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Direct TV / consumer fraud!

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Mr. Samik disai who is directv sell rep. Stopped by my house on 06/28/07, said would set up good deal with the programming package and vietnamese direct 3 channels from directv, because he knew I have longstanding relationship with comcast cable. Samik promised to have a fox news, comcast sportnet including in the package same current lineup with comcast, then samik showed me the choice package ($49.99/month). I also asked samik for a price breakdown of the monthly billing, so he put the billing breakdown monthly in the order form.

Samik made the order detail match up with price quoted, preferred choice was put in the description of order from which not describe by samik, and vietnamese direct.

Samik went back to his office to submit the order to directv. Again, price quoted was not the same price billed from directv which I received only a few days after the dish was installed, it was $30 higher, without any vietnamese direct iii channels after the technician came out to install first time. I called samik right away, who said I was supposed to have those channels, but I did not. Samik told me that he would find out from his company and then call me back in couple of minutes, but he never called back. Then I called his company (Smart circle [protected]) , they said I have to call directv customer service. Directv’s customer service representative said that I need another dish for international channels, but the samik never mentioned this to me since the beginning. If he told me before we reached the agreement I don’t think I would be happy with that deal, because I would not want another dish put on my roof. Also directv told me that I have to pay for shipping of the second dish. Again I was not aware of need for 2 dishes originally without having to pay any extra costs.

I called to complain to directv after I received the billing statement with the total higher than quoted by the seller. Customer service asked me to read the description in the order form to them. The description quoted & ldquo;preferred choice” programming is $20 cheaper than the package shown on billing statement. I was never shown a description of what is in the & ldquo;preferred choice” package because the samik never explained this to me. After customer service switch me back to the & ldquo;preferred choice” package I do not receive fox news or comcast sportnet channels which was a linchpin and a main reason for switching to directv.

I am an extremely unhappy customer! I am not sure why I have to pay more for fewer channels now than I had with the comcast cable. Samik tried to make an easy sale and promised me, the customer, something never that was never going to happen. I am very upset and asked directv to have a technician take the equipment back and disconnect the service. Directv’s customer service told me that I have to pay $300 to disconnect the service no matter what. I don’t want to lose money for nothing. Also I don’t want to spend more than I spent before with the comcast cable. I also had customer service remove packages such as vietnamese direct iii so the bill would be more in line with what I was promised. I called the samik and left several voice mails and he has yet to return a single call. I called his company and they said I have to contact directv directly as they are not responsible.

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  • Da
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    I have almost the same experience with phone sales associate. He promised me Choice for $14.97 a month just to get a sale, and only a 12 month contract with DVR and two extra receivers(for the extra rental charges total of $31.97, or so a month! After an hour on the phone with customer service they told me the same thing: if I disconnected service I would have to pay the almost $300 cancelled contract fee(for 24 months, not 12 as promised) and write them directly to dispute the charges. Since all agreements are verbal I am at their mercy. We will see what happens after they get my letter, I too am an angry customer!

  • Mi
      12th of Jan, 2008
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    Direct Technologies in Dallas, NC contracts for Directv and they refuse to pay me the $3000.00 owed to me for working for them. The owners Jessica told me I was getting my money back in October 2007 and Stacy her husband will not pay me. He has a criminal record for being a thief. If I had known this when I was hired then I would not have worked there. This is a low life ### company. Please avoid them totally. They will rip you off!!!

  • Ro
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    I had DTV installed after being told I woiuld get the choice paqckage for 49.95. He said I would get 1 HD DVR and 2 standard boxes for 2 other room s. After finishing all details I asked him what I would pay out of my pocket after all taxes and charges are done. He said 49.95 plus maybe 1-3 for state taxes. IK was ok with that and knew it was a promotional deal and I would be charged more after 12 months.

    On my first day I checked online and noticed a $94 charge. They told me I got the 49.95 plan, but had to apply for a $21 rebate. this would still be $78. They said there was a $5 per box charge and named other charges. They then told me they were sorry their distributer misquoted the price. Actually the ditributer acted like they were DTV not representitives. They said all sales are final.

    Well it turned out I can cancel within 24 hours so I did and do not have to eat any charges. They are sending boxes to return equipment. I am out time to reinstall cable, but glad I got out g this. Very bad customer service.

    I actually really liked the DTV channels and equipment. Its too bad this experience started like this.

  • An
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would just like to say...DONT USE DIRECTV!!! They have the worst DVR which doesn't even work. Everything always breaks and never works when they send in a replacement. Once, we called to get a new reciever and it took them 8 months to send it to us. All I am saying here is, leave DirecTv if you can! It is so bad!!!

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