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On Friday afternoon as I was getting my prescriptions at the drive through window from one tech, another tech popped her head out the window (brown hair with glasses slightly heavy set and tall) and said she was getting "WiFi" and proceeded to take a picture of my vin number In my car window with her personal cell phone . She then went back inside saw the pic wasn't clear came back out and did this again. I am a disabled person with an auto immune disease who moved here from another state with a situation of which she has no idea what is going on with me. What she did is not
Only illegal but completely disgusting and whatever she is planning on doing with that information is what? I live in SC for Half the year and NY for half the year completely legally and I follow the law. Please tell me what right she has in any way to cause a disabled person stress and what she intends to do further with a picture of my
Vin number? Please look into this situation, find out who did that and why and stop them from discriminating against the disabled please thank you. Not sure if your pharmacists and techs realize they are not the DMV or the police and that they cannot do something like that. Especially with their own personal device. Trying to get WiFi? Is she kidding? Everyone knows CVS has their own WiFi password for their employees and they log on to it when they get there. What she did actually caused me to become ill. I have a severe condition and am disabled mentally, physically and emotionally. It seems to me a pharmacist should know as per their training that disabled people do not need their conditions exacerbated by someone who is being nosey much less someone who is supposed to help them! Shame on her! Is she aware I could sue her and also file a police report against her and CVS for what she did?

Sep 28, 2019

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