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We purchased a couch *Model ACEGYSL2 Vendor: 060H, on-line and when it was received it looked cheap. Well, it's beyond cheap. We paid roughly $1572.00, which is allot of money for us, maybe not for your company, but it was for us. We needed something for our TV room and thought this would work. Boy, were we ever WRONG. It's a piece of junk. I've emailed to complain, had to go through various portals to finally get someone to acknowledge and then I get to speak to some incompetent individual who didn't even read what our problem was, that was indicated in the form. I was told to fill out the Warranty form even though it wasn't a warranty issue. I purchased it under a year therefore I should be able to do something. NOPE! I get this incompetent individual call me and go on about things that make no sense. It's not a warranty claim. The furniture is a piece of crap. I'm asking for a return or a credit of what we paid to go against something else that we can use. I don't want cash back. I just want a credit toward something that is worth that kind of money. No one uses it as it's that terrible. I was told there was nothing that could be done for us. "Buyer's remorse" is, what it is. Are you kidding me, a "supervisor" says that to a customer. I use 'supervisor'

loosely. It's our problem. I was told when a piece of furniture is delivered, it's ours. That's it. Buying a car is Buyers Remorse, not this. This is a piece of junk. What an idiot. We were even told, "that's why we have floor models, so you can test them out" WE PURCHASED IT ON-LINE! Again, had she read the complaint, it's not rocket science. Or perhaps it is to some.

This ignorant individual did tell me that she would send someone out to look at it structurally but that's it. If nothing is deemed not fit, then it's ours.

I said not to waste my time, but she said, "Oh, I'll definitely talk to my manager and get back to you" in such a condescending tone that I just said never mind. Shows the level on what you think of your customers.

Word of mouth goes a long way. It may not matter to you as I'm only one person. But having a poor experience to one person and that experience told to others, goes a long way. It's a terrible place to shop if you have a problem.

Shame on you and the level of individuals who are noted as Operations Supervisor - The Brick Halifax

She needs allot of help in customer service. A course. A training manual. Maybe a desk job away from people. But not dealing with people is my suggestion. Maybe read the issue before picking up a phone with attitude. Because it's the class that she certainly missed - Big time!

Claimed loss: $1572.00 (approximately)

Desired outcome: I just want my money back or a credit in full value toward something that we can use. Take this back and sell it at a discount.

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Dec 14, 2023 3:35 pm EST
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