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When my debit / credit card gets charged I get a text telling me the amount and where the purchase has taken place, so at 3/31/2014 4:00 am, I get a text telling me the their was a charge of $1.36 from Music,
I never hear of Google Chcaus, And how the [censored] did they get my credit card number I'm pissed ! This is BS I think I should call the Police and make a Police report this as thieft.
Now I wondering if anything is going to be done about this. Is my money going to be returned to me. I bet I'm going to have to go through all this red tape to get my money back. You know it's not the money it's the point..
Believe me I'm not finished with this I'M GOING TO MAKE GOOGLE LOOK LIKE ### BEFORE THIS IS OVER

Mar 31, 2014

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