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Reviews and Complaints

CVSan employee

My name is James Baker and I live in Palo Alto, CA. On about the middle of June, 2019, I stopped by your store at 2701 Middlefield Rd.
in Palo Alto. I was there to purchase some items that I needed. Upon entering the store I noticed a Black woman employee who angrily yelled something at me as I entered. Since I did not know her, I thought she may have been speaking to someone else. But to my surprise, after I brought my items to the counter, she intentionally spat in my face in the area of my mouth. I was in the process of speaking to the cashier, so my mouth may have been partially open.
She, the Black woman, seemed to be in some kind of management position. I am not totally sure the male cashier saw everything that happened, but it would have been hard for him not to notice. I am at a loss to understand why she did this. Maybe you can find out why. I strongly resent what happened. You can contact me at 3039 Higgins Place, Palo Alto, CA. [protected]. My email address is james.[protected]

  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019

    She spat in your mouth without a word. She yelled at you for no reason. Your name and location matter why?

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  • Se
    Seriously2019 Sep 29, 2019

    @SubSquirrel I’m going to say it’s because he’s hoping someone will help him seriously had to ask that?

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 29, 2019

    @Seriously2019 Anonymous complaining is acceptable.

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