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Dollar General — Rude customer service Store#14550

My daughter and I went to the store #14550 on 2/21/20. Seeing that there wasnt a cart available to use, I took a 24pk of bottled water to the front to see if I could leave it there while I did more shopping. I started to ask a woman who was emptying black totes, if I could leave it there on a checkout counter that wasnt being used, and she interupted me saying loudly "Im not working right now"! That flew all over me! I said fine, I'm leaving this here even if its not ok, and bought 1 more item (I had planned to buy more things but I was mad and wanted to leave), and told my daughter so that the employee could rude to speak to people and if she isnt working today, why would she even be in the store! The customer in line ahead of me gave me her cart so I wouldnt have to hold the heavy water bottles, and said she would be my customer service. I wanted to tell that employee, that right there is the reason you dont get paid $15 an hour! Then shes blocking my way as I try to leave with another stack of totes, loading shelves at the checkout! I will not be back to that store ever again. I dont usually get that steamed, but this really got to me! I am kicking myself for not getting her name. I work for the state and I've never talked to anyone who walked into my office like that!

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    NotGonnaHappen1989 Feb 24, 2020

    Maybe she was in the store on her day off because she was shopping and didn't want to be bothered with entitled people asking her stupid questions. I'm sure they won't miss you at that store.

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Dollar General — The manager Tomeka

My name is tania wilson and I was hired by tomeka due to the fact if I wrote a letter against the assistant manager that she does not like I would get her assistant manager position well that is not how it happen I was gured as a sales associate lead and my 1st day of work was 01/20/2020 my pay was 9.00 which I was told she would change but didn't my last day of work was the 31st at 730pm I was not played for that last week I was being untrained, she is very rude and disrespectful towards customers I was mislead and lied to all I want is my unclaimed wages before I pursue to legal matters

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 21, 2020

    You can not sue for unclaimed wages since the wages were never officially appropriated to you. You must get it in writing to be official, however I'm sure all your documents show that you were ever only officially appropriated to receive $9.00/hr.

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  • Om
    omitesre Feb 21, 2020

    Your bashing your manager because you do not like her is very rude and immature.

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Dollar General — child's cell phone

I was in dollar general sunday afternoon with grandbaby she gets her own basket and she can have a couple of toys she picks them out her self and pays for them her self at age 3 indeed I give her the money but she gives her money to the person at register and waits for her change and reciept well she was not happy neither was I she got her a toy cell phone out of a box marked a dollar but when we got to register he wrong up item and it said 550 well I explaned to the guy it was in dollar box manger or who was in charge no were to be found I explaned to her what the guy said and she said not right poppa I asked you still want it she said no and got her a candy bar instead if a item is in a box or on shelf and says 1.00 then its a dollar it was not right...

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 18, 2020

    Your English is poor. Maybe you misread the price?

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 19, 2020

    @omitesre Butitwasinthedollabinsoitshoildbeadollaright????

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 19, 2020

    .and please distance yourself from your grandbaby. 🙄 Because you communicate like a valley teen.

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Dollar General — service

I shop at dollar general on average three times a week. (not anymore) I go into the store where there is a line of about 30 customers waiting at one register and I asked the man if they could open another register and he responded with - no one here to run the other register. Left and went to another store (dollar tree) and had no problem getting waited on.. The next day on 02/16/2020 went back to the store and it was the same as the previous day. After reading all the complaints about you business I am surprised that you are still in business. I know now nothing will be done about any complaints therefore I will no longer shop at dollar general. You should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this to go on.

  • Om
    omitesre Feb 17, 2020

    It is funny how there are 30 people in line an you are the only one that is too impatient to wait. You say you won't be back. Well you won't be missed. I just feel sorry for the employees at Dollar Tree who had to deal with you. The reason they are still in business is the other 29 people are adult enough to wait their turn without complaining. Out of 30 people waiting in line you are the only one causing a scene. If anyone should be ashamed it should be YOU.

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  • Co
    Countrymom2020 Feb 21, 2020

    @omitesre Are you serious? I’m sure the other 29 people got impatient too. She was telling us about her experience no need to interject mean words towards her. Just move on Have a Wonderful day

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  • Om
    omitesre Feb 21, 2020

    @Countrymom2020 No ìt is obvious that sheads the only impatient one

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 21, 2020

    @Countrymom2020 "I'm sure...".

    You were there? Methinks not. We don't have mean words towards anyone but truthful words. The fact that there are 29 other people in line and NO help obviously from management or anyone should clue you into the reality of being a worker in these terribly understaffed stores. No one cares about the workers!

    Being impatient is one thing, taking it out on the apparent ONLY worker is inexcusable. They are working which is more than I can say about most of the BLM people.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 17, 2020

    You are confusing dollar tree and dollar general.

    Only dollar tree is the true dollar store.

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  • Om
    omitesre Feb 17, 2020

    @Hilarity Ensues Here we go again not being allowed to vote thumbs up or thumbs down.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 21, 2020

    @omitesre I checked this morning. I'm able to.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 18, 2020

    Same thing happens at Dollar Tree stores, and any of these small format stores. Really no one should shop at any of these stores. If you want to talk about economic inequality these small format stores aka dollar stores are the biggest offenders. These stores profit margins are 70 percent or higher yet they pay less then 10 percent in wages, and the prices aren't that low. Walmart is a much less offender of economic inequality then these small format stores.

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Dollar General — truck

26083 I was driving east bound on State Route 22 in Ebensburg, PA on Friday, Februrary 14, 2020 at 8:32am (according to the time stamp on the picture I took of this truck driving). A...

Retail Stores  · Feb 17, 2020

Dollar General — advertising products and not ever carrying them

This company has a bad problem with not carring items advertised in a circular. For instance.. there trac-phones. Since the circular came out I went to 3 stores nearest to me, to purchase any 1 of the 2 advertised phones for $20.00. Each store said the same. They never got those 2 phones in. I ask.. then why is this circular in your store then? They don't have answers. You can't even order this online. To add to the bad advertising, I send my compliant through Dollar General website, and guess what??? Not a peep from them.

advertising products and not ever carrying them

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 17, 2020

    The advertisement is put out by Tracfone, and Dollar General is just the middle man. Tracfone likely only stock these items in wealthy community stores, like Miami, Los Angeles, New York, etc. Your problem is with Tracfone. It doesn't surprise the store associates since it's not Dollar General that not sending the phones to those stores.

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Dollar General — manager assistant manager if that's what you call her

I have lived in Mounds View my entire life and I have never been so disgusted with a store in my life. You have three rude employees there. Cheryl, Jessica- NOT JESSIE! She's about the only one without any disrespect to the customers and other staff. Then you have aJessica the curly haired demon that spreads rumors about other employees at other stores in the mall. She's a classless [censored] and can't understand for the life of how she still has a job. Same with the one that has no teeth. Her name is Connie and she has got to be one of the most miserable, disrespectful women, if you can call her that, I've ever met. These are the people you let represent your store? I've personally witnessed her say [censored] among other disgusting words in front of customers. I happened to be in the store some three years ago when she threw her keys and said [censored] this place, I'm out of here! Mind you, she put on this show in front of about five customers. My family and myself used to shop there on a regular basis. Not anymore. Between how disgusting the store is and that Connie andJessica and how they treat customers and other employees is almost to much to believe it's been allowed to go on so long. Then there is that Meth head that you call a manager that does nothing but allow a hostile work environment to go on. The way that toothless gorilla Connie and that short Medusa looking Troll with the nasty curly hair that she never washes its a wonder the other employees stick around there to be abused by all three of those poor excuse for a manager and Assistant manager who should have NEVER been hired back for saying [censored] this place and throwing her keys and storming out in front of me and other customers. The only reason I still give that store any business is because of a gal named Jessie who is the most sweetest and helpful employee you've ever had. What's really sick about the whole thing is she has a disabled husband and Connie and that little troll Jessica treat her like garbage. Go ask other places like people that work at the liquor store and Cost Cutters and the Tobacco shop. I know for a fact that Jessie has given four years of her life to that dump and can't figure it out. She's such a sweet women and treat all us customers with so much respect and is so helpful. I know for a fact Jessie would give her a ride home for almost a year and not once did she ever offer her a dime for gas money of even thank her and Jessie finally had more then she could take and stopped giver her rides. Her own husband won't hardly pick her up. And the new regional manager you hired is no better then Connie, Cheryl or the little troll Jessica. I made up my mind tonight and will NEVER spend another Penney at that store until all three of those so called employees are gone. Good luck turning that store around because it is by far the biggest dump out of every store in that mall. That Connie threw her keys and quit and has the most foul mouth and Cheryl and Jessica are right behind them. Poor little Jessie because she gets so hard. I can tell she's at her braking point and your so called regional manager isn't much better. All she cares about is her own paycheck. Dollar General was once a decent store but not anymore. It's a total disgrace and getting worse. I hope for the sake that store you fire Starting with toothless, foul mouthed Connie. Then that gossiping liar troll Jessica and lastly, Cheryl. I can't understand for the life of me why little sweet Jessie sticks around there to be abused by the back stabbers.

Dollar General — manager

You should fire the Manager, Lori, at the Dollar General in Merrill, Wisconsin. I went to Dollar General on Valentine's Day [protected]) to get all the goodies and cards for my family. Upon walking into the store and taking a cart, the lady who is the Manager, Lori, called someone on the phone and proceeded to ream that employee out, extremely loud for a very long time. The manager was talking so loud, you could hear her entire (25 min) conversation throughout the entire store. She proceeded to holler and chew the employee out, stomping around the store pulling stickers off of the shelves, even told the employee that he/she had no business posting stickers on the shelves, that this is her store to post the stickers, not the employee's. This employee did not do as instructed and that next time she better call the manager because that is what everyone else does and not to make any decisions. Obviously by the Manager's response, the employee must have made a derrogatory question (i.e., why are you being such a [censored]?) to which the Manager replied (now I'm about 5 feet away from the registers where the Manager is standing) that she can be a [censored] because she's the manager and that she is going to continue to be a [censored] if the employee doesn't do as instructed or they will be written up. I really considered walking out and leaving all the stuff I had in my cart. I was there for around 30 mins at the very least and that is all I heard the entire time I was in the store, until just before I left. The Manager hung up while the other employee was checking me out. My entire shopping trip was so uncomfortable and horrible that I'm not sure if I will return to the store. I will take my business to Dollar Tree or Family Dollar and not have the entire shopping trip be so stressful and horrible. I have owned my own retail store in Merrill for over 30 years, and never NEVER has business ever been conducted in such an extremely unprofessional manner. The actions of the manager directly reflect on the store and she should have spoken to the employee privately. Also, in my opinion this employee would definitely have cause to bring legal action against this company for the actual ABUSE and HARASSMENT. It is a sad state of affairs if Corporate refuses to do something about it. This is a very small town and most people know each other and certainly know the check out people. From the content of the 1-sided conversation that I witnessed, I know exactly who this employee was. The Manager did not make any attempt to control her words or herself. She was extremely mad which was very obvious from her body language alone, stomping around the store like a crazy person. The majority of the store is covered with boxes and new supplies standing in the aisles, waiting to be unpacked and put away. Maybe the manager could have better spent her 1/2 hour unpacking and stocking instead of driving out customers by her vile and WHITE TRASH ATTITUDE and ACTIONS.

Dollar General — no products on shelves. terrible customer service

26083 The shelves are always empty. The store STILL stinks. The prices advertised are not what is charged. Products still in bins that are blocking the aisles. There can be 4 employee...

Winona Retail Stores  · Feb 12, 2020

Dollar General — service of store manager

I witnessed your store manager at rhe camden Michigan store heavily berate and employee to where the girl was in tears asking her to please stop speaking to her that way. Then...

Retail Stores  · Feb 10, 2020

Dollar General — customer service

2/10/20 I went to the dollar store in ivor (general mahone blvd). I was going to buy toilet paper, a calendar and a can of lysol! I waited in line for 15-20 min just to check out...

Retail Stores  · Feb 10, 2020

Dollar General — cleanliness

The outside sidewalk and parking lot of this store has always been extremely dirty. Trash lying all around. I have lived in this area for four years. It has always been this way...

Milton Retail Stores  · Feb 09, 2020

Dollar General — racism

By this means I make a complaint to her worker at DGon sunday february 9 in the morning.The woman works at the cash register told me in a conversation that she did not like...

Dollar General — cleanliness

This store is very dirty, and the workers are rude. This si my third time in this store, and each time I go there, the store is very dirty, products blocking isles, and the...

Lansing Retail Stores  · Feb 07, 2020

Dollar General — not fair

Two days ago I was given my write up for a ncns. It wasn't intentional, I had my teeth out and was on medication. I completely slept through my shift... Well, a few week...

Pemberton Retail Stores  · Feb 07, 2020

Dollar General — store interior

I live across the street and have had numerous complaints about the store in albany, louisiana. I have to say... I went in yesterday, and the store was once again, stocked and...

1 comments Albany Retail Stores  · Feb 06, 2020

Dollar General — service and safety

At 4 am Jan 27 single car in parking lot, small town we look out for each other . There was one person in store stocking. This is the same person that is always working and...

2 comments Retail Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Dollar General — I was followed to my car and threatened by a dollar general employee and now I am banned

After refusing to give refund or exchange item with receipt at first dollar general, I went to second and received an exchange. I went to first dollar general showed cashier my...

2 comments Retail Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Dollar General — the whole store because of who I think is the store manager

26083 This store opened a year ago. Our area really needed this store! It was great when it first opened then went down hill then came back up now its going right back down hill. I...

Galway Retail Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Dollar General — store cleanliness and organization

For a second time within 6 months I have gone into the local Dollar General store and found that it is dirty and messy with product that should be on the shelves stacked on cart...

Scotland Neck Retail Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Dollar General — complaint

On January 23, 2020 I shopped at DG I had to wait to check out because the 2 employees were STANDING IN THE DOORWAY smoking. The smoke came thru the store. I am highly allergic to...

2 comments Meridian Retail Stores  · Feb 03, 2020

Dollar General — why do the employees park their vehicles in the parking spots in front of the store?

Every time I come to my DG the same van is parked in a prime parking spot for customers. This is rude. They are here all day, they need to park in other locations. It seems that...

Dollar General — customer service and lack of community respect

26083 It saddens me to see the store I once worked in many years ago in such horrific shape. It's truly disgusting. I only worked there a few months before being called out to lead...

Lawrenceburg Retail Stores  · Jan 28, 2020

Dollar General — employee

I went to DG. As I am a regular customer. I only had a few things. There was an elderly disabled woman in front of me that had quite a bit of items. case of water cat food some...

5 comments Rockfield Retail Stores  · Jan 27, 2020

Dollar General — rude employee ashlee

I was sitting in my car on a business call and my mother went into the store to grab a movie. She said she went into the movie isle to look for a movie she wanted. She went up to...

3 comments Toledo Retail Stores  · Jan 27, 2020

Dollar General — worker

I am a regular in youratore at 801 zion Church Rd, and I asked about the Manager Kevin, I was told " I got him fired finally" by Tina. This is absolutely absurd to hear...

Goodlettsville Retail Stores  · Jan 26, 2020

Dollar General — rudeness, and unprofessional conduct with no solution

I went in the store to purchase a prepaid Verizon phone. I asked the assistant manager of they had the phones in stock and she showed me that they did. I waited in line I buy the...

Tallulah Retail Stores  · Jan 26, 2020

Dollar General — my criminal background

26083 I caught the Felony charge in 2006 convicted in 2007 did jail time an was released in 2011 Its 2020 I'm a Merchandise manager at my current job an these people want give me a...

1 comments Lafayette Retail Stores  · Jan 24, 2020

Dollar General — service

It seems a change in management means the right to bash customers who were friendly with the last employee. The unprofessional behavior of this female employee is noted, and will...

Fairborn Retail Stores  · Jan 24, 2020

Dollar General — waited about 10 minutes with no one in front of me just to pay $1 for cookies

I just visited my local DG and the store was empty so I expected the highest of customer service quality. I only went to buy $1 of cookies. I grabbed my item and was waiting for...

Retail Stores  · Jan 23, 2020

Dollar General — hours open and stores not being stocked

I have 4 DG stores within 3 miles of my home and half the time they are out of juices. One of the stores has no juice at all on its shelves. And I buy a certain java monster and...

Retail Stores  · Jan 22, 2020

Dollar General — cashier was just plain rude

Went in to buy a few things and not only was the cashier yvonne rude and loud she completely ignore me. She also got loud with my daughter who was acting up but she is not her...

1 comments Hartsville Retail Stores  · Jan 22, 2020

Dollar General — cashiers

I was at the Beech Creek Pa Dollar General store on January 18 2020 around 130pm. My fiance and I went in to get a few things. My fiance went up to buy us a pack of cigerettes and...

Dollar General — customer service

This store has terrible customer service and their sales often don't ring up right and the managers are often rude and incompetent. Checkout is slow and usually there'...

Modesto Retail Stores  · Jan 17, 2020

Dollar General — poor customer service and cleanliness

I shop this store often. It seems like every time I visit there seems to be a problem or incident. Mostly employee customer service. This location is always unclean and messy and...

Rockport Retail Stores  · Jan 17, 2020

Dollar General — store

The store is very dirty and you can't walk around due to all the stock karts. I am so tired of not being able to push a buggy around. There are always so much stock on the kart...

Retail Stores  · Jan 16, 2020

Dollar General — I was told by the cashier as soon as I entered the store that I couldn't bring my service dog in the store

This happened sunday 1/12/2020 @ 11:30 am. The guy was rude as soon as I walked in he was waiting on a customer and he says to me no dogs are allowed in the store. I said my dog...

1 comments York Retail Stores  · Jan 13, 2020

Dollar General — I got injured in the store because of the front door

I got injured in the store because the front came back on me and they refused to hear my claim, and they lied about the whole thing, they are a ghetto outfit, disrespectful...

3 comments Tupelo Retail Stores  · Jan 13, 2020

Dollar General — purchased 30 dollars worth of stale candy

26083 Went into Dollar General location sometime last week // may have been on 01/07/2020.. @Address: 6489 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA 30236.. I am a manager and went in to purchase an...

1 comments Jonesboro Retail Stores  · Jan 09, 2020

Dollar General — terrible customer service

26083 To Whom It May Concern and/or Todd J Vasos DG CEO, I had a terrible experience at your Inglewood DG location on Dec. 22 when I was about to purchase a large amount of laundry...

10 comments Inglewood Retail Stores  · Jan 05, 2020

Dollar General — store manager

I personally have been harrassed at work by the store manager and the assistant manager. They are both trying everything they can to make me quit but i refuse. Currently my...

Retail Stores  · Jan 05, 2020

Dollar General — truck driver on premises around 5:40 on 1/3/2020

I drove up to Dollar General in Terry, MS around 5:40 pm on 1/3/2020. I was approached by a truck driver and was told, not asked, to move my vehicle. I was waiting for some other...

Jackson Retail Stores  · Jan 03, 2020

Dollar General — customer service

I just came out of store 🏬 # 13384. And this store has gone COMPLETELY DOWNHILL!! I used to be able to come in and shop, and the Associates were very Friendly and would smile...

Dickson Retail Stores  · Jan 01, 2020

Dollar General — store mgr

26083 The store mgr is one of the rudest ppl this community has ever had. She is disrespectful to customers, talks to employees like their her slaves. The district mgr visited the...

2 comments Starks Retail Stores  · Dec 30, 2019

Dollar General — doors locked before store closed

I came to this location the night of 12/29/19 at 9:50 pm. I was sick and needed emergency female items. The door was locked and the employee there rolled her eyes at me when I...

1 comments Florence Retail Stores  · Dec 30, 2019

Dollar General — manager unprofessional

She yells at employers in the middle of the store while customers are there and one day could hear here using unnecessary words one the phone and I was not impressed she is going...

Pompey Retail Stores  · Dec 28, 2019

Dollar General — management

I do not understand your choices in management!! Tara is a horrible, rude, disrespectful person... Always even without a complaint, but if you try to return something she treat...

Irmo Retail Stores  · Dec 27, 2019

Dollar General — manager

Jason is the manager of this store, and he has continued to harrass my husband JC Reedy (IO UTZ delivery driver). this is not on a professional level of harassment, this i...

1 comments Luray Retail Stores  · Dec 26, 2019

Dollar General — heartland chicken and sweet potato dog treats

26083 Dollar General: These are my dogs fav treats however I'm about to discontinue purchasing them if all I get in a bag is 2 treats, I've weighed them and unless I add the bag to the...

Retail Stores  · Dec 22, 2019

Dollar General — a mess!

I go in this store probably 4 times a week. I've noticed that it the cleanliness of the store is going downhill.!! They usually only have I employee at register and a manager...

Monroe Retail Stores  · Dec 19, 2019

Dollar General — employee misconduct.

I work for store# 8175. And the manager and assistant manager are overly friendly with each other to the point ones son was harrasing, and stalking several employee s at store...

2 comments Clayton Retail Stores  · Dec 16, 2019

Dollar General — the total disarray of the store is not conducive to shopping in this store.

I have been a long time shopper at this particular Dollar General and in the past had always enjoyed my shopping experience. I the last 3-4 months there has been a very noticeable...

Stevens Retail Stores  · Dec 15, 2019

Dollar General — management

Store # 17589: When I go into dollar general penny shopping the manager is very rude when I find items that is a penny. She refuses to sell the items and when she is told that it...

Bruce Retail Stores  · Dec 15, 2019

Dollar General — the general store in havana, il

Hello, I do not want to complain about any product, but Dollar General in Havana, Illinois not participating in the Christmas punch card. Today I asked the cashier to punch my...

4 comments Retail Stores  · Dec 11, 2019

Dollar General — denial of restroom access to a 3 y. o

While taking my 4 grandchildren shopping at the store my 3 y.o needed to use the restroom I asked the clerk for the key and she said that they dont have a public restroom, my...

2 comments Dayton Retail Stores  · Dec 10, 2019

Dollar General — cleanliness and inventory piling up at the store

After years of noticing unkempt store, I've decided to make a complaint. For weeks the shelves were not stocked and empty as well as boxes and boxes of inventory blocking the...

Savanna Retail Stores  · Dec 10, 2019

Dollar General — balloons and helium

26083 I purchased 62 balloons from this location and intended on having them blown up for a party im throwing December 14 I was going to have them blown up a day before. I asked if they...

2 comments El Dorado Retail Stores  · Dec 09, 2019

Dollar General — employees

I was a frequent shopper at the Wells Dollar General up until last week, when I found out from a reliable anonymous source that some store employees have been spreading rumors and...

1 comments Retail Stores  · Dec 04, 2019

Dollar General — dirty store

This store is nasty. The young girl managing Ins it is not management material. She is rude and Always on the phone. She was particularly rude to me today when I forgot a...

Retail Stores  · Dec 02, 2019

Dollar General — the whole store

They never have anything in stock. And the wait time on what they do have isn't worth it. You will be standing there 10-15 min for one item. The employees are rude. I started...

Retail Stores  · Dec 02, 2019