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Sears - Columbia, SC / absolutely atrocious experience

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My experience with Sears has been absolutely atrocious. We have a Kenmore top of the line dryer we purchased at Sears and one of the MOST important features does not work. We have been complaining about this since we bought it. To compound the problem the service program has a very un-friendly customer service policy. When scheduling a service call they only provide an 8 hour window. In a dual income family someone has to take a day off. That would be survivable if the problem was fixed during the service call. The autodry function on our dryer is not working properly. You can stop the dryer after 30 minutes and the clothes are very hot to touch and dry. The dryer will continue to run for up to 1 1/2 hours if it is not stopped. The clothes are always dry prior to that time. We have had a service tech tell us not to use that feature and just time dry. With all due respect that was one of the main reasons we bought it. I would like for him to buy a car that doesnt turn left and tell him just to make big circles to get where he needs to go. It is ridiculous. At another visit he replaced the "board" inside and it worked for about a week. The worst visit was this most recent one. Again we were given an 8 hour window. Both my wife and I had to work so we had a friend open up the house for him. We had left a DETAILED letter describing what the dryer was doing. 40 minutes after being let in the house he called to tell me it was working fine. I asked him if he ran it through the cycle, his response "I ran it over 30 minutes." I told him the problem is the dryer won't shut off when the clothes are dry. Then he said he did run it through the whole cycle. I reminded him he just told me he ran it about 30 minutes. He then said no "he ran it until it shut off." In the 1 year we have had that dryer it has never shut off in 30 minutes on auto dry. At that point he said his service time was up and he needed to leave. I told him my work is less than 10 minutes away and not to leave. He said no I have spent enough time already. I was literally locking the door to my store and getting in the car when he hung up. He told me he would stay a few more minutes. I was home in 6 minutes. He was already gone, not to mention the friend who was there said he left right after getting off the phone with me. I called his cell phone # and left a message telling him how un-professional I felt that was. Then I called 1-800-4my-home. They apologized and said that would log a complaint. I told her I wanted Sears to come out her pick up the dryer and replace it. She said they couldnt do that. I told her fine, let me speak to your supervisor. She said I couldnt that she was in charge of my account. I asked to schedule another service call and she said I couldnt until this call was closed. She told me I could try to call back in an hour and schedule another one. We went round and round, I wanted to speak to someone with more authority and apparently Sears is not equipped for that. Sears is fully insulated from their customers. I did not share that information with her, but that was my feeling. Finally, after 10 minutes she gave me another 1-800 number and I spoke to another lady. She again apologized and informed me that the lemon promise does not cover our dryer because it has to have four breakdowns. I told her we are still on the second because no one will fix it! I hope anyone reading this understands what I mean. She then told me she COULD schedule a lead service tech to come out between 8-5 on Monday. Now I have to take a full day off because we have no idea when they may show and I can not trust them to actually try to solve the problem. This marks the 3rd full day I have taken off from work for this dryer! I told her if they could just give a 3 hour or four hour window that would be better than a full day. Nope Sears can not do that. I got an earful of what Sears CAN NOT DO. So far all I have received is apologies. I do not need or want an apology. All I want is what I paid for. No more and absolutely no less.

This is on your website "if we are unable to fix it due to unavailability of functional parts or technical knowledge." In addition to "Quality service provided by Sears Parts & Repair Services professional repair specialists" and "Convenient service available in-home or at a Sears Parts & Repair Service Centers."

After I got off the phone my mom called to check on the repairs, since she was familiar with the issue. I told her about my experience so she decided she would call Sears. She was upset because she had bought the washer and dryer for our Anniversary. The lady she talked to said that she would call the technician and have him come back to the house and look at it again this afternoon. I told her I would try to get someone to cover for me at my store so I could personally be there. I could not get someone to. At that point my mother offered to take off from work and drive the 30 minutes home to meet with him. After about 35-40 minutes she called Sears again to find out the status of the technician. This time whoever she talked with said "most likely a technician would not come back to the location." Now we have been lied to again by a representative of Sears.

I have NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with the way this has been handled. After hearing all of the things Sears can not do, I have decided what I can do. If I am not satisfied after our service visit Monday, and another day off of work, I will do the following: mail a copy of this letter to the Hartsville Messenger, Florence Morning News, and the State paper in Columbia, SC. I will attach a suggestion on running a series on consumer satisfaction after the money is taken. How do companies take care of their customers. I will also share my accurate story with all of my friends and family members and use every opportunity to direct them to a company that will stand stronger behind their service agreements then the paper it is printed on. Yes, at this point you are dealing with an irate customer. We have been patient and dealt with our dis-satisfaction. However, our patience has eroded. DO NOT OFFER another apology unless it comes attached with a solution. Not an offer of help at your convenience. You have my contact numbers and information.

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  • Di
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I can totally sympathize with the frustration this gentleman is experiencing. I’m in the middle of a similar issue with Sears over a dishwasher. I will NEVER do business with this company again and will warn anyone thinking of purchasing an appliance through Sears to rethink that decision. In the long run you’ll pay the price of inconvenience, poor service, extended time away from your place of employment, and lack of satisfaction, no matter what a “good deal” you think you are getting up front.

  • Kh
      18th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am sorry these people are having this sort of a problem with Sears. In my personal experiences I have had only the best possible service. However, it was not in a Southern State. I was on the West Coast and customer service seems to be better. I have had problems here with other things that amounts to the customer service being problematic, that is why I am wondering if it is a "Southern" attitude. If I had the same problems, I would request my money back and return the dryer. If the dryer does not shut off as it is intended to, that could be a safety issue in my opinion. As I am currently without a working washer and dryer I appreciate the input from these parties.

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