Sears Brandsmattress

On Dec 11th 2016 I purchased a set of Twin XL Sealy mattresses and adjustable base. We scheduled the delivery for the 16th. The mattresses arrived on time that day, but when I laid on them for the first time, the mattresses were significantly harder than the mattresses at the store. I promptly called Sears (whithin one hour) and told them about the situation, they told me there was nothing they could do, that I had to wait the 30 day comfort period. The same evening I went to Sears at the Arizona Chandler Mall and explain to the salesperson the situation. Their response was similar, the mattresses on the floor are old, and therefore the one I receive will feel firmer. The mattress i received was not firmer, it was hard as a rock, very uncomfortable. After talking to the warranty department and visiting the Sears store on two more occasions I gave up. Instead, I opened a complaint with the credit card company regarding misleading advertising. The complaint is still under investigation. More than 30 days have passed, and my mattress is still very firm, investigation is still ongoing. Sears is willing to refund my money but after an unreasonable 15% restocking fee, plus an additional $70 pickup fee. In my case this amounts to over $300. It is unacceptable that I have to pay this much to return a mattress that clearly is not the one I picked on the floor.

Jan 22, 2017

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