Googleinternet service on android phone

Using the Android phone with Google software I recently (less than a month ago) installed Mozilla's Firefox app. For a couple of weeks Firefox was running fine but then some Big Brother set its tail on fire: the crashes has become frequent and constant, especially when I read articles about neonazis in Ukraine. I strongly recommenend that Mozilla transfer its headquarters to the country of Lichtenstein, so that you guys can normally work and your Firefox also. I know what I am talking about : my graduation project in 1985 was named "The organization of the remote access to the dispersed data bases" (at Moscow Institute of Science and Technology Information). Some other means to fight local and global neonazists are the following: (c) "HackZapper" tool within the new (c) "FireBrand" version of Firefox search engine. The (c) "Zapper" should simply crash the operational system of the hacker without real damage to the hacker' s hardware or software. No harm done, but the hacking interrupted for a while. Even the missing Supreme Court judge would be puzzled.
Be nice and let live!
Sr.Lt. of the Soviet Army Reserve

Feb 24, 2016

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