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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US Bank / debit card

m.loya on Sep 18, 2017
I've had us bank for years, but resently ive requested for a debit card for my husband who had a stroke and he does not speak so we went in person requested debit card and we also corrected are address and they gave us a tenporary debit card, my husband tryed using it but was decline t, i...

US Bank / visa merchant dispute

KARMAH on Sep 17, 2017
I set up the visa account. My husband works for Kroger. We've both been on the account for several years. Did I mention that I am on the account? So we have a merchant dispute and when we log online, we, unlike most credit accounts, such as Discover or any place else, cannot log in and see...

US Bank / poor service

Jason Tumm on Sep 11, 2017
While attending a bank at Los Angeles Branch, every time going there an employee by the name of Edward goes out of his way to be unhelpful. When submitting a slip, Edward has asked my mother to rewrite it all over again. His explanation was that it was not done in front of him, but rather...

US Bank / overdraft protection

diane mm on Aug 31, 2017
First, US Bank did not properly keep my overdraft protection in place once a credit card was stolen. I did not realize this until a problem occurred. St. Louis district manager Scott Schneider told me US Bank makes a lot of money from overdraft fees and accepted no responsibility. They did...

US Bank / ATM & Customer Service

Jennifer Yuan Martin on Aug 31, 2017
My husband is a US Bank customer, while I am not. He's been telling me how great US Bank is and that I should switch. Guaranteed, after this incident, there's no way in hell I would even consider switching, let alone use their ATMs. If this is how they treat you when you are a guest to...

US Bank / banker

Delores Walmack on Aug 30, 2017
Jennifer the manager at the U.S. bank branch on 5564 camino al norte 89031 was very unprofessional and spoke to me in a demeaning way when I (a faithful customer) asked her a question. Instead of explaining the procedure in a professional way, she was very rude and confrontational. I have...

US Bank / student checking

LindaOli on Aug 30, 2017
US Bank was on the SDSU campus during opening ceremonies in August 2016. They told me I had to have a US Bank account for school. They also told me I could open an account for $1 and there wouldn't be any other fees. A bunch of friends were doing it so I opened an account for $1 too. The...

US Bank / branch location

Matthew Van Cleave on Aug 29, 2017
My fiance and I went to the branch on 7/26 at 18485 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR 97007 to inquire about financing a car through them. We were greeted by an older lady sitting at a desk when we walked in who got the process started. She was very helpful at first until she started learning...

US Bank / customer service

GR2017 on Aug 17, 2017
I went in to a US Bank Branch in 25630 Barton Rd. Loma Linda CA. 92354. I was Attended by Noemi Maldonado. This person had a bad attitude from the beginning and did not care that she was being rude. I asked to talk to the manager and come to find out she was the manager. I asked for he name...

US Bank / fees

Monica04 on Aug 14, 2017
My boyfriend and I have been banking with U.S Bank for a little over a year now. Unfortunately for us and many other americans we have had some unexpected expenses. Recently my vehicle was in the shop and it's expensive. I have medical payments that continue to grow each doctor...

US Bank / checking account

Barth1226 on Aug 9, 2017
Due to an oversight on my end (yes I acknowledge i made a mistake) a PENDING authorization on my account was going to put my account into the negative on 8/8/2017. I immediately made a deposit to correct the issue and everything was corrected, my account was brought into the positive...

US Bank / atm failed and is holding a deposit of $700.

redsuit on Aug 9, 2017
8/7/17 - Deposited $700 into my US Bank Branch ATM machine. The machine stopped working during the deposit process - the screen showed "scanning scanning scanning" for over 5 minutes. Went into the bank. The Teller was able to retrieve my bank card and my check. Was told a dispute had to be...

US Bank / new account

spchtchr on Aug 8, 2017
Myself and another person made a conference call to US Bank to set up a joint account so we could have an account to deposit reunion funds into. We spoke with Jeffrey Davis, Account Setup Coordinator | Virtual Deposit Operations in Minnesota. He spent an hour getting our information. We...

US Bank / still using stoneage java which never works

MrJayG on Aug 6, 2017
I'm never able to get Deposit to work online via JAVA. JAVA has been discontinued by almost all browsers out there, and even before that for years, every single time I did attempt to deposit a check, I would be redirected out of USBank to Java to tell me I needed to upgrade. JAVA has huge...

US Bank / overdraft fees

MP93 on Jul 29, 2017
US bank has took over $300 in overdraft fees from within 2 weeks. The first time it happened my account became negative $49.00 due to a PayPal purchase I made. U.S bank decided that they choose 7 seven transactions to say I didn't have the funds when I made these purchases before the...

US Bank / opening account

Teresa Green on Jul 28, 2017
On Thursday, July 27, 2017, I went to US Bank in Buena Park Downtown located at 8460 LaPalma Avenue, Buena Park at 4:45pm with my husband and his business partner to open a joint account. Upon entering the bank, we were informed by the teller and also supervisor that they would be unable...

US Bank / fraudulent actions

AC01 on Jul 28, 2017
US Bank companies are thieves. The company allow employees to make credit cards from my account to make purchases. I complained able the Fraudulent charges but, the request was initial denied. The company researched the charges after 3 months but never fully credited my account. During the...

US Bank / clinton iowa branch employee

Ellebee1626 on Jul 26, 2017
When I opened my account in June I was told checks were being ordered for me and he first box was free. I was also told I was being signed up for estatements which would reduce my monthly fee, neither of which happened. I was new to Iowa, which the person opening my account was aware of...

US Bank / us bank authorized certifying officers

Faith Burns on Jul 24, 2017
US Bank in the city of Minneapolis on East Lake street that is a low-income community do not provide the basic seals and stamps the people that banks with them. When it came to repair on our property the insurance company as that we get the bank to stamp the document and the check. US Bank...

US Bank / customer service deptment and supervision at us bank

Shelley Zinn on Jul 22, 2017
We had a problem with a atm on july 11 2017. The atm company reversed the money that was supposed to be taken out of are account. We requested 200.00 dollars but was only givin 20.00 us bank will not give us are money back and we have got 4 different store's from there employees. It is now...

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