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Complaints & Reviews

Cashed incorrect check

I had to write a check to electrical contractor in amount of $400. I printed this amount, but in words below made a mistake and wrote "four thousands". Bank have to use 2 level of the verification of each check, but no one in US Bank paid attention to discrepancy and cashed the $4000. I found mistake next day after contractor deposited money and immediately called to US Bank customer service. Representative assured me that they would solve the problem and I should expect $3600 refund by next 2-3 business days. I was waiting 3 days and called again. That time they told me about no option to get my money back since check already cashed. Moreover, the customer service representative was rude and didn't want to talk. When I requested the manager shes answer was: "he is busy". I'm still don't know what needs to be done and not expecting any help from the bank.

Theft from my checking account

Several months ago a business associate gave me cash to make a US Bank credit card payment. I phoned in and...

Checking bonus

On June 23, 2020 I opened a checking account with US Bank after reviewing the promotion shown below. Earn a...

Gift card scam

This is a racket. They stole every single dollar from my gift card by charging $2 / month in fees. Thi...

Fraud liaison dept

I was scammed using zelle. I would have never used zelle if my bank ( us bank) was not with zelle. Because I...

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Paid for product and have not received it and can't contact vender

I made an online purchase with my debit card on 06/02/2020 in the amount of 59.99 to a company ifjf. email address [protected]@qq.com
My transaction number 4cp708629u638201l
Merchant number 7j382234b6141872n
Invoice ID ea202006027752098548
I have emailed asking when my filter was going to be shipped and no answer back Approx date June 8. I tried again to email on the 11th of June and when done filling in my question in the email it would erase it and not allow to send. I have no other way to contact this company

Leased vehicle

I have a leased Toyota, as does my wife. Both leases started 11/19. My credit is very high (>800) so when...

I'm complaining about us bank employee

On 5/3/2020 at 11:01 am called USBank customer service line [protected], were on hold until 11:15 am...

REI Credit Card!

You have been a greedy useless organization during Carona virus! All my credit cards have help me during this time since my business is bankrupt! You wouldn't even let me have one month off of payment while continuosly sending me emails that us bank helps its customers!! This is a terrible credit card to have when I have never been 30 days late ever until this month! No help at all!


I called customer service, because I was locked out of my account. I was on hold for hours. No one would answer. Finally, I had enough and hung up. I even tried this at 3:00 am when they wouldn't be busy. It made no difference. This has also happened to me before. I don't have a choice of what card service I have. Reliacard is a monopoly when it comes to child support!

Relia card

I'm crying my eyes out literally
I finally got my unemployment card
I used it mb 2 hours they locked it
Only way they can help is through the number on the back of the card
Not one time have I talked to a breathing person
Wait times
6 hours
5 hours
5.5 hours
3.5 hours it's so not right
Then you go online they have gone down
They shouldn't be doing this to us
Then you call US bank which it's listed on the card " I'm not afflicted with that prepaid card service call the number on the back
This is our unemployment money that's pre loaded and they freeze and don't answer
3 days long
What do I do

Fraud department

We won a settlement of over $300, 000 and used U.S. Bank as the babk to trust with the wire transfer and...

Fraud department

I discovered that PayPal has been deducting $4.95 from my checking account at USBank for the last six months for a store that I had on eBay which I had closed. I found out about it when they put my account into arrears. I sent an email to the Fraud Department at USBank two days ago and their site said that they would get back to me within 48 hours. It's been that long and I haven't heard anything. And now PayPal has taken out another charge! My Social Security check went into that account and now I don't have any money. And I can't find the email address again. They're not answering phones because of social distancing. USBank is usually better than this!

Unethical behaviour

On February 26, 2020 I received a call from Elizabeth, phone no. [protected]. I was at my monthly check up, due to my follow up on my cancer condition. The lady left a message saying that there were some strange activity in my accounts, to, please contact her. The following day I called and she told me that my 2 business accounts were being disputed for fraud. Elizabeth informed me that all my accounts, including my personal checking account were to be frozen and investigated for the next 30 days. I begged her to release my social security benefit from the personal checking as I am 84 years old and in need of the money to live on. Her answer to me was, "this is the end of discussion you will be getting the outcome by mail" and hung up on me.

I have not had any updated information. As you are aware of the national crisis we are in, my funds being held are causing stress and anxiety that at my age having difficulty purchasing food and paying bills.
My name is Paul Galuppo.
Personal Checking account number; [protected]

25 + minute wait time for business customers in drive-thru.

There is very little, or no, urgency from the employees when serving customers. I am a business customer who...

1hr to cash a check even though I was first in line

Unbelievable. Two tellers at bank and both were opening new accounts while ignoring customers in line. People...

my deposit on monday 1.29.2020

My Name is Jan Kehlenbeck and I have bank with US Bank for years. On 1.23.20 I withdrawn 6000.00 to buy a...

credit card illegal deduction from refund owed me

I have been a USBank Cardholder for many years. I have maintained my credit and my account has never been in...

issues with card service and everything

Opened an online account oct 2o or the 21st 2019. Supposedly there was an issue with fraud was never told...

3384 peachtree road, n.e. atlanta, georgia 30326

Mounika Pinnisetty is one of the Employee in US Bank through Wipro, She dont have any experience, She used her fake experience and joined in the project. She took support for Interview as well as in the project. I had attached a sample Video. She is sharing her project info to other person and completing her work, So Please take necessary action on her, She violated the rules of the company and sharing the public info,
Attached Video is the proof.