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Fifth Third Bank / reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 27, 2006. The latest review nobody answer the call to the call center was posted on Jun 15, 2021. The latest complaint Failure to return escrow account funds was resolved on Oct 15, 2020. Fifth Third Bank / has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 301 reviews. Fifth Third Bank / has resolved 106 complaints.

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Fifth Third Bank / 53.comnobody answer the call to the call center

I'm trying to call for help because one of me credit cards wont work. I call to the number that me app said, then different numbers and nothing works.
If I have money, why I have to have call and call and nobody help me.
People have life and no time to spend in machines that transfers to one phone to other and nothing is result, Problems with 53 bank a lot to me. I never recommender this bank and I'm going to transfer to other new bank because I'm so disappointed

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    Fifth Third Bank / 53.comCustomer Service

    I was at your banking location on June 9th on Hamilton Ave located in Columbus, OH. I went to go get a document notarized as I have been customer for years. After waiting for over 45 minutes this gentleman came out and told me to sit down in the lobby area close to his office and sign the document. I told him I'd rather not do not that and had a couple of questions. I thought a notarized document was to be signed in front of the notary. That made me feel very uncomfortable. He then instructed me to sit in a chair in the lobby area and he went back to his office. When he came out to get me he told me he could see me now, never introduced himself or anything. I asked him my question and he attempted to belittle me as he read it out loud. I explained that I already initialed all those items above, no response so I initialed it again and then signed it. Prior to leaving I then asked him his name and he told him to have a good evening. He said his name was Anthony. He really seemed very disinterested in helping me, not customer service material that's for sure. Husband and I will not be going back to that local branch again. We are grateful that we didn't open up an IRA or put our retirement with your bank. We like to be treated respectfully as most folks do. We are actually thinking of transferring our banking accounts that we keep with your bank to a different bank, but we also understand one can have a bad day or that one sour apple doesn't spoil the entire basket full. Thank you, Betty Smith

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      Fifth Third Bank / 53.comCar loans

      I bank through 53 bank, I have a car loan through this company and my bill is due on the first with a ten day grace period. After the 2nd of the month they will call my phone starting at 8am and call every hour on the hour until they reach some one. In the state I live in a debt collector can only call 3 times in a 24 hour period. When I proceed to tell them I do not want them calling me about my loan period or any calls regarding my account they respond with we will continue all calls unless you certify mail us a cease letter which is ALSO ILLEGAL to ask for once a consumer has exercised their right to have all calls to their home and place of employment to stop. In Minnesota a consumer simply has to say Stop calling me. And the Calls are to stop immediately. Which they do not. I then told them I would seek legal council to which they replied "sir we are a bank we also have lawyers too!"

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        Fifth Third Bank / 53.comAccount problem

        Had a issue with check returned because of Husband not on account. Unbelievable! Was told really yelled at by supervisor to go somewhere else to cash it! totally dismissed and actually ridiculed by this women. Not the 1st time something like this has happened. That's why husband not on this account in 1st place.
        We've had 2mortgages and several car loans with them; beside checking and savings. we were ready to roll over a 401k with them. they were very convenient, being right down street. But that has worn out also.
        All funds will be transferred this week and if you deal with them, DON"T!

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          May 19, 2021

          Fifth Third Bank / — Service

          I called the customer service phone number of back of my card, [protected], had to wait minutes before I...

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          May 09, 2021

          Fifth Third Bank / — Seized funds from my checking account

          I have been a bank customer for many years, having both personal and business accounts. I have a busine...

          Fifth Third Bank / 53.comcash money request

          Been doing business for more than 3 account for over 10 years with them!
          When requesting cash money for pickup from the branch at 41122 Ryan Rd in Sterling Heights, Mi. 48310.
          All representatives are unhelpful and management is very unprofessional.
          Have had nothing but problems with rude customer service! I will be taking my business elsewhere!
          Have never treaded so badly by anyone like I have with this Bank and let a lone the branch is the worst to deal with! Will make sure I let others know of this too!

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            Fifth Third Bank / 53.comMerchant services

            Sandra Suski that has been banking with the bank since 1999 in Paw Paw Michigan 49079. Sandra had opened up an online account for Suski Online Sales. She has been using PayPal, and it was going into her Bank at Honor in Decatur Mi where she lives. Sandra went to 5/3rd and opened up another account for the online sales. She was given a name of Ryan Gleaton in St. Joseph Michigan at [protected] which she called with her personal banker in Paw Paw MI. Since then, she had emailed several times along with numerous phone calls and nothing from him at all in 3 weeks. Sandra went over to 5/3rd to close her account with the online sales today and went back to Honor bank with PayPal which she did not want to do, but she has been missing sales due to no response from Ryan Gleaton. She wanted you to know this and hope you don't loose other business because of negligent on his behalf. Feel free to contact me at [protected] Thank You Sandra Suski/Evan Knoll

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              Fifth Third Bank / 53.comHorrendous customer service and they do not honor their promotions

              This bank has the worst customer service I've ever experienced in 40 years. They ​mailed me a $550 bonus promotion which they refuse to fully honor, and they do not answer any calls or return emails - ever.

              I tried to contact my local branch in Niles, IL for many months through calls and email. I even asked their customer service to request a call back from the branch manager, Elvia Ontiveros, several times but never heard back. The only way I was able to speak with her was by them directly connecting me after not being able to reach her either.

              She claimed my account had fallen below the $15K necessary for the bonus for "several days", when in truth there was a single unauthorized charge for $60 that was reversed on the same day. Despite the instant reversal, they posted it as the next day and have continued to use that as the sole excuse for not honoring their promotion - despite leaving $15K in a checking account for over 16 months straight with zero interest. The manager promised she'd "research" it, but never got back after months of additional calls and emails. She also blamed her own lack of response on her employees...which is really unprofessional.

              When I complained about this through social media, I was finally called back by the regional manager, Garrett Larkin, who instead of listening to me, just asserted the same mistruths his manager told him, without any concern for what I had to say, or that the branch had not been answering calls or emails for months. He only seemed to want to debate and talk over me, even yelling at me.

              In short, this is the most unprofessional and worst banking experience I've had in over 40 years. Am I alone in this? No, just read the other complaints here and all over the internet.

              It's also important to note that the U.S. government is suing Fifth Third for predatory practices like the above:

              Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection v. Fifth Third Bank

              "On March 9, 2020 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a suit alleging Fifth Third took unauthorized actions, specifically: opening deposit accounts in consumers' names; transferring funds from consumers' existing accounts to new, improperly opened accounts; issuing credit cards; enrolling consumers in online-banking services; and opening lines of credit on consumers' accounts. The actions are alleged to be a result of a "cross-sell" strategy to increase the total number of products and services the business provides to existing customers."

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                Fifth Third Bank / 53.comAuto loan welcome letter

                Dealer got the auto loan from 53 bank what I see from my credit report but I did not receive a welcome mail including account information, payment details etc. from the 53 bank. I tried to reach call center to get the account information and make my payment but it is always impossible to reach a real person representative without account information what automatic service wants you put SSN and account information to reach a real person. At the end I was not able to make payment to 53 banks and they informed the creditor for late payment. I want the 53 bank send me my account information that I can make my payment, remove this late payment from my credit that I have never ever made a late payment and close this complaint as soon as possible.

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                  Fifth Third Bank / 53.comMortgage Refinance Refund amount

                  I recently applied for a mortgage refinance. I was unsatisfied with the proposed plans, and chose not to pursue the refinance.

                  I was instructed by my consultant, that the processing fee was refundable. I wish to now receive a refund of those monies, and my consultant is stating that he told me the fee was nonrefundable. I never received any documentation stating this, nor was I ever told the process fee was nonrefundable. This is completely unethical. I tried to escalate to my consultant's manager, but receive no responses to multiple inquiries.

                  My consultants Name: Jeffery Hogue
                  My consultants Manager: Steve A. Bostater

                  I need my monies refunded immediately.

                  Michael Peceny

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                    Mar 17, 2021

                    Fifth Third Bank / — Mortgage

                    I always have paid my mortgage on time ( on the first few day of each month). I have always paid an amount...

                    Feb 03, 2021

                    Fifth Third Bank / — Mortgage department

                    End of August-beginning of Sept. 2020 I applied for a Mortgage Refinance of my home along with an Installment...

                    Jan 27, 2021

                    Fifth Third Bank / — Mortgage loan officer matthew thornton sexual and demeaning remarks to my wife

                    The following statement is factual and recalled to the best of my ability. My wife provide me with these...

                    Fifth Third Bank / 53.comppp loan application link

                    Hello I'm having a problem with not receiving the application by mail for the ppp loan. I've had a phone interview with a very nice lady in south Holland IL named Lisa. we have talked on a daily since the loan came back out but for some reason I'm not receiving the application link to my email. she cant seem to figure this out so I'm thinking it could be handled another way. Please don't get me wrong she (Lisa ) has been very nice and helpful but i think she may need a little help. Arthur James is my name

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                      Fifth Third BankI feel my mortgage is being held up from closing and I can't get an answer from anyone why!

                      I apply for a refi on my Mortgage June of 2020. I was told it would take 6 months, then 6 months, it been 8 months going on 9 months. This loan could have been closed probably in November. It could have been closed in December for sure, it could have been this week in January. I was told that they would have a closing date. today, Janurary 13th, no date. I've called Amy, who I'm doing the loan with everyday. I sure she is doing everything she can to close this loan. I thing the Underwrites are sitting on my loan, for what ever reason. I talk to Donald Hook, The Mortgage Manager I think around the last of November and I've call him several times, sent him an E-mail and never received a call back. This is Rediculous. I want this loan closed. My name is Rawleigh Chandler. Phone number is [protected].

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                        Fifth Third Bank / 53.comVerification of mortgage

                        I have been trying to get a verification of mortgage for 3 weeks, 1 person said the can fax it, another said they can email it and another said i have to send $20 and a self addressed stamped envelope with a request to get it, i sent it but to an office that has no people in it because they are all working from home so who is going to send it to me? my refi has been pushed out to close 3 times because 53 cant get me the 1 single document i need, its like 53 doesn't want me to refi, like they're trying to get every cent out of me in interest, if my refi doesn't get done i will file suit and encourage tohers to do the same and turn into a class action. Daniela hernandez [protected] property address for my mortgage is 6188 happy valley rd anderson, ca 96007 1/6/2021 my email [protected]@hotmail.Com

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                          Fifth Third Bank / 53.comZelle

                          Every time I try to use this service to send money electronically I get a security error stating I need to call their support number for help during business hours. Support tells me I just need to keep calling to correct this, which unacceptable to me. Short of switching banks, which is pretty disruptive, I don't see any solution. Very poor customer service.

                          Respectfully submitted
                          Dan Zeivel

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                            Fifth Third Bank / 53.comMortgage officer and re-finance process

                            This entire process has been completely unacceptable and unsatisfactory. I would like to speak to supervisors and report such utter incompetence.
                            As soon as I can, I will be changing banks.
                            Please conduct an investigation on Kevin Sabol and reprimand him, fire him or demote him as necessary.
                            Becoming a customer with Fifth Third bank was a huge mistake and I will be telling my friends and family about this process.

                            Kristin Jankowski
                            Account # [protected]
                            Address: 7228 Audubon, Clay, Michigan 48001

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                              Fifth Third Bank / 53.comOnline account blocked

                              Why is my account blocked. Attempted to pay a bill — was referred to customer service.

                              Granted, this is the weekend. I wish I would have been advised that robots are operating the online chats.

                              I received a response to questions, maybe, every 10-15 minutes.

                              Issue was never resolved.

                              My session timed out twice. Now, it will no longer accept my user id or password.

                              Fifth third bank, on line banking sucks!!

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