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Mcdonald's Restaurant / poor service

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On a recent visit to the Cuba, MO McDonald's I was very unhappy with the service. I was patiently waiting in line (only 2 people on the registers and about 10 people in line at each) when I was subjected to unfair treatment. I had just placed my order and was waiting for it to be filled when another couple came in and were noticed by a manager and obvious friend of theirs. The manager came out from behind the counter and pulled them slightly apart from the other people still waiting in line. As I had already ordered I had stepped to behind most of the others awaiting my order and was able to hear what she told them. She asked them what they wanted, they desired almost exactly what I was waiting for and what was having to be done at the time because they had run out. Hence, my waiting. I then witnessed the manager go back and about that time take the food that had just been put on the shelf into a bag and bring it out to the people. MY food! How do I know? Because as she started to get it another employee stopped her and said something to her that had them both looking at me and catching my eye. That didn't stop her she took the food brought it out from behind the counter and gave it to her friends telling them it was on her. I then had to wait for a second order of food to be made before I could get my order. I have not been back!

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  • Jo
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    "Warning" to All U.S. Navy Personnel @ NAS Jax FL.
    Last Monday the 12th of Nov. 07, I Purchased (4 Breakfast Burritos) 3 were for myself, one for my Dispatcher. Time of Purchase was Approx. 0735 Hrs. - By 12:30 we were both running to the restroom - Violently Vomiting & Diarrhea..!

    The Only Food we both consumed that morning was The Poisonous Breakfast Burritos.

    I lost 'Two Days' of work because of the Bad Food from McDonalds
    here @ NAS JAX..

  • Ia
      1st of Dec, 2007
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    Poor baby, how about yah know ### at the manager, who cares if they kick you out alot of people will then know whats going on.

  • Da
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    i found seman (sperm) in my mcchicken sandwhich at chelmsely wood store birmingham

  • Lu
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    Mcdonald's Restaurant - Bad service
    Mcdonald's Restaurant
    533 South Broad Street
    United States
    Phone: (203)639-1011

    On 4/06/2008 @ 6:15PM my son and I stopped here to eat dinner. We waited 15 minutes for our food at the counter. The staff seemed lazy and the restaurant seemed under staffed. While waiting in line 3 different families complained. 2 of them complained of slowness. The 3rd party complained of the salt tray to be empty. After the food arrived we went to get our drinks at the soda counter...No straws!! by this time I am fustrated because I had to be somewhere at a certain time, ...and this is supposed to be fast food?? So I had to go to the counter and asked for straws. As we were eating, my drink was severely watered down, so I also tasted my sons and his was severely watered down. We drank Fanta orange and Frutopia Strawberry. I take my child to macdonald's often and never had such a bad experience as this one that is why I am taking time out of my day to write this.

  • Ka
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    tried to complain to manager ans she kicked me out. my order was very wrong. have had this problem 3 times now that they can't seem to get my order right. just want my order right at least once.

  • Da
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    I have to agree with anyone who complains about McDonald's. I have yet to eat in one that didn't give me gas, diahhrea, nausea or all of the above. I always try to avoid them but two years ago, in August, 2006 I was taking the bus back from California and the driver stopped for breakfast in Quartzite, Arizona, at guess where, McDonald's. I really didn't want to eat there, but nothing nearby was open and I had not eaten in over 12 hours, so I went in to get something. I tried taking my canteen in to get some freaking water to make some tea for the canteen. They wouldn't even give me or sell me water for that, so I had to use the bathroom sink to fill the canteen. I ordered three of their miniature, childlike sized egg and sausage sandwiches and ate those on the bus. I speak Spanish and heard the workers talking. Let me tell you, they are NOT of North American origin. I think you can follow my logic as to their legal status. This was around 6 am. At just after noon, after leaving Tucson I started getting ill. I felt like the stomach flu was coming on. By the time we got to Lordsburg, NM I was so violently ill the driver had to call an ambulance and the they drove me 60 miles to the nearest hospital in Deming, NM. The diagnosis was food poisoning. I ended up spending the night under real heavy medication so I could continue the trip. I lost luggage because I had things inside the bus that were taken in El Paso because there was no one to claim them. The only food I had in that six to twelve hour period, the time food poisoning takes to kick in, was at McDonald's in Quartzite, AZ. Then I got the bill from the hospital and the ambulance service so I wrote McDonald's and told them and they promised to take care of it. In a few weeks I get a letter from their scheister lawyers in Chicago saying they didn't have to pay, I couldn't prove anything, blah, blah, blah. So I told them to pay the nice people at the hospital and ambulance and if I got another bill I would let people know how they poisoned me and cost me money, time, suffering and loss of personal property and then refused to take care of it. Well, guess what. I keep getting duns from collection agents, so, hey McDonald's, you remember what I said? Hope so; I plan on costing you a lot more than the approx. 2 G you stiffed the hospital and me for, oh yea, and don't forget the luggage. I have a friend who is a retired pastor, one reason he is retired is that his health is ruined, in large part by food poisoning that tore up his liver at a McDonald's in Louisiana. Hmmm. Seems that they have this problem all over the country. I got a suggestion for them. Clean up their places, don't hire Wets and when you make someone sick, be a little less cheap and don't treat them like the stuff that you feed them.Oh yea, I forgot; I am also talking to the media and telling all the kids I meet at school and staff and friends and relatives just what kind of quality food and outstanding customer service they provide. Gonna be a tad more than one little hospital visit's cost. Oui, non?

  • Ju
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    I have visited McDonald's in our local area 3 different times (11202 Leopard St. Corpus Christi, Tx 78410) in the past 2 weeks ordering the Southwest salad and each and every time I get up to receive my salad and they are out of the dressing that comes with it. This is very very aggrevating. It would be so nice if the person taking my order would tell me when I order the salad that there is NO dressing rather than take my money and send me through the line to find out when I've already paid and they are handing me my salad. I don't understand why a salad with special dressing is even offered if they can't keep the dressing on hand at all times. Thanks so much for allowing me to vent. I hope you guys can make the experience better for you customers.

    Judy Flora

  • Si
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    I went to your store #22755 at 5004 state hwy121, preston Rd, plano, Tx 75024. The order #328 to Go. I have to wait 20 minuts for my order and my 2 milk shake they give me the bigining when i order so quality milk shake you can think while 20 minuts waiting in restaurant and other 20 minuts to my home, and they give me 3 fries instead of 4 fries and on top of that I order lite mayo but they put lot of mayo. I speak to sotre manager, her name is Vicky. I never seen this kind of bad service at Mc Donalds Restaurant. You can call me regarding this matter. my tele # 561 400 1147. thank you.


    sibi joseph, 9721 Ellery Ave, Plano, TX 75025

  • St
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    discusted that the milkshake machine is always out of order (surley something needs to be done).

  • Ki
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    i normally frequent this mcdonalds on my way home from work, and this particular time- friday night that just passed, i wanted nuggets and double cheeseburge deal. i made sure i'd asked if the nuggets were freshly cooked because when i get home, they are always old.

    i ate one double cheeseburger and didnt realize it was mushy... when i actually saw the other it was raw. i woke the next morning vomitting violently. this is the worse case of food poisoning i have ever experienced.

    please always check your food for anything...fresh, smell, hair, you name it. i have written off fast food for a while.

    this is mcdonalds location is on eastern ave in middle river / chase, md... next door to bengies drive in theater. be careful.

  • Dh
      17th of May, 2009
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    On May 16, 2009, 08:23 I went to McDonalds at 4210 Summer Avenue, Memphis, TN 38122 with my grandson and sister. I ordered a Deluxe Breakfast, chocolate milk, and specifically asked for a French Vanilla Cappuccino (after asking the cashier if it was on the menu and receiving a yes). After waiting about 5 minutes (not bad) for the order, I went to the booth where my sister and grandson were waiting. My complaint- you do not carry French Vanilla Cappuccino. When I sat down, I took the lid off my coffee and was upset that for $3.29 I barely got half a cup of cappuccino. I took the cup back to the counter and ask the employee to fill it to the top. For that price, I wanted my moneys worth. I then went back and took a sip of coffee and almost spit up. It was nasty. I had my sister taste it to make sure. We were right. I then took the cappuccino back to the counter and asked them to give me the correct cappuccino and that is when I was told you do not carry French Vanilla. I was very upset. I said "then just give me a large cup of coffee". The manager "Wes Hunter" told the cashier to give me $1.89 from the register and I stated "NO, I want a refund receipt and a receipt for the large coffee which apparently upset him. He came over and made the refund receipt and then another for the large coffee (which to me should have been free) with the change of $1.96. To have a manager so lazy that he would tell his employees to do things incorrectly (the fastest & easiest) is irresponsible and totally unacceptable in my mind. Besides, doing it "his way" was ripping me off. I told him that I was writing a complaint and he just shrugged. Never once did he apoligize for being misinformed about the cappuccino. What a disgrace for McDonald's to have employees (managers) like that. I ended up with coffee instead of the cappuccino that I wanted. Exxon one block down the road is my favorite place to get cappuccino and I would have gone down there if I had not been misinformed from the beginning of my order. OH YEA!!! What's up with having to tell the cashier how many creamers and how many sweetners you want. Are you guys that cheap that you won't leave it out for the customers?? Good Grief.

    I am very unhappy with the customer service and the service of McDonald's staff on Summer Ave. in Memphis TN. I would like an apology from WES HUNTER in writing. He can e-mail me at I expect this within the next 2 weeks time frame. Order #308 $10.36, Refund amount $3.59, Order #315 $1.63

    Sincerely, D. Hogan, an unsatisfied customer

    p.s. I hope my spelling is correct

  • Ma
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    Saturday June 5, 2009 around 11:25 in the morning (Not a Busy time) I did a drive through at the McDonalds on Markham Road and 14th Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. As I did not have enough cash, I had asked the cashier whether she could put it on my Master Card, which she agreed. I did not have to sign, but just of habit looked at the charge and realized that I was over charged, by which time I had already come to the pick up counter. I mentioned that I had been not charged properly. At first the person disagreed, then of my insistence they figured that the charge had actually also include the previous customer's purchase. Now they agreed and gave the refund. Still it was short of the difference. I told them that the refund amount was wrong, again the person disagreed. He called the manager. The manager said if the cashier says this is the difference then that it was. Till this time there was no tension. I asked the manager whether he could have a look at the balance; he started to yell at me saying that he had other customers to take care of. I could see one car behind me. He asked me to go to the side - I said there was no room even if I went to the side for the other car to pass, and he needs to serve me as well. All this happened within two minutes. The cashier then came out with the change for the difference - He actually wrote the math on the MasterCard receipt which I have saved with me. The Manager had no sense of service and had too much pride for an appology. He must have felt that I didn't know math or may be me being cheap to get additional change from his till. The Manager tells me whether this is the example that I set to my kids who were at the back seat of the car. He has no reason to say these out of context matters and insult me in front of my kids when his staff and he are the ones at fault. I am not sure what he meant by example, whether it is asking for the proper change when short granted?? I NEED ACTION by the head quarters of the McDonalds Restaurant against this Manager as he is not the right person for the job!!!

    Bob B

  • Jf
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    Mcdonald's Restaurant - slow/poor service
    McDonald's Restaurant #22239
    4663 Market St. 27407
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 336-292-7837

    Friday, June 19, 2009 9:15 AM ordered a "Big Breakfast" and"Senior coffee". Waited in line a full 15 minutes for order.
    "Snotty Manager" hovering around counter employees making
    things worse. He personally gave my order to the person behind
    me in line who ordered same thing with a "side of gravy". If he
    had payed attention to the sequence of orders on the counter, he
    should not have done so. If he was paying attention, he would
    have noticed the undue amount of time I stood waiting (I was
    wearing a white straw cowboy hat-only such customer in the
    store). Had to ask twice for ketchup. No apology for delay.
    Actual counter person was polite, friendly and efficient.
    Manager should go observe operations at the Guilford College
    McDonalds where I frequently go.

  • Wr
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    i am along time costomer of the mcdonalds resturants. i have enjoyed many of meals which your employees have provided during my years of patrionige. dipenent on the various location i have purhase meals i have been treated with dignity and respect. i have in the past wanted to, or have thought about lodging complaints but have always thought that there were extentwating surrcumestances with your employees and felt that i would do a diservise to that particular franchise and to a novice employee you have chose to hire. however i will no longer silence or accept the treatment that i endured on 12/02/2009 at 1907. i had just entered, no one was in line, i was about to place my order when a white gentelman cut in front of me and place a order for and ice cream. i was had just arrived and the cashier had had the gaul to to respond to this patron remarks when he said "i know what i want" by responding "you know what you want. i stood dumfouneded. as i waited until his order was filled and before his cone was given i said to the man it was very rudd of him to jump in line like when i was about to order he opolygied and said he wasn't aweare that i was ready. i infored him he was basically right behined me when i walked in. he wanted to alow me to go before him i let him know he had already ordered. upon him recieciving his i creeam he turned and spilled the top of his ice cream at my feet. (i felt it was intentional) and and the cashier responded with "oh will clean it up". this was in total disregard to the possible damage to my clothing or the possiblity of me slipping on the ice cream. she never called for any assistence to cleaning up the ice cream mor directing me to a nother register to put me out of harms way. it was just left there for me to slip and harm myself in my opinion. this is un accetable as a long time patrion and and a respectable individual in this establishment community. my wife was school a school mate to Olivia who opened this franchise and i am very disappointed in what i experianced on this day. the cashier Mechelle apolygied, not for anything by keep sying she was sorry. i suggested that she grow up as i felt hed apology was not aplogetic nor sincere. i would like a formal apoligy from the establiment and a promise this will not happen to myself or any of my friends who, with myself will not be treated in a most disrespectful and a defamed manor again. because if it could happen to me, who has gone there since it's inception it could happen to anyone.



    ROSEVILLE, CA. 95747
    STORE: 13464

  • Ep
      18th of Feb, 2014
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    todo el tiempo a la tienda paso ala tienda 22755 el dia de hoy pase por unos macchiken al recibir la orden la muchacha aracely me pide que regresr la bolsa " hey tu damela" - no supe que paso pero me la arebato se cierra la ventana y ella algo discute con alguien que no me explico nada despues de como 1 minuto regresa y me da la orden se me queda viendo yo reviso la orden y ella.voltea y me dice ya yo me voy molesta pues creo que checar mi orden es mi derecho y no me puso mi ticket.regrese por 2 happy ml y haci es como obtengo que esto ocurio alrededor de las 11:14 y orden 41 .al llamar para la tienda pido hablar con la manager y despues de esperar me cuelgan vuelvo a llamar y me atiende alguien que supuestamente es la manager y le explico lo ocurrido pero al no obtener un nombre y como sono como si no le Importara espero que esto mejore pues todo el tiempo paso a este macdonalds

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