Comenity Complaints & Reviews

Comenity / refusal of credit

Sep 17, 2019

I just received a letter from you that you were refusing to issue me a Christopher & Banks credit card. Funny, I've already received the card. I gave them my SSN by memory. Perhaps I got it wrong, but I have good credit and I don't want this to mess that up. Not that I desperately need...

Comenity / thieves! deceptive practice/ added fees

Sep 13, 2019

I wanted to pay off the account. Signed up online, paid amount due in full. A month later they claim I owe them additional $73 for...late fees, finance charges etc! After it was paid in full! I called, talked to 2 people before being transferred to manager and they said i still had to pay...

Comenity / comenity credit card/lane bryant

Aug 22, 2019

ComenityI receive 3-4 calls from Comenity a day. These voicemails indicate that I should seek legal representation on the matter of my late payment on my credit card. They also state I should provide my attorneys information. Why do I need an attorney for a late credit card payment? They called me...

Comenity / customer service and their ability to make outbound calls

Aug 12, 2019

August 12, 2019 On August 11, 2019 I was contacted via text by Comenity Bank to contact them. After going through a lengthy automated system I spoke to a Customer Service Representative who stated I had an overdue balance. I never have overdue balances so it was a concern. I immediately paid over...

Comenity Capital Bank / credit services

Aug 10, 2019

Comenity Capital BankThis Comenity capital bank hurts people's credit. I often shop Bed Bath and Beyond. About a month ago I see signage plastered all over about their credit card. I sign up. I get approved on the spot. But I can't utilize my credit in store yet, like Kohls or target credit approvals on spot...

Comenity Bank / comenity bank

Aug 08, 2019

Comenity Bank is one of the worst servicers of credit cards I've ever known. They have placed two identical charges on our bill and when contacted they said they would correct the matter within 24-48 hours. The charge that they have now "resurrected" was made over three month...

Comenity / pottery barn website payment

Jul 16, 2019

I was once locked out of my web account to pay my bill when I was delinquent. Once I caught and still on track, they told me I would have to create a new account online to access my bill. Every time I go to pay, I can not access my account. It's like I am purposely locked out. Like...

Comenity / Inability to resolve technical issue with website

Jul 02, 2019

In August 2018, I received a letter from Comenity Bank advising that I could sign up for e-mail and text alerts for charges made to my B.J.'s World Mastercard credit card account. Up until this time, this credit card was the only one I had that did not offer this service. I attempted to...

Comenity / credit card practices

Jun 06, 2019

Comenity is the credit card company for Pottery Barn. They are deceptive and I believe criminal in their actions.. We ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn in November of 2018 and then when they were unable to deliver it for some time we cancelled the order. I must add we had paperle...

Comenity / Unauthorized closing of my card

May 24, 2019

Someone pretend to be me and have my credit card cut off. How did you know it was me? Your security system is not safe. Now I can never get it back. Thanks alot. I should not pay the bill since you don't recognize me and let anybody pretend to be me and clip me. I make sure I tell everyone...

Comenity / harassment by fraud protection

May 23, 2019

I logged into my Williams Sonoma Comenity Account account using my password and changed my billing address. A couple of days later I got a call (on the phone listed on my account) from a woman who claimed to be from fraud protection. She asked for my social security number and birthdate...

Comenity / customer service and manager

Apr 25, 2019

The bank messed up and did send me bills for the first few months. They kept the bills back and never called me about it. It was going to an incorrect address that they put. Anyway they waved the late fees as a "courtesy". I just called to pay off the bill of $5000 and asked to wave a fee...

Comenity / pier 1 candle

Jan 18, 2019

The Comenity customer service department is a black hole of confusion and inaction. I bought a candle for $20. The Pier I staff encouraged me to use the Comenity card. I paid the bill but Comenity said they never received the check. Fee applied. I called, I sent copies of the cashed check...

Comenity / account activation

Jan 18, 2019

1/18/2019 I'm appalled at the lack of service the agents are able to provide. Instead of reading from a script and constantly apologizing RESOLVE THE ISSUE. I have a credit freeze on my credit history to prevent fraud. Usually when I apply for credit, I receive a cal to verify the...

Comenity Bank / harassment

Nov 11, 2018

I have been receiving harassing phone calls from Comenity bank. They keep telling me and leaving messages on my voicemail telling me that they are going to take matters into their own hands if I don't take care of this matter and return their call but never state the matter at hand. Now...

Comenity / Clothing

Nov 02, 2018

I played my Comenity bill as soon as I heard from a representative. They ruined my credit and said they had to do this. I sent information from social security explaining my disability memory loss. They had no sympathy and ruined my credit over 81.00. They said they had no chose. Of course...

Comenity / comenity bank officers/agent/worker/representative

Oct 17, 2018

ComenityI am forced to pay on an item that I have not received I ordered an item from Overstock. I did not receive the item. On October 11, 2018, I got a credit toward the missing item. But your bank insisted that I paid a late fee on something I never received. I spoke to my agent from your...

Comenity / my credit card was blocked for comenity banks internal reconciliation process, never gave any prior notice

Oct 13, 2018

I am a loyal customer of Comenity Bank Bj's close to a decade because of their excellent customer service. Based on fliers, advertisements & customer service campaign hold a Comenity Bank Bj's credit card ending with 3880 for more than couple of years with an amazing credit line. Comenity Bank Bj'...

Comenity / comienty bank

Oct 06, 2018

I used to go to dental first they took a loan out in my name so that I'm able to get a procedure done with my tooths. I got the procedure done my insurance ended up canceling -I'm not sure if the bank cover most of it idk- but anyways I ended up losing my job I told them I wasn't able to...

Comenity / victoria's secret credit card closed without prior notice

Sep 19, 2018

This is the most horrible customer service FAIL I have ever experienced from any of my credit cards in my entire life! After almost 20 years of carrying the Victoria's Secret Angel card, I received a letter in the mail a couple days ago, stating that my account had been closed, due to...

Comenity / children's place credit card

Sep 11, 2018

After being a Children's Place cardholder for over 5 years, I found out today that they closed my account on 9/7/18 because they somehow didn't have my physical address in their system - only my mailing address. Funny how they had it on my NY&Co card though. I found out my account wa...

Comenity / comenity customer service

Sep 09, 2018

Comenity bank customer service is horrible. I was out of work for a while and got on their program so my payments would be on time and i would be penalized. Every month they took a payment from my bank account which was the same as my monthy payments and never applied any payments to my...

Comenity / phone call from comenity bank representative "laura"

Sep 09, 2018

My name is Deborah Bishop. I received two calls this morning regarding two payments I set up online: One for Kingsize and the other for Roamans. The first representative I spoke with was professional. After being told the reason for the call - that I had not successfully submitted payment...

Comenity Bank / customer service/accounts

Sep 05, 2018

I have reached out to BBB about this company and their horrible customer service tactics. I had a Express card and always made my payments on time and actually paid the account off the month before I planned to use it to make a purchase for some summer clothes. I tried using the card at...

Comenity / credit card fees

Aug 16, 2018

I have a Talbot's card through comenity bank. I have paid on time and I owe very $40.i recently got a call from a representative there wanting to know when I can make a see that comenity dropped from auto pay which is how I do all my bills and I didn't realize it. I...

Comenity / Customer service representative. Amanda at extension #7076947

Aug 07, 2018

Amanda was extremely rude. She repeatedly interrupted me while claiming that I kept interrupting her. She was in no way helpful in resolving the situation. I am attempting to pay up my account and asking for help to do so. Her reaction and behavior was detrimental to the process. I find...

Comenity / refund never received

Jul 16, 2018

I opened a Wayfair account in March of 2018. I bought an ottoman for $120.00. When it arrived at my house I discovered it did not go with my decor. I sent it back the very next day. It is now July of 2018 and I have not received credit for the $120.00. I have requested the credit several...

Comenity / hello I paid off my gander mountain card in full now my credit is shot due to them turning me into collections for a false balance

Mar 16, 2018

ComenityComenity bank gander mountain card turned me into collections for a false balance that I didn't owe. I actually owed them 0 on balance. My credit gone. I want even this is bs. And capital returned a payment that was my minimum pay I paid forever that I always paid 10 or 20 more than...

Comenity Capital Bank c/o PayPal Credit / jewelry television preferred credit card

Jan 17, 2018

Hi my name is Yvonne Gilmore several weeks ago I tried to attempt reinstate my preferred card. My account # ending 0336, they told me because my account was enrolled in a hardship program and since that happen they could never reopen my account. I don't understand because Comenity Bank ha...

Comenity Bank / rollover payment

Jan 01, 2018

Hey I just wanted to voice my opinion about roll over payments. I made a payment when opening the Wayfair credit card in November knowing what Decembers payment was going to be however I received a phone call stating that the payment was over due and had to speak to a supervisor to get it...

Comenity Bank / bed bath and beyond mastercard

Sep 06, 2017

They approved me for a Bed Bath and Beyond credit card. They sent me the credit card. I activated the credit card. When I tried to make a small purchase it was declined. I called and they said they did an audit and said I had one to many credit inquiries. I didn't receive a letter saying...

Comenity Capital Bank/PPL / comenity capital bank/ppl timonium md.

Jul 31, 2017

ATTN : I was alerted by Life Lock on 7/24/17 that a account was opened in my name by CCB/PAY PAL. I called the Bank to let them know it was not me. I called the Credit Bureau (3) to report this and put alerts on my credit. They have my SS no. also. This is Fraud! When I called the Bank...

Comenity Bank / credit card

Jun 24, 2017

My Overstock credit card with Comenity is late every month because I don't remember to log on and manually pay it every time like it's year 1990. Everything else in my life is set up on automatic payments and it is a standard for this day and age. I have excellent credit and have...

Comenity Bank /Maurices / no stmts then cgs late fees/personal info given to offsite vendors

Apr 29, 2016

I was one of the unfortunate people that had their identity stolen in the Home depot data breach. Since then, identity theft has plagued me often and I have learned to never, ever pay a bill without reviewing it. Comenity bank had sent me three statements in a year and half. I switched...

Comenity / letter requesting to open a paypal credit account

Mar 04, 2016

Today I received a letter in the mail indicating that my husband's first deceased wife had recently requested to open a PayPal Credit account. I don't know how that is possible since she has been six feet under the past 10 years. I understand that she had once had a serious spending habit...

Comenity / letter denying credit for an account in connection with a purchase at delta bmla 10.4.15

Oct 17, 2015

Never applied for any credit; have not bought anything that would have triggered a request for credit; and without a legitimate phone number where one can reach a real person have concluded it is a scam — tho not sure for what as the credit has been denied. request to open PayPal Credit account 10.4.15 reference #[protected]-[protected]

Comenity Capital Bank C/c Paypal Credit / delta bmla

Aug 04, 2015

I received two letters both dated 07/31/15 from Comenity Capital Bank. I never requested PayPal Credit. This letter is in response to your recent request to open a PayPal Credit account. Our records show that you requested a PayPal Credit account on 07/21/2015 in connection with a purchase...

Comenity Bank / ripoff bank

Dec 07, 2014

I opened accounts with Comenity Bank beginning in July of this year. I received a total of 30 credit cards with this bank and had so many cards they gave me, I had to close around 10 of them on my own. For whatever reason, every time I applied for a card, it would go to their...

Comenity Capital Bank c/o Bill Me Later / some one is using my address to try to open an account on 7/24/14

Aug 08, 2014

I received a letter in the mail yesterday with with the name Danish Khan with my address. Don`t know this person. the letter said this person was trying to make a purchase or open an account. Which thank goodness was denied. I used Pay Pal One time and I am wondering if this is someone...

Comenity Card Pay / have no idea how they've got my card details

Feb 09, 2014

I recently found out that the company Comenity Card Pay charged my account for $25. They did it without my authorization and warning me. I haven’t used the services from this company. Also the company didn’t provide the contact information, so I have no idea how to track them...