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J.T. KOŠULJANDIĆA 18, Croatia Review updated:
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Phone: 00385994065882

I have been charged on my credit card american express for 61, 29 usd whithout my outhorization. this charging is conected whit a mobile phone game subway surfer.
I wont this amount to be recharged on my money card in erste bank in croatia please.

For further information and card number please contact me on my e-mail.

Thank you!

Mar 18, 2014
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  • No
      18th of Mar, 2014

    this is not the place to demand a refund you need to contact them and/or google play. the game makes purchases but your phone must have your card saved from previous purchases because i have made a number of them on several games and it ALWAYS asks for my password to confirm my purchase as long as i don't check the option otherwise.

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  • Em
      21st of Mar, 2014

    Googlemidas and other google games that l dont have taken money made my bank makeing My band be overdrawn . I have no idear how u are l want my money back

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  • Su
      11th of Jun, 2014

    on 10th june'
    14, amount 2700 debited from my account by google kilo games site, pl. refund that amounts. call me back on 9920895 366.

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  • Jo
      28th of Jul, 2014

    Google. Kiloo Games / Ch - deducted money from my account without consent - this is theft - I want my money back please contact me at +27824656836.

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  • Ch
      8th of Jan, 2015

    You guy charge thing to my card without my consent what my money back call me at this number 15747801101 right way

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  • Ma
      10th of Jan, 2015

    I have had 25$ charged to my checking from four different transactions in the last month please email me @ [protected]

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  • Ma
      10th of Jan, 2015

    I did not make these transactions and dont no why Im being charged

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  • Ni
      14th of Jan, 2015

    I have always loved playing this game and have spent a lot of money purchasing things I had it on my phone I have now bought a iPad air downloaded it using all same info as my phone but it has not given me all what I have on my phone my other games are the same. I do not think this is right as I've got to pay and do it all over again to get the characters and money as my phone. This has really disappointed me to the aspect I don't want to play. Subway surfer was my favourite game but I have now lost heart in playing due to this. Nicola leatherland

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  • Pr
      30th of Mar, 2015

    I am using Samsung grand 2 Sm- G7102 handset with an android version of 4.4.2.
    Recently i have updated my subway surfer game app to recent one(mumbai tour). From that time game app is getting stuck in the middle. i dont know why this is happening. Please do revert back with a soultion for this.

    Thank you,

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  • An
      20th of Oct, 2015

    I checked my bank account and have found a payment of $20.99 had been taken out of my account and am extremely angry. i did not agree to any money coming out of my account to any game or app store and cant afford to be giving that sort of money away. I demand that you put the money back into my account and that i be emailed ASAP. I will never use this app nor will my family.
    I am going to refer my complaint to every person that i know.

    Very angry mother!!

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