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I just saw the worst thing of my life. I think the girl have at least 9 years old, and she was with a penis on her mouth. Her eyes was asking for help. Omegle pleas find this criminal


Hello, Omegle support reader!
I am big fan of Omegle and i have been using it from several years and i love it.
But unfortunately i have been banned for no reason. Which really dissapoint me. I hope it is some kind of error and hope that this ban will be removed.
Alternatively if it is not way i have to use other platforms for chat.

Hope it will be ok
Sincerely yours

  • Da
    dariofanelli Mar 29, 2020

    You deserved to be thrown off Omegle because you weren't a prospective client. Make no mistake, Omegle is a front for a multitude of sex sites such as Cumegle, Bongacam and Camegle. Leif K is a slaezeball and thinks he's being clever with all these smoke and mirrors and bait and switches. In the end, Omegle is his invention and it's known fact that similar sites are extensions of the same idea -- he's owns all of these sites with 'Ome' in front of it. Don't let the fake broken English in the terms of service confuse you and don't let their modest robots (the ones that banned you) fool you. They know EXACTLY what they're doing. Herding the sex freaks -- coercing, manipualting and ultimatrly banning them so they rush ahead and buy an Omegle sex model. Bottom line: stay away from these sites.

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What Omegle Teaches Children

The human body is a sex object. The showing of feet, for instance, indicate a direct intention to titillate the sexual fantasies of a random receiver. Those with exposed feet shall be banned, then quarantined in one of Omegles many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc). Also, women who insist on wearing tank tops are initiating a form of discourse reservered for Omegle sex models only and will be similarly banned -- since women cannot be similarly coerced, exploited and sold fantasies they will [not] be ushered into sex rooms and will receive shorter bans so they can come back and continue to be indoctrinated into an ever burgeoning adult market which offers many lucrative opportunities. The revealing of the upper torso in males is synonymous with a desire to satiate libidinal desires through a real time interaction with a female model -- a right reservered for Omegle (Cumegle,, Bongacam). etc. Males showing their upper torsoes (i.e. 'nudity') will be removed from the site and similarly quarantined in one of Omegles many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc) indefinitely. Legs. Legs are used for be wrapped around things, namely the male waist, during missionary engagement. Showing legs comprises both 'nudity' and 'vulgar behavior' and will not be tolerated, as Omegle reserves the rights to them for use on one it's many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc) and any breaching of this contract with all due deference to this independently owned corporate conglomerate. If you have any intention of breaching any of the above rues you will be duly punished. We protect children, the children in all of us, from all unnecessary obscenity which Omegle reserves all rights to in our male-directed ads which may feature nude female models displaying themselves in the nude (i.e. sexually). Females, luckily, won't have to see them unless they are getting paid.


Hi i think it's ridiculous to ban someone because they're trying to have fun. I actually made a lot of people laugh and have not broken any of the rules. I think the bots are too harsh because i saw many 'unwanted' things and they don't get banned. Heck they appear twice all the time. I'm asking to not be banned because i didn't know having fun was a crime.

Camegle and should Subsidize your Ability to Hire Real Moderators

Dear Leif K...With all due respect, your site is abusive on every level imaginable. First off, because your motivated by greed: you've sexualized every body part as well as people themselves. The result? Sexually frustrated males who verbally assault people because they can't afford a model, Instagram models who bait and switch these frustrated young men and children who mock everyone they meet. There aren't vibrant and polite conversationalists on the site because you've successfully banned or scared them all away (including me). You rely on robots to ban people who might remotely pose a threat to the nude sex ads you constantly flood people with. But can these robots detect verbal abuse? And can these robots read the minds of those you've sexualized (about 99% of the people on there) who hit the 'next' button chasing things they'll never find? How long will Omegle and it's sister sites continue to put up a front, that they are great socializing apps...when they are nothing short of brainwashing tools to entice, and ultimately punish, males. And we, who love the invention you've created and want to contribute to it with the brunt of are hearts / souls / intellects find ourselves repeatedly demoralized. We're sick of being banned by you. What was supposed to bring friendship and joy into our lives ends up bringing mockery / depravity and erect appendages. Stop lying to us or change.

Omegle Protects the Integrity of Pedophilia

I'm sorry, Omegle, for kneeling down to plug my computer in. I realize the site of my bent knee in khaki knee-highs proposes to set a new bar -- the human calve as a non commodity -- but I was completely unaware of the optics introduced by my unawares. I know your Camegle models typically sell legs for 25 tokens, or 30 tokens if accompanied by feet. I realize I was trivializing your business model, the selling of the human anatomy to men and old boys who crave real time affirmation from one of your many barely legal models. I'm sorry. Please unban me and I shall never attempt to exhibit myself in such a way which normalizes the natural appearance of body parts below the neck. Using Leik K Brooks as my role model, I shall make it a daily habit (on and off Omegle) to wear fully buttoned shirts which reveal nothing below the neck. I should respect and help facilitate your proven optics of tyranny and oppression. Pedophilia and rape are wrong unless paid for. And, to this, I will pay the obligatory 10 dollar fine required for exposing myself in such a prurient and unacceptable manner...a manner which may threaten to normalize the human body as anything other than what it truly is: a glorified sex object. I hope you can continue to harvest fetishism all across the globe in these tough times when death runs amok. Men need sex. Daddies need comfort. Masturbation is more than brief self is vital as breathing, eating and sleeping. Through various Ome installments, most notably Bogacam and Camegle, Leif K Brooks is providing a truly noble service to all mankind: providing them with psychological breeding camps which will guide them to their ultimate destinations -- destinations which suit them best. Men will learn to be good daddies at the earliest age possible, while young girls (privy to his fetishistic preoccupations) will learn to direct their energies itowards that which does not discredit his determinations -- finding a happy medium satisfying to both parties, rationalizing degeneracy and commerce in a way which truly liberates all shallow people in the free world.

Omegle — Being banned for no reason

Hello i have been banned for no reason. I have been chatting with one stranger and get banned just like that. I hope that this is just error, because i like using your platform chatting with random people and making new friend online. I thanks in advice to you.

Hope that i will receive feedback of my complain soon.

Your sincerely
user of Omegle

I think my phone number is spread on omegle

Hello, I have never used Omegle before but in just this year alone I have received more than one telegram message from different people telling me how someone (a guy) gave out my number on the platform. Another person also said he chatted with me on the platform which is not true and he got my number afterwards which he use to text me. I suspect that someone might be impersonating me and giving out my number. Is it possible for you to enforce your regulations even more to prevent the occurrence of such incidents such as the spread of personal information of a third party on the platform itself, which I believe was included in your terms and conditions. Sadly, I think it is not enforced. Please help and thank you.


Omegle does not even try to disguise their tyranny anymore. When a female gets banned for trying to have decent conversations she sees a white screen notifying her of her supposed...

banned for inappropriate behaviour

no inappropriate behaviour happened have been banned for like 3 weeks

Arbiters of Sleaze Ban Legs Just to Sell Them

Omegle, I hate you. I come on your lame site to talk to people and spread good vibes. Most of these people are men masturbating using my beloved interests ('sociology', 'poetry', 'music', 'politics''food''art') as bait to aquire virtual sex. Meanwhile you keep banning me for sitting Indian Style or wearing shorts. Shorts. So let's get this straight: you have no problem showing ads for Snapsex, titillating them with Chat and dumping them into Camegle after you banish them...yet legs are a problem. Could it be that you're merely sick pornographers who think they own the copyright to every body part --- body parts you routinely sell to people? Omegle, from what I see, is merely a psychological pressure cooker aimed at a sexually infatuated male demographic in order to sell them a multitude of Omegle-owned sex sites. Leif K Brooks: you sick [censored]. You don't mind when children get caught in the crossfires of your male-grooming sex sites. You don't mind when you tyrannize kind-hearted people such as myself, attract antisocial people and openly embrace cowards/pedophiles for profit. Every time I go on your toxic platform I greet people with an open smile and a face and what do I get in return? Your stupid white screen telling me what an awful person I am. Well [censored] you. If you were a person of any worth you would cultivate a site where people of quality came to mingle, instead of wallowing in your greed and enslaving your fellow man. Your sick and you appeal to small-mindedness, shallowness and selfish people. You too are selfish. I'm sick of being treated this way and many others are too. The nerve of you to ban people who are just trying to have a decent conversation, as you enlist camgirls to lure men to your Omesex sites. This is the lowliest use of deception, coercion and mind control ever levied on humanity and I hope you get what's coming to you because I view this as a horrible treatment of children and people in general...perhaps worse then that of Jeffrey Epstein. and I'm sure you could care less. This is probably all one big joke to you. As long as your making your money you continue to groom children and adults into transational sex scenerios from all corners of the world. Quite brilliant. Dark screens and silent greasy-handed men with one global agenda: to satisfy the brains between their legs...the one's with money will be in the palms of Cumegle's lovely models hands.

Banned By Omegle Sex Model

After being assaulted by one huge schlong after another, an Omegle sex model called me 'mangirl' and asked what I was doing. I told her I was talking to people (of course) because that's what the site was for. I told her I was also sharing my YouTube channel with people. I gave her a link. She looked at my channel. Then came the familiar laugh, followed by the familiar white screen 3...2...1... Bang! Now I was looking at a girl in a Chaturbate room fingering herself while giving fellatio to a well-endowed black man. Dear Omegle: this is not a joke. I'm probably not the only person you're treating this way and I think you should be ashamed of yourselves. Suspicions tell me that you are most probably aligned with Facebook/Microsoft/YouTube and many of the other corporate elites who only find it necessary to be moral only when they are threatened by other corporations whose advertisements directly fund their very existence. However, it is ethically wrong to bait users aging from 13 on up and then proceed to carry out your sick agenda, which includes showering them with advertisements for companies whose names I can't even mention as they are the virtual equivalent of a fetish brothel. Leif K Brooks may be laughing his way to the bank for now, but like Epstein and so many others his days are limited. The college educated humanitarian persona will someday be exposed for what it is: a porn peddler to children, pedophiles and incels who simply go on your site to share their nerdy YouTube channels and whatnot. I am incredibly disgusted by what you have allowed Omegle to become and at the way you treat people like me...the virtual equivalent of dragging us out of the coffeehouse and tossing us into the sperm infested floor of a peep show booth. Scoundrels always atone for their sins, especially when there's children (including the child in all of us) who are assaulted in the process.

banned by a female cam model

After being assaulted by one huge penis after another, an Omegle sex model called me 'mangirl' and asked what I was doing. I told her I was talking to people (of course) because...

3 Moderators Jacking Off While Laughing at Me.......

...then they proceeded to ban me. Why? Because I was dancing for people and making many of them happy. I'm a trained jazz dancer and was told by many people that I was the best thing happening on Ome TV. But the moderators wouldn't have it. They'd rather me do what they do: sit around beating my meat...poisoning childrens minds to accompany the verbal abuse that's routinely dished out to them here. I'm sick of being banned when I can't even carry a conversation with anyone on Omegle and it's related sites because they have sexcessfully trained all pedophiles and young boys to sexualize themselves and everyone they come into contagion with. Where this could be an app where vibrant people come to have meaningful conversations, Leif K-Brooks and his mincing men insist on letting it flounder as an app where selfish idiotic and shallow bottom feeders endlessly hit the 'next' button in search of sexual affirmation which will only be granted to them when a transaction is made between themselves and one of the many BongaCam girls Leif is currently pimping out. How degenerate and completely irresponsible. A documentary needs to be made on this site and it's many offshoots to properly shine a light on a hypocritical body/mind damning hell which swallows souls of children while emptying the pockets of aging boomers, all the while preparing generation x and z for a future wrought with tyranny/deception/coercion.


everytime i go on to omegle im getting the recaptcha coming its really annoying

Unwanted messages

Hi, since more than a year ago I'm receiving random text messages and pictures from people who said that a girl gave them my number on Omegle. I've never used that site in my entire life and I really want it to stop. The guys said that the girl who was talking to them told them that "her english wasn't very good". What can I do to make the situation stop?

punishes people with sex

The model for Omegle, Leif K Brooks front for sex sites, is to groom johns and sex models. Paid male models (notice how well hung they are?) make men feel odd for being on the site and not jerking off. Through repetition they are conditioned to imitate the models. Then they are banned (usually by a robot trained to detect the filthy human body), but not before being thrown into a room with naked females pleasuring themselves with their lovense lush toys. The red ban sign keeps on reminding them how foul they are... foul for trying to carry a conversation and foul for joining the dance. But there's hope for them, thanks to Leif K Brooks. They can find a Bonga Cam model who is sensitive to his newfound needs — his fetishes, his fantasies and love for feet. Buy coins. For curious teens there are the male models who will show them what the Omegle models won't — an anal-extravaganza replete with requests. Strip Bingo is very popular on Omegle: a perfect primer before getting banned. Naughty boy. Bad. Bad. Bad. You're dirty. There's a place for you.

Stop groveling at the feet of virtual porn peddlers

It's quite obvious that Omegle, in it's various incarnations, is a front for selling sex to sex addicts. So why qualify yourself for the forgiveness of the people who decided that you were taking up space on their site? You were all banned for one simple reason: you were trying to use the site to connect with people. This is the complete opposite of what they want. They want to maintain an atmosphere of sheer oppression and agitation while pushing the latest fetishes of the day -- daddy/daughter fantasies, ;pedophilia and even a little beastiality. None of you were banned 'in error' or by an 'algorythm'...and, no, there are no 'report' capabilites on the site (Ome Chat puts one there for appearances. You may notice that when you're banned they throw you into a sex room -- they're hoping you'll stay there and get aquainted with the ads, the models, the allure. They are trying to condition you to think about sex. You people need to stop asking to get unbanned and just stay away from theses sites. They are corrupt to the core and hire actual models to coerce, tittilate and even ban users. Would you go to a pornshop looking for a conversation?


I got banned for nothing i just was chatting and got banned. Today it happened. I want to keep chatting using omegle.I was shocked when i saw that i have been blocked for nothing. I am hoping this was mistake of algorithm. I think that blocking people without reason is not serious as it should be. Hope that this mistake will be repaired.
Greetings and i wait for response

I Am Banned For No Reason

Dear Omegle,
I got banned from your website almost 5 months ago because someone reported me for no reason. They made up a fake reason and now I have been banned since. It is a disgrace that your website bans user without checking what really happened. Please let me be unbanned, I did nothing wrong. Hope you can let me be a part of your community again.


date: 20/02/20 i was just talking to people and skipping past the weird people quickly when all of a suuden i got banned and this is like the 6th time for the same thing and now i think its a permanent ban and this just frustrates me because i go on omegle when im bored and now i cant do that and it does it for the most pathetic reasons. i am hoping i can get unbanned because i still see creeps with their private body parts out for literally children to see and other people so please read this and unban me i beg.


Hi last summer I was on omegle with me and my friend, and my dog has anxiety attacks from thunderstorms so we were helping him and we got skipped and at that moment two teenage girls were like omg your abusing your dog i'm gonna report you and then reported me and I got banned like we just were trying to find titkokers. I have been banned for so long I just wanna find tiktokers please help me

younger sister and I thrown into a bongacam room for talking

My younger sister nd I decided to go on Omegle to meet people who enjoy using Tik-Tok as much as we do. We weren't meeting many friendly people. Most of the screens were white or black or it looked like some guy who was up to no good. You cold always tell because they look preoccupied. We saw lots of pedophiles too... old men who obviously weren't on there to talk. I was wondering if this was a good idea but there was no nude men so... Then suddenly a large thick black penis wagged it's way onto my phone. Ths was quickly followed by a kid who couldn't be any older than ten sprawled out on an incline jerking it. Disgusting. We tried to laugh about it. But our smiles turned to shock when we saw a white screen which told us we were misbehaving, then we were stuck looking at an old Mexican woman with a teddy bear in between her legs on a site called BongaCam. Disgusting. What were we doing wrong? Why are men allowed to jerk it and kids can bully people, but me and my sister had to be banned and forced to look at a naked Mexican lady getting off. Please let us back onto your site. We didn't do anything wrong. This isn't the first time this has happened and now that my little sister saw what she saw I feel bad. Please do whatever you can do and stop banning us.

banned by scantily clad sex model

Today I was on Ome TV. and I confronted a scantily clad girl lying on her bed. I asked her if I could read her a poem I'd just written. She asked me if I wanted to hear a poem that [she's] written instead. then she gave me that familiar smurk. I immediately saw a photo of myself, sitting on the floor holding a container of water in one hand, a package of fig bars in the other. Ome TV claims to be an affiliate of Omegle. Be very clear, Omegle / Dirtyroulette / FunYo / Chatrandom/ Ome TV are all roads leading to cam sex sites. The descriptions of OmeTV are cryptic, to say the least. I wondered if they were affiliated with FunYo which is a male harvesting site featuring film loops of Russian models. These sites need to be looked into. They seem to be encouraging children to come onto the site (along with the pedophiles) to encourage all forms of role play. Daddy/daughter role play is fairly common in adult sex sites. I saved the url's for these sites. Read them for yourself.

What's most striking is the fact that Omegle and it's affiliated sites don't mind if there is collateral damage (i.e. children being exposed to many penises or worse). They want to coerce and manipulate men through a variety of tactics which will lead to them paying for what Omegle-owned sex sites featuring female cam models. I also find it extremely sad that teenage boys are encouraged to look for sex and are groomed just as cold and insensitively as the pedophiles. These sites are pretending to be family-friendly places where people can polish their social skills, while actually being masturbation dens for visually motivated boys /teens /men. I believe the FBI should look into Omegle. They will stop at nothing to gather as many lonely males in one spot... so they can emotionally manipulate them. I'm sick of being treated like scum on these sites, by the people who patronize these sites and the monitors (often sex workers themselves) who monitor the sites. It's demoralizing. And I can't tell you how many beautiful personalities I've met on these sites who've repeatedly met the same fate. Deception is one thing, but downright abuse (child sexual abuse included) are handed out regularly in favor of bullies / pedophiles / children. I encourage others to speak out. Let your voice be heard. It's plainly wrong. I don't believe there are so many horrible people in the world... I [do] believe that Omegle favors them, creating them in so many ways, so it can execute it's various methods of agitation / coercion / confusion to achieve their end goal. And what is that? Get grown men to go to their cam sex sites to indulge in ddlg. Look it up.

being banned

Good day.

I was just banned from omegle I would like to know why I was banned so maybe I could stop doing what I was doing wrong and not get banned again. I will try my best not to do it again I also would like to know what the restrictions and violations are for omegle because it hasn't shown me anything unless I haven't read properly please send an email to [protected] to stay in touch.
Thank you.

  • Dr
    drartickiticki Feb 18, 2020

    Don't qualify yourself for these sleazy losers. Have respect for yourself. After all, they [did] ban you for being civil. Spread the word. These sites are designed to encourage sexual behavior and direct men to their cam model sites. The masturbators get to stay a little longer than the talkers, then they're shut down in the hopes that the ones with money will buy a POV model. to them, talkers are dead weight. Children are welcome, as the agitation they contribute to the site with their immature trolling adds to the overall lousy experience. They like that. The point is to give chronic masturbators a little taste of what they will pay for (if they can). Female models give them a few seconds here and there -- the same models do double service as moderators.

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I was recently banned from omegle for no reason whatsoever. I was enjoying my time socializing and having what seemed like fun. Then later, when I opened up omegle again, I had been banned which may be temporary or permanent I do not know. Either way I was blocked for no reason at all. I want to lift the banning so I can continue using omegle and get rid of the actual people who should be banned such as pedophiles, sex traffickers, or any other inappropriate behavior that is brought to the site. Please consider changing the ways of your security facilities as I would like to return using omegle, thank you.

  • Updated by loisa · Feb 15, 2020

    i have been banned for no reason

is a sex app catering to children, teens and pedophiles

Omegle, in it's various forms (Ome Chat, Chatrandom, Chatruletka etc), is a sex app facilitating and catering to the sleaziest instincts common in hardcore porn. As a result of greed, these sites have indoctrinated children into what was formerly street slang -- they are commonly using words like 'daddy' 'trans''slave' etc. There are many more. Leif K. Brooks is a billionaire, in all probability, having his hands in (and possibly owning) such sites as BongaCam and Omegle, itself, constantly promotes it's Omegle sex sites after it bans children and talkative people...throwing them into the 'unmoderated' section of Omegle. The intended result is that, once their ban is lifted, they will return to the unmoderated section of Omegle with a new outlook: the pursuance of something to fill their libidinal needs. Omegle welcomes silent hiding faces or penises pressing the next button incesstantly as it insures mutual depravity -- when all have reached a high enough level of depravity they'll either go gay (itself wrought with endless rejection) or pull out their credit cards and purchase a live nude sex model which will give them what the sexual affirmation they have been so cunningly programmed to crave. Success stops at nothing. I'm writing this because I've been banned from all of these sites in one single night after confronting a mysterious man who repeatedly asked me, "do you know who I am?" on Ome Chat. I took guesses. He belittled me after each guess calling me, 'clueless' 'stupid' and other names I won't mention here. when he left I received yet another photograph for my archives: me sitting down sipping green tea with the caption, 'you've been banned for vulgar behavior'. Oh, this brings us to another facet of Omegle's (Leif K Brooks) method of exploitation -- after you're banned from these sites they offer to unban you by paying them a fee. Hmmm, interesting... for a fee you can be as vulgar as you want in front of the children Omegle cares so very much for. In real life when someone commits a sex crime they are sent to prison and, upon paying bail, given terms and restrictions which will permit them from corrupting yet another person. But, what was I doing? Saying 'hello' to penises, being verbally abused by toxic teenagers and occassionally talking to people about the dinner I just ate. I've thought about it. I'm no longer giving these sites the satisfaction of banning me. The people who go on these sites are 90.5 percent rude and selfish. It's not human nature to be so sexually obsessed --- it [is] human nature to be sociable, curious and entertaining...all things which Omegle (Leif) would like to obliterate for their monetary upper hand. For anyone complaining about being banned on here: I urge you to stop qualifying for the forgiveness of these vile and abusive sites. Their success has, unfortunately, come in the form of endless hardons and cold silent faces which seem to be looking only inward, unaware that the life force is far more varied than just thinking with your penis. They'd rather search for the film loop they saw of the horny girl. And [they will] find her on BongaCam.

the website banned me for absolutely no reason

So. i was just casually on omegle and stuff and i wasnt doing anything wrong like i was just talking to people nicely, and then randomly omegle banned me for no reason. So i waited like 2 weeks for them to unban me but then they still hadnt so i dont know what to do now because it has been three weeks! So, i tried to look up ways to get unbanned and none of them worked. Its very frustrating because people do such inappropriate stuff on that app like cursing and sexual actions. I do not curse on omegle and i am so friendly to everyone on the app. i am simply asking to be unbanned.

child camsex site (omegle) bans conversationalists

Great job Leif K Brooks. You've created a dark-web styled sex trafficing site which, while welcoming pedophiles, exclusively caters to children and teenagers. The moment I'm unbanned it only takes a while for one of your sleazy monitors to spot me. I'm a horrible person. I sit Indian style on the floor. and as if this wasn't lewd and shocking (not to mention, suggestive) I have the nerve to wear a t-shirt and jogging shorts. Horrible! The type of men you wish to cultivate should be obedient...sure as the buttoned up shirt you wear, they should reserve each body part they have for sex. Each body part is a commodity. capitalizes makes money off of body parts. Truth or dare? Oh, you have new games up I hear. Sex games for pre-adolescents. Perhaps this is why a chubby ten year old boy asked to see my pee pee. How clever you are. You even plant girls who are naked and quickly leave or people who are instructed to drown you in flattery and familiarity only to next you. This creates agitation among male members and is crucial in their grooming. It is no wonder that when you ban people you throw them into a Chaturbate room or your very own male dungeon where men can 'next' each other while masturbating. You even hire angry young men to harass people who appear to be older. Surely their reasons for going on Omegle are visually motivated. Oh, and I like the way you handle homosexuals or anybody that might appear to be so -- more harangue-ing, belittling and admonshing...and by the choice of your designated monitor henchman, finally banned. No wonder there are so many blank screens. You made everyone afraid to be themselves, least they find themselves victims of psychic assault. Groups of abnoxious parasites are also very good for your site as they scrub away any vessages of humanity which might be left after your thorough cleansing of us horrible horrible people who were really just lonely looking for a friend.


I got a static ban for no reason at all. I would like to get that banned lifted. I only smoke weed which is legal for me to smoke. And play my xbox but i got a static ban. I think its bs that pedos dont get banned but i do for nothing. Please fix this issue. I have never been banned before and 1st one is a static ban. Fix this or shut your site down. Bad business


My friend and I go on Omegle whenever we are bored and it's a fun and entertaining pass time for the both of us. We follow all of Omegle's guidelines and have never been rude or explicit to anyone we have met on the website. We both recently got banned from the website and are confused as to why we got banned in the first place. If you could unban or get back to me as soon as possible as to why we were banned that would be greatly appreciated. My email is [protected]

Hope to hear from you soon,

abuse of power

The moderation of the website omegle is unequivocally appalling, as many others have experienced scrolling through male reproductive organs and black screens or a mixture of the two. However when you get pissed off having to come in contact with these disgusting, vile, pieces of trash and call them pedophiles and predators you're immediately banned from the website. You are allowed to do as many drugs as you want on camera, undress yourself in front of minors, and commit malicious acts upon other users through that clearly breaks the federal law in America. As soon as you start to get aggressive with these junior felons it's off to the timeout chair, the moderation on this website is laughable at best and detrimental to maturity at it's worst.

I enjoy using the website when I'm not being bombarded by all these monsters lurking in the murky water, however the moderation team is slacking and at some points abusing power in my opinion. If anyone from the moderation team does happen to read this, explain to me why words (something that can be easily forgotten in a matter of moments) is grounds for being banned while legitimately breaking the law and distributing child porn through external file sharing or streaming services itself is allowed.

bonga cam (omegle) banned me, again

I was sitting on the floor sifting through black screens and penises. I wanted a nice conversation. After watching a ten year old boy giving head to a milf I saw a white screen...countdown 3-2-1, then I was thrown into a BongaCam room as punishment. We should all be filthy because Omegle likes that. What is your problem with me and why do you keep banning me? You know damn well why. I've had so many conversations with nice people who are repeatedly bullied and demoralized on your sex platform. Your site is a front for porn sites, to satisfy the fantastic whims of the men you gather through agitation, coercion and psychological abuse...breaking men down till they cease to have egos or desire for connection outside of that which occurs between two people crotches. What you have been doing is immoral and unforgivable. Assure me, you [will not] get away with this.

I got banned for no reason

I was talking to people normally and I got banned I was not cursing not was I showing anybody nudity I was having normal conversations and I get banned for that levels is absolutely terrible for banning someone for no reason I really anticipate it omeagle and the next time you do this I will report this to the created I want to be unbanned in the next 24 hours or I will never use this site again this is my only way of making some new friends and your going to punish me for trying to make friends wow😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

banned by sex model on omegle

First it was only Ome chat who purposely cut peoples conversations short and encourage pedophilia and masturbation. Now I realize, Omegle, too, is involved in the business of sex trafficing. They traffic some children, but mainly older men who receive periodic videos serving as visual stimuli -- videos featuring Chaturbate models in various sexual positions, as well as commercially made adds for their POV sex site. Sex games are also provided directing men who have money to their various sex sites. They don't mind that children are seeing this as it grooms them. Several young children have propositioned me for sex and I told them I wasn't interested. I believe in Omegle as a site where social people can establish meaningful connections. It would be nice to have the site require a real name and ID so I can follow friends and they can follow me. It would be nice to log into such a site and find people like myself are enjoy having a conversation...instead it's a bunch of people playing games. Life is short. Growing as a human being and sharing your humanity is not a game. I dare you repeatedly ban me. You are perverted purveyors of shallowness and you're site and all sites like this should be shut down because they ban people like me who only wish to have a decent conversation with mature thoughtful adults.

banned for something I didn't do

i am here to tell you that i have been banned from omegle for no reason. it says i have been having innapropriate behaviour when i have done nothing! this is unfair as i enjoy going on omegle. please could you try and un ban me. i am very upset and i would like to be able to go on omegle still. pleae un ban me i havent done anything wron and this has made me upset. i dont deserve to be banned, and i hope you can resolve this thankyou.


Multiple people have added me on snapchat saying that they added me off of omegle. I have not been on the site since two summers ago. This is very scary that someone is pretending to me be and say that they are me and give out my snapchat. My biggest fear is that it'll go farther and turn into my number or my address even. Please address and fix this, it isn't okay in any manner and I am worried for my safety as a minor and as a person in general.

impersonation (omegle) bans conversationalists

and encourages masturbation. They banned me for refusing to take off my top. I came on this site to talk to people, not have virtual sex. This site is a front for sex companies and should be removed from the Internet immediately for victimizing both children and good spirited conversationalists. I like the idea of this site but not what it has become. They try to convince innocent people that they are dirty, somehow, to indoctrinate them into the sex games they constantly post. Then when they're real horny that's supposed to make them buy And nobody here realizes this?


I am receiving texts and phone calls from users of your Chat site to my personal phone number, wanting nude pics. I have never been on your site, and am not too happy about this. Please find a way to remove the use of my phone number from your site/service. I will be contacting law enforcement in my area and providing all pertinent information. Your help with getting this removed would be appreciated .

Thank you,
Chris Bruch


banned for no reason

I was on Omegle and my interest was Tik Tok and all of a sudden I was banned for violating the terms of service but i had done nothing wrong. i did not use inappropriate language nor was i being explicit visually . i was simply talking to random people and having conversations with them. i had come across several people who were being explicit visually and verbally