Lowes / Val Ceiling Paintrotten service, rotten product


I needed ceiling paint for my textured ceiling so went to Lowes to get it. The idiot who waited on me sold me popcorn paint that required constant stirring, which we took turns doing, and did not do the job. I have just moved here from Florida and loved Lowes down there. Lowes should send all their employees to Florida to learn to assist customers and assist them properly. I not only did not get done what I wanted to get done because there was not enough paint I had to go out and buy more ceiling paint to cover up the garbage that was sold to me. In some areas the paint would not even adhere to the ceiling but when regular ceiling paint was applied it adhered perfectly. Not only did I waste the money for the first bunch of paint, $25.98 for 2GL VAL Texture Paint Ceiling, I had to pay for 2 GL Prem. Int. Fl. Clng paint @$16.47 each. I had hired someone to do the job for me and had to pay them extra to redo it.

I will make a point of letting everyone I know how shabbily I was treated in the store #[protected]. I will also be telling them that Lowes is not the right store to shop at nor will I shop there again.

I am expecting the decency of a reply and a solution to my having had to spend the money for a useless product that the ### who waited on me insisted was what I needed. The manager of the store is: Christopher Lane.

As I said before I expect a reply either by phone or email.

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