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McDonalds / shameless toy advertising and kids

1 South Africa Review updated:

I have a big problem with fast food chains, including McDonalds, using toys to convince kids to visit the restaurant and then not having the advertised toys in stock. I visited McDonalds in Potchefstroom today. Of the four advertised toys for girls, only the one that we already have was in stock, of the two displayed boys' toys, none was in stock.

I feel that our kids are being lied to to get them in the restaurant, and then shamelessly cheated when they do go there.

McDonalds should keep there advertised promises!

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  • Rs
      27th of May, 2007

    I work at a McDonalds in the UK and sometimes, regrettably, we do run short of a certain Happy Meal Toy. This is due to unprecedented demand. This is nothing that staff can do, until a delivery comes bringing more toys.

    Also, we only ever have one toy a week, it changes over in our restaurant on a Wednesday.

    Customers are [censored]ing stupid to expect all the Happy Meals Toys in the restaurant at all times. You're feeding your kids for £2.19 a pop, you shouldn't expect the ###ing world.

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  • Da
      31st of Jan, 2008

    I have a problem with adults believing that any kid should ever be eating the sort of ### mcdonalds serves. They use the toys to reinforce the addiction to mcdonalds at a young age, so should be happy when the toys dont arrive. Unless you like the idea of your kids being diabetic amputees who just gotta get their big mac fix for the day.

    Personal responsibility people... if you dont have time to cook food that wont give your kids diseases make time. Dont complain that the 20 cent toy isnt available especially if that is the only reason you would go to a hole like that.

    Religion may be our opiate, but mcdonalds is merely a nicotine rush.

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  • Bi
      7th of Feb, 2008

    Only losers eat at McDonald's

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  • Ja
      15th of Sep, 2008

    When I was in highschool i worked at McD's. we ran out of a toy but we had the other four advertised toys. the lady was not content with this, so she trough a milk shake on me. totally uncalled for.

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