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McDonalds Canada / hazardous material

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Recently I took my four year old daughter to the local Wal-Mart (located in Brandon, Manitoba) She was hungry, so naturally I stopped at the first available place for food--Which happened to be a McDonalds located in the same building as Wal-Mart.

She ordered the standard "Happy Meal" and a yogurt parfait to follow.

During the parfait portion of the meal, I was shocked when she pulled out a STAPLE from her mouth and said, "Mommy, what is this?"

I was VERY angry (needless to say) and didn't feel I would be able to control my temper when approaching the teenage staff that was working the counter at McDonalds that day.

Due to this, I handed the staple to her father and he went to the counter with the complaint.

I was annoyed when nothing more was done other than offering to make us a new parfait. Obviously I wasn't going to allow something similar to happen, so we ended up walking out.

Of course they apologised, and due to their age had no idea what to say to us. For some reason, I am thinking an apology wasn't quite good enough when I think of what COULD HAVE happened, had she actually SWALLOWED the staple!

I am disgusted, annoyed, frustrated, angry and above all hurt! Hurt that a company that prides themselves on their standards had failed to make sure someone didn't stir in a staple into my daughters parfait that day.

See, it would be one thing if the packaging it came in CONTAINED a staple, and it just "fell in." However, this is not quite the case. There was no bags, no recept adhered to the bag in any form or fashion. This was a RANDOM STAPLE inserted into her yogurt.

Needless to say, my daughter, my parents, her father, and every single other friend of mine with children has stopped ordering from this fast food chain.

I would hope they would be more careful in the future. Thank God she was four years old, and able to notice something like that in her mouth--And not a baby.

Thank you.

N. L. Schroeder
Brandon, Manitoba.

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  • An
      2nd of Jan, 2008

    I would like to know if you will be supporting the 2008 Beijing Olympics, if so WHY!?!
    The horror taking place in China as I write this to you is mind-blowing. The cruelty upon their animals is so barbaric and sad it pains me deeply. BEAR BILE extractions are being done to these beautiful majestic animals 2-3 times a day!!! They are placed on 'farms' in filthy disgusting conditions in cages too SMALL for them to even turn around in. They have been deliberately de-clawed and their teeth removed to facilitate the milking process. Wounds THREE FEET along their bodies from where they have grown into their cage bars and gaping infected holes from where crude metal catheters show how these creatures have been milked!! They spend their ENTIRE lives in cages, crying out in pain. PLEASE PLEASE help end this madness!! There are alternative methods for China to use bile in medicine which includes using HERBS INSTEAD, yet these practices continue to take can we as a nation support these barbaric act by participating in 2008 Olympics...

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  • Da
      31st of Jan, 2008

    If you knew anything... you would know that the chinese government has contracted with dozens of animal rights groups to help these animals. At the same time... nearly identical conditions exist for many animals here in many cases it is not a felony to treat animals this way.

    The chinese government has gone into overdrive to fix this problem, while we openly condemn animal rights groups.

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  • Sa
      17th of May, 2008

    Every Time I Go To McDonalds and Order a 10 Piece Chicken Nugget Combo (at McDonalds in Fergus, Ontario) I Always Get a Big Discusting Black Vain In It. This Is Un Natural, Un Healthy and Hazardest. My Brother Bought A Yogart Pafait the One Day and There Was A Paper Clip In It. I Think The McDonalds Companys Should Watch What They Are Serving People Because It Is Ticking Myself and Others Off !

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  • Be
      19th of Jun, 2008

    This is appalling... Ashamed to say I'd worked there for a couple of months recently. Let me just say I've had no desire for fast food since. The health hazards they'd overlooked were immense. There was a leak in the basement where all of the stock was kept, over time some mold had developed on all of the bags of plastic spoons. I asked my supervisor what to do with them, she said just throw out the ones with visible mold but continue handing out the ones that didn't. That was just one of the minor incidents. Another night while closing up, I was cleaning the stainless steel counters and pop machines when a metal plate was knocked out of place that was covering up a vessel to the pop fountain... There was some VERY rancid smelling and looking orange-yellow sludge .. Ah! I didn't know what to make of it, so, once again I asked my supervisor what it was and what I should do... She took a look at it and said "Oh, gross! I don't know. I guess, just leave it." so, with ease, she slid the metal plate over the silly-putty looking substance and nonchalantly walked away.
    Word of the wise: avoid McDonald's Restaurant, Prince Rupert, BC, Canada.
    BETTER YET, avoid McDonald's all together.

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  • Ma
      6th of Jun, 2009

    Saturday June 5, 2009 around 11:25 in the morning (Not a Busy time) I did a drive through at the McDonalds on Mrakham Road and 14th Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. As I did not have enough cash, I had asked the cashier whether she could put it on my Master Card, which she agreed. I did not have to sign, but just of habit looked at the charge and realized that I was over charged, by which time I had already come to the pick up counter. I mentioned that I had been not charged properly. At first the person disagreed, then of my insistance they figured that the charge had actually also include the previous customer's purchase. Now they agreed and gave the refund. Still it was short of the difference. I told them that the refund amount was wrong, again the person disagreed. He called the manager. The manager said if the cashier says this is the difference then that it was. Till this time there was no tension. I asked the manager wether he could have a look at the balance, he started to yell at me saying that he had other customers to take care of. I could see one car behind me. He asked me to go to the side - I said there was no room even if I went to the side for the other car to pass, and he needs to serve me as well. All this happened within two minutes. The cahiser then came out with the change for the difference - He actually wrote the math on the Mastercard receipt which I have saved with me. The Manager tells me wether this is the example that I set to my kids who were at the back seat of the car. He has no reason to say this and insult me infront of my kids when his staff and him are the ones at fault. I am not sure what he meant by example, wether it is asking for the proper change when short granted?? I NEED ACTION by the head quarters of the McDonalds Restaurant against this Manager as he is not the right person for the job!!!

    Bob B

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  • Su
      23rd of Jul, 2009

    mc donalds has good food...but always f>>> up the order because their staff is primarily young, and preoccupied with puberty; i don't really recomend micky's late night...they almost 100% of the time get the order wrong. put it this way. the majority of their staff is way well 19 and under< full of flaming hormones and with thoughts of only sex...what do you think they are doing to your burger? screw your own hands to make what you put in your mouth!!!

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  • Be
      21st of Sep, 2009

    Ok wen i was a teen I worked at BK and im so offended by this comment its redicules. I never ###ed up an order in the 2 years and three months i worked there, i quite was not fired, the reason teens work there is becasue its a hire fire job were they hire all the time and people always leave. I moved out on my own and you know wat it was the fastest job i could get out of shilo. so [censored] you mister I'm 21 and work in a job i love now but I had to start somewere. every fast food place [censored]s up now and then on orders big deal you lazy ### can't make your own burger? this women found a god damn stapel in her kids dessert now thats messed! i have never had this happen to me or while i was working, so a cook forgot the cheese? bring it back and say it nicly and no one will spit in your sandwitch while they put the cheese on it ;) don't mess with people who make your food. the other thing is how they say "I pay your wages" no you dont! the company dose and so wat they loose you as a customer? wat about all the fat punks in the states? half the people i sold food to i was paying with my taxes and hey were spanding there wellfair checks and child tax on triple whoppers and poutines? half the people i worked with? WERE OLDER THEN ME! and making LOADS OF MONEY serving burgers. do you know how much you can make managing a McDicks? its redicules.

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  • Fr
      16th of Oct, 2009

    hi, i have a complaint of a different nature...every week i walk my dog to the armories to pick up my sons...tonight we stupidly decided to get mcdonald's. we walked through the drive through...picture boys are in uniform we have dog with us we have done this many times before. tonight we were refused service
    why can't people walk through the dang drive through???????
    we stood inline for 15 minutes...atleast when we reach the wicketbooth with money inhand we were refused service

    they just lost a lot of buisness in moosejaw was only 9 30
    if they can refuse service for a walk through, then they better put signs up saying so
    i phoned then tonight and asked if a motorbike was allowed...they said yes

    i then asked if a bicicle was allowed...they said yes

    so if we were smart we would have used peddlebikes and received food

    yet they advertise a healthy lifestyle?????

    what is more healthy than walking????

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  • Fr
      16th of Oct, 2009

    burgerking let us walk through

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  • Fr
      16th of Oct, 2009

    burgerking is right across the street from mcdonald's
    they let us walk through


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  • Mr
      24th of Feb, 2011

    here is a picture of something that came from a Mcdonald's restaurant in Montague PEI... this is disgusting

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  • Mr
      24th of Feb, 2011

    look at this disgusting photo taken from Mcdonald's restaurant in Montague Prince Edward Island!!!

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  • Mr
      24th of Feb, 2011

    we also went to the news about it, this is disgusting, we eat at these places, who in their right minds would do something like that!!!

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