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Sears - Wilmington, NC / I have lost all respect for sears!

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We purchased a refrigerator freezer from Sears?in the spring of 2000. It was a problem from the get go. You could grow old waiting for enough ice to come out the door to fill a glass, but would find puddles of water and ice cubes on the floor whenever it felt like dispensing them. It was serviced numerous times (probably between 6-10 times) but everyone said the same thing... there is nothing that can be done because it is just the way it was made, they are all like that? We quit trying and just learned to live with it? On 06-21-2007 my husband went to get some ice from the door dispenser and noticed what he thought was steam coming out of the chute, so he opened the freezer door? He was in shock to find the upper portion of the freezer was ablaze... Yes... ON FIRE!!! He suffered burns to his hand putting the fire out? I called sears and they said that they couldn't replace it unless a repair person came out and said it needed to be replaced. Time lost...waiting for him to come and verify it couldn't be fixed.? I thank God that our whole house didn't go up in flames.? We lost all our food and had to live out of a cooler for a week or better, but they did bring us a replacement.? Of course, it was dented and a major downgrade from our original one, but they did leave it till they could resolve the issue (and of course they took the old one with them). I made numerous phone calls to the customer service #, and would have to wait on hold every time from 35 minutes to 1 hour to get to speak to someone. They finally sent out the right model, and again, it was dented. I have called so many people, so many times, that I feel like I should be on the payroll... IT'S RIDICULOUS!!! Everytime they deliver to us, the unit is dented, warped, or scratched.?I called them once after waiting for 2 1/2 weeks, just to find out they never reordered it. Then they delivered another damaged unit. I called the store immediately and they said they would reorder. A week and a half later it was to be delivered.? They called us Thursday night (after 8:30pm) to say it would be delivered between 3-7pm the next day. [protected] came and no delivery. At 8pm I called the store and was told that they couldn't find it that morning when they loaded up for that days delivery.? "And was anybody going to let us know that", I asked.? "you mean nobody called you", they replied. "We're so sorry". By now, "SO SORRY" doesn't cut it. I called the store the next morning when the only person there that knows what she's doing (Deanna in appliances in the Sears store in Wilmington, NC) was working. It wasn't there because nobody had ordered it like they said they had. Deanna took care of the order herself and yesterday evening they delivered REFRIGERATOR#8-yes #8!!! and again it had a 3-4 inch dent in the side.? I do not understand where they are getting all these damaged units from and how difficult can it be to get a refrigerator from point A to point B? without damaging it??? I am so leary of the icemaker--it's the same kind as the one that caught on fire. They say it was some kind of heater unit in the icemaker that ignited? You can believe that I took pictures before they took the unit and have filed an incident report with the consumer product safety commission because I don't want to see this happen to anyone else!!? I don't know what else we can do but keep receiving and keep sending back the damaged units. It's just so frustrating that we have been dealing? with this for months now without a resolution. One guy in the appliance dept. once laughed and said "man that beats our record of 5" (meaning 5 damaged refrigerators). I'm glad somebody can laugh at our setting records... CAUSE IT'S NOT US!!!? Sears, I have lost all respect for you. Many years ago I would buy things from you even if they cost a little bit more because I knew if there was a problem you would stand behind it and make it right... boy how times have changed!!!


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