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McDonalds / goal setting

1 South Australia, Australia Review updated:

I'd just like to say to all those out there that ever want to complain about McDonalds drive thru's again a few words of advice:

When ordering a burger, if you want it to be in a meal, say the size of the meal first - then the burger - and then (if you must) state what you would like changed on the burger.

When ordering a Happy Meal, say what type (cheeseburger, hamburger, 3 or 6 nuggets, snack wraps) because saying "I'd like a Happy Meal" does not help us serve you faster. Then tell us what drink you would like, and any sauces, if with nuggets.

Make sure that you speak CLEARLY into the order box, as sometimes, outside or inside noises and your loud car, can affect our hearing ability. You do not have to shout, but if you speak up, chances are we will hear you properly. ALSO, do not assume we can understand what you are saying when you order "abigmacmeallargefrozencokeforthedrinkandasoftservecone". That doesn't make sense to you when you first look at it, so OBVIOUSLY it doesn't make sense to us when you say it.

Please also note that at this current point in time, it seems that our head office has taken it upon themselves to "improve" our drive thru's. This means that most stores in Australia have a time limit on how fast we have to serve you. From the second you get to the speaker box (and sometimes earlier) we are being timed on how long it takes to serve you, and some stores are given as little as 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get you your order on time.

This means that the next time you are ordering for a family, you have to understand, that while we do make "fast food", 3 Happy Meals, 2 Large Big Mac meals and dessert to boot, won't always be ready in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You have to account for the how busy we are in store, how many cars are in front of you, and how many are behind you.

Sometimes people get annoyed that they have to wait for fresh meat or fries when all they're ordering is a small Cheeseburger meal. Well, honestly, next time you come through for the same thing, and your burger and fries aren't completely fresh, maybe think about not complaining next time when you have to wait.

Another thing that customers have to realise, is that 80% of the time, when there is only one crew member in the window where you pay for your meal, it most likely means that they are also the person taking the orders. This means that we are dividing our attention to get orders placed and paid for as quick as possible. If we are a bit "rude" or "###" then, we ARE sorry for that, but given the pressure from our managers to get the order to their top window before our 2 minutes and 30 seconds are up, we can't stand around chatting about the weather.

Personally, I DO NOT agree with the new targets for McDonald's Drive Thru's that have been put in place, because not only are us crew members stressed from all the pressure our managers put on us, but they are being pressured by their bosses and so on. I am also sick of taking customer complaints from people about having to be parked all the time - I agree with you (the parked customer). You shouldn't have to be parked for a meal that is probably sitting there ready for you to have, but because you won't drive off fast enough after we have given it to you, you have to be parked, and wait a little while longer.

I plea that people who read this and frequent ANY McDonald's store will take into account what I have said. I suppose I'm more angry at the fact that we've been given restrictions on how long we have for a car to go through drive thru, but there are some valid points for customers when ordering their meal. I'd also like to add that while many of your items may be missing, or wrong in your bag, you have to understand that working at McDonald's is NOT the easiest job in the world, and while it may happen more than once in a week, PLEASE try to be understanding towards our situation as well.

I encourage for customers to complain to the head office, I really do, because if more people speak up about this, then either our 2 minutes and 30 seconds will get raised to a more realistic goal, or the times will stop altogether.

Thanks for reading. (let the flaming begin ><)

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  • Sp
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    Well said Sam ;)

    As a fellow manager, I just TONIGHT have read a complain that was sent to our store from Head Office. The lady complained that her (admittantly) old debit card was not working on our e.f.t.p.o.s machines...herself and her husband had to pay via credit card and was upset that the crew person was unable to accept her first card. Ummm, what? WHAT?

    It is my job to contact this person monday to close this complaint. Sssseeerriiiooouusssllllyyyy. What does she want me to say? I'm sorry that our up-to-date technology could not accept your debit card because it's too old or whatnot, however we gladly accepted your credit card as credit transactions seem to take FOOOORRREVER at the cashier window. Thanks for being a ###wit, can't wait to hear from you again for your next bogan complaint, possibly receiving the eye of the potato in your french fry. Yours sincerly, I don't give a ###!

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