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Fifth Third Bankmisguided, inaccurate information given

To whom it may concern,

I would like to start off by saying I have been a loyal customer of Fifth Third Bank for over 8 years now. I have banked with other institutions and Fifth Third Bank by far has the worst customer service that I have encountered! The disregard for the customer, who without us would be no them, is disturbing and unforgiving. The customer service representatives that man the call center are incompetent either by design or lack of training. If I speak to ten different reps each one will give me different information in regards to the same concern. Even a simple professional greeting is lacked when dealing with the employees. The basis of this compliant is generated from my experience on the following days, February 12th & February 13th. On February 12th at approximately 11:30 am I called the call center [protected]) in reference to an online banking issue. The issue was that I inadvertently made a payment through Fifth Third bill pay to the wrong entity. The payment in the amount of one thousand three hundred and twenty- two dollars was set to be paid on February 12th. The payment should have been sent to Ditech, my mortgage company but in error was sent to Fed Loan Financing, my student loan servicer. I first attempted to call the erroneous company in an attempt to remedy the situation. However; since the payment had not posted on their end they suggested I call my bank. I called the call center at the number previously listed and after following several prompts was told there was a higher than usual call volume. The computer stated I could leave my contact number and not lose my place in waiting time. An hour and a half went back without a return call. I then placed another call and this time decided to physically remain on the line. Twenty minutes later I was greeted by a representative who of course could not help me and attempted to place me on hold and transfer me to someone in the online department. I say attempted, because after several minutes on hold I was disconnected. I placed what would now be my third phone call to the call center. This time the young lady that answered the phone asked me a few verification questions and pulled up my account. I explained to her the situation that I mistakenly paid the wrong company and I needed to cancel the payment. She explained to me that since the payment had not cleared that I would have to wait until tomorrow (February 13th) to call back and that at that time Fifth Third would be able to put in a request to have the funds returned to me and that it would take 3 days at the most for the funds to be credited back into my account. I repeated back to her what she told me to make sure I understood her correctly and she confirmed the information. I hung up the phone with the understanding that the next day the bank would request a full refund of the amount. Needless to say I was wrong, on February 13th, the next day I placed a phone call to the call center yet again. This time the representative advised me that the bank could not do such and that whatever information I was given the day before was incorrect. After getting nowhere with trying to explain my dilemma I asked to speak to a supervisor. The representative was audibly irritated at this request and placed me on hold for twelve or so minutes, and so I waited. The supervisor answered the call and began to regurgitate verbatim the speech the representative have just given me. She suggested that I heard the information wrong on the prior day. I reassured her that not only was I told that information by an employee but that I also confirmed it with said employee. She claimed the employee must have thought that I paid the bill through a third party site and gave me the wrong information and that there was nothing more she could do for me. I further explained to her that the employee was privy to my fifth third information since we went through the verification phase. She had no reason to think the bill was paid in any other manner since she my banking transactions were on the screen in front of her. I explicated to her that had I been given the correct information from the start I would have made arrangements to secure the funds before the payment was withdrawn on the next day and incurred the bounce check fee but that at least my mortgage payment would have been made on time. As a result of lack of training, lack of empathy, and basically a lack of concern and accountability I have been placed in a precarious situation. Thanks to misguided information, I now have to deal with the stress of replacing $1322 in addition to a $50 late fee I will be accessed by my mortgage company. I can unequivocally claim that I will not only be closing my three accounts with Fifth Third Bank ASAP. I will also counsel my daughter, other family members, friends and anyone else I come in contact with as to my distasteful experience with this company. With so many banking options out there one would think that a company would take the time to ensure all of their employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and able to offer assistance on the simplest consumer requests/issues. I am forwarding a copy of this correspondence to the following:

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    Fifth Third Bank — inappropriate conduct of a personal banker

    Unfortunately, I have a complaint against one of your workers at the Chesterton branch on Broadway... There...

    Fifth Third Bankregarding bank account / debit card

    Went into my bank to get a title notarized, & was treated disresptful & was talked about when I left the building along w/ my step son I had brought in with me, I had my husband go in to take our money out of our account due to the way I was treated when I left my husband was listening to them talk about me in front of other customers. He spoke up & said that's my wife & son your talking about, that's not professional to be talking about a customer to other fellow customers, so we didn't close the account we left it open & they went behind our back & closed my husbands card & his account without our knowledge. Very rude bank tellers, slow as turtles, & turned the situation around on me & was telling the people inside that I was the one being rude . I'm a very quite nice girl I couldn't be rude if I knew how . The only professional nice one that gets the job done is Brittany. She was apologizing for the way things had happened.

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      Fifth Third Bank — mortgage escrow discrepancy

      First of all I just spent 30 minutes typing a previous note with a multitude of details and you website...

      Fifth Third Bank — an associate

      Terrible customer service. If I didn't have a mortgage with Fifth Third I wouldn't even have an account here...

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      Fifth Third Bank$200 upon opening new account is a scam

      Opened account on 10/14/17 in person at the branch, watched the rep put in the offer code, advised it should be 10 days approximately for the offer to hit my account. Contacted rep after four days to follow-up, he said somehow the offer code did not make it into my "profile." Gave him the code again and he supposedly entered it then. Said it was not a delay tactic, said it was a "mistake" and "technology is only great when it works." Continued to follow-up and still do not have $200 offer to open in my account. A month now and any day now no doubt they will charge my account $11 the monthly service fee is supposed to go down to $8 per month once direct deposit of my paycheck begins. By the look of things so far, the bank will try to charge me a service fee although they have done absolutely nothing for me except put me through the "delay game, " which comes as no surprise, especially after reading the many other reviews here at pissed.consumer. I hesitate to set up any "bill pay" payees with them for fear they will screw up my payments to my creditors/utilities/phone, etc. My first direct deposit goes in this week but probably not before the service fee hits. If that puts my account into the red for a day and they try to tack on an overdraft charge in addition to the fee when all they have to do is put in the $200 they've owed me now for a month, I will use my right to protest on every platform, including outside their physical address, until someone at 5/3 "bank" does something about it. I've read too much here and elsewhere and I'm personally experiencing their poor customer service and outright false advertising to entice people to open accounts with them.

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        Fifth Third Bankan unauthorized cancellation of my account and funds

        Suspicious activity found on my acct. I called to take necessary precautions to secure acct and the guy mentions getting a new card but I mentioned I don't live in Midwest anymore so changing my send address would mean 14+ days for a new one. I say that's ok, cause I have new funds coming in. I at least wanted to take old funds off card to survive until I find out my card is declined. Now I have no way of eating or traveling because of fifth third's idiotic policy of canceling a card before doing due diligence of making sure the customer is secure and sure before cancelling. Bottom line, [censor] fifth Third. Never heard so many bs apologies in my life. Customer service reps are useless.

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          Fifth Third Bank$200 coupon checking account

          Hello 53 banker,

          I have opened a checking account with 53 bank on 3/11/2017 (account ending X6081) in Rolling Meadows branch, IL. I presented a $200 coupon while opening an account to Mr. John in the branch. I exactly completed direct deposit, online bill payment and other requirements the way I was told well with in time. But it’s been several months, I have not received my $200 for opening the account. When I inquired why I did not get the money, I was misguided in the second round and now branch says I have not paid the bills the way I am supposed to pay and I crossed the 3 months limit. It’s really frustrating .

          As a deeply unsatisfied 53 bank account holder, I am really upset the way branch people misguided me and deprived me from my $200. I could have opened similar account in other banks as well by preferred your bank for your reputation and customer service. If you see this mail, consider my case sympathetically and help me to refund my deserved $200.

          Samhita Chakraborty
          North Aurora

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            Fifth Third Bankonline format

            Your on-line format has many typos. The most recent one I found it your misspelling of "cancelled". You spell it "canceled."

            There is no way that I can find to establish a recurring payment with your new software. A little help would be appreciated. I had deleted one occurring account because I wanted to cancel an upcoming payment. When I tried to reestablish the recurring payments on a different date, I was unable to figure out how to do it.

            Also, when I did this, I noticed two-three typos there as well, one being "Fift Third". I don't think this is what you want it to say.

            Finally, (for now) when I try to make a payment, I am told "Invalid funding Account Id". Not really sure what that means but I'm trying to move money (that I clearly have) out of my checking account into one of my payees. Very aggravating.

            I find this new format is very glitchy.

            And what is the "Select Category" box below for? Makes no sense to me.

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              Fifth Third Bank — bank manager collette at fifth third bank in rosemont il

              Every time my son or I go into this bank, we have a problem with the bank manager Collette. Our driver...

              Fifth Third Bankonline banking

              Have not been able to log in for almost Two MONTHS tech support cannot figure it out I have waited patiently and still have not gotten any resolve I also have been charged fees that are not justified and never received a phone call back I'm sure if I was a big company tech support would be able to figure my problem out really quick this is totally unacceptable

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                Fifth Third Bank — direct payment from checking account to anytime fitness

                I called Anytime Fitness everyday for a week trying to cancel my membership before it was due again. I...

                Fifth Third Bankmortgage refinance

                for past 18mths I have been dealing with 53 on a refinance t get my ex wife off of the mortgage. Jon Ullman was the first mortgage officer to promise that it could be done. I got all of the way up to the closing date 2x with him before he stated that he had made an error. His immediate supervisor then spoke with me stating that Jon had mis spoke and wasn't up to date with all of the regulations and that he personally would get the deal done. During this time I had to repeatedly go to court and explain to the judge and my ex how the bank was correcting the problem. I brought emails and other documents sent by 53. Just before closing again, David Bryan, Jon's boss told me he had made a mistake also. I would have to wait 2mths before reapplying for a HARP June I reapplied this time getting Carl Burns who promised due diligence and a closing no later than the end of July. Again I went to court. July became August with me being told not to pay my mortgage because I was closing. August 28th Carl told me to pay my mortgage there was a slight hang up but the first week in September close for sure. Oh and by the way Carl informed me he had resigned and I would get a new officer but I could talk with Stephanie. My loan was with the underwriters and don't worry. September 1st I meet my new specialist on the phone. Holiday and all don't worry closing coming quick. Today September 6th new specialist yet again saying under writers have package. I informed him and Ill inform you, I am not paying another payment till this is settled. Take the house what ever. You have manipulated myself the court system my ex wife and kids. The physical and emotional drain has been tremendous. I built my house and you want to suck every penny out of me, manipulating me. I have read the reviews and complaints about your bank and it's 1 star rating. If I don't close this month foreclose because I cant short sale. Ill take the credit hit rent a house for me and my kids and will do everything in my power to publish on the internet, facebook you tube where ever to let the public know how you treat customers. I have a pile of names to go with the accusations, emails, letters. If 53 was never going to help me they should have told me 18mths ago before I modified the mortgage and equity line I have spent my life savings trying to save my house for my kids. You win but not before I let everyone know what you are capable of doing to someone

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                  Fifth Third Bank — call center manager and employee

                  I had an issue with my account and Rinaldo and his manager Erin were extremely rude to me. Erin went as far...

                  Fifth Third Bankcar loan

                  I contacted this bank many of times to get the correct amount owed. every time I have to reset my password my account information changes. I never once received notice of past due. When I logged into the account and seen where I had a letter dated 08/16/2017 I made arrangements to refinance my car, which I did on the 08/18/2017 now the car has been taken. I overnighted the payment to the address that I finally received from the bank. according to my payment history I made my payment in July. Looking back at the history I did seem to miss half payment in Jan $227.00 March $227.00, June 227.00. then I guess with the extension a full payment at the (end of the loan $453.59) So basically we are talking about a payment in a half. I did not realize that happened never received notice or letter. I called to let them know that the payment was coming, so after being a great customer for 2 years this is how this bank is treating there customers? and I actually paid more than owed I would pay $227.00 twice month. Never did I receive email or a letter in the mail of late fees. How can you just take someone's car when they are sincerely trying to get this right. Very upset and emotional customer. I need to know if the check that was sent for the payoff has been received? and where my car is currently at.

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                    Fifth Third Bank — fraud department

                    I got a text from 5/3 that fraud was detected for two $100 charges. I called right away to close my debit...

                    Fifth Third Bank — Frozen account

                    Deposited a legit check from a settlement conference. I have all documents with notriety and recieved half of...

                    Fifth Third Bank — overdraft fee

                    My account was overdrawn for about $111, including the 37$ fee.. I got that fee taken care of and transferred...

                    Fifth Third Bankfifth third bank advertisements.

                    Your Bank's advertisements always [censor] up my vibes. Honestly fix that [censor]. No one is gonna use ur bank if u interupt their [censor] twice in a row in the middle of a song on Spotify. These kids just listening to music. They don't have enough money to make transferring banks worth it if they can't even afford Spotify Premium to get rid of your stupid [censor] ads

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                      Fifth Third Bank — cashing check drawn on fifth third bank

                      Yesterday July 31st I visited the 5th/3rd Bank located inside a Kroger Store. 291 N Hubbards Lane, Louisville...

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