Googleunauthorized charges on my debit card

i need to be put in touch with the correct department to recover monies taking from my acct unauthorized. this ha been going on a while and i just noticed a week ago. it totals 2660.83. i have never authorized at any time for Google to take money out of my acct. this dates back over 6 months ... i know i may have to talk to a lawyer because of not know what to do. because all i have is the charge no Number to contact anyone. i have searched the internet and can find no contact info for u guys at all. i have copies of all the charges but there are too many to try and add to this email. so im hoping that u can direct me to the correct department in which i can try and recover my money that was taken with out my permission.
debit card = mastercard
suntrust bank card ending 1271 / 1273, , , , billing zip code 30084
name on card = cleaning factory / monica roland

Jun 02, 2018

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