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Complaints & Reviews

The Good Rx coupons

I tried to use a coupon for a discount for a prescription at a drugstore.They didn't accept it.They said those coupons were only suggestions.Why have a good rx card then if the coupons are no good?A disappointed customer.

not much of a discount

How is GoodRx 80% discounted??

BD Pen needles Ins 94.60 QTY 200 Goodrx 50.93

Victoza Ins 45.00 QTY 9 pens GoodRx 1043.21

Lantus Ins 45.00 QTY 15 pens GoodR 213.24

  • GoodRx's response · Mar 20, 2020

    Hello! We sincerely apologize that we were not able to help you save more on your prescriptions. Because GoodRx is not insurance, prices may still be quite high for brand-name prescriptions. Our discounted prices will be lower than if you just paid cash, but they can still be in the hundreds of dollars or more.

    If our price is too expensive, there are other ways for you to save! On, we provide information and links to manufacturer coupons, patient assistance programs, and other ways for you to significantly reduce the cost of brand-name prescriptions. Please give us a call at 888-799-2553, and we would be happy to walk you through this!

cold medications

I wanted to inform you that this Pharmacy denied me your benefits and said that if we have insurance that we...

good rx gold

I received a free trial for their good rx gold. I never saved a dime with the gold version. Not one medicine did I ever receive a discount on through the gold program. The gold version was cancelled way before the trial was over, yet I was charged for the worthless membership. I want my money back. Do not do the gold rx. It doesn't save you money at all and charles you a monthly fee even when you do the free trial.

  • GoodRx's response · Jan 15, 2020

    Hello Kerry! We sincerely apologize for the trouble, and see that you have successfully cancelled your GoodRx Gold account. We have gone ahead and refunded the charge for $5.99, and you should receive a refund notification email.

walmarts in the minneapolis area

Good Rx advertises Levothyroxin 25mcg at Walmart Pharmacies as one month for $4.00. This is not the case. I have attempted to get this price at three different Walmarts in the MSP area. Price actually rings in at $14-28. Regional price info needs to be more accurate. According to one pharmacist, it has something to do with a MN law preventing pharmacies from selling Rx below actual cost.

  • GoodRx's response · Jan 15, 2020

    Hello! We are so sorry to hear about the trouble that you have experienced at Walmart Pharmacies in your area. We would be more than happy to look into this for you immediately. Please give us a call at 888-799-2553, and we will collect the necessary information to reach out to the pharmacy on your behalf.

inconsistent prices and screwed up requests form.

I looked up pricing on a new med last week and was shown a coupon for $8 and change at my Walgreen's. When I presented my GoodRX card I was told it would be $18 and change. So I gave them the coupon, and they told me it would be $14 and change. Pretty lame! I found out the $8 and change was for a specific manufacturer that my Walgreen's did not have. No where on the GoodRx site or coupon did it mention that it was only for a specific manufacturer. And why my card was more than the coupon code is a mystery. I wonder how much money I have been wasting by only using my card?

Also there seems to be no way to contact anyone electronically. There is a link ("Submit a Request Form") on their "" page that takes you to a basically blank page (

  • GoodRx's response · Jan 15, 2020

    Hello Rick! We apologize for the confusion, and would . be happy to look into this for you immediately. Discount cards and coupons work in the same way and have the same information for your pharmacist to enter. However, the coupons listed on our website and mobile app will typically provide you with much lower prices than the discount card. We offer the card for those who do not have access to the internet. While the card will still provide you with a discount at the pharmacy, it may not always provide you with the price listed on our website. In order to receive the coupon price listed on our site, the pharmacist must use only the coupon from our website or mobile app. Please let us know if you need any help locating a coupon! Please give us a call at 888-799-2553, and we will reach out to the pharmacy on your behalf!

drug coupon at cvs pharmacy

Our dog, ZAK, takes two medications to control seizures. Phenobarbitol and Keppra XR. We usually get his medications at Kroger Pharmacy and use the GoodRX coupons no problem. Recently, Keppra XR is not available (anywhere at any pharmacy) until December. Humans and Pets are having problems getting this medication, Keppra XR. Without a coupon, Keppra XR runs OVER $570.00 for 180 tabs (750 mg). I found a supply of Keppra XR at CVS Pharmacy (store#7156). CVS pharmacies do not honor GOODRX coupons for pets. IF the SAME coupon was used for a DOCTOR prescribed Keppra XR order there would be no problem BUT since the prescription is VET prescribed for Keppra XR CVS Pharmacy will not honor GOODRX coupons.

  • GoodRx's response · Jan 15, 2020

    Hello! Your pharmacist may be having trouble with your GoodRx coupon because they need your veterinarian's DEA number. Either you or the pharmacy can call your vet to obtain the DEA number, or it may already be on the script.

    In the pharmacy's system, human prescriptions require an NPI number to identify the doctor who prescribed the medication. Because most Veterinarians do not have NPI numbers, the pharmacist will need to use your vet’s DEA number to process a coupon for your pet.

    While a DEA number is typically only needed for controlled substances, when it comes to human prescriptions, it is the only number that will work for pet prescriptions.

    Once the pharmacist has your prescriber's DEA number, they should be able to process the coupon without any problems. If the pharmacist does continue to have trouble, please give us a call at 888-799-2553.


I started using GoodRX coupons and recently downloaded a coupon to use. As a result, I have now been bombarded with advertising. It's awful. I play an online Soduku game and after every game a GoodRX ad takes over and has no close down option. This happens over and over again. It is so obnoxious that they have lost my business. I will now go to a mail order prescription company instead.

  • GoodRx's response · Jan 15, 2020

    Hello Jo! We apologize for the trouble, and would be happy to help stop this for you! Please give us a call at 888-799-2553.

walgreens price on goodrx

I ran up the prices in my area for 540 capsules of Gabapenin. I take 6 capsules a day and this is a 90 supply. Walgreens was the cheapest at about $21.00. I drove 10 miles to my local Walgreens and they wouldn't honor your coupon. The wanted to charge me $99.00. This Walgreens was on Forty Foot Road In Kulpsville, Pennsylvania. I then returned home and printed another for Giant Pharmacy that was about $26.00. I went to Giant and they honored your coupon and price for 540 capsules of Gabapenin. What's up with Walgreens? Did they mislead you on prices to attract customers?

  • GoodRx's response · Jul 05, 2019

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced while trying to use a GoodRx discount.

    The pharmacies listed on our site are contractually obligated to accept the coupons we list. (The only exception to this being controlled substances, as discounts for controlled substances are honored at the discretion of the pharmacy/pharmacist).

    I would be more than happy to notify the coupon provider of the experience you had with this pharmacy. From there, they will notify their corporate office who can re-educate the staff at this location on their contractual obligations to accept the discount.

    To do so, there are just a few pieces of information we will need in order to notify the coupon provider. Can you give us a call at 888-799-2553 so we can investigate immediately and correct this issue? Thank you.

my medicare plan d plan not listed

GoodRx is missing my medicare Plan D . I have the Wellcare Value 2019 plan. they list only the other Wellcare plans. I have called about this and get nowhere. I cannot use there online contact page as they insist on information that is not pertinent to my questions. Their contact is only asking about filling prescription problems.
Thus their site is useless to me for a full price comparison. .

incorrect information

I went to Good RX for folic acid. The site said Walmart sells it for $4.00 for 30 tablets. When I got it from...


good rx promotion

Good RX sent an email several days ago stating it will now be available on Amazon Alexa and Echo and had a link to its blog which went into more detail. Well, Alexa and the Amazon Alexa app know nothing about this. Good RX customer service rep tried to explain that they are not Amazon, and condescendingly.

I am attaching a screenshot. Good RX disconnected when I asked for a supervisor.

good rx promotion

waste of time

Why don't these coupons work? Maybe I do something wrong? But I don't understand how someone can do something wrong because an algorithm is very simple. You buy any coupon you want, print it out and get a discount using a definite service within a definite time period till it expires. When I come to exchange the coupons, they tell me, that the coupons are no longer working. How is this possible and whose fault is this?

meijer's pharmacy #188 livonia, mi ph #[protected]

I went to the Goodrx site to check prices on my meds. I submitted my prescriptions to the pharmacist and told...


I am extremely disappointed with and especially with their service. I mean with the lack of service. I sent them tons of emails and they never replied. I saw on different website that sometimes their representative replies, then why they continue to ignore me? I wanted to ask a simply question, but they really don't care and can't find 5 minutes to reply. Terrible!

  • GoodRx's response · Dec 01, 2016

    I think you've confused us with someone else. We respond to all customer complaints, generally within 1 business day. Perhaps you've got the wrong info - try [email protected] or check your spam folder?

it is impossible to save money on this website

We tried to buy some medicine from the website We received the coupon and tried to use it...

my coupon was invalid on the website

I had the coupon and decided to buy some medical supplies from the website I choose the...

they twice lost my card

I recently visited the website and ordered discount card from them. I filled the form and provided my address, but these scammers only told me that they lost it. It was too much, but I again filled the form and told to provide ASAP. But the situation was the same. The company is really unreliable and unprofessional. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

  • GoodRx's response · Jun 16, 2016

    GoodRx does not require consumers to order a discount card. You can get better prices by simply printing out free coupons.

empty promises and excuses

The website is suitable not only for people, but also for pets. The website offered different...