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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+44 34 5734 5345(Personal Banking - within UK) 3 0
+44 24 7684 2100(Personal Banking - outside of UK) 3 1
+44 80 0085 1115(Premier Banking - Existing Customer) 1 0
+44 80 0924 7365(Premier Banking - New Customers) 1 0
+44 34 5605 2345(Business Banking - Existing Customer) 1 0
+44 80 0015 4242(Corporate Banking - within UK) 1 0
+44 16 0656 3191(Corporate Banking - outside of UK) 1 0

Barclays Bank Complaints & Reviews

Barclays Bank / bank draft

Jul 13, 2019

Barclays BankI have received information to receive a payment from Barkley's Bank London. The outhentication off the documents seems suspicious and the details seems suspesious. Do your bank del in anything relating too this. No Due Diligence accompanied with the eMail or information validating the...

Barclays Bank / harassment calls from barclays bank

Dec 03, 2018

harrasment calls from barklays bank are coming claiming that theyare calling from delhi police and that theyare filing FIR against me and that some payment of 6000 is due on us, we have stopped using barklays bank card from before 15 years, due to wrong charges pur on me, but still after...

Barclays Bank / apple credit card

Aug 23, 2018

I applied for a Barclays Apple rewards card to get my daughter a laptop for college. One of the questions was if I was a US Citizen. I am not but am legal as I have a green card I just ever completed any citizenship paperwork, they asked me to submit all kinds of documentation, ss card...

Barclays Bank / account closed 24%

Apr 19, 2018

Account closed without notice after years paying high interest of over 24%. Had some financial issues due to hurricane Irma which I reported to the credit card companies. I've been paying off balance on time after recuperating. Luckily I noticed credit card closed when I went to make an...

Barclays Bank / swift transmission

Jan 31, 2018

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: BARCLAYS BANK PLC To: benjamin.[protected] Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 18:24:50 +0100 (CET) Subject: SWIFT CONFIRMATION ATT. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE(CIBC) ADDRESS:7310 2ND ST, GRAND FORKS, BC.V0H 1H0 CANADA CC: MR.BENJAMIN...

Barclays Bank / current accounts

Aug 15, 2017

I have been trying to close my accounts with Barclays Zambia for over a year and have been passed from one person to the other. All the people who supposedly are meant to help me with this process just stop responding to me. I have tried sending an email to customer service and also...

Barclays Bank Plc. / Unauthorized credit card charges

Feb 07, 2017

Barclays Bank Plc.Hi Team, There are unauthorized deductions from my barclays account of 15 pounds each month starting from :- 8th June'2016 till date. Deductions are as follows:- 08/06/2016 :- 15 pounds 29/06/2016 :- 15 pounds 29/07/2016 :- 15 pounds 30/08/2016 :- 15 pounds 29/09/2016 :- 15...

Barclays Bank / Unethical behaviour

Jun 16, 2016

Barclays Bankdear sir, this has to do with a lottery on Facebook and I got conned out of money by a man named jess McIntyre, but I got these pictures from him. one is a Barclays winning lottery ticket and another pic. plus I have 1 more question, who is JOHN MCFARLANE, he says hes the chairman of...

Barclaycard / Credit card

Mar 07, 2016

I recently had my wallet stolen in downtown LA because of this I had to order new cards and get new identification. My issues become a lot larger after trying to order a new card from Barclay card because their security system is not designed from the perspective from the user. The kind of...

Barclays Master Card Sacam / Scam on their cards

Apr 24, 2015

I closed my Barclays account since they want your information and share it everywhere . BARCLAYS is a SECURITY RISK TO USERS!!! I then received an email months later notifying me that I have a balance? When I try to call they will not help you unless you still have the card number from...

Barclays Master Card / Fees scam and impossible to resolve

Apr 24, 2015

So I close my barclay account since they want to ask me all of personal info in the most insecure, they are trying to lose your information!!! After I close the account, I get an email that here is a balance. I call and they cannot find it since I do not remember the card number from...

Barclaycard Merchant Services / Prices

Apr 07, 2015

I moved from World pay to Barclaycard Merchant Services to save money and my monthly bill has more than doubled! I am putting through the same amount of payments but Barclaycard charge 2 different rates for Visa Debit Cards, Personal cards at 13p per transaction and Company cards at a...

Barclays Credit Card / Refund

Dec 05, 2014

veterans & disabled veterans beware barclays credit card they dont care about us and they will not help you dealing with scam company that take your money so vets lets not use there card anymore till they show that us the vets come before scam website lets come together and tell them we...

Barclay's Ll Bean Visa / Won't process refunds

Jul 02, 2014

Barclay's LL Bean Visa is a scam. One of their scams is issuing customers new credit cards, with new numbers, and declining to transfer merchandise refunds from the old card to the new card. I have never once had a fraudulent charge on any credit card in 25 years - except the LL Bean...

Barclay Us Air Master Card / Fraudulent interest rate charges

Apr 16, 2014

Barclay Card is unfairly charging a high interest rate to customers with good credit. Their credit evaluations and practices are unfair and predatory. This card that gives US Air miles is not worth the fraudulently high interest rate at 25%. I could go to a lone shark for that rate.

Barclay Card / Closing account

Apr 08, 2014

I closed my credit card with barclay because I was consolidating my credit and they had a high APR 19.5%, I even tried to talk them to lower the APR but that was a fail. So after paying off my debt, I used the app and after making the payment in full the first time I did not get a...

Barclays / Lack of customer service

Nov 17, 2013

Worst credit card ever. Barclay's has no concept of customer service. I believe I was discriminated against because I asked a question. They retaliated by blocking my account. They treated me like a criminal. Blocked my account numerous times. Faxed them personal documents including my...

Barclays Bank/gold Visa / Barclays egypt complaint

Sep 27, 2013

Dear Sir/Mme, I am just trying to express my great sorrow about the lack of confidence and neglecting feelings i passed in while communicating with your respectful team working in Egypt especially Credit card team (Sales, activation, telesales and Customer service teams) I am really annoyed...

Barclays Bank/golden Visa / Egypt branch complaint

Sep 27, 2013

From: khalid ali <[protected]> To: "complaint.[protected]" <complaint.[protected]> Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 5:20 PM Subject: Barclays Egypt Complaint Dear Sir/Mme, I am just trying to express my great...

Barclays Bank Uk / Barclays bank fraud

Sep 07, 2013

Please i would want to make this very public to all users, if you are contacted by anyone or any reason on behalf of barlays bank, please do not respond to such emails, report such emails to : Carole Machell Managing Director, Head of International Business Barclays Bank PLC, Corporate...

Barclays Bank / Settlement of a debt

Feb 25, 2013

I had a Barclays Bank credit card in 2007 and 2008. I have not used this card since 2008. My husband had 7 heart attacks and bi-pass surgery and we almost lost everything. We should have gone bankrupt. I have settled all my debt except Barclays Bank. All my creditors settled for 20% of the...

Barclaycard / Dealing with unauthorized transactions

Feb 16, 2013

Barclay's Visa card refused to deal with an unauthorized charge on my account from a taxi company. I paid for a taxi in cash because the cab driver claimed that my credit card did not go through. Then, I received a second charge on my Visa card for the cab fee, $135. Rather than take...

Barclay Card Us / Worst customer service

Feb 15, 2013

I've been calling this card to have them close my account. They would put me on hold for a long time and I would get tired of waiting for like 5 minutes while they read their notes or study what to do next! Because I hang-up on them (both on purpose and inadvertently this last time...

Barclays / A trap set up by barclays!


I just found out how Barclays made unethical money! We are a small business owner, and we have two accounts, one is called Current Account, and the other is Deposit Account. Current Account is for all the daily activities, like payments and receipts, while Deposit Account is for your cash...

Barclaycard / This is disgusting and i'm really angry with barclays


I went to the petrol station last night and tried to pay for my fuel with my Barclaycard. It was declined twice. The cashier called a number that the till display was showing and after about half an hour of standing there waiting for somebody to come online, I had to answer a series of...

Barclays Credit Card / Discrimination of self employed women


I filed for a Barclays Bank credit line to purchase an Apple computer. I have all the credit cards I need . but I wanted 12-18 months no interest on a Barclays credit line. I have American Express gold Car, Discover card, Bank of America credit card, Capital one credit card, Best buy line...

Barclays Bank/juniper / Closed account fees and interest


I paid off my account on 1/13/12 and four business days later, I noted that Barclay Bank/Juniper have not yet closed my account. I called them three separate times to ask that they close the account and finally on 1/23/12 (twelve calender days after they were paid) they sent a letter with...

Barclays Bank / A very pissed of customer!!!


Dear All, I have had the misfortune to deal with Barclays Bank, actually I bank with them and I often wonder why? This bank by far is the worst bank I have every dealt with in my life and I have worked for so many. When I joined them 10 months back they enticed me to bank with them by...

Barclaycard Us / One of barclays associates has been harassing me via text


One of Barclays associates has been harassing me via text. I called Barclays hoping to have this issue resolved before it got to out of hand. I was routed several times to an automated machine prompting me to enter a new 5 digit extension which never connected me to a live person. I...

Barclays Credit Card / Harrassment claiming non payment


Dear Sir, I and my family members are being harassed by Barclays bank UAE regarding non payment of dues. I submit that I have paid all dues upto December 2011 as required by them. I have also submitted proof of payment including transaction reports from UAE exchange confirming the...

Barclays Bank / Paying cancelled dd


As we had moved to another business address we cancelled the advance DD for the rent, We were out of the old and into the new by the 23.12.2011. The cancelled rent was paid on the 25 of the month. I found out that it was still paid (a day earlier) than usual. we have found that any DD or SO...

Barclaycard Merchant Services / International call centres


Do not for the love of God go to Barclaycard Merchant Services. They have moved their call centres to philippines and India. My initial phone call to sort out a trivial matter went from philippines, to India, to Manchester, then Liverpool. I was then put back to philippines to speak to the...

Barclay Bank Cards / Beware


I have had an L.L.Bean branded Barclay VISA card for several years. When I owed anything, I always got a paper bill and wrote a check for the full amount and mailed it to Wilmington, DE. I had no problems. Last month I ordered a BestWestern branded Barclay MasterCard because it offered a...

Barclays / Mortgage and funds. .


BarclaysI am disgusted with the lack of help from Barclays, , I have sent letters, , emails to my bank in Sotogranda, and no response also tried calling head office in Madrid about my problem. I have a mortgage with you now for 6 years, only to find out my apartment is illegal!!! In Marbella thi...

Credit Card Barclays / Late Fee


I have Credit card from the Barclays bank, which I had applied last year, and by the reason, I could not use it anymore. Therefore, I thought it is better to cancel the card and I simply called the bank for the cancellation with the reason that I think 7-8 months back, which I do not...

Barclays Bank / Microsoft msn lottery


Sir I gt mail that your email won 750000 gbp I want you please check it and tell me is it real or fake [protected]@gncn.Net Barclays commercial bank has dedicated banking services that grows with your business and experts who understand your needs and ambitions. Barclays bank plc i...

Barclays Bank / US Airways Mastercard


I called Barclays Bank today concerning my US Airways Mastercard account requesting help from any program offered for customers in hardship who cannot make their current payments. When I lost my job three years ago, I was told that they had a program to freeze the account for 6 months and...

Barclays Bank Plc / Barclays bank and iran


I have had bank account with Barclays Bank PLC for many years. I was disappointed to learn that their international team closed my account as I asked them to temporary change my address to Iran. I have been complaining in the last 2 years and asking for explaination but did not receive...

Barclay's Usairways Mastercard / Card declined


I have had a USAirways credit card for 30 years. I have a $20, 000 limit and have never been late in payments. In the last year, Barclay's (which took over the card from Bank of America) has put my card on "hold" numerous times, resulting in the card's being declined when I go to...

Barclays Bank London / Scam


Reference to authorization of your accrued interest of us$1, 000.000.00 Following to your email stated below I called and a man told me I have a wrong number. Your email has been notified for the release of your international certified bank draft or debit visa cash card. upon the obtaining...