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The Brick / not delivery

Canada Review updated:
l order a armoire on Oct.20 2007 was told at that time delivery was nov.10 2007 its was OK so on Oct 24 l called to see if it was coming on that day told yes someone will call Nov 10 between 7am-9am no one call so at 930 l called the store they said l was not on the delivery sheet asked why they said they didn't know someone will call me back in about 1 hour l called again at 1130 and asked to speck to a manage she get back to me OK l forward my phone and went to the store they said they were sorry but have no reason that l was told the armoury was going to be delivery because it was not in the plant.l stop my order and got my money back but l will never go to the brick. the people l talk to on Sat Nov 10 in the store in Customer service dept. rune and very uncaring as l went ed my try the manage was rune to a customer before me


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  7th of Sep, 2010
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The Brick - delivery
the brick

my husband and i needed a new couch very badly so we have been shopping around for a while testing out A LOT of couches until we found the right one, which was hard because most of them were either too soft or rock hard. we fell in love with one but it wasnt on sale so two weeks ago( the secon last weekend in aug i think) and we saw that not only was it on sale but the floor model chair was being sold. It was a good deal and in good shape so we decided to take both. They didnt have the colour of couch we wanted there so it had to be ordered and we didnt want to pay 70 dollars for delivery when we live 5 mins away. we were told it would be in the following friday which worked for us becuase he was on vacation. we arrarnged to use husbands fathers van who lives in hamilton( 30 mins away) to pick up said furniture. on that friday husband drove all the way to hamilton( FIL was busy with work so couldnt come to us) picked up his van drove back to brantford with his nefew to help carry the couch and chair got to the brick and they had ordered us the wrong colour!!! husband asked what they would do for us becuase we had just got rid of our couch the day before making room for the new one and they said we could drive to missisauga and get it (50+ mins depending on traffic) and have 75$ taken off the price or free delivery on tusday. we took te free delivery on tuesday. the next day ( a sat) we went t my mothers for the day to visit and get home and see that the brick called. He calls them back and they tell us that we didnt call them to tell them what we wanted to do so our delivery has been pushed back to wed!!! husband states that he was there IN PERSON and told the guy in the back who was dealing with the couch that we would take the tuesday del option. the person onn the phone then wants to know the name of the person we talked to still trying to get us to accept wed delivery. NO WAY! we have no couch!!! only the chair!!! where are we supposed to sit??!! after some talking they reluctantly agree to the tuesday delivery. They said they would call in the morning and let me kno when they are coming. it is now 10:22am and no phone call yet. If it doesnt come today when we either want a bigger discount for our troubles or we are returning everything and going else where! we will NEVER EVER shop at the brick unless we can take it home that day!!!
  7th of Sep, 2010
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12:31 and no call yet husband is on the phone with them right now
  7th of Sep, 2010
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husband just got off the phone with them and now they are saying that they have us penciled in for next friday!!! I DONT THINK SO!! ITS ALL GOING BACK!
  24th of Sep, 2012
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Just so you know, if they call you to tell you your item is in for delivery & you cannot take delivery when they say, they will give it to someone else, They say there policy is after 7 days they will do this but apparently being told on a Monday & a Tuesday that I would have to call back if I wanted delivery of my item next week and then when I call on the Monday I am informed that there is no product.
Guess there 7 day policy which was not disclosed was not honoured. I have a call in to the store but somehow doubt I will be called & if I am will not have my item delivered this weekend. Not impressed at all - quote from The Brick, "Our Commitment is to you...our customer, " If this is true there will the dining set I ordered & paid for delivery, delivered on Saturday. Otherwise bad customer service.
  1st of Oct, 2012
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I had a bedroom set delivered. The delivery guy said he could not move all of the items to the bedroom on the 3rd floor, so he left the dresser on the main floor and said he would return. A month later, the dresser is still on the main floor. I have been out of the country so they can not take my calls nor can they call me to organize this. My boyfriend has been calling and they are not returning his calls.

This is unprofessional!!

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