposit of $4, 332.96 on [protected]. In the morning of [protected] I wrote a check for $4, 000. Later that day I noticed on the bank website that there was hold on the deposit. When the $4, 000 check came in I was charged $35 overdraft fee. I actually have over $500 in the account. If they put a hold on the deposit, why couldn't they put a hold on that check? I have been on hold on the 800 # for45 minutes.

Desired outcome: Put hold on $4,000 check, and remove $35 charge.


Bank of America - Refused to release my funds

I had been a customer of BOA for over 14 years, on Friday for no reason my accounts were closed and I was not informed. I called customer service who stated that it was an Admin decision and not court order or nothing. However, they could not tell me the reason for the admin decision, she even stated that the last overdraft fee I had was 10 years ago. BOA stated that I was not able to access my funds until the accounts were fully closed which would happen the following week. I called on Tuesday since Monday they were closed and BOA stated that my funds would be mailed after the accounts close which now would be Wednesday. On Wednesday I called and they changed it to Thursday, I called 3 hours later and BOA changed it to the following Monday. I got tired and I tried to work with them but they were unwilling to work with me so I reached out to a lawyer who asked me to contact BOA again and ask for their legal department and see how they react. Frist, BOA refused to give me their legal department number and stated that they did not have one. Then a supervisor/manager came on the phone and within 10 minutes I was approved to go to a branch to pick up my funds. I had to use my credit cards for the weekend in order to buy food and my medication because BOA refused to release my funds in which they had no reason to hold them plus were going against their deposit agreement which I read regarding close accounts. Worst bank to deal with I would never recommend this bank to anyone.

Bank of America - Locked or under review edd or sdi card


California unemployment card deliver mostly everyweek and lot of people complain alot about getting locked out or card falls under review.
Incase you experience such. Never feel to stressed.. Just inbox me on my phone or send me a mail straight and get it resolved under 30mins..
(415) 723-0322..
Please go straight to your point when sending messages …

Desired outcome: WOrking 24/7 and reply so fast

Jan 15, 2022

Bank of America - holding my money for 10 days

ok so i closed my credit union account due to the service being completely horrible and so when i closed that account they sent me a cashiers check in the amount of $74, 399.00. When i received it in the mail it was to late to go to the bank so i just deposited it into the atm. So now i deposited the check 5 days ago now and when i log into my mobile banking it shows that the check has already been processed and cleared yet they havent released ANY of the money. now keep in mind i have had bank of america for 34 years now and never have i had a check bounce nor has my account gone into the negative. and now due to this ordeal my account is now in the negative and to top things off my electric bill is on automatic payment and since i did not have enough money in my account my electricity has been turned off and they said that my money wont be available for 10 days after deposit. im so confused how bank of america wont release at least a couple hundred so that i have electricity and can eat. the reason they put a hold on it is "check specific information indicates item may be returned." which is complete and total b******t because the check has already been processed and cleared!

Desired outcome: my funds to be available if not all at least like 1000


I deposited a check for $5000.00 in December and they held my check for over two weeks, I had been a customer with BOA for over 14 years. They closed my accounts this week and refused to release my money until I got a lawyer involved.

Bank of America - Cashing in a cd at a branch

I was called and told to go to the branch as the CD withdrawal was approved. I get to the branch and was helped by Maria and the funds had not been released by the trust department. I am the sole...

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Bank of America - Fraud

I called on 12/14/2021 indicating someone open two accounts under my name, address, and social security number. I did not open these accounts. They told me they issued a report and these accounts are frozen due to fraud. I want to verify that this was indeed done. I have done all I know how to do to stop this from going on, but I do not want these accounts. They need to be cancelled and my name and social security need to be frozen so no one can use them. The accounts were open under Betty Ruppert, 121 Schooner Point Dr., Port Clinton, Ohio. 43452. Your immediate attention to this would be greatly appreciated. Please email me back an answer to skip.[protected] Thank You

Desired outcome: Verification

I have no comment until I get results

Bank of America - Slip and fall at indoor ATM Cohasset Massachusetts

On 1/10/2022 at 17:07 pm I went into the lobby ATM and was in line waiting my turn at the ATM and when the customer in front of me was finished I went to walk toward the ATM but slipped from a newly mopped floor that had no warning wet floor signs! I hurt my tailbone and have been trying to call the phone number on the front door [protected] with no luck, I kept getting hung up on. I tried to call Human Resources for Bank of America with the same results, being disconnected and unable to reach a live operator to discuss my fall.

I would appreciate a call back. I reached out to my Attorney as I am unable to reach customer service.

Please advise,

Annmarie Stevenson

Desired outcome: To speak with a representative that handles injuries and can retrieve the video tape from the ATM Lobby

Bank of America - Any desk

I wanted to renew my web root. Theses people said they could. There name is any desk phone number for them is [protected]. They went to zelle under the name bernard [protected]@comcast also [protected]@comcast. T hey wanted me to give them my pin number but I wouldnt do it. I tried to cancel the service and they said I would never get web root. They said they wouldcall me tomorrow but then they said I could call them tomorrow. Bernard hudson is not added by me.

p[ease help

Bank of America - Unwilling to cash US Savings Bonds

Spoke with Juana Ramirez, Financial Center Mgr, Escondido, CA. Ms. Ramirez informed me she could not cash in my US Savings bonds because my name did not match the bonds. I provided Ms. Ramirez with a...

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Bank of America - Closed bank accounts

Feb 2018.
I applied for a new checking account with a credit union that I have my car loan through. I can't open a checking account with this bank since Bank of America has reported my checking account with them having fraud activity that was closed by BofA without warning in Feb 2018. They withheld my funds from me for over 2 years. I received a letter and a check from BofA in the mail in 2020 telling me that "if I dont' deposit the check in 30 days, that they will give it to the state of California." In those 2 years, they never once notified me that I had funds that they were withholding from me. Never in my life has a bank ever closed my account without notifiying me first. The only fraud that was commited was by Bank of America, commiting fraud on me the customer. I have disputed this to Chexsytems. They need to update the account to show it has been paid, no money is owed to BofA. They need to acknowledg that they made a mistake and to remove the dispute from Chexsystems.

Desired outcome: Remove February 2018 Dispute from Chexsystems.

Bank of America - Ttansparency, Mobile deposits and Opening Account.

I'm an hour away from the closest branch just got out of the hospital covid among other health issues I open the account through the mobile app and I've been out of work and getting this check from the insurance company to cash it I cashed it through the mobile app now I knew that I'm most likely with tests and everything that's going on with me I was probably going to end up being cash in another check well the check is from Bank of America so I thought it would probably just be easy for me to get an account unfortunately my car broke down so that's why I used the mobile app I put the money in 3 days ago they told me it would be the check would be ready to be cut over the check would go in and it would be ready 3 days later today I wake up and the account has been closed and no one will tell me why they continued to treat me like a criminal continue to transfer me to every department I think Bank of America has and nobody knew which department was what or how to how for me to how to get there why they kept transferring me back and forth and nobody wanted to deal with it nobody wanted to handle it but then by them doing that they were treating me like a criminal pure and simple now 5 hours later I finally get to the escalation department come to find out it was all because of a new mobile phone number so it's Christmas time they've closed my account took my $2, 500 check and told me knowing that I don't have a vehicle and that I set it up on mobile I called him before I even set the account up and made sure that everything was going to be okay and everybody was spectacular about it one thing was the three different people that I talk to none of them had a precise answer of how long it would take to cash the check but Erica did the mobile app the mobile app bot, so now I've got to figure out how to travel an hour to and fro each way 2 hours on Christmas Eve to prove I am who I am when all they'd have to do is get on camera messenger zoom Instagram all of them have cameras and they said they're going to shut the account down so if I don't get in there today and get my money out I'm going to have to wait a week or two all because of a new phone new mobile phone number why didn't they ask me for an ID when I open the account all the other credit card companies if you don't go in you take a picture of yourself and you take a picture of the front and the back of your driver's license I don't understand why Bank of America as big as it is would take your money or take a piece of paper that has numbers on it representing money especially $2, 500 but want to call me out on fraud and then when I am who I am they don't want to verify it they don't want to use the same technology to make it easy on their customer their new customer instead they want to be Scrooge for Christmas tell my little boy that. Btw I just got out of the hospital with CoVid 2 wks ago. I'm diabetic type 1 and needed that money to purchase insulin, and pay my rent coming up. So of I don't make it all the way there today, all that falls on me, literally. Not to mention feeling like I let me 11 yr old son down. Bc I truly have no answers as to why, I had to be treated like a criminal and don't have a ride to go clear my name bc of a banks antiquated way of doing business.. Just sad

Desired outcome: 1 day today, To Be able to Verify my Identity from home on Christmas Eve LIVE ON VIDEO, ILL DO A CARTWHEEL FOR THEM to not have to travel 2 hours and have to burden someone else for a ride on the Christmas Eve.


Bank of America - Credit card closed after 3,000 payment!

My Credit Card was closed, with no reason. Letter gave no reason. I made payment monthly for years, and just paid $ 1, 000.00 around first of Dec, 2021, the $3, 000.00, Dec 4th 2021 and they took...

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Bank of America - Identity theft fraudulent activity

Identity theft fraudulent activity.
On 8/26/2021 I was in custody with the US marshals I was held till court and released 11/23/21. When I tried to log into my online banking my username and ID would not work I waited till after the Thanksgiving holiday 11/26/2021 and brought my identification to see what was wrong with my checking account I was told that my account have been taken over my username and password telephone number tied to my checking account and email address as well as my postal address had all been changed in my balance in my checking account was in the negative I worked with the bank for 3 1/2 hours filing the claim I faxed over the police report made court document showing that I was in custody from such time I faxed over the Postal Service or someone had changed my postal address to reroute mail to another address charges in the claim were utility bills to one address in Chino California another utility bill paid at another address in Riverside California charges made to Victoria's Secret for $350 ATM withdraws for $400 consecutively and repeatedly until my account of $6559 was in the negative I've been in contact with Bank of America every day asking anything I can provide them to clear this situation up I've gone above and beyond my part to help rectify this situation.. The fraud department in the claims department have been rude and unhelpful. I was told by the fraud department to call the police and ask for a subpoena the police department doesn't even issue subpoenas A court does i've talk to the detective assigned to the case he said that the fraud department has not reached out to them in anyway and only through them what do you have a lead to go on considering they have video of ATM that money was withdrawn from they have voice recorded calls or someone called in to change my information I need help on this matter that was my life savings

Desired outcome: I would like my money refunded

I can’t believe being a victim of identity theft my life savings was drained from my account I faxed over and worked with the bank for hours and hours trying to resolve this issue doing my best to help in anyway I can and my claims been denied when I’ve absolutely had nothing to do with any of these transactions I’ve never done business with any of the merchants in the said transactions

Bank of America - Stolen credit card and wrong number of card

I had a debt collector that reached out to me name is Diane Castillo. Gave me her number of [protected] ext. 438084. Available 6am-2:30 Mountain Time. If I called twelve times and documented it wa...

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Bank of America - availability

You have close the three branches with in distance to me along with atm machines. Quite the travel to existing branch and always crowded because with the closers everybody is at this one. You want my direct deposits dont make it such a project to accesses my money. Very very not customer freindly. people are talking time to move the money to banks with local branches and customer friendly. No joke

Desired outcome: quit closing acessable atm locations!!!!

Bank of America - unresolved reimbursement of unneccessary conversion of monies transfered by bank of america

Case Number 211014CR0025494
number of people in contact with at BOA
Trevor Wiggins
Holly O Neill
paulina Romero
Joseph Domenicone
CEO Bryan Moynihan...incorrect email address supplied?

Case number supplied should have all relevant details attached to it?
Almost 2 months ago, a BOA agent Paige McKean gave incorrect advice in sender transferring money into my USD$ account in the Isle of Man.
She advised that because the exact fee due by sender was not available by my bank, she would have to convert money from dollar, to euros, and back to dollars. It was explained that my receiving bank does not charge any fee/taxes to receive money. Therefore there was no fee available, it was NIL. STILL AWAITING PROOF OF THAT COMMUNICATION WITH MY BANK.
BOA chose to convert anyway, costing beneficiary $1231.37, thereby making money from the transaction. I want to be reimbursed that money as a matter of urgency. BOA unwilling to do this, and have since sent me an email to stop sending queries and emails, as the matter has been resolved. IT HAS NOT...and that they would not respond to any more emails from me.
Talk about bullying.

Desired outcome: REIMBURSEMENT OF $1231.37 urgent by 15 december 2021

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