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911 Lone Star

I am very disappointed in 911 Lone Star. The story line about the two homosexual men went too far. It was unnecessary.
On 911 Henrietta and her partner are characters you care about. You saw their relationship in a respectful manner.
Will not be watching 911 Lone Star again. Please realize it is on at time when families were probably watching it together and enjoy watching your other 911 show. You can have any show you want on your network but I can choose to change the channel.

Son of Zorn — Episode number

I have recently seen a TV show called Son of Zorn and I really am quite angry and confused on why you pulled the plug on that show and think you should recontinue it. What you...

Last Man Standing — Last few minutes of the program are cut off, next program begins before end of Last Man Standing ends.

Please fix this programming error. It is very annoying. My husband and I enjoy Last Man Standing very much, but every episode every week gets cut off before it ends. At first we thought it was just a one time fluke, but it happens every week. We hope you can fix this so we can enjoy each episode to the end, as it was meant to be enjoyed. We are located in Middlesex Ontario and our provider is Bell (in case that is needed to locate the issue) hopefully we will see this resolved. Thank you.

  • Updated by SusanneZ · Mar 26, 2020

    Thank you so much for fixing the problem, it’s nice to know someone is listening ❤️👍🏼

The Five

I am a constant watcher of The Five and have been for many years. I was stunned today to see Nancy Grace on your program, I guess headline News finally got smart and dumped her. She is a horrible person who drove an innocent woman to suicide by badgering her (Melinda Duckett) She should have been removed from television then and prosecuted for that woman's death.

Please re-think this terrible decision.

Charles Honse

PS; I turned the channel as soon as I saw her and will do so if or when I ever see her again.

The Last man on Earth

Could you please bring it back for the final season?
Or make a movie that has everything in Season 5?
Or write a book about it?
Or give me a chance to meet Will Forte and have him tell me all about it?
I have gotten to watch all 4 seasons and the show has become my most favorite show, considering I prefer anime and cartoons more. I have advertised the show to many of my friends and family and I know that this is undoubtedly one of the best shows on the planet, and even how coincidentally the world is living in the same 2020 right now. So please, can you give me and many others out there like me a chance to enjoy an amazing show?

The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams needs to be fired!! She is a terrible person who makes fun of people born with deformities ( Joaquin Phoenix) I am a mother to 5 beautiful kids 1 of which was born with a deformity called Microtia Atresia. Wendy is very a very offensive woman and should be canceled!! I'm not easily offended but this is just ridiculous to make fun of someone because of the way they were born!! SHAME ON YOU WENDY WILLIAMS FOR BEING A TERRIBLE PERSON AND SHAME ON YOU FOX FOR CONTINUING TO KEEP HER ON AIR!!!


The show Deputy is very good, but either the director or art director that thinks it's Arty to have sunlight and room lights reflecting into the camera constantly is really distracting. Makes me want to look away. Also the Shaking camera does nothing for the show. Stop making it difficult to watch!
All of the actors are superb and fit their parts very well.

Donna Brazile

This woman needs to be taken off the air explanation is needed. Anytime you have someone who is a contributor or whatever they are, when you get on TV and tell a person of the opposite party affiliation to get the hell out, get the hell out, yes two times and then complete by specifically telling the other party (Rhonda McDavid) to "GO TO HELL"
then they are past the point of no return. If this were a republican saying this to a democrat, I promise you they would have been taken off the air immediately. Even Ed Henry said whoa. So Fox, what are you going to do with her? Will you take action and fire her butt, now or are you going to lose viewship...I have no problem switching to OAN. No they are not quite as fancy and their newscasters are not as knowledgeable nor have the approprative experience but at least they would not allow this to stay on the air. FIRE HER BUTT or LOSE VIEWERSHIP.

By the way, I have posted this on my FB page as well as one that we conservatives express our opinions on Tucker Carlson as well as Sean Hannity. I listen to your time slot of 7-12 every night but I have no problem turning your channel off.

Mary Ellen Rogers
4117 Habana Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 3221

Deputy tv show

Love the show but keep your trangender "woke" political [censored] from ruining good tv. No hardass law abiding sheriff is going to be ok with illegals running around period. No doctor would ever say " there are more than two genders"
you why? Because there are not more than two genders! Look it up in any medical book. Another thing for you liberal nutjobs there is no such thing
as "your truth" only the TRUTH!

  • Je
    Jerry M Mar 06, 2020

    I watched my last episode of Deputy last week, deleted this week's episode without watching and removed it from my DVR schedule...I'm done. I don't mind that you have gay characters on the show, done well it might even enhance the story line, but last week's episode was way over the top and I found it disturbing. Stick with the main story line and drop all the political/social engineering nonsense. Too bad you chose to ruin an otherwise entertaining show.

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  • Ro
    RodGB Mar 08, 2020

    Fox has ruined 2 new shows. 9-1-1 Lonestar and Deputy. Stop pushing this Hollywood social agenda down our throats. I couldn't make it through the first episode of Lonestar and I was really looking forward to it. Deputy totally lost me with the they/them non binary Bishop character. The statement there are more than 2 sexes is just an agenda being pushed on us. I know Fox doesn't care what I think but I will not be watching Fox ever again. I'd rather not see the NFL games or anything they air if they insist on putting pure propaganda crap in shows that would be good without the social commentary.

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wendy williams

I have been watching the Wendy Williams show for many years; yesterday was my last! She has been misleading her fans from day one. She lies, is a racist, so unprofessional, is a BULLY and everything about her is fake! But making a joke about someone being murdered is a new, all-time low!
I don't understand why FOX would want someone like her to represent their network.
I know this complaint will probably just be tossed aside, and she will say "I'm sorry", again, and continue to live her ' wonderful life '.
What a disappointment!
Thank you, Mary Bassett
Orlando, FL

  • Em
    EMG1517 Feb 21, 2020

    To Whom it may concern;I am a 58 yr old RN who started in health care at the age of 15 yrs of age. One of my nursing specialities has been Psychiatric Nursing.I am writing this because as a caring compassionate human being, I can not sit quiet any longer!I do not know if Ms Williams is back using drugs or if she has lost touch with reality, one thing for sure she is in desperate need of sensitivity training!!Her comments of late are not only insensitive and disgusting, but  are hateful! How this woman, can make fun of Joaquin Phoenix over a birth defect, but know make fun about someone being murdered is beyond me.This Woman needs to be removed from television, what she is doing is nothing more than serious bullying!!!Fox, needs to drop her show ASAP. There is ENOUGH HATE and negativity in the world without her adding more to it on such a platform!

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9-1-1 loan star

Main Complaint:

While viewing the obvious extreme leftist liberal "woke" aspects of this show, my IQ dropped at least 100 points during the first 20 minutes of the pilot episode. As if that wasn't enough, my eyes went cross, and were stuck that way for at least an our after the traumatic experience. This, unfortunately, caused a cascade of events to occur, but are not limited to the following:

Migraine Headache
Fits of uncontrollable laughter
Loss for words

I hope, in the future, somebody that works in television who actually has a brain, will be tasked with creating a show which will prevent the aforementioned problems.

Thank you,

A member of the normal human race.

  • Updated by Tom Tad · Feb 17, 2020

    hour* not "our"

  • Wo
    wonderbread7 Mar 08, 2020

    Liberal fruits destroy everything.

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  • Kj
    KJinAZ Mar 31, 2020

    This is happening across most of the shows on the network now. The social messaging to promote the L.G.B.T.Q. lifestyle in every way possible is blatantly ignoring the fact that the majority of this country does not want to be entertained by these people who are largely mentally ill. It's VERY SAD!

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shows broadcasted

I'm not sure if society or just your employees decide the shows that are broadcasted on fox my opinion, (other people i'm sure) the list of the "[censored]" that is considered entertainment is to long for me to list. A few examples include, "masked singer", and the newest, "lego master's". I cannot believe that anyone!! Even watches that crap, let alone consider it entertaining. Has this society, or your employees become this [censored]ing stupid? Pretty much all television has become nothing worth watching. It is lame, mind numbing trash. I at least believe that some people still have a concept of entertainment. Movies to this day are interesting, entertaining, and actually have intelligence included.

super bowl 2020 halftime show

I'm a young mom of a five year old, and I found the superbowl halftime show this year inappropriate, offensive, and utterly unsuitable for many, many viewers. I'm shocked that this was deemed acceptable for prime time tv when so many children and families are known to be watching. A stripper pole, numerous crotch shots, half- naked women, and sexual performances (alongside a children's choir!) is completely unacceptable and NOT empowering to women. In light of the #metoo movement, I find it ironic that you would promote this type of exploitive "entertainment" that objectifies women.

This was worse than the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" and seriously terrible judgment on the part of the network. I'm deleting the fox app and will be looking elsewhere for my entertainment and news.

  • Ad
    Admiral Norman Feb 04, 2020

    I agree with Mari91. This type of content should not be broadcast to millions of families, especially with no warning. I'll be turning off the TV at half time from now on.

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super bowl lack of access

There was a sign language interpreter announced and present for the singing of both God Bless America and The National Anthem. Although there was a camera on them that was designated to them alone, they were not broadcasted for the entire duration of the singing. Why would you have the ability and investment to provide this access then choose not to broadcast it? It would have been simple to split the screen or put the interpretation in a bubble on the screen. Those who rely on receiving the message in sign language gained nothing by looking at the faces of the players as they stood there. Such a slap in the face.

fox nfl halftime show

I am totally disgusted by the NFL halftime performance! A public apology is in order for the NFL and Fox sports to support this type of pornographic behavior by the artists. Stripper poles and crotch shots have no place in our homes and on National tv during the Super Bowl which is viewed by adults and children alike. Very disappointed with both operations for this so called entertainment.

  • Be
    Bentley1234 Feb 03, 2020

    What a despicable half time show last night. Both females performed lewd and disgusting acts that should be reserved for R rated audiences only. From Shakira's crotch thrust to Lopez holding her vagina... cannot believe this was actually aired on prime-time TV. I was ashamed to be called an American last night.

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halftime show super bowl

My lord do you realize children love to watch the super bowl. You had a stripper pole, half clothed women and booty shaking. My grandkids look at us and went Ewe. You promoted smart women during the commercials and quickly destroyed it with this show, Jennifer Lopez is a very talented woman but choose to be completely gross. Shame on whoever approved this show. If it had been late night no problem!

  • Lo
    lodom Feb 03, 2020

    Listen I love Fox. I especially like Fox News and the people that make it happen. Unfortunately, I agree with those that are complaining about the Super Bowl halftime. t was not up to Fox standards. When people are selected to produce a halftime show for an event like the Super Bowl, you need to remember that the vast majority of Americans are NOT living in Las Vegas or especially Hollywood. The family and standards do not exist in their world. There are simply thousands of "fun" and clean forms of entertainment that everyone would have enjoyed, but it troubles me that Fox TV, who best represents the values of Americans, can stoop to this level of entertainment. I'm not saying either of the entertainers are bad people, it's just that their world has no filters, and their spin on good taste is a bit different. Surely you can find producers who can do better.

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  • Be
    Bentley1234 Feb 03, 2020

    What a display of filth. I was so disappointed with last night's trashy performance. Cannot believe they aired such lewd acts.

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  • Sl
    Slyj Feb 06, 2020

    What kind of show was that supposed to be? We have seen less skin and sexually charged dance moves at a Las Vegas club. It was ridiculous. I was mortified that children were watching this show. All of this talk about women empowerment and it was a slap in the face to women who fight each day to be respected by their male counterparts. The mother and daughter moment between Jennifer Lopez and her daughter was a blatant promotion for her future . She spends the rest of her time rubbing against a male dancers, hanging off a stripper pole, showing her crotch full on to a camera, and then as if that wasnt enough, continously grabbing her crotch. Shakira’s performance was just as bad so I will just say ditto. Remember who is watching the Super Bowl next year before you make the same mistake.

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halftime show

We had to turn it off. We were trying to watch the game with multiple kids... Superbowl is a huge event supposed to be for families... I am astonished at who approved that. I felt personally abused by the content just in the beginning of it and have heard it got worse. If someone pulled my child aside and showed them content like that I would call the police for child sexual abuse... But somehow it's ok when Fox plays it. We need to step it up a little bit and take care of each other instead of exploiting women. Extremely disappointed. And angered knowing that you don't care. If you did you wouldn't have shown it in the first place. I'm sure a few disgruntled mothers aren't going to make much difference to you. We had a 6 year old boy, 5 year old girl and boy, 4 year old girl, 8 year old girl, 11 and 13 year old boys with us watching the game. Shame on you! I'm 36 and don't need to be seeing that. And the irony of all the news about sex trafficking around the superbowl when you have a striptease on national television.

  • Be
    Bentley1234 Feb 03, 2020

    I agree with everything you said. So ashamed to call myself on American last night. Shocked at the filth.

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super bowl liv halftime show

I object to women spreading their legs on national tv, ( the Super Bowl half time show) while at the same time claiming equality. I would be ashamed if my daughter did such a thing. SOME women have, and continue, to march toward equality and these "entertainers" completely disrespect their efforts. You should not support such undermining efforts in the future. I don't expect a response by hope you will consider my thoughts.

super bowl ads

Very disappointed to find out you've accepted a gun control add, but denied a pro 2A and pro life add. I didn't realize Super Bowl adds were used to make political stances which are designed to suppress, limit, and destroy our rights as American citizens. Life and values are more important than football, even for those of us who love the sport. I'm boycotting this year's Super Bowl.

Fox Television Advertising policyso unfair.

Regarding Super Bowl ads: You show an add featuring drag queens but you won't accept an advertisment that features a prolife message. How pathetic of you. Apparently you think the pro-life ad too offensive for your audience or maybe you just demonstrated your contempt for a large part of your audience. I guys fired Drudge for his posting a baby in the womb grabbing the surgeons finger.

super bowl ads

I just heard that Bloomberg is paying for a commercial for gun control. Really? I'd better see a NRA or other commercial promoting gun rights. or neither. But not just one side.

Does Hannity know about this?

I expected Fox to be pro 2nd amendment or neutral. If I lose faith in Fox I'll just get netflicks and cancel my cable.

Tell Hannity that I'm disappointed.

911 lonestar

911 Lonestar has nothing to do with emergency responders and the fantastic jobs they do under the very worst and dangerous conditions. This show indecently portrays our first responders as liberal, vain, homosexuals who embrace and promote degenerate morality. There is not one shred of decency or believability in this show. You have openly disgraced those brave firefighters who died in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion by this disgusting show. I hope you soon cancel this abomination you classify as wholesome entertainment. You must have paid reviewers to give this show any rating at all.

  • No
    Northener Feb 07, 2020

    I would like to comment on your TV show 911 Lonestar. It's usually a very good show but I have a complaint about the recent episode "Acts of God" where there was heavy religious content with a lot of talk about prayers and miracles and going to church. Please leave the religious nonsense out of your future shows. Thanks for your time.

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Fox Channel FSCRblackout of fscr channel in zip code 29673

I have DISH TV.
I am filing a complaint about your blocking the FSCR CHANNEL in the area that I live!!
My husband and I are both handicapped and rely on our TV for watching our favorite team AND other teams!! We aren't able to go to but a few of the home games and none of the away games. We would appreciate the opportunity to watch those on TV.
PLEASE DISCONTINUE THE BLACKOUTS FOR THE 29673 AREA. And allow us to view our favorite games.
Thank you!!
Jean and Michael Dickson
102 Moore Lane
Piedmont SC 29673

unethical behavior

My pillow is on far too much, the guy was a drug addict im sick of seeing him i cant believe there are not other people that want to advertise. We turn off the fox news channel as soon as he comes on and we dont return. Give me a break!!! He is annoying and a scam artist from Minnesota. I am sure you can find other places to advertise. We will not watch fox until this is resolved

911 - lone star

On January 20, 2020, the new TV show 911-Lone Star aired it's second show of the season. I was dismayed at the homosexual tones from the first show and was totally disappointed...

9-1-1 Lone Star9-1-1 lone star

When I saw that another version of 9-1-1 TV show was coming on I was excited and was hoping that was going to be better than 9-1-1. I quit watching 9-1-1 because I was being subjected to a gay lifestyle as being normal. I sat down with my wife to see the pilot. I was hoping that it was going to be an action packed series about fire emergencies and rescues. In the first few minutes there was a discussion about a marriage proposal. It was with someone named Alex. My first thought was that Alex was his girlfriend. I was shocked but not surprised that Alex was a black male instead of a female. I looked at my wife and said I don't believe it! I immediately turned it off sad and disgusted. I watch TV for the action, crime, medical, sci fi and etc. I don't want to be subjected to an abnormal gay way of life as if it is normal. It is sad that the first few minutes had absolutely nothing to do with fire fighting or rescues. This is nothing more than an attempt, by executives, to normalize a perverse lifestyle. I for one, am offended by and will not tolerate being subjected to this type of television. I'm pretty sure there are many other people who feel the same way.

new fox series - 911 lone star

I was so excited to see this show begin as it seemed like it was going to be an action packed series about fire department emergencies. Unfortunately, within the first few minutes the subject changed to a gay marriage proposal. I immediately turned it off because I could see that I was going to have to tolerate seeing gay lovers when it has absolutely nothing to do with fire fighting or rescues. In my opinion, this is nothing more than an attempt, by TV executives, to normalize an abnormal lifestyle. It is not my business, nor do I care, if people live a gay lifestyle but I don't want to be subjected to their love making. As sad as it is, it is getting to be impossible to find a show that does not have gay couples in it. I for one, am offended by it and will give up TV if need be. I'm pretty sure there are many other people who feel the same way.

  • Cw
    cwelch78655! Jan 21, 2020

    I am very disappointed in 911 Lone Star. It is only a politically correct show. A gay man, a transvestite, a Muslim woman with hijab. The only thing missing is a woman in charge. I assume she was to come later.

    Also the new Deputy show started out by saying they wouldn't obey the law. These types of shows don't need to be on TV. I won't watch either of them. I want TV for entertainment, not politically correct crap

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For several months we have had a problem with the audio on the Fox channel.
I have DirecTV. all other channels work fine..
The FOX channel keeps cutting of the audio for a second or two every minute.
Right now the NFL Playoff game is cutting off and on several time a minute. This also happens while watching the show " Last Man Standing.
I have reported this before.. We received NO response ...
Ed Neill
My Phone # [protected]

fox new shows hi I am so fed up with dancing shows

I Am Fed Up With Dancing Show"s Dating Shows Or sets Of Shows 911 And Now Another 911 I Like The 911 Show But I Dont Want To see Two Different 911 Shows And Sports OMG I Dont Need To See Football 24/7 Golf Skating Go Back To A Regular Tv Shows Not Something a 3 year old Could Make Up Like Flirty Dancing I dont Know Who Buys Your TV Shows But Fire Him And Hire Someone With Brain Not Happy Feet That Cries Watching Dating Shows

fox news commercials are out of hand

As of January 8th, 2020 I am officially canceling my satellite tv. The only reason I had a package was for the news. Everything else I can watch online. Every single time I turn fox news on it's always playing commercials. I will sit down to eat my dinner, and I can eat my entire dinner before a commercial break is over on this station. When the commercials are finally over, you show 3 minutes of news 2 minutes of teasers then right back to commercials for another 10 minutes. I am no longer willing to tolerate paying to watch commercials and will now be getting my news online from other sources. I am done paying a premium every month just to watch commercials.


no more Fox Commercial Network for me!

new deputy series

I was interested in the new Deputy series but shut it off after a couple of minutes. To start a series with a statement that it is wrong to have law enforcement arrest law breakers because "we are all immigrants" is beyond stupid and [censored]ic. We are all "legal" immigrants, not "illegal, law breaking" aliens. Are you just trying to gain viewership of the few Pelosi stooges? If so, I expect the Deputy be quickly cancelled since the majority of Americans do not agree with your blatant illogical political drivel spewed in the first 5 minutes of the series. Poor form, Fox, poor form!

PS: I have not watched ABC since it cancelled Last Man Standing and then lied about why it did so. Guess Fox is hoping for the same outcome.

  • Mn
    mnd1017 Jan 06, 2020

    I agree with Bob Black. My wife and turned off Deputy after 15 mins. I don't watch tv programs to have someones slanted views pushed my way, right or left, in such a mean way.

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  • Te
    Temecula1 Jan 06, 2020

    First time writing to re: a TV program but I am in total agreement w/ the above comments! It's an understatement to say I am disappointed in Deputy and the Fox Network. Any show (or network) that disrespects law enforcement is only contributing to the anger and lack of respect that has taken hold of our country. Clearly I am not alone in my thinking.

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  • Jo
    John toe Jan 06, 2020

    Yea ok

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  • Ki
    KingRagnar Feb 11, 2020

    Could not get past the first 10 minutes of this crappy show. When you are this PC in the first episode you know it is just going to get a lot worse.

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this is not this is not complain I have been watching fox for 40 years or more around the usa county

Plz provide a pharamcist show doctors show the medical shows the public watcher will benefits and the sponsors will sponsor the pharmacist onthe air weekly daily 1 you will save...

number and length of commercials

I have been a dedicated viewer of FOX for many years. Over the past two years I have begin recording shows and watching them later so I can fast forward past the waste of commercials. Now it has gotten to the point that I have began to get my news from the streaming and internet services. Your commercials have gotten to the point I can not carry a train of thought on a given subject. As much as I have enjoyed your programming and staff it is quickly becoming unpleasant and non relaxing to enjoy.

Micheal Whelan

fox tv

Your signal isn't strong enough for me to access thru digital antennas and when I attempt to access thru my Xbox it says paying Spectrum $50 a month for internet isn't enough money to view your channel. Greed is our country's downfall. You used to access all local channels thru an antenna. Then they went to digital "for our safety"... [censored]! You can't access any local channels now and you have to pay big cable $100 a month to see live TV. Why???

channel cutting out

I'm having multiple issues. While I was watching Masked Singer tonight, either the sound would start sounding like static or the screen would just go black but there would still be sound. At first I thought these were my tv boxes but obviously this is not the case. Last night during resident you played 90% commercials during the hour. Fix this plz.

911 season 2

It is ridiculous that you have taken down 911 season from your website as well as making hulu and netflix get rid of it. How are people suppose to watch it when you skip episodes? You need to fix this issue. There is a whole page of complaints on reddit and several of the. Say they will no longer continue watching 911 due to the inconvenience. Hopefully someone learns how to not delete things.

mlb coverage.

Turner was obviously not in the lane. Joe Buck is an idiot, so his terrible commentary is expected. Smoltz should know better. Turner made no effort to run where he should. Buck declared that Turner never touched the grass, even though he ran all over it. Know the rules, stop thinking like you are an expert. Smoltz should know that the protest was not legit, and the play not reviewable. Fox? Turn down the crowd noise and get a real announcer.

your broadcast last night

You people at fox news make me sick. How dare you try to make a service member who is so loved look bad! Just to say, im getting together with our city council about boycotting...

fox sports-joe buck

My husband, my friends, my family and I TOTALLY AGREE that Joe Buck is TERRIBLY biased against the Astros. His announcing is completely one sided, no matter who the Astros are playing. He doesn't even try to hide it. The one game he took off and they brought someone else in to announce with Smoltz was the very best announced game to date because it was balanced commentary about the baseball both teams were playing. They actually talked baseball, gave kudos to both sides when something great was done.
Last night in game 4, when Chirinos hit the foul pole for his homer, Joe Buck actually groaned out loud on the microphone. He didn't even call the play! He totally reminds me of Bob Costas who also hates all Houston teams.
So Joe...if you are going to continue to be an announcer, someone needs to teach you how to perform balanced communication. And seriously, don't talk about things you don't understand and have never done.

airing carolina panthers games in east tennessee, I am a tennessee resident and pay state taxes, I deserve to watch them play on sundays

It's completely unfair that Fox airs Carolina Panthers games in East Tennessee, I am a Tennessee resident and work 60 hours a week, pay state taxes, I deserve to watch them play on Sundays..
I'm complaining about not getting Titans games on fox, I live in Tennessee and can't watch them play, just let the "state" of "Tennessee" watch the "Tennessee" Titans