Iceland Foods Complaints & Reviews

Iceland Foods / injured

May 06, 2015

at 10am on Saturday the 24th may 2014 i slipped and injured my back at the front entrance to the store in a big water puddle there was no wet floor sign and no attempt to cover or clean the water that was on the floor. after i had slipped customers helped me up to my feet and the staff...

Iceland / delivery/no delivery

Oct 24, 2013

I am a carer for lesley crouch who has a rare type of cancer in her leg. She moved from eastbourne to slough 7 months ago and decided to shop at iceland because she can pay with cash and then they deliver later that day or the next if required. This was very convenient due the nature of...

Iceland / maggots in ham

Jul 31, 2012

i bought a pack of there £2 ham i had only opened it the day before to go and make my kids some sandwiches today to find approx 10 maggots wriggling round in it!! the best before date is for today 31st July . . . .so surely maggots should not be crawling around in the product? i wa...

Iceland / lack of customer care

May 01, 2012

An absolute disgrace! As a mother of three young boys, youngest being two i had gone on one of my weekly shopping tasks to iceland. In the process of making my purchases my son had decided to have a little cry for my attention. in the mist of trying to pack my goods and console my son the...

Iceland / quality & content of product

Mar 14, 2012

I bought a pack of 4 chicken pies from iceland in castleford & the content was terrible 1 piece of chicken in all the pies the packet says & i quote"Shortcrust pastry base filled with tender pieces of chicken breast & mushrooms in a creamy sauce topped with a puff pastry lid. What a joke didnt even taste like chicken.I wont be buying them again.

Iceland Foods / Choked on a plastic cable tie that was in my burger

Oct 07, 2011

Hi i was sitting eating my food when i felt something sharp at the back of my throat with that i started choking my house mate started hitting my back and i was try ing to pull it out it went on for 30-40 seconds then we realised it was a peice of plastic cable tie 5cm long and a 1cm wide...

Iceland / cashier

Aug 27, 2011

alan melville. (customers name) [email protected] (customers email address) cashiers name marie store manager matt lamb store's telephone number 01142456590 I went to iceland 27/08/11 at approx 5.45pm to buy something for my tea, the total of my purchases was £3.00...

Iceland / Quality of food purchased


I guess this falls under the 'you get what you pay for' tag. I am on a limited income and as such, I try to shop around for the best deals on food. I don't normally go to Iceland for my shopping, but this past weekend I did. Although I did save a few quid on my weekly...

Iceland / staff


I am living in southall.i am ragular customer of iceland.but i am really very dipress about this incident.i went for shopping with my kids on 25 feb at around 5.30pm.when i reached to the till to pay my bill suddenly a man came there who was a shop lefter and he was carring things in hi...

Iceland Food / Heavy Goods Driver


Today, 30/11/09, I was driving down Bailey Drive- Bootle when I was almost forced of the road by an Iceland Heavy Goods Vehicle. This incedent happened at 1500. To make things worse, when I beeped my car horn to gain his attention towards his stupidity, he just looked at me and continued...