Lowes Visa / closed account

I recently checked my credit info with trans Union and disputed a balance on my Lowes Visa which should have been O balance. I thought everthing would be taken care of, but to my suprise Lowes visa closed my account without contacting me. When i called them they said that i had a dispute about the balance and wrote a letter to them and requested that my account be closed. I told them i never wrote such a letter and wanted it reopened and was told they could not. Another phone call i was told that i had called in and requested the account be closed this is another lie from Lowes visa i was told if i wanted to write a letter to them and apply again that this is all they could do.

It's amazing that all i was trying to do was correct a mistake that Trans Union had made and Lowes Visa took it upon themselves to just close my account without notice or regard to their customers. I will never buy anything from LOWES again or do business with GE Capital as long as i'm alive and will do my best to let everyone know how they treat their so called customers.


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