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2:49 pm EDT

DirecTV The whole thing

We have spent so much time on this that we have over 10 hours of wasted time. We have contacted customer service several times where we have been on an hour call to be disconnected with no phone call back. We have been told somebody is coming out to finish our install and nobody shows up. We then call and they say they have no record of our service. Even though we have text messages and emails stating the date they will be out. We have recorded messages as well as they say they are recording our so we ask them to please listen to our message and they say they can't. We switched from Comcast to go with you but it has been nothing but a headache and waste of time. We have never been late on any bill in our marriage of 17 years however I don't see how I can pay your bill if you still haven't competed our initial request as well as trying to charge us for our landline when it doesn't even work.

My wife has notes from every call including the beginning conversations with people's names, id's and confirmation numbers. We did this originally just to make sure we stay on top of what we were being told but now it is being taken so that we have prof of the time wasted on our end.

Please help as all we are looking for is to get our service completed along with what we were told we we're going to get with your service.

The last straw was today when we were told somebody would be out for the third time to then waste time on waiting at the house, then on the phone for over an hour then the supervisor hung up on us after 30 seconds and didn't call us back.

Jimmie Hairald
505 Flintock st, Joliet il 60431

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2:51 pm EDT
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DirecTV The system

We have been without service since 1700 hour 10-09-2021 and in trying to get some kind of support we get the run around. Call your numbers posted told the problem had us check the cables and plugs and they were in place. My wife called again this morning 10-09-2021 again was told the same thing after an hour on the phone with no conclusion they set up an appointment for 10-11-2021 between 8am and 12 what a beautiful company no customer service no fix no nothing and you think i pay 190.00 dollars for this crap i think dish tv is around the corner since your supervisors aren't working the weekends so sad wait until i let the world know how you treat your customers never late in payment but what the heck does not mean a thing

Desired outcome: FIX YOUR SUPPORT

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11:36 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV billing

I am so tired of having to call Direct tv almost every month because my bill is always wrong and when you call the prompt says someone will answer in one minute and its never answered and on weekends just forget about it this company is the worst when you finally get someone they are so rude then they put you on hold to someone else and no one ever comes back to the phone.I just spoke to someone a few days ago about my bill and my bill is always paid in full each month which my next bill would be the sme as last month because I didn't change anything and soon as I get my bill it's wrong again and when they put their on charges on your bill they take that money out of your account

Desired outcome: I want them to be held accountable for the bad service and anything else everyone complain about.

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12:31 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV TV

My service has been out since 9/22/21. They were supposed to fix it a WEEK later on 9/29 but never showed up. Now they aren't coming until 10/4. This is their problem! It is with the satellite on the roof! There is no way to get any resolution! I am an American with Disabilities and the TV is my connection to the world! I filed a complaint the BBB and they have a month to do anything!

Desired outcome: I want this fixed immediately

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11:22 am EDT

DirecTV Equipment returned

Called March 2020 to have wife put on billing and to stop showtime, he said it would happen in the next billing. Next bill comes in and showtime is still on, so wife called again in July 2020 and told them about canceling showtime the person said that it would stop on the next billing,

In December 2020 showtime is still on so wife called again and was asked for a four digit code when did this come about... we don't know we had a code to put in so in March 2021 I called to stop everything and was also told about the code, that I don't know and asked if we could change the code, they hung up.

Called again in March and still told them no code to give and if I could change code hung up again. So in April 2021 called and told the person that I have no code and she told me to go to a AT&T store with the receivers and they could help me with the code. I called in June I didn't go to the store but was hoping I could get it done over the phone and told that I don't have a code this person also said go to an AT&T store and they would help me.

Went to a AT&T store with the equipment from DIRECTV and the first thing out of the manager mouth was we don't return the equipment you have to take it to a UPS store to return, I told him that I was told to bring it to any store and they would help me. He was very unprofessional not wanting to help me so I left the equipment at the store.

Come back and what I see on my email is about returning equipment, shouldn't that be sent to me when I ask to stop DIRECTV not after the store has it. Now I'm fighting with them on the equipment since they have it now they want me to pay for the equipment and it is at there store.

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3:56 pm EDT

DirecTV Canceling service

I canceled service on sept 7. I was told i would recieve a letter within 7 days telling me how to return equipment. I called again after letter was not received. I was told to take equipment to fedex. So i did. Then i got a bill for the equipment and directv access for the month after i canceled. When i canceled no one told me that i would have to pay for the entire month. How was i i watch directv if you requested the equipment back 21 days after i canceled. I canceled on the third day of billing cycle. Since i was never informed of att rule changes, i am not paying for services i was denied.

Desired outcome: Cancel $186 charge.

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7:51 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV NFL Sunday ticket enhanced features

I pay a lot of money to watch a lot of games which requires switching around to different games. The enhanced feature box will not allow this as it won't let you switch channels as it loads all the nonsense. If 2 or more games have my interest it is nearly impossible to keep up because of the delay. This makes me want to cancel Sunday ticket that I have has consecutively for 23 years.

Desired outcome: Make enhanced features optional to turn off

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9:56 am EDT

DirecTV Satellite dish

I had my insurance come out due to a leak coming from my roof into one of my bedrooms. They concluded it was due to the removal of the satellite dish that was installed and removed by Direct Tv. I cannot add a photo, but I can get in contact with my insurance company to asked them to forward me the pictures they took.

I do have an account with Direct Tv.
I would like for you for the roof to be repaired as soon as possible.
Please advise.

My name is LaVerne Morgan,
Phone number: [protected]
Cell number: [protected]
851 Benninghaus Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

Desired outcome: Repair roof

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1:15 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV I returned equipment and they claim never got it, turned me into collections ruined my credit

On April 24, 2017 I cancelled my service. I was then sent boxes to send equipment back. I did send all equipment back in. Then, I pull up my credit report in 2021 and see Directv claiming I owe $171.48! I returned the equipment, and they continued to bill me, and after I had moved I was not getting any letters and could not fight it at that time. I just noticed, years later. What they did is criminal. I returned their property, now they think it's perfectly fine to destroy my life. I want this removed from all credit reporting agencies, and I want compensation for the damages they have done to my credit file during those years.

Desired outcome: Removal of account from all credit reporting agencies who have this information. Compensation for damaging my credit with their poor bookkeeping, discrimination, lies, and hardship I have faced from this incident

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3:28 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV Fraudulent charges, lying. Fraudulent practices. Transferring call to various people then hanging up..

Had DirecTV installed on Thursday(April 15) evening - was dissatisfied with the programming; called the next day to cancel, a Friday - was transferred to various people eventually ending up with technical service. - who advised me to wait for 24 hours so that all updates to programming would be complete.

It was Saturday now. I called to cancel still unhappy with DirecTV. Was told that I had had their service beyond 24 hours. After some silent tabulating by the customer service rep was tald that would receive a bill for $624.

Desired outcome: I Paid AT&T for the installation bill of $104.70. the remainder of the charges should eliminated.

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12:21 pm EDT

DirecTV Bait and switch

I signed up for a basic DirecTV package combined with a Viasat package on 8/02/20. It was a two year package. I signed up with auto pay. Twice during the last year they attempted to ADD channels that I didn't order and charge me for them. I had to drop auto pay in order to get them to stop charging me extra. Now, after a year... apparently I have lost my "guaranteed introductory rate". My bill has increased $25 per month and that is for very basic programming. I am still locked in for a year. When my contract is up... I will not be continuing on with Directv.

Desired outcome: I want my monthly bill to return to what it was for the duration of the contract.

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8:05 pm EDT

DirecTV Satellite TV

Direct TV [protected]
Description: our direct TV service was canceled over a month ago and all equipment returned. I was told than by a supervisor I could complete a dispute online and I did so. I never received a response back, this dispute was for the charges on my acct in the amount of $254.40. I called in today to speak to someone and was transferred to a supervisor who gave me this email after the website to file another dispute was invalid and not working. I was informed I would receive a response in 10 days. If I fail to receive a response I will he contacting an attorney to resolve this issue because I have been unable to solve this issue myself. 2nd when I called today they had no record of me speaking to the supervisor over a month ago on the day the service was cancelled. Why no record? Why no response to my claim? And why is no one on the phone able to help me resolve these charges. We cancelled the service due to a loss of job due to Covid 19, we had no other choice and have no source of income at the moment. 2nd I was not at the residence the day this contract was signed and the acct is in my name so I do not know who signed it but I remember clear as day that I was not here. 3rd we had direct TV at our previous residence at 425 E Maple St Dallastown PA 17313. So I have no idea how we got into a new contract for 2 years in the first place when we had service for over 5 years at the previous residence. Please let me know what I need to do to get these charges and fees waived immediately. Add to all of this the email I was provided to send this to was also invalid!

Christine Yarko

Desired outcome: Credit issued to acct

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4:09 pm EDT

DirecTV Technician No Show, No Contact


Desired outcome: THIS IS NOT SALVAGABLE.

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1:29 pm EDT

DirecTV Customer service

I have been a Direct TV customer for approximately 25, actually almost 26 years. My service went out due to a lightning storm. The customer support was very nice, walked me through all the protocols and determined that I needed a technician to come to the house to repair the service. The problem, though, is that I was advised appointment time is actually seven days-yes one week away. And, if they a cancellation, I might get a response earlier. When I pay 165.60 a month times 25 years that is totally unacceptable. Additionally, my internet and 5 wireless phones are with ATT.

My question is why does if take so long to get a technician, when with other vendors it is the same day. I own my on business and if I provided customer service like DIRECTTV, I would be out of business. Please advise why it takes so long. I am so bothered by this lack of technical support that I am looking at other vendors such as Spectrum for my multiple services.
I never complain about anything. That is not my nature. I typically roll with the punch. But this punch from Direct TV is too much!

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8:56 pm EDT

DirecTV Payment

Cancelled my directv in May after paying the bill that was due by June 1. Told me I was paid thru June 14 and my service was disconnected on June 14. Today I get a bill for a past due amount of $87.85. When I called I was told it is my final bill and they had no way of verifying when I cancelled or what day my account was paid thru. Bull. Its all computerized. Female customer service rep was arrogant, could barely speak English. Told her their service and shady billing practices are why I cancelled my service wth them after more than 15 years

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6:29 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DirecTV Directv

Account# [protected]

We had a house fire on 3/14/21 and had to temporarily move out.
Account was closed but equipment could not be returned as it was damaged in fire. At&t has for months been trying to bill me for not returning equipment even though I have called in at least 8 times and explained that it was lost in the fire. I have a FICO score of 836. This better not be reported to collections. I have spent at least 5 hours trying to resolve this issue and I am still getting weekly email saying I owe $260.60. I had a $65 dollar credit when I closed the account. I am at my wits end and have filed a complaint with the BBB. The fire was stressful enough, I don't need to spend this amount of time trying to resolve an issue that your employees are not empowered to fix.

Desired outcome: 1) $0 my bill and quit harassing me. (2 Someone owes me an apology.

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5:16 pm EDT

DirecTV ATT Direct TV

I have been an ATT phone customer since 2011 and Direct TV customer since 2014. I contacted CS in September 2020 notifying them that I would be moving and placing direct tv service on indefinite hold as the place that we were moving proved TV service as part of rent. In May, I discovered that a direct tv monthly charge started being deducted from my account in March (over $300). I asked representative to put account back on hold and credit my account. I was informed that can't be done. I told CS that I would cancel direct tv account. He said equipment would have to be returned and I said OK, but would not be able to retrieve equipment from storage until mid July. I received letter from ATT indicating equipment must be received by 6-30 to avoid non return charges. I called again on 6-29-21 and was informed there will be $135 equipment charge for each piece (3) not received at fedex by 6-30. I will not be in Dallas until 6-15-21, and if I'm charged, I will dispute through my bank. I will never have direct tv again, and if charged, will cancel att phone service as soon as another carrier arranged. Jerry Gervers [protected]

Desired outcome: Do not charge for direct tv equipment after 7-15-21. I have already been charged for 3 months of service and equipment wasn't even hooked up to TV.

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C Via
, US
Jan 30, 2022 6:51 pm EST

AT&T direct tv will keep a pedaphile CNN corrupt and discracefull net work that has no news but there continue push of American that don't believe what they do you Brian Stelzer who advocate for violence against conservatives I am Hispanic and a conservative and they are an absolutely garbage network ratting completely under water but yet you would rather keep a pedophile network than OAN our country was built on our freedom to choice and first amendment right just because Biden wants conservative networks gone who decides what is misinformation not the government but the people OAN is full of young host reporters journalist Hispanic Asian Black I love listening to the young reporters how many Hispanic does CNN have they trash their competitors that are not a news network I was a Democrat now I am not this is what socialism is you should be ashamed all about the green and control you are fixing to lose millions of viewers.

6:16 pm EDT

DirecTV Direct TV

I signed up online for Direct TV and have around 800 credit score and they are saying that they cant confirm my credit and requiring me to pay deposit. This is a lie! They dont want to confirm credit to make extra money. What a crap company stealing money from people. Hopefully the NFL awards NFL games to a better company!

Desired outcome: There is 40,000 people complaining about this!

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5:56 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

DirecTV Closed captioning issues with hln hd channel 204

There is a big issue with HLN tv network *channel 204, ( a channel owed by Warner Brothers a subsidiary of AT&T Inc.) as to the way they broadcast and display closed captioning on their video /show programs.

The cc is poorly displayed and not synchronized with the dialog going on (they CC is broadcast is late in displaying the dialog). Also the CC is displayed from the top of the screen downward (descending) in a fast manner. This is a poor quality to show the closed captioning and very difficult to follow. I don't believe that the format displayed by HLN for the closed captioning doesn't meet the rules established by the FCC.

I tried to call HLN but they only answer with a voicemail asking for the extension the call is to be directed to and won't take messages. I then called I called DIRECTV on 06/09/21 and placed an open problem ticket, and was told that the issued was being escalated and someone will contact me shortly. To this date no one has contact me.

Note that have I been a customer of DIRECTV for more than 15 years and very much would appreciate that this issue be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

Hector Fernandez
11005 SW 139th CT
Miami, FL 33186
h: [protected]
c: [protected]
account# [protected]


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would like to delete this message thought I was dealing with DIRECTV and don't think my issue belongs on this site not to mention I put to much person information!. Delete it

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11:40 am EDT

DirecTV Installation

Today was the 3rd appointment that was made with DirecTV to install two receivers. The full description of what has transpired over the past two weeks can be found by accessing the phone calls that are supposedly recorded when talking with customer service at DirecTV/AT&T.

I will be filing a complaint regarding this matter with the Vermont Attorney General's Office, the Vermont Dept. of Public Service, my State Senators and State Representative.

My word is worth far more than anything DirecTV has told me in the last two weeks.

Desired outcome: The desired outcome is for service to be provided as scheduled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DirecTV In-depth Review

Pricing and Packages: DirecTV offers a range of pricing options and packages to suit different budgets and preferences. Their pricing structure is transparent, with clear information on the costs associated with each package. Customers can choose from various package options, including basic, mid-tier, and premium packages, each offering different channels and features. The value for money offered by DirecTV's pricing is generally considered to be good, with competitive prices compared to other providers in the market.

Channel Selection: DirecTV provides a comprehensive list of channels, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. Their channel lineup includes a diverse selection of entertainment, news, sports, and lifestyle channels. Additionally, DirecTV offers premium channels and sports packages, allowing customers to access exclusive content and live sporting events. The variety and diversity of channels offered by DirecTV are highly regarded by customers.

Equipment and Installation: DirecTV's equipment is known for its quality and reliability. Customers have reported positive experiences with the performance of DirecTV's receivers and remotes. The installation process is generally smooth and efficient, with professional technicians handling the setup. DirecTV also provides customer support throughout the installation process, ensuring any issues or questions are addressed promptly. While there may be additional fees or charges related to equipment and installation, they are clearly communicated to customers upfront.

Customer Service: DirecTV's customer service is responsive and effective, with representatives available to assist customers with their inquiries and concerns. Customers have access to various support channels, including phone, email, and online chat. The helpfulness of customer support agents is generally praised by customers. Based on feedback and reviews, customer satisfaction levels with DirecTV's customer service are generally high.

Reliability and Signal Strength: DirecTV's signal is known for its reliability and consistency. Customers have reported minimal disruptions or outages in their service. The signal strength may vary slightly depending on the location and weather conditions, but overall, DirecTV provides a strong and stable signal. Any reported issues or outages are promptly addressed by DirecTV's technical support team.

On-Demand and Streaming Options: DirecTV offers an extensive on-demand library and streaming capabilities. Customers have access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and other on-demand content. The user interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and access on-demand content. While DirecTV's on-demand library may not be as extensive as some other streaming services, it still offers a satisfactory selection of content. The quality of streaming is generally good, with minimal buffering or playback issues.

Contract Terms and Cancellation Policy: DirecTV's contract terms include a specified length, typically ranging from 12 to 24 months. Early termination fees may apply if customers cancel their contract before the agreed-upon period. The cancellation policy is transparent, with clear information on any associated charges. While some customers may find the contract terms restrictive, others appreciate the stability and benefits offered by longer-term contracts. Overall, DirecTV's contract terms are considered fair and flexible.

Overall User Experience: The overall user experience with DirecTV's services is generally positive. Customers appreciate the wide range of channels and packages available, as well as the reliability of the signal. The quality of customer service and support is highly regarded, with prompt and helpful assistance provided. While there may be some limitations in terms of on-demand content and contract terms, DirecTV is still considered a reputable and reliable service provider in the industry.

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6. Filling Optional Fields:
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Ensure each step is clearly defined to guide you effectively through the process of filing a complaint against DirecTV on

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