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Complaints & Reviews

terrible experience

Fifth Third Bank foreclosed on my home illegally. They used forged signature on a loan modification, which the interest rate went up. They applied illegally fees for an alleged missing payment for 7 years. NSF on a money order. Applied hazardous insurance when they did not pay for home owner's insurance. Lied about the fee and said it was PMI. The bank sent a letter promising an investigation but within hours sold my home at a sheriff's auction. Offered me a repurchase agreement but in court denied the entire thing. The bank acted as if they were working with me but this was just a scam to get me to court to have me evicted.

This bank stole my home because of all their deceit and undermining ways. Please watch out for this bank because they do not care about any of their customer's!!!

  • Cl
    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    post your story. Banks almost stole over 40 million in overdraft fees in one year.

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story

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Sick and tired of getting computer messages and then nitwits harassing me when my loan is not even late. Within 3 days of the grace period I have been harassed constantly that I paid the loan off and told them to shove it. Harass customers that are LATE or missing payments... I have NEVER been late and have to put up with this BS... NO MORE... FIRST THIRD BANK STINKS!!!

On ALL my taped recordings I constantly tell the caller how disruptive they are and I'll never bank there again. IF you want a CAR loan DISREGARD this group of NIT WITS...

  • Ch
    Cheri Sep 17, 2008

    I recently went through weeks of harrassment by 5/3. I got a call from a 'collection agency'. They were making up lies and telling me I had $400 that was past due on a loan. They gave me false information, an address that was 15 years old, and then told me that I lied on my loan application.

    Well turns out, this 'collection agency' is an internal department of 5/3. I switched car insurance and my insurance agency didn't sent them a certificate. 5/3 purchased insurance and wanted me to pay for it.

    I sent them all my insurance information, but continued to get multiple daily phone calls from the 'collection agency' saying that it was going to court.

    It took ten phone calls to 5/3 customer service to get them to stop AFTER they received the information they wanted.

    I will never do any kind of business with 5/3 again.

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  • Cl
    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story

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  • Co
    Concerned Neighbors Aug 06, 2014

    Fifth Third Bank of Cincinnati has an employee whom works from home, this employee regularly boasts at neighbor gatherings how she looks up confidential information on other neighbors should they have an account with 5th 3rd banks!!
    We are appalled by this!
    What can we do to prevent her from further invading our privacy?

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unauthorized credit request!

I was out of town for a week - I get back and there's a handful of mail. It includes a rejection notice for a Fifth Third Platinum card I DID NOT REQUEST - complete with contact information for Equifax so I can find out why I didn't get the card I didn't request.

And in that same handful of mail is a FIFTH THIRD OPTIMUM MASTER CARD ready for activation - I DIDN'T REQUEST THAT EITHER!!

I'm desperate to rebuild my credit after a long illness, I do not need this PHONY CREDIT APP and UNINVITED NEW CREDIT LINE on my credit history!!!

How can a bank run a credit check and reject you for credit you DID NOT REQUEST?

This has to be illegal. I know it hurts your credit. I'm going to check into it.

All I can think is I was at the bank about a month ago and an employee suggested I get overdraft protection. I told her to send me information on it, NOT AUTOMATICALLY APPLY FOR IT ON MY BEHALF! I GAVE NO AUTHORITY!!!

And the card I received was NOT overdraft protection - although I could APPLY FOR IT IF I WANTED TO.

I'm thinking it's time to change banks. And if they don't make communication to Equifax and the other credit reporting agencies that they did this, not me - I'm going to call an attorney.

This is insane.

  • Cl
    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story

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  • Ri
    rixse Sep 17, 2009

    It happened to me. I was told by the fifth third bank personnel that they would provide a overdraft protection and I nodded in agreement. A few days later I get the rejection mail and a couple of phone calls from fifth third bank personnel again offering the same service. Days go by and nearly 2-3 weeks later I get this Fifth Third Optimum Gold card and without paying a lot of attention to it I follow the instructions on the card to activate it. Later when I called I was told that the card is not from Fifth Third bank but a third party on behalf of Fifth Third and that they are charging a yearly fee to maintain the card.

    This is ridiculous. Why and how and with whose permission did Fifth Third divulge personal information to third party. I have really not paid a lot of attention to the issue, but i sure am pissed at what happened. Taking a legal recourse is a time consuming option which is scarce.

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  • Li
    Linda Stubbs Nov 28, 2009

    I have the same card and got it in the mail after purchasing a condo through 5/3rd. I never use the card only kept it to rebuild my credit. I just received a balance of 94 dollars on my card for yearly fees.
    I am really pissed and would like to help with the class action lawsuit.

    After purchasing my condo, I received a letter asking if I wanted to split my mortgage payments and pay half every two weeks instead of one monthly because it would save me money. Sounds great only 5/3rd signed me up with a bill payment agency. In order to drop them and accept the bi-weekly offer I have to pay $275 to stop the bill pay agency. 5/3rd should have disclosed this information at closing, if they were really concerned about its custumers and saving me money in the long run.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Linda S. in Ohio

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scam and theft

Fifth third bank is a completely unethical organization in the banking industry. They only post $100 of a...

worst service ever

Filed against : Fifth Third Bank 2501 W. North Ave. Melrose Park IL 60160 Complaint Description: On July...

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I can not even believe my present situation. I loved first 6 years, it was financial bliss and...

lost my payments

Fifth Third Bank lost my April, May and June mortgage payment. They called my home on an "unknown caller" number on several occassions to find out when I would make my payment? Ha, They also sent delinquent notices, Ha. I faxed over to them the confirmations numbers from my online banking of all my payments. I received a call on SUNDAY from an unknown caller number, it was Fifth Third Bank and a guy, named "Paul" using language as if he was a collection agency was demanding money. The late payment information showed up on my credit report!!! I asked Paul for the CEO information, he gave a name but no contact information.

I found on my own it is Kevin Kabbot from the headquarters in Cinninati, Ohio.

  • Th
    Thomas Stoll Oct 10, 2008

    Thank GOD they are going under. What a nasty dishonest bunch of criminals. Nice to see people lined up to close accounts.

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total incompetence

In 40+ years of banking, I have never come across a more uncaring, incompetent, bank. Fifth Third recently...

overcharging late fees and escrow

I have been trying to correct an overcharging problem with this bank for about 2 months now. When asked to speak to someone else, the girl said "sure... you can call back" and hung up on me. I am being overcharged on late fees, double to triple for about 4 years now. they were overcharging me in my monthly payments by almost 100 dollars per month for over 16 months. I was told they would have to recalculate and that takes time! I am still waiting. And to top it off, they were taking me to court for being behind on my payments. I could have lost my home. So far I have found about 2 k they overcharged me. And I am still not done. I have to go over one issue at a time since that is all they can handle.

  • Ms
    Ms. Smith Mar 16, 2009

    I have a mortgage account with 5/3rd Bank which was established in August of 2008. I received a letter along with a bill in the mail, in February, stating my escrow account was short about $2, 000.00. I called customer service mortgage department and could not get a valid reason for this shortage. I was also told during the telephone conversation that my escrow account had a negative balance, which was lower, in October. October was when my 1st mortgage payment was due. I then decided to call the lender that opened the account and she stated it was due to homeowners' insurance and taxes. I asked why I wasn't informed sooner and how could this have happened within a few months. No one wants to be bothered and I'm constantly given the same explanation by customer service who will not allow me to speak to anyone else such as a supervisor or manager. I also, have been requesting bank statements of payments for the account and still haven't received them. I now realize how some people lose their homes.

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  • Li
    lileddie Mar 31, 2010

    I got letter saying my escrow was 3 grand d short. And they raisin my pmts to 1450 a month...1600 if I don't pay the 3 grand in 2 weeks! I'm going in To meet someone. Not leaving til its fixed. I lived in my house a year so far... they messed with the wrong hombre.

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  • Mi
    MiSc. Aug 02, 2010

    (1) Fifth Third didn't pay my 2008-09 taxes because they inadvertently froze my escrow account during a refinancing process.

    (2) Despite assurances they would pay late payment fee penalties due to the treasurer's office, Fifth Third paid the penalties from my escrow - information I found out only incidentally when I called regarding the status of my account - and two supervisors refused to reverse the payment, insisting i was responsible for my taxes. A third supervisor finally agreed with me.

    (3) I have just been informed that I have an escrow shortage of $4405 that once paid will result in a $70 increase in my mortgage payments - this despite my taxes actually having gone down!

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  • Mi
    micheal mortimer Apr 04, 2012

    We were in a tornado and our insurance cut us check with our name and 5th 3rd. And weeks later we have still not seen the money. Every Time we call they tell us lie after lie. We have done all they ask of us but we have not got any help. They are also rude.

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customer service is awful

I have been given incorrect information from my banks customer service repeatedly and then the manager calls to tell me my account in negative. Not only does she tell me a specific check did not go thru when in fact it did, I am also charged huge fees. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have no confidence in this bank at all. I have called the bank before and there response time is hours. I am sorry I went with this bank.

  • Tl
    tldevita Sep 20, 2008

    I am in total agreement with you. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    We know exactly how you feel...
    In the name of "Freedom of Speech" here is my experience with this same bank.
    Two months ago I had an awful experience with this bank also.
    Even though it was their mistake, I had a debit charge for a purchase I made for merchandise,
    taken out of my account twice.
    The local chainstore gave this bank more than enough proof, eletronically, and verbally,
    after many phone calls to this bank, to let them know it was the banks error. I gave a computer generated copy of the transaction to the bank, from this same store, and they also received another copy of this transaction from the store.
    It was so clear, yet I had to initiate a dispute, which even after ten business days, and in actuality fourteen days, no credit was received. No call either, no word from this bank, as to
    why they were holding back my money. Four days later I refused to sign a new dispute for the same problem, and I demanded my money back. Four days pass, and after many calls and wasted time spent on the phone, they credit my account with the correct amount. Two days after this, they decide to remove the money from my account, and never even tell me they are doing so. I call to ask why they did this, and am told they are looking into the matter again.
    This amount was for almost $350.00, I am not talking pocket money !!
    After many calls to this bank and demands for my money to be rightfully given back to me, they take four more days to credit it to my account. Now I see two credits appear, and I see
    they are more confused then I thought...and they are "bankers"...Hmmmmm...
    I took my $350.00 out of that account, left their $350.00 error in there, which they acted quickly upon, and took it out the next day. Obviously their money matters to them, and
    " mine didn't ", is the message I got. To keep this account would mean that I would have to monitor it 24/7, to avoid errors of theirs that might be very costly to me... and perhaps have to go through this again in the future. No Thanks !!! Needless to say I bank elsewhere now, and this bank is in the past, where it will stay for good. This was so unfair, and was a great inconvenience for me and my family, at a time when school was starting, and money was greatly needed!!
    A week after this was over, I received a letter from their home office,
    which was postmarked two weeks after I received my first credit, and mailed five days after they printed it, and received another five days later. It said " we cannot credit your account, as the local store issued you a credit ". All in all this is almost a month later !!
    In closing they stated the following message at the bottom of their letter to me, which reads...
    "For information on our products and services, stop by any of our Banking Centers, or visit us online. We'll show you how the things you do today can bring you closer to a better tomorrow"... Thanks but no thanks !!!

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  • Tm
    tmezwin Sep 20, 2008

    Thanks to 'Freedom of Speech', so that we may spare others the same misery.
    I too have decided to bank elsewhere for the lack of customer service, and 'attitudes '
    I have encountered at some drive-up service windows.
    Too often I have gone to the ATM machine to withdraw cash from my account, only to find
    it is 'out of service', and without a sign posted to tell you in advance.
    I went into the lobby to use my debit card, and they wouldn't accept it, instead wanted to charge me a $3.00 fee for a counter check, to take cash from my account.
    I do not carry my checkbook with me, and have been a customer at this local bank
    for over five years.
    Why should it cost me, when their machine is not in working order. And why are they in the banking business anyway ??
    Maybe some of them " should quit their day job", and give us a break !!

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  • Ro
    rohit pagdhare Oct 04, 2008

    my BSNL broadband connection is not work properly...
    Error is =>password & user name please help me to start my connection I wait only more 2 day only...
    my connection is down last 15 me

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raping customers of money

5/3 Bank sucks! They are constantly raping people's bank accounts. If the money is deposited and they...

installment auto loan

I bought a vehicle in October of 2007 which is financed by 5/3 bank. My first payment was on time however the teller did not realize that the bank does not accept credit card cheques. I called the bank because I didn't receive a receipt and was told that I can make my payment with the next month's payment d/t that error. I went to the bank to make the payments in three checks, one for each month and one for the late fee which they said may be waived. So on top of being charged a late fee, I received a call from a creditor warning me that my car was up for Repossession on the day that I had already made my payments as agreed! I had to give my personal info on that day to pay the extra month's car note. I still was receiving calls at work with threats from nasty 5/3 CSR's stating that I was a month behind, then when I called I got an apology because their system couldn't show all the information because it was turned over to the collection department. Then. more drama in March I received a letter stating that they didn't get my car insurance info and they need it to be faxed to them or they will purchase a policy for me. I refaxed it and thought that it was taken care of, then I got a final warning in April telling me I had 10 dyas or they'd purchase a policy for me. I faxed the old insurance and the new insurance info to the insurance department and was told that the previous fax must have been illegible & may have been thrown away. I called on the tenth day to make sure that the info was there and was assured that the fax was recieved. Then a few days later another call! I spoke with the insurance department again and the gentleman said that he sees my calls into them, as well as my faxes, my old insurance was in a different area- but the number of the policy seemed off to him, however since my old policy could not be found in the insurance company's website, they could not honor my fax. I told him that when I called the number on the letter provided it says that my account is fine so please fix whatever the issue is and stop the calls. He said they still purchased the insurance policy even though the letter said it would be purchased on April 10th if I DID NOT send my insurance info again! I was assured that he'd stop the calls in the meantime and just pay the extra $49.30 with my next payment before May 15th until they can fix the insurance issue. I agreed to do so if they'd credit me back once they fix their system- because the calls from the CSR's are to collect an overdue payment from December- a supposed glitch! It is now May 7th and I am getting 5-8 calls per day starting at just before 8am and until 9pm! I got a call at 9am and then again at 10:12am today, which I answered and said that I have already spoken to insurance department, I was assured that the calls would stop from a supervisor, and I am not behind on any payments please do not call me at work. The CSR said "Either you talk to me right now about your account or you will keep getting calls.", I said, " Ma'am I have spoken to various people and was assured that these calls would have stopped as of April 26th, please do not call again, I am at work and I have to hang up now.", She said, "Well, you'll keep getting these calls then since you don't want to talk to me!", in an elevated tone; then after, I hung up...What should I do?

  • Gr
    Greg Jun 30, 2008

    Call the BBB in your area and see if you can get $500.00 for lost time at work and give half of it to your boss.

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  • Al
    Alex Peele Oct 27, 2010

    Fifth Third Bank is stealing from us. We had a car loan from a GM dealer and 5 3 would not let us pay it off. They refused to give us the account number so that we could pay it off. Before the first payment was due, we paid over 95% of the loan amount. this was the amount they told us was due. They next harassed us on Saturday, threatening us that we were in default. We finally overpaid the loan.
    We also had an extended warranty which we immediately cancelled three days after getting the loan giving us a total refund. This was part of the loan we had with 5 3 bank. They were to refund this warranty cost in full. We never received the refund check. After many calls to 5 3 bank in which they said a check was sent, they told us another check was being sent. We received a check dated the day after that last call. We deposited it in our local bank. Two weeks later, 5 3 bank stopped payment on the check effectively stealing money out of our account. Not only that, our bank charged us a fee for this. We have been calling 5 3 bank for a week and they keep giving is the run around. This is common theft. They have no intention of giving us our money back. They will not let us talk to anyone but a telephone screener.
    My advice is to run as fast as you can from Fifth Third Bank. If not, you will regret it.
    Alex Peele, Olathe, K S

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I recently relocated to Penn from Cincinnati, OH. I forgot to close my checking/debit card account in person...

fifth third bank as an employer

If you think being a customer of Fifth Third bank is treacherous, you should should try working for them...

credit card ripoff

Fifth Third bank promoted their credit card to me with a 0% APR for one year. Then they charged me a $35 over limit fee at the end of a month when the acct was under the limit, but the fee put it over the limit incurring another $35 fee they post at the end of the month and they did this three months in a row putting me over the limit with their fee and then charging another fee each month. Then they started charging me finance charges 6 months before the 0% APR expires. When I asked why they said they could not answer that question so I asked to spoeak to a supervisor and the customer service agent refused to put a supervisor on and hung up on me. A 0% APR deal has now cost me $155 because I was over limit on just one day because of my own charges. Customer service sucks but the execs responsible fo these kind of policies are nothing but white collar crooks and belong in jail.

predatory charges!

My gripe is that on the 04-04-08 my wife and I had the sum of $392 in our checking account, last weekend we...

tax deposit missing

For three months I have been asking 53 to provide the IRS with an advice of credit to track my tax deposit for my employee witholding. My branch has assured me that the matter has been settled twice, only to have the IRS contact me again stating the matter is not settled due the failure of fifth third to provide an advice of credit.

Either 53 can't or won't provide this information as requested which leave me with the desicion of whether to find a new bank.

  • Pa
    Patricia May 10, 2009

    We live in Galien Michigan and refinance our home to have a new home put on our property that we have resided on for 25 years. Come to find out a year after we have lived in our new home fifth third forclosed on our home and sold it in a sherriff auction with them rebuying the home w/o even letting us know. We cash our payroll checks there every week and visiting the same branch for the last 52 weeks we never were told that there was anything wrong with our mortage. Now it's been almost a year and we have called the bank everyday twice a day location after location and no one gives us advice on how to keep our home. We find this a little odd as we never were given notice no letters nothing the only notice we did get is that in the local paper on a sunday morning that our house was in a sheriff auction for monday. We have tried so many times to ask them for copies of our statements and they wont give them to us. We thought maybe the payments were being place accidently in another account with the same name but nothing. I have two children and am married but my grandmother raised my mother on this property I was raised here and not all I wanted was to raise my children here and we didn't even get a Hey Mrs. Beadle there's a problem with you mortage. I have been members else where and if you were a couple days late on a payment they would tell you. I asked them the phone number that they had for us and it was a number that had never been ours which was a typo for them as we have had the same phone number for years. Something fishy is happening and you would think when we are telling them we will pay the mortage and they say no somethings gotta give. Maybe since we refinance we only owed 20K on the house they will beable to make some money back. Why else would they re buy the home at the auction. Fifth Third Bank is Unruly and has many faults but I would have never thought they would go this far. Maybe the President of the company should think if this was his daughter in our shoes. Maybe will just take the house from her without giving her any answers
    Galien, Michigan

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steals money with their overdraft!

Even though I deposited $250 at 7:30 in the morning - this bank decided not to actually deposit the money until that evening, and also decided to put through any charges for that day and then charge me overdraft charges for them, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD THE FUNDS IN THEIR BUILDING AT 7:30 A.M. I have contacted them and told them to close my account IMMEDIATELY as they charged me $124 in overdraft charges for ONE DAY. They are a scam and a rip off! I can't afford to work to pay them to sit on their ###! If they do not close my account immediately I will be seeking an attorney to sue them. WORSE BANK IN THE WORLD!

  • Ch
    charles jones Aug 23, 2008

    Please let me know if you found an attorney. I have a similar compaint against 53 and how they handle their overdrafts. I was charged 269.00 in over draft fees because of the way they pay their charges I was charged for 7 overdrafts when I should have only been charged for one. Because they pay the largest amounts first then the smallest amounts last. Which can cause you to get charge more in over draft fees. They say they do this to help their customer but they do this because 9/10 times this will benefit them in fees. Again I would have only had to pay one over draft fee instead of 7 if they would have processed the payments in the order they came in.

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deceptive business practices

I refinanced my home and took out a 2nd mortgage of $21,100 in May of 2007 to pay to have a new well dug and a mold problem fixed. I thought I was getting just a 15 year loan on the 2nd mortgage, but found out yesterday during a solicitation call from Countrywide that a 15/30 loan, which is what I was told I have, means that at the end of the 15 years I will owe a balloon payment of about $17,000! When I went back and looked very closely at the monumental stack of paperwork I had been presented with and rushed through signing, I saw that this is exactly what the case was. This was never explained to me by my loan officer. I would never have agreed to a balloon payment loan. I don't believe in them. I think they're just putting off the inevitable and are for people who just live for today without thinking down the road about the future. I am so disgusted. I was told my only option was to pay more toward principal each month to pay it down quicker. READ YOUR AMMORTIZATION SCHEDULES VERY CLOSELY. LOOK AT THE LAST PRINCIPAL FIGURE!!!!!!!!!

terrible customer service!

As an excellent Fifth Third customer, with no late payments, excellent credit history and score, I'm now...