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Fox TV Complaints & Reviews

Fox TV / fox - nfl

Melissa Cusher on Oct 14, 2018

Miami- Chicago in overtime with seconds in the game. Chicago has the ball.Then what happens?? Fox cuts to postgame interviews & commercials! Are you kidding me?!? When the broadcast cuts back to the game which of course is over I find out that Miami won. You couldn't have waited ? I feel...

Fox TV / last man standing

Financeqween on Oct 11, 2018

As much as we love this show, i have to say i dont want to watch the new series with the new Mandy. We love this show and all it stands for. We love the political view and totally support the cast, but the new Mandy is way out of place and not believable.Better to send her off to Europe...

Fox TV / the last man on earth

Joshua Deatley on Oct 9, 2018

Why in the hell would you cancel a great show such as this one? This was one of my favorite TV shows to watch and have been anxiously waiting for it to start back up. After refreshing the last episode of season 4, I decided to look up when the next season would start. This is unacceptable...

Fox TV / lethal weapon

Patty Gunnufson on Oct 8, 2018

I wanted to watch a couple shows before chiming in. Sadly you destroyed what was one of my favorite shows. I have to agree with a lot of the complaints that the Riggs character and the actor Claymon (?) was the heart of the show. It sounded like there was some office politics and some...

Fox TV / joe buck

KevP on Oct 7, 2018

I am not a die hard football fan, but I do notice when watching the Minnesota Viking games that when Joe Buck commentates he has a very negative attitude towards the Vikings. When the Vikings make a good play or get a first down, Buck always makes a comment on how it was a ok play and then...

Fox TV Sports and Entertainment / browns vs oakland

Timothy Russell on Sep 30, 2018

I am complaining forcefully not being able to watch browns Oakland game. I cannot believe we were denied the choice of watching this game due to the interest in this area. I understand you even denied channel 9 cbs from carrying this game locally. Instead having to suffer through New...

Fox TV / lethal weapon

Nikki morgan on Sep 27, 2018

You need to bring riggs (crawford) back the new season is and will continue to suffer! The show isn't the same and i'm positive ratings will drop. I know I watched the first ten minutes of season 3 and changed it!! The show will end up canceling unless crawford returns! Update: the rating...

Fox TV / fox history & entertainment channel in india is not translating very well..

Balu tandel on Sep 27, 2018

Dear sir I am a customer of Kosamba Valsad India sir I wanted to tell you that your channel is Fox history and entertainment is not translating I Hindi language very well the translation has been not proper because the English translated and what are hearing together so that is a translation...

Fox TV / tv schedule

James Sickler on Sep 23, 2018

The TV Schedule said that a show was on at 9:00 tonight but apparently it changed or something and I missed the entire TV Show and There's no way for me to watch it. This morning it said that the show was on at 9 but it was really on at 8:00 I am really angry and really wanted to see that show. BTW it was 911 and I am so Friken mad right now at fox.

Fox TV / bears vs cardinals game

Disgruntled bears fan on Sep 23, 2018

Children watch football. I watch football. I refuse to watch football where you show a player flicking me off. Completely unacceptable. Everyone watching should be compensated for your trashy broadcast. Children should beget double. PG rating only for all NFL games and if you can't...

Fox TV / the cool kids

Goal Man on Sep 23, 2018

Fox has been running commercials for The Cool Kids. I heard the advertisement a few times and again today (9/23/2018) when I decided to complain. The program shows the characters suggesting they pretend they have Alzheimer's. My hope is Fox and writers of its programming realize it i...

Fox TV / football

Dennis Scrimo on Sep 11, 2018

I will no longer watch Football on your station ...or any other station.. I will stop until players are allowed to take a knee and are allowed to show what they think about our system of justice without being penalized. It has long been our way to look to our athletes with respect and...

Fox TV / so you think you can dance

Emmajald on Sep 3, 2018

This season of So You Think You Can Dance was WAY TOO SHORT! I literally had a panic attack when I realized they were only starting with a top 10 AND voting 2 people off each episode!!! I look forward to SYTYCD all year and I hated how short the season was. Please bring back the top 20!! I...

Fox TV / masterchef

Native and proud on Sep 1, 2018

I'm writing today sadly to complain about the judges on masterchef and there complete racism towards this seasons Bowen Joe was pardon my French a bitch towards an Asian who expressed there lack of skill and culture with pasta and I feel he should be removed as a judge and if so many...

Fox TV / verizon fios audio/video blackouts

Bob Kern on Aug 25, 2018

Verizon FIOS technicians have just completed a complete service on all their equipment and lines seviceing my TV's. This included replacing some or their equipment and feed lines as well as testing line values to make sure all their signals are at spec. The main problem still exists. On...

Fox TV / broadcasting of nfl games

Kls6263 on Aug 23, 2018

Would you please tell Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to stop their random chatter and actual call the football game. They never shut up and yet say so little! It is if we are eavesdropping on their conversation that they are having over beers. If this continues, we and many others will stop...

Street Food Around The World / making fun of christianity

Enoch V.g on Aug 23, 2018

We appreciate the "Street Food Around The World" Today as I was watching this on Fox Life... The Nazreth city was shown, we have seen that the hindi recording shows that the Anchor Ishia says in the episode. The stones where the pizza was baked on the stones were the same pebbles where...

Fox / cancellation of last man on earth

Matthew John Day on Aug 5, 2018

Please complete season 5 of last man on earth best show ever, I have spread this show to all my friends and family and they love it, I watched all 4 seasons over and over and heard it had been cancelled left a sour taste in my mouth all the shows out there not worth the paper they are...

Fox TV / sheppard smith

Sam Carter on Jul 30, 2018

(Sheppard Smith) so call news Why does this network allow this man to imposter a news man. He has no objective view. I watch your network because I would like to hear the news. Not some leftist opinions. He is clearly a Trump hater and not a impartial news man. Please give him a talk show or...

Fox TV Serbia / incorrect tv movie subtitles

Slobodan Kozarcic on Jul 28, 2018

Are you aware what rubbish translations can be seen on your channels in Serbia? Here are some examples: - Fox Crime - The Las Vegas show: " Mitch, back up camera 43 ten seconds." Transl., "Mice, back up 43 seconds." "Frеаking contact (lens)." Transl., "Silly contract." "Is that Ed with the...