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US Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 12, 2006. The latest review Branch 9114 was posted on Sep 23, 2021. The latest complaint insurance department/customer service was resolved on Aug 13, 2018. US Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 627 reviews. US Bank has resolved 117 complaints.

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+1 503 872 2657 (Portland Metro)
+1 314 425 2000 (St. Louis Metro)
+1503 401 9991 (International Collect Calls)
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+1 800 285 8585 (Lost & Stolen)
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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US BankBranch 9114

Branch manager is mean and disrespectful. He treats folks bad, especially if he thinks they are poor or minority. He allows his staff (especially white males like andrew fuller) to talk down to patrons and make jokes that belittle latino staff and elderly blacks. He also holds money while knowing the funds are in place.

Dan Sykes [protected] SECOND TIME TO COMPLAIN He is getting worse and more defiant against his boss.

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    US BankRUDE Customer Service!

    I called the US Bank [protected] on September 15, 2021 at around 11:10am to contact them about an issue with my account. I dealt with one of the rudest people I have ever encountered through US Bank.

    Basically, I was charged twice at a hotel I stayed at. I called my bank yesterday and the lady I spoke with was very kind and helpful. She checked and confirmed the hotel had attempted to reverse the extra charge, but it hadn't gone through because it wasn't done correctly on the hotel's end. So I told the hotel front desk this. They contacted the owner and after about an hour, I was instructed to call my bank again for an update. I did just that. The second lady I spoke with was just as nice and helpful as the first one. She was able to confirm that they had indeed did the reversal and it appeared to go through. She said I'd likely see the money post the next day.

    I checked out of my hotel September 15, 2021 and still hadn't seen any money go back into my account. I called US Bank again to see if they had any info about this.

    I spoke with a man named Maxium and to say he was rude and unhelpful is an understatement. He did NOTHING to assist me whatsoever. In fact, he made it seem like I was calling him for absolutely no reason.

    When I explained to him that I had been double charged by someone, he just replied that was the merchant's issue, not the bank's. I said they were supposed to have done a reversal for the extra charge, but it hadn't came through yet so I was requesting an update. He asked if I had talked to the merchant. I said I had. I explained I asked about it and they said they issued the refund. He said again he couldn't do anything or check on anything. I said I had called my bank yesterday and was informed I could expect to see my refund by today and was just concerned that I hadn't got it. I told him which charge it was - it was a double charge showing up twice from a hotel I recently stayed at and there should only be one charge. He said he didn't know why I was giving him this information and asked if that would change anything.

    How unprofessional and rude. I let him know his attitude was NOT appreciated at all and hung up. He never once offered to check on the refund status or to confirm that they had done the reversal properly. He just acted annoyed that I called and bothered him with an issue that simply wasn't on his agenda to address. He just told me that whenever the merchant released the funds, they'd be in my account. He said the bank doesn't control how different merchants work, so he can't do anything. Then how did the other 2 ladies I spoke with have NO issue CHECKING on the situation to confirm things?

    My family is loyal US Bank customers. I haven't had issues until now. Usually, everyone I deal with from US Bank is friendly. All the tellers at my local branch are absolutely wonderful! You always get quick, friendly service in there. I have needed to call the main branch/800 number a few times and I've always had my issue or concern resolved. Today was far different. DISAPPOINTED!

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      US BankChecking account and safe deposit box

      We are going to move our business from USBANK. We have NO drive in access to our account because it is closed on the weekends. We have no immediate access to our Safe Deposit Box. This is critical because of documents and N0 timely access. J. Todd Wilkinson [protected] Account Holder. We will take our long term service to another bank. Please take corrective and immediate action to prevent us from terminating service and notifying other in our sphere of influence (including our two children; parents; and friends who also have accounts experiencing the same issues).

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        Sep 08, 2021

        US Bank — Lien release

        Purchased a car with a loan from us bank. The bank filled out paperwork with title but loan info wa...

        US Bankunable to get overpayment returned

        When I lased my vehicle in 2017, it was mistakenly registered with the county as business use instead of personal. Once I received the personal property tax bill from US Bank, I called the county to have it corrected. Doing so resulted in a $552.97 credit back to US Bank. A check was issued to US Bank but they never received it as the address on file with the county was incorrect. After explaining this multiple times to US Bank, I'm always told to email the tax department which I've done multiple times. I have paid the US Bank already for the $552.97 to clear my account but they still need to claim the check 'unclaimed property with the state' (it's there, I've sent US Bank a screenshot). I can't get anyone on the phone who is willing to help and no one will respond to the emails I've sent.

        unable to get overpayment returned
        unable to get overpayment returned

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          US BankChecking account verfication of grandpa has covid

          On Sept 5 2021 I walked into a U.S. bank branch and Provided the agent with my POA form for my grandfather William Ramirez checking and savings account. I phone the bank on numerous dates in the past month. My grandpa has Covid and is in the hospital not doing very well considering the man is 83 yrs old. He god willling pull through this hard point in this time of our life.
          Well I phoned the agent i gave the POA to on saturday and was informed to call Laylaya [protected] and apparently she hasnt got the time to return my calls, so i spoke with a agent available in the 24 fraud online verification for transactions on 08/07/21 3:36 pm and I simply told her my issue and informed her that my grandpa has covid 19 and is in the ICU an it doesnt look good! So the agent laughed at me in the most evil way I have ever heard due to the fact of my papa being in ICU and this lady I spoke with was exteremly rude and distastful to the extreme yelled at me & stated the branch already told you and i yelled towards her and stated no they did not I proved them with what they have asked of me and and still im receving a hard time. My papa trusted ur bank with his money and now due to that he is unable to pay his bills. Outside the hopsital he is bed ridin and I dont know what else to do? Can you please help me ur bank has alot of my grandpas money that belongs to him and and he wants it. Please contact me asap Amber Trombly [protected]

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            US BankVehicle loan

            Purchased a vehicle January 15th 2021, seller had a US bank loan. Went to the local branch (Oregon Redwood - Albertsons) completed transaction (my new loan through US Bank). Received loan documents, was told information would be sent via mail for titling - registration. Fast forward 33 weeks September 3rd, after 20+ phone calls both to customer service and branch - I still don't have proper paperwork to register my vehicle so essentially I'm paying for a vehicle that can't be registered, sitting in my driveway with no use. In addition I have 4 failed trips to DMV trying to figure out if they can help on their side which obviously hasn't worked out. I've been promised for months this would be handled but it's not happening.


            Vehicle loan

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              US BankDebit Card Replacement

              The chip on my debit card stopped working last week Thursday. The card doesn't appear to be damaged - no scratches, nicks, etc. I tried at two different retail stores; neither was able to read the chip but both were able to read the card when I swiped the magnetic strip.
              I phoned them Friday to order a replacement. The service rep explained that I can continue to use my card since the strip works, until the new card arrives.
              The strip stopped working today, and still no card.
              I called to see if they accidentally cancelled the card. She said no. She said they can overnight a new card but she will have to charge me.
              A few years ago, my debit card number was stolen. Their policy at that time was the same - if I wanted a new debit card sooner, I would have to pay.
              I indicated when my credit card companies need to issue a new card for being damaged or stolen, they do not charge me for a overnighted card.
              She told me I could go to my local branch and order a replacement. I told her it's pretty hard to do when you closed down my local branch when Covid hit, and haven't re-opened it.
              US Bank seems to be in the dark ages when it comes to customer service.

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                US BankOnline banking app

                I have been locked out of my account on several occasions for a period of at least 24 hours with customer service unable to re-enable immediate access. It seems to happen only when accessing my account using the US Bank app when trying to enable Face ID. I have no issue if I just use internet access via any browser, but if I use the app, it locks me out of both. I have lost countless hours trying to resolve this issue with customer service, but I only seem to keep getting transferred from department to department, reverifying my identity, over and over, day after day. This is ludicrous! I need resolution. I need access to MY account. Why is this so hard for US Bank? I have a dozen other financial online access accounts. I don't experience this issue with ANY of them. My boat loan happens to be with US Bank, and if it weren't for that one reason, I would definitely NOT bank with this institution. Waste of time.

                Online banking app

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                  US BankCustomer Service

                  Spoke with the Branch Manager, Nicole. My checking account was closed and I am owed money. She needed to research. She suggested I call Customer Service.

                  Customer Service: A check went out 07/27/21 for $2, 400. I should get it in 5-7 days.

                  I spoke with Vicki, customer service. I was told that a check was sent for my balance. I still have not received it. A statement I received today shows that $2, 408.39 was withdrawn on 07/26/21. Vicki sent an email to (?) to find out where the check is.

                  I spoke with Ebony, customer service. She will send an email to processing to see when the check was cut and sent. She will request a stop payment and an expedited re-sending of the check.

                  I spoke with Radfa, customer service. She will also send an email. Rafda also sent an email to Ebony to ask her if she hears back to call me. Rafda took my number. She said that I have to wait a few days to get an answer because I just called yesterday. I asked "a few days? I've been waiting 3 ½ weeks!"

                  No one answered the phone.

                  I spoke with Carolyn, customer service. The last notation on my account is from 07/26/21. (REALLY? WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THOSE OTHER CALLS I MADE?) The funds were sent to the branch and are sitting in a general ledger account. The Branch Manager can cut me a Cashiers Check.

                  I called the Branch and asked for the Branch Manager (Nicole=where I started this). She is on vacation this week. Sylvia is sitting in for her, but is on the phone. Numerous attempts (13) to call the Branch again resulted in being cut off because no one was able to answer the phone. Finally someone answered. Sylvia was with a customer, but the girl gave me Sylvia's direct line: [protected]. Left a message at 11:00 am. Called again at 2:14 pm - got her voice message. She will "call me back when she can".

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                    US Bankservice, hours

                    As a customer I should be able to get service at my local bank and have access to my account 6 days a week during normal business hours. However in our town, Hermitage, MO our bank has cut hours and days which isn't good business when dealing with my money or anyone else in the communities money. The town is very upset as well as myself.
                    It leaves us no choice but to change banks and that shouldn't be even be something we should have to do.
                    Someone hirer up should look into this and make changes to provide better service to our community. Maybe our small town business doesn't mean much to a bank that is as large as US Bank but it should matter.
                    Please look into making changes to switch our service back to normal business hours and hire more help verses one person doing inside and drive through work to upset more people that have to wait 30 mins. in drive through or line inside.
                    I am sure this wont do any good but I said I would reach out before everyone closes their accounts and then this location will shut its doors. Thank You
                    Angie Swearingin

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                      US BankWoodbury facility

                      I have been a US Bank customer for 10 years. I Visit 7 facilities, in the course of a year. of these 7, there is only 1 that I have found to not be convenient or user-friendly.
                      Your Woodbury facility has a imbicilic lay out, Upon entering one does not see a cashier or directions to one. The accommodations for customers are, basicially non-exsistant. The employees, if you can find one, are no help. If I were the manager, I would be truly embarassed, I will NOT use this facility, again.
                      Dennis Milotzky

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                        US Bankcredit card

                        We opened a business account with your bank and part of that included a business line of credit which had a card associated. The account was under MJM Contracting, Inc. and the card number ended with 5965. We realized fairly quickly the new account was not going to work for us so the account was cancelled. We were never able to activate the card. Imagine our surprise when we started getting bills from US Bank and now finance charges and past due notices. We have called the banker that set these up originally with no return call. We have called your customer service line only to sit on hold for what seemed like forever multiple times. The latest is showing a balance of 178.84 on a card that was never used. We sent a letter into your corporate office over a month ago and instead of receiving a response we received yet another bill. Since we cannot seem to get through to anyone or get a call back and since you are ignoring our letters and messages, we are prepared to involve our attorney and file a formal fraud charge against your bank.

                        credit card

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                          Aug 13, 2021

                          US Bank — For ceo of us bank

                          I am maintaining my account with US for the last 15 Years, Due to good customer services I referred many...

                          US BankRefinance

                          I have started the process of refinancing with US BANK and /mailto:paul.[protected]@usbank.com loan officer. Everything was good until I requested to meet with him. his response was: Hi Gerardo-unfortunately cannot meet-we are too busy with current market conditions and environment. I will cancel your application

                          Kim please cancel

                          I'm pretty disappointed with such as poor response. He could easily offer a video conversation or at least a telephone meeting. this is not the first time I get such as negative from a US BANK representative. I look forward to refinince with a different entity, so wont have to deal with these type of things.


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                            US Bankreliacard/customer service

                            I have called customer service # [protected] multiple times in the last 2 days in order to get help with a very important purchase transaction. The customer service reps were extremely rude. I was even yelled at yesterday because i asked the rep to repeat herself since it was difficult for me to understand what she was saying. I just got done calling and the rep picked up and h/u on me. I've never dealt with such rude reps in my life. I cant help to wonder if i would have been treated differently if it was a regular bank account or if i had a different last name.

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                              US BankI am being debited a monthly maintenance fee $ -6.95 form 01 jan 2021. I request that same fee may kindly be waived, as I am a senior citizen

                              I am being debited a monthly maintenance fee $ -6.95 form 01 jan 2021. I request that same fee may kindly be waived, as I am a senior citizen and your bank advertises no balance maintenance required for sr citizens accounts. If there is any change in the policy then same must be communicated to customer before implementation.
                              I am unable to reach mr david a lacombe, branch manager of your bank at woodbridge raplhs, 5345 alton pkwy, irvine ca. Can you share his name and direct phone number?
                              I request you to appreciate covid-19 pandemic disturbances and our long term banking relationship, therefore I humbly request you to refund the mmf as it was the direct result of bank error by not communicating to me in time.
                              This is unfair trade practice as I was not informed so that I could take timely remedial action. Kindly refund this amount of $ 48.65 and oblige. Thanks... Ameeta singhal

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                                Aug 05, 2021

                                US Bank — Escrow shortage year after year

                                I have contacted us bank numerous times over the last 6-7 years over my mortgage and escrow account. For some...

                                US BankChecking

                                I was a US Bank customer for 30 years. For the first time in my entire life I was a victim of an employment scam that cost me over $2100 that impacted my bank accounts. Instead of working with me on a repayment plan (yes, I was willing to repay the bank because it was my fault for falling for the scam); US Bank decided to close all my accounts. Their reason is, if I could fall for a scam once, it could happen again and they do not want that risk. After 30 years, and being a victim, I was surprised that this is the response. I'm sharing my experience with various consumer and social media sites To inform others that US Bank will not have your back if you are a victim regardless of the impact to you and your family especially during these times. They froze access to any funds I had left and then closed my accounts. I have no access until my next paycheck is deposited into my new with my new. I have not been able to pay for regular household purchases and bills, even after speaking with them and confirming the problem. They advertise and market how they care about their clients and customers with silly commercials, but behind the door they are just the opposite. Kicking scam victims when their down seems to be ok with this company. Scam victims are already mentally and emotionally distraught. This just adds salt to the wound.

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                                  US Bankbillpay

                                  Your new UI is beyond terrible! Frankly it is unbelievable that you released this to the public and took away all the good features of the old UI.

                                  I suspect if you gave us all the option to choose the Old (better one) versus the new (junior achievement) you would see how many of us that use this service would switch back.

                                  condensed views
                                  COMMON SENSE

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