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Sears / technician attempting to overcharge

1 Puerto RicoUnited States
Contact information:
Phone: 7875528426

Dear Sears, I am placing a complaint on a service order # [protected] provided by your technician #0015181 on July 29, 2015 (Sears # is 0008935). This was for the repair of my Kenmore washer model 110.[protected], which was overflowing water by the detergent canister upon cycle start. The technician came home during late afternoon that day to do the repair at the day accorded, my daughter (21 yrs) was home when he arrived as my wife got tired of waiting the whole morning. He did a partial dis-assembly and test of the washer. The only repair he did was that he unclogged the filter of the unit. Afterward he indicated that the unit was too bad to repair as it is because the basket was broken and said that although he could solve the overflowing issue he was not doing it because he was not going to take the blame of putting back in service an equipment with a basket broken because it could cause catastrophic damage and he could loose his job, that he knew of other technician that repaired one and got fired because of an accident later. Based on that, he was recommending a whole list of parts to be replaced totaling about $850 in parts plus $400 in labor. He wanted from my daughter a sizable down-payment to "secure" the job. At that point, my daughter called me to have my opinion first and placed him on the phone so I can discuss it. I said I was not convinced because the unit was working fine except for the overflowing as I had checked the unit the week before myself and though it might be an issue with the pressure switch that controls the water level (I am a mechanical engineer). He stood firmly on his estimation and said he had no more time to discuss it because he had other appointments. At that moment then I asked him how much was it for his work and he asked for $162 plus tax. I said no way as my wife was told over the phone during the appointment call it was going to be $79 for the visit. He said he needed to call his office to check. 3 mins later he called me agreeing to $88.09 including tax. My daughter wrote him a check and he left kind of furious. Coincidentally, I have a home security camera at the laundry in which I could corroborate this when I got home that night. I made an appointment with another local repair technician this week (non-Sears), who checked the unit yesterday. He found that the only problem the unit had was that the plastic boot at the bottom drain of the tank was partially out of place as the metal band securing it had slipped. The basket itself is in perfect shape, it was only one of the holding corners that had unfastened. His charge was only $50 for the 30 mins it took to repair, and no new parts were needed. Evidently, your technician a) was unsure of what he was doing or b) was trying to ripe us off with a phony repair. Either way, this is completely unacceptable from a company of over 100 years in business. As your saying goes, "customer satisfaction or your money back" applies in this case. Please refund me by check the $88.09 your technician 0015181 took from me.

Aug 7, 2015

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