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Oct 17, 2020

Comenity — Customer service

I closed my ulta account due to incompetence's and then reapplied. I never received the card. They have...

Jan 04, 2020

Comenity — meijer credit card

Meijer (midwestern home/grocery store) utilizes Comenity to handle `their credit card accounts. Due to...

Comenitycredit card

I purchased a Shih Tzu from Petland Grove City, Ohio a year ago. First off they charged me for things on my receipt I did not purchase a few hundred dollars. Now they have raised my monthly payment because of beng one day late plus a late fee. I make my payments on time every month. This is a total scam Petland & Comenity Credit cards. I WILL NEVER USE COMENTY OR PETLAND AGAIN EVER.

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    Comenityrefusal of credit

    I just received a letter from you that you were refusing to issue me a Christopher & Banks credit card. Funny, I've already received the card. I gave them my SSN by memory. Perhaps I got it wrong, but I have good credit and I don't want this to mess that up. Not that I desperately need that card, but what do I do with it now that I have it in hand?

    Rita Ware
    1154 E. Cantebury Ln
    Springfield, MO 65810

    e-mail: [protected]@yahoo.com

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      Comenitythieves! deceptive practice/ added fees

      I wanted to pay off the account. Signed up online, paid amount due in full. A month later they claim I owe them additional $73 for...late fees, finance charges etc! After it was paid in full! I called, talked to 2 people before being transferred to manager and they said i still had to pay it. Also, spent 40min o waiting on the line for the 3 people to talk to me. Bottom line: fraudulent extra charges, their website is not purposely updated on time to show extra charges so they get transferred for next month bill and they can charge you additional fees. T

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        Comenitycomenity credit card/lane bryant

        I receive 3-4 calls from Comenity a day. These voicemails indicate that I should seek legal representation on the matter of my late payment on my credit card. They also state I should provide my attorneys information. Why do I need an attorney for a late credit card payment? They called me this morning and it was a male saying that my "case" had come across his desk and that I needed to have my attorney contact him. This practice seems highly unethical as I have received no paper document indicating I need to be represented.

        comenity credit card/lane bryant
        comenity credit card/lane bryant
        comenity credit card/lane bryant

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          Aug 12, 2019

          Comenity — customer service and their ability to make outbound calls

          August 12, 2019 On August 11, 2019 I was contacted via text by Comenity Bank to contact them. After going...

          Aug 10, 2019

          Comenity Capital Bank — credit services

          This Comenity capital bank hurts people's credit. I often shop Bed Bath and Beyond. About a month ago I see...

          Comenity Bankcomenity bank

          Comenity Bank is one of the worst servicers of credit cards I've ever known. They have placed two identical charges on our bill and when contacted they said they would correct the matter within 24-48 hours. The charge that they have now "resurrected" was made over three months ago, and was paid in full in mid June. Now it has appeared again on the August bill. This is just sheer incompetence and your company should be ashamed of doing business with this shady bank.

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            Comenitypottery barn website payment

            I was once locked out of my web account to pay my bill when I was delinquent. Once I caught and still on track, they told me I would have to create a new account online to access my bill. Every time I go to pay, I can not access my account. It's like I am purposely locked out. Like Commenity wants me to forget, be late, and charge me additional fee's because I can't pay my bill online. Most of the time I have to call and make a payment--that's frustrating because it's not an automated phone system. I have to wait for the place to open. I have set an alarm on my phone to remind me to call while I'm at work. It seems they want you to fail at paying your bill. I'm surprised they have had a civil suit brought against them for their practices.

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              ComenityInability to resolve technical issue with website

              In August 2018, I received a letter from Comenity Bank advising that I could sign up for e-mail and text alerts for charges made to my B.J.'s World Mastercard credit card account. Up until this time, this credit card was the only one I had that did not offer this service.
              I attempted to sign up for these alerts but every time I tried, I got an error message that said, "We're sorry. A technical glitch occurred and your request could not be completed. Please try again." I tried setting different dollar amounts for the alerts; tried requesting only e-mail alerts and then only text alerts; a combination of the two; tried different web browsers; cleared the cache in between requests; and, even tried different computers in the house, including a Macbook, but still got the same error message.
              On 8/26/18, I called Comenity's main customer care number and was given another number to call. I was told a (trouble) ticket was submitted for the problem. Over the next couple of months, I tried again several more times to sign up for the alerts but still kept getting the same error message. I even tried on a friend's computer at his house and still got the error message.
              On 10/22/18, I called Comenity again to advise them that the problem had not been corrected. The customer service rep., Kaitlyn, told me that even though I was getting the error message, I should be seeing something below it asking me to enter my mobile confirmation code. She said she was seeing it on her end. She also said that if everything was working right, I should automatically receive a text message with the code when I attempt to sign up for the alerts. However, I was not seeing a place on the web page to enter a mobile confirmation code, regardless of which web browser I used, nor was I receiving a code via text. She said she would resubmit the (trouble) ticket.
              I told her that I needed to speak with someone in tech support. She said that they really don't have a tech support section. I should have asked where the tickets were being submitted. Not having a tech support section is concerning, because if their database of customer information is breached, then, first of all, how are they going to know it, and secondly, how are they going to know what to do to stop the breach? I would assume that even if they don't have a dedicated tech support section, they subcontract this work out. So, there still should be someone who can resolve this issue.
              Between Oct. 2018 and June 2019, I tried several more times to sign up for e-mail and text alerts, but continued to get the same error message. I called and e-mailed (sent secure message via their web site) several times to complain again about the problem still not being corrected. If I e-mailed them they would just tell me to call their customer care number. I wasn't wasting my time because I had already spoken with more than one rep., other than Kaitlyn, and 2 tickets had already been submitted.
              On 6/3/19, I complained again via e-mail about not being able to set up the alerts. This time, I got a letter in the mail telling me to call their customer care number. I wrote a letter back telling them that this was a waste of time, as I had tried this more than once and none of their reps. could help. I told them to have whoever would be responsible for correcting the problem to call me, instead of me calling them and being on hold for who knows how long. However, I have yet a response to my letter or a phone call.

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                Comenitycredit card practices

                Comenity is the credit card company for Pottery Barn. They are deceptive and I believe criminal in their actions.. We ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn in November of 2018 and then when they were unable to deliver it for some time we cancelled the order. I must add we had paperless Comenity Statements. In January they sent us a notice of late payment. So in late January 2019. I immediately called the credit card company after receiving the late notice and they were great. I explained the situation and they called Pottery Barn and then they credited the purchase of $1500.00 along with ALL the interest and late fees. Then when I looked at the February statement I had an interest charge of $32.21 on a balance of $177.86 plus the $32.21. I was extremely busy so I sent them $300.00 knowing I would deal with this issue when I had time. Finally in May I spent some time to call them and explain the situation and that there was no way there should be a $32.21 charge in interest on a $177.86 balance. They said they would put in a dispute and get back to me. Today I called them and was on the phone for over an hour speaking to one employee and then her supervisor. Speaking to the employee today she claims that the interest rate is 28.99% EVERY MONTH! I told her she was incorrect and that would be illegal. She stood by that ridiculous statement. I asked to be transferred to her supervisor, which I was. He explained to me they were charging me interest on the revolving balance on the returned items because the return credit was not posted until late in January. My point is they admitted the charge and interest was not valid and that is why it was all refunded in January, interest, late fee and purchase price. They do that and then charge the interest the next month AFTER the money was refunded because I had a balance of $177.86 which triggered the revolving balance interest. Remember the first person told me 28.99% of 177.86 was the $32.21. Poor math for someone working for a bank. However, here's the real kicker, the supervisor said "you already paid it so there is nothing we can do" I did explain that I had been busy and paid it to buy me some time to get to a point where I had time to deal with trying to recoup my lousy 32 dollars. IT'S CRIMINAL. They should train their people better and they should take better care of their customers. So for $32.00 dollars I will spend any free time I have and find forums to post my experience. I hope it was worth it for them and I hope you all take notice and boycott Comenity and Pottery Barn for their association with Commenity. Please also notice complaints flow into this site almost daily about them. I have a number of cards and never have issues with anyone else. Please avoid them.

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                  Comenityharassment by fraud protection

                  I logged into my Williams Sonoma Comenity Account account using my password and changed my billing address. A couple of days later I got a call (on the phone listed on my account) from a woman who claimed to be from fraud protection. She asked for my social security number and birthdate, which I refused to give because I had no way of knowing who she was. I then got a threatening letter stating that my account would be closed if I didn't call them back. I did. I was put on hold for 12 minutes before some jerk answered the phone and stood up for this process, and told me I was being unreasonable! I called from the phone number on file. He asked me to read the letter I received. I read 2 1/2 paragraphs of the letter, and asked if I had to finish it, at which time he told me all he needed was my account number. Why didn't he ask for that instead? I then gave him my birthdate, my social security number, my account number, my address, my phone number, and the name of the other person on the account, and he told me he needed to put me on a brief hold while he looked for more personal questions to verify my account. I said, "brief, I've already been on hold for 12 minutes." After two minutes I hung up. Mind you, no one purchased anything. I gave all that personal information. I answered the phone from the first call and verified that I changed the address (which I did using my password). If you need to close my account, fine. I don't need to be harassed.

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                    ComenityUnauthorized closing of my card

                    Someone pretend to be me and have my credit card cut off. How did you know it was me? Your security system is not safe. Now I can never get it back. Thanks alot. I should not pay the bill since you don't recognize me and let anybody pretend to be me and clip me. I make sure I tell everyone all you system. You need to get some type of system going please

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                      • Updated by Sherry Davis · May 24, 2019

                        Still no answer from comenity through Victoria secret

                      Comenitycustomer service and manager

                      The bank messed up and did send me bills for the first few months. They kept the bills back and never called me about it. It was going to an incorrect address that they put. Anyway they waved the late fees as a "courtesy".
                      I just called to pay off the bill of $5000 and asked to wave a fee. This time it wasn't fault so I asked nicely. Ivan said the account isn't eligible. I asked to speak to a manager and I've been on hold for 2 hours!!! Is people time not mean anything to you!

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                        • Pa
                          patriciaDonahue May 13, 2019

                          Comenity Bank/Bealls

                          After many solicitations to sign up for PAPERLESS Billing, I did so and things were fine for a while. The bill came electronically and was always paid on time and in full. However, sporadically, once in July 2018 and the past two months March& April 2019, no notification was received electronically. Yesterday I was notified by my Credit Monitoring Service that my account was in Collections. I immediately paid in full and contacted Customer Service about the Service Fees and Interest. I was informed by two reps (Sandra/Janine) that these BOGUS fees could not be waived since one had been removed (same problem, didn't receive bill) in July 2018. They could only waive once in 18 months. Since none of this is my fault, I had no option except to close my account. I CAN NOT CONTINUE TO DO BUISNESS WITH A COMPANY that does not value it's good customers and would rather lose one over $41.15 in BOGUS FEES, than do the right thing. Sadly, I will no longer be shopping at Bealls, nor use any Comenity Bank.
                          Patricia Donahue

                          -1 Votes
                        Jan 18, 2019

                        Comenity — pier 1 candle

                        The Comenity customer service department is a black hole of confusion and inaction. I bought a candle for...

                        Jan 18, 2019

                        Comenity — account activation

                        1/18/2019 I'm appalled at the lack of service the agents are able to provide. Instead of reading from a...

                        Nov 11, 2018

                        Comenity Bank — harassment

                        I have been receiving harassing phone calls from Comenity bank. They keep telling me and leaving messages on...

                        Nov 02, 2018

                        Comenity — Clothing

                        I played my Comenity bill as soon as I heard from a representative. They ruined my credit and said they had...

                        Oct 17, 2018

                        Comenity — comenity bank officers/agent/worker/representative

                        I am forced to pay on an item that I have not received I ordered an item from Overstock. I did not receive...

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