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Edgars Fashion / Edcon reviews & complaints

Edgars Fashion / Edcon complaints 621

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Dolce & Gabbana Cologne

I purchased male and female Dolce & Gabbana colognes (the one) and the scent does not last on both male and female. I've advised Edgards gateway about this and now i am being told that if it is not open they will except the return. i do not want to return the products for any other reason but because it looses the scent, how was i to know it was a defect product if the cologne was not open & used. I've attached the purchase slip.


Kind Regards

Desired outcome: optional

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Account closure

On 14 July I sent an email asking why I am being charged for a cell C subscription as well as a mobile vault service, since i was not aware that i signed up for such a product. I asked for it to be canceled.
On 26 Aug I made full payment of my Edgars account as per the latest statement, then I immediately sent an email asking for the account to be closed.
On 31 Aug I received an email from Edgars saying that my request for cancelation has been submitted. No mention was made of any specific procedure that i must follow in order to have my account closed.
On 28 Oct I received an SMS saying that my subscription had been canceled
However, I was and am still being billed for the service fee and mobile vault service. I called again, asking for it to be canceled. Still no mention of a paid-up letter or other procedure in order to have my account closed.
On 10 nov I received another SMS saying that my "cancel product" call has been logged.

I have been receiving calls for outstanding amounts that is not due to Edgars for 3 months now! Today i was informed by Edgars that i did not follow "the correct procedure" for closing the account, apparently i was supposed to ask for a settlement amount, and then settle. I would have been happy to have done so, IF they had bothered to inform me when i asked for assistance in this regard 3 MONTHS ago.
This is highly unacceptable!!!

Desired outcome: I want all charges after 26 August to be reversed, the account to be closed and a letter of confirmation of closure to be emailed to me.

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Subscriptions added to my account without my knowledge or approval

I have had an ongoing dispute with Edgars since last year about subscriptions added to my account without my knowledge or approval. Airtime subscriptions that I have never received etc but reading through the complaints on this site it seems to be a regular issue. Clearly some Edcon employees are setting themselves up with airtime at customers expense. And if Edcon is aware of it and does nothing then they should be held liable.

My account was handed over to attorneys for collection, after months of dispute and dozens of email and calls eventually Edgars agreed to cancel and reverse the charges and that a refund would be issued. I received an email on 5th June 2021 to confirm that the account was no longer administered for collection.

I have never received a refund (of course) and now they have handed my account over to a different collection agency. It is little wonder that this company is in such dire financial straits but to revert to stealing from their customers is beyond disgusting.

Based on the other complaints I don't actually expect any sort of response from this company

Desired outcome: Refund for the subscriptions I did not sign up for and I want my account closed and removed from their books, nothing on earth would ever be able to convince me to shop at Edgars ever again

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Humiliated at Store

Good Day,

I am so extremely disappointed and disgusted at the behavior of your manager at the Edgars store in Chatsworth. Never in my life have I been so humiliated or stripped of my dignity like this before. I purchased a dress and two t-shirts on the 25th of September 2021. Within the course of the next few days I contracted COVID 19 and have literally been through hell for the past few weeks with my sister even being on oxygen and almost not making it. I've been through so much hence I did not have time to come neither could I as I was infected with COVID 19 so if I had been able to come to the store sooner to return the dress that does not fit me I honestly would have. I have been a loyal customer over Edgars for years and years and I honestly never been made to feel like this my whole life. I feel so humiliated. Today I rushed to the store as tomorrow is the 25th and would mean that is my last day since your bluff store closed. I rushed to Chatsworth where I bought the items only the one did not fit and that was the one I was returning. Initially I asked the clerk to check if he could find a larger size for me as this one did not fit me he Checked and then advised that he only had one but it's on laybye so I said no problem. He then went in the back and comes back saying he cannot return the item as it has and I quote a "fragrant stench" firstly staff should be trained how to speak but this was apparently the manager that interacted with me today I asked her what are you trying to insinuate as I have not worn it because I've been terribly ill the whole time, and the measly R229.95 that I paid for this dress means nothing to me but the lady humilited me in front of all the other customers in the store … I literally bought this dress and tried it on for a minute. It did not fit me. I put it back in the packet … whatever fragrant stench she is speaking about did she smell the dress before i purchased it ? could it have even been someone else who perhaps tried it on in the store and didn't take it? I have no idea what she's even speaking about but she really embarrassed me … I will never ever shop at edgars anymore as I've never been treated like this by any other store or any other person in my life completely humiliated and made to look like a fool a thief (by insinuating that I wore it ) and then Like a person that has poor hygiene because I honestly do not know what she meant by fragrant stent did she even think of all of the possibilities before humiliating me in front of all the our customers in the store 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I am absolutely shattered. Please see attached proof because I'm being made to be a liar. I will definitely be speaking to consumer watch regarding this matter it is not fair to degrade me through my trauma.

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Fraudulent Activity on Account & Customer service

A fraudulent attempt was made on my account and Edgars cannot even tell how it was done. I contacted Customer Care and was put from pillar to post until I eventually went inside Kollonade store. I spent an hour at Kollonade, only to find out following day they did not do anything on the account. once again I had to transferred from consultant to consultant without any help.
I have resorted to paying off the account this month and closing the account.

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Poor service and Items added on Billing with my approval for over 3 years

Good Day,

I need your guidance and assistance to resolve my current challenges with my Edgars account. I went to the Edgars stores, called the Call Centers and also sent a legal letter to edgars.[protected]@retailability.co.za and [protected]@rcsgroup.co.za on 23rd of September and no feedback/response was received.

I have called the call center numerous times since April 2021 trying to resolve 3 issues, but the incompetence levels even at Management level is quite shocking.
I have spoken to many staff ( I only started keeping track from August) including Benedict, Sheila, Jennel ( Supervisor) and Viresh Ramsuran ( Manager) . No-one comes back and everyone promises to help and then everything goes into a big black hole.

Edgars account : [protected]

I am being charged for the items below since 2017. There is no proof that I accepted this service since 2017
1. Cell C airtime Subscription Fee
2. Mobile Vault Backup Subs

I requested for this to be cancelled on 19th April and to be refunded if there is no proof that I signed up for these services. I received confirmation of this.

I am receiving numerous calls and sms's from Edgars regarding my account being in arrears whilst I am awaiting feedback regarding my queries. They have no system in place to track their complaints/queries.

I have been calling to get assistance and visited the Edgars branches in Centurion Lake, Mall at Reds and Mall of Africa to get assistance. I had to call the Call Center for assistance from their lines, as the staff were also unable to assist me.

I settled my account in full on 7th May and requested for the account to be closed. I was advised that this process takes 30days. I followed up again and the account was still not closed. I then received a statement in May and then the run- around started again. I was then advised that I need to call again to close the account.

I would like this resolved as follows :
1. My account should be credited with the amount owing as there is still no proof that I subscribed for these additional services.
2. My account to be closed off with a R0 amount owing.
3. A full refund since the inception of the 2 items on my statement as I did not sign up for this ( unless proof can be provided)
a. Cell C airtime Subscription Fee
b. Mobile Vault Backup Subs

Please let me know if any further information is needed. I have all the sms's & proof of documents if needed.

Best Regards

Desired outcome: Closing of account , R0 balance owing and a full refund on the 2 items charged without my permission.

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - 5 pack hi cut shelley

2 of the panties from this pack the elastic came loose from the material
Can't return them to the shop... What now??
I normally buy jockey.. But I thought seen that shelley is a little bit cheaper
Let's give it a try...
See attached images...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Paid up letter not available

Good day

Account number: [protected]

I have been trying to get a paid up letter from Edgars since the beginning of September. I emailed and phoned several times.

After I finally got through to your call center they said they will send a letter that indicate that the account has been closed. But he didn't.

Please assist urgently.
Kind regards

Stephne Jansen van Vuuren

Desired outcome: Receive a paid up letter for my account

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Edgars stores

Hi can you kindly assist me in getting my name removed from the credit bureau.2018 I discovered edgars took me to credit bureau after I made arrangements with them in 2016 when I left my job to go study.2018 I completed my course and made arrangements to make payments, 2019 I paid up my account but I still appear on the credit bureau like I owe...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Kelso Jeans

To whom it may concern
I bought four jeans Kelso jeans at Edgars about 2 months ago. I wore my one black skinny jean about two times when the zip stopper broke so now my zip goes open and it can not "lock". MY second blue jean also had problems with its zip. It strip after 4 wears. I don't know what is going on with your zip department but can you please fix the zips. I have to get someone to replace the jeans as they are past their return date.

I dont know if you can repair, refund or replace them.
Kind regards I. Pieters

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - No Statements

Good day - I have been contacted several times about paying my account, but the Edgars banking details has fallen of my Standard Bank banking Profile.

I have now found updated banking details for Edgars, but it requires my 19 digit account number - which I can find no record off, as I have not received any statements from Edgards in several months, only sms's telling me I have to pay.

Can someone please supply me with a statement so I can see what I owe and what my 19 digit account number is?

Desired outcome: Resolved

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Cellphones Insurance

Good Day

My name is Johannes Moshounyane Lesimola, ID [protected].

I have an issue with the Edgars cell phone insurance department, my phone is damaged that i bought 3 to 4 years back at edgars and have been insured since then, for the past 3 months have been trying to report that at different edgars stores without any success of calling the insurance company, they want me MI number that i don't have lost the box its been years, but i have the phone as evidence but can't get help.

For that reason, my account is on R4700 and am not gone pay that till my issue of the cellphone is been resolved, please attend to it so i can settle my accound .

JM Lesimola

Desired outcome: Repair my phone or give me another one

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Very poor service.

I tried calling yesterday 06/09/2021 but the number doesn't exist and then I tried calling a different number then there was said you are short staffed so it might take long. I emailed 06/09/2021 and today 07/09/2021 beacause apparently I didn't pay my account which I Did. And no one havs contacted me back at all. Your service is really poor.URGENT

Desired outcome: For my problem to be desolved

Good day

Account number: [protected]

I have been trying to get a paid up letter from Edgars since the beginning of September. I emailed and phoned several times.

After I finally got through to your call center they said they will send a letter that indicate that the account has been closed. But he didn't.

Please assist urgently. I need this letter for a court case to get out of debt review.

Kind regards

Stephne Jansen van Vuuren

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Service

Is it with great sadness & in agony thoughts when I think about the treatment I've received on the 02/09/21 17h40. I xame into the store for my monthly installments that was not allocated as yet due to the purchase of clothing the previous midmonth, the SCO Opps/Service Centre Agent as they are called! She (Onkabetswe Robertson) requested I call out my ID number! Of which I then decided to write it down as you'd never know what would happen when your ID number is just announced like that. To my disbelief ofΒ  the appalling behaviour, I'm actually flabbergasted of how ridiculously I was treated & the staunch arrogance from the agent when she expected me to go through the bin after she threw away my ID number written on paper. If your so called surveillance cameras are working please pull the tape & replay the ordeal. In trying times like & unemployed rate keeps soaring at 41% you still find individuals surely with responsibilities caring for a family I presume she has yet her behaviour is unexcusable! She reports to Benneth Molewa that reprimanded her to hand back the ID number from rubbish bin. I condemn such behaviour from this agent therefore I propose imminent resolution with regards to this yet no expulsion or termination of contract whatsoever however empower these semingly frustrated employees with 'KWC' Know Your Customer.

I'm await for your further engagements with above mentioned burning issue.


Desired outcome: Written apology from the stuff

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Free to be you boots

I bought a beautiful looking brown pair of Free 2B U 'army look' boots with s just before the announcement of lockdown in March 2020. My first time for Free 2B U brand. Due to lockdown and then remote working with nowhere to wear the boots to I only started wearing same this winter. It was with great sadness that, after only wearing them 3 times, I realised my Brand boots of R500 were not up to the expected standard. I cannot put proper weight on my heals, as the inside of the boot where my heal fits feel spongy and the area underneath my heal moves to the sides. Like walking on a matrass and the inside of the boot seems to crumble causing constant 'pebbles' inside the boot. A not so good pair of boots usually last me a good 5 to 6 years so great is my disappointment with this product

Desired outcome: Replacement

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - customer service

Trust you well

The level of customer service got from your store in Sandston mall it was really unacceptable, went to the store on the 29th of July 2021 around 17:15 to collect my layby, and i was told that the is to much layby for the17 July sow i have to wait as they don't knw if its upstairs or down stars .Then on the 30th July around 17:30 i was in the store to collect my layby and i was told that the person responsible for layby already left home with the key sow they cant access laybys .
I'm really disappointed for the level of customer service got from your branch in Sandston waited my time and petrol coming to your store
contact THULI
my layby [protected]

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Mac Foundation

Good day I am writing this complain about a disappointing customer experience at Edgars East Rand Mall.

On 4th July 2021 I purchased a Mac foundation (card payment), I was uncertain about the shade the Mac Consultant (Jenna) advised.
She provided me with a tester for the same shade I purchased due to the covid regulations we could not test the shade on my skin in store and assured me it would be fine to do an exchange if I am not happy with the shade.

After using the tester I was not satisfied with the shade and went back to Edgar's East Rand Mall to exchange the mac foundation for a shade that fits my skin tone. The consultant did not want to exchange the foundation before we were not sure about the correct shade and gave me another tester to try.

In the process the slip that was in the Mac bag was left behind at the store with the consultant and I made the mistake not to ensure the slip is in the bag.

I returned to the store to return the Mac foundation after so many attempts and dissatisfaction to find the correct shade.

Edgar's Eastrand Mall refused to reprint a slip/exchange/return the foundation after proof of payment was presented and they became familiar with me as a customer.

I trust that this is not the way that Edgar's does business and provide customer service delivery.

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Service

Am filing a complaint on the service at Edgar's mall of the North in Polokwane. The waiting time in a queue waiting to be served is too much. You can't be running a sale and have just 2 people on the pay point. Today as I am writing this I have been in a queue for over an hr. Previously it was just over 30min.

If you cld put more ple on till point, especially when you know you are running a sale or it is month end it will be helpful

Desired outcome: Improved service as stated above, there are even more ple behind me but because of privacy can't record then

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Account payment muladministration leading to blacklisting

Good day all, I have a huge issue with the Edcon/Edgars/RCS group that I need to address, and hope others will follow suit because it appears that Edgars is now in the business of scamming people, my...

Read full review

Edgars Fashion / Edcon - Signature

I Bernadette Mthembu would like to lodge a complain about your tellers who are rude. The teller Victoria Codney, rudely told me my signature is not the same, and I told her it will never be the same and she busy repeating infront everyone in the queue as if I stole the cars, she could of easily asked for proof of ID, now she making as if I stole someone else card...I'm very offended by the incident, these cashiers need to have respect for customer because we buying with our own monies.

Desired outcome: Warning and an apology because I did not steal no ones card, it belongs to me.

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