Sears Kenmore Elite Washer And Dryerwrinkle clothes from washer and dryer. clothes not clean as expected.

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On February 10, 2014 we went to SEARS and we purchased a Kenmore Elite Washer top load model 796.3162#31# and a Kenmore Elite Dryer Model 796.6162# one was $ 1, 103.27 and the other was $1, 206.69. We always purchase Kenmore and so far until this moment we were always happy with our appliances. These machines were highly recommend by the sales person from Sears. Unknown to us was that it was going to be a bad and costly mistake. The washer is the worst washer that I have ever owned. It does not matter what cycle I choose, when washing cycle is finished, the clothes come extremely wrinkle and with practically the same stains. The dryer is as bad as the washer, our clothes come very wrinkle. It is so bad that I can't believe that there has not been a recall for these two units because SEARS must know about this problem. No matter in what cycle, even when using the stem cycle clothes are as wrinkle as when they went in. It does not help the wrinkles at all.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Winter Haven, FL This combo washer and dryer are the worst! I have gone to Sears and talked to the sale people and tell them about the many problems that I have with these two SEARS top models and they said that there is nothing that they can do. I am so frustrated. A friend gave me the idea of start writing complains explaining the situation. I wish I could have the option to replace these two appliances because they are very poor quality. I have read other reviews and these machines are trouble. I was told that Sears gets the same complaints from other unhappy customers. I need a solution, I do not think that I can continue with these combo washer and dryer. It wears me emotionally out because I am working extra ironing clothes that I have never before had to iron. I had a more basic model washer that did an excellent job compared to the new one. The machine was old so we decided to buy new We spent a lot of money and I expected clothes that come clean and with minimal wrinkles as they should. . I am Very upset with this situation. SOmeone please help.

Dec 30, 2014
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  •   Dec 30, 2014

    Washers made of late now have what I refer to as "socialism-inspired" hot water settings. This means that the washer (not you) decides how hot that hot water wash is going to be. Unfortunately, the washer's idea of how hot that hot water is to be is often not hot enough - especially now that detergents no longer contain phosphate, are "watered down" so you buy more (at twice the price), and are largely useless for washing out stains or just body dirt.

    Dump all your white stuff in the trash. They'll be dingy and filthy looking forever after. You should have kept your old washer. It most likely had a hot water setting that took hot water only, the temperature of which depended on where you set your hot water heater - not what some "going green" yo-yo said what temp it should be. Alternatively do what I did. Attach a hose to the hot water spigot in back of the machine and fill it yourself, manually.

    Wrinkles? Can't help you there.

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      Jan 07, 2015

    Make sure your hot/cold water lines aren't crossed. The severe wrinkle issue was happening to me when I initially bought this combo. The rinse cycle was being fed hot water instead of cold and therefore the spin cycle was essentially steam ironing in the wrinkles. I realized the issue and switched the lines to correct them. Now my clothes come out without wrinkles!

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