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Home and Garden Televisionadvertising

HGTV is supposed to be family friendly, however, over the last several months there has been more and more advertising for scary or murder related shows like those on the ID network.

Please do not allow these types of commercials on your station. There needs to be a safe haven from this kind of material. Please return HHTV to being that safe place.

hgtvCommercial for Fox Nation

I find the commercial you are running for FoxNation to be divisive in its message. Especially to feature a photo of President Clinton with the word "scandalous" in bold type. It's clearly pushing a GOP agenda. Let political ads run with a clear statement of where the funding comes from - but this is a different type of ad all together. If HGTV has a GOP agenda then I don't want to watch it anymore.

Commercial for Fox Nation

hgtvhoney pot commercial

I was watching your house hunters show and saw the honeypot commercial. I like honeypot and the commercial was fine until the African American girl made the comment "for the next black girl who has an idea". Do you not think other ethnic groups can have ideas and start businesses? Very discriminating. If this is the type of commercials this channel will display, then its time to watch other channels.


I was shocked and offended by the house hunter episode featuring the trouple.
C'mon - did we really have to go there?
House hunters was such a great show.. A place where you could escape all the nonsense of the world today.
But now you brought all that back to us.
Trendy-political were not terms I thought of for hgtv.
Thought you guys were above it.
So sad

  • Li
    LiMod Feb 19, 2020

    The House Hunter episode featuring the “trouple” was the last straw for me. The woman made the blatant comment that she was bisexual which is information that certainly doesn’t belong on what used to be a family friendly program. There appears to be an agenda being forced on us, but we as viewers still have a choice as to what we watch and what advertisers we support. I will cancel my dvr recording of House Hunters, and if necessary, stop watching HGTV altogether.

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hgtvprogramming content

As I sit here watching House Hunters, I ended up muting the program. Why? In S184, E8, I was introduced to the "truple." The husband was straight, the wife bi, and a third woman was the other partner of the wife, a sickening addition to this show.

HGTV seeks out these types of relationships to promote them as acceptable. It is unbelievable that this ungodly life style is featured on HGTV or any channel for that matter.

This is a sad time and deal breaker. That the producers would assault the American family with such foul content shows the darkness that's in their hearts. Care a little more about your audience and clean up your act!!

  • Gj
    GJ55 Feb 13, 2020

    I was surprised at the program also. I'm done with HGTV. They went from a good craft show, to a greedy flipping real estate program that helped normalize the 2008 housing crash and, money...and now a truple? Come on. Why do we need to know this?

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  • Lu
    LuckyLiz Feb 13, 2020

    I was offended and shocked with this episode.
    When did HGTV become trendy and political?
    And to think I really enjoyed this show.

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  • Pe
    Peter ev Feb 13, 2020

    My husband and I are deeply disappointed in the “truple” episode. HGTV used to be a solid family viewing program that has desended into content that belongs on Showtime or HBO. If HGTV wants to grow their audience, they might be surprised when people like me pull the plug on this show and actually have the reverse effect. The need to celebrate sexual deviancy on a channel that is focused on home ownership is beyond the pale. It seems that HGTV is going out of their way to over-represent small percentages of the population and go for shock value instead. It’s unfortuante that HGTV does not see the power of the viewer.

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  • De
    Debbie la Feb 14, 2020

    I did not like the “truple “ episode and turned it off. That is not a typical family and since I always thought your station was safe to watch with children I no longer feel that way. You introduced a life style that is not appropriate for all ages. Please think harder before you jump into the unusual pool. I do not need have a lifestyle like that put in my face.

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  • Ty
    Ty Evans Feb 15, 2020

    "Thruples, Truples" ? No matter what you call it, monogamy is monogamy, although "truples" is far more than having more than one spouse in separate homes; this is an all-time low for HGTV. I could not believe what I was seeing, so I exercised my freedom and changed the channel. I hope you don't do this on my favorite show, Home Town, or any others. You should have given your viewers the courtesy of an explanation of the content in advance of the show. Perhaps I missed it, if you did. However in this case a special announcement should have been provided for viewers/parents to take note of the viewer advisory labels. In my future viewing, I will be selecting my "Information" button to read about the content of episodes. One would think that a program about people house hunting would not require such a need though.

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  • Jo
    Joan Komar Feb 17, 2020 should be ashamed of yourself. The Throuple show is a disgusting example of what is happening to what should be a wholesome family show. I will block your show so my kids do not think that this is a DECENT show to watch. You have succumbed to the deplorable values that are rearing their ugly heads on family shows!

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hgtvsmall characters that appear at the bottom of the tv


I love to watch your shows, but lately it have been very, very, very annoying with the small characters appearing at the bottom of the TV. Its to the point where I turn the channel when this starts to happen and its a shame because
I really enjoy your TV shows. But because of this new annoyance I can't bear to watch your shows anymore.

Disappointed Viewer
email: [protected]

hgtvtelevision shows

I am, or was, an avid fan of HGTV. However, I am no longer a fan or a watcher of your program. All of your shows center around buying, selling, flipping, renovations, etc. Where are your shows about crafting, gardening, decorating, etc.? These are shows that started my passion with your programs. Why?

Extremely disappointed in your shows. HGTV is no longer fun. :(

  • Ju
    JudyJ, Arlington, MA Oct 09, 2019

    You are promoting a new show featuring four WOMEN designers, but this morning I heard them referred to as HGTV “girls.” Come on! Is this the 1950’s? Didn’t someone speak up and say “No fellas, we can’t call these beautiful, smart women “girls.” Someone must have said that and if so, why didn’t you listen? I hope you will fix that promotion immediately. And if “girls” is in the name of the show (I hope it’s not) then please change it to women. I know you get my point. I would be shocked if others haven’t written in to say the same thing. In that one promotion you just threw out 50 years of progress; and if it was on purpose then “for shame.” JudyJ, Arlington, MA

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HGTV Flip or Floptarek el moussa - flaunting white wealth constantly

HGTV is promoting white wealth and ignoring diversity! Tarek El Moussa constantly has to flaunt flying on 'Private planes', flying helicopters, his personal 'yacht', and buying unncessary amount of cars and now the video of him buying a girl he just met a Ferrari! HGTV please address this. What about the climate crisis with him flying everywhere. Ugh All his fans are complaining on instagram. Prop Brothers dont do this - they stay humble. Even his ex wife is very real and humble. Only Tarek feels the need to constantly posts his white wealth on instagram and middle class fans and minorities are getting sick of it!

  • Ha
    Harpers Bat Sep 27, 2019

    Your just another wannbe victim with a big chip on your racist shoulder.

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Home and Garden Televisionchristina on the coast

Make it stop! As a former media buyer, I can tell you the reach and frequency is overwhelming...overkill. Hopefully the series will run its course, lack ratings and be off the air. Her fake looks, superficial personality, annoying voice and mediocre design talent add no overall value. Hopefully this show will be replaces with one of substantial value...the sooner the better!

  • Ri
    Richy P Dec 16, 2019

    Ditto. When HGTV has so many quality alternatives - to give this talentless bimbo her own show is a crime. Only hope she's a money loser for the network and they come to their senses.

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U have a house flipper employees by u.her name is April Darisaw.she has been harassing me an my kids.she has been threatening to do bodily harm to me on social media.She as cause so much Drama with her allegations and Threats.she claims that she is Filming for a show call flipping since I been getting so man death threats an she's using ur name in the post an comments.i will be seeking help from my attorney am pressing charges For defamation of since she's all ways using Hgtv in her rants I will enInclude you in the lawsuit as well


  • Ap
    April Darisaw Jun 28, 2019

    Lejoyea! Give it up hunny.. It’s already been made aware that this is a retaliation against a pending child abuse case you have open! Your name is not being tarnished and that has been proven by your previous court records... You will now have a pending child abuse case on top of a lawsuit

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  • Ap
    April Darisaw Jun 28, 2019

    Also theirs not HGTV listed in the “rants” ONLY FROM YOUR IN LEJOYEA FIELDS and not only that! You made a complaint in a outdated page with a outdated address 😂😂

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hgtvfixer upper/love it or list it

I'm watching fixer upper and why is there a background lady saying random things like "the sun rises, the guy uses this tool" it's so annoying! I've never seen this in the past, it's very awkward almost like having captions but we all can see what's going on without someone saying Joann is planting flowers- obviously she is! Lol. Seriously annoying bc it's my favorite show in hgtv! The show is perfect itself without any commentator!
Next, love it or list it- the staff cannot be replaced. Nothing against the new people but it's simply not the same without the British accent and the bond that everyone shares.


Hgtv fails to incorporate diverse nationalities in their tv series. Other nationalities outside of Caucasian people watch hgtv also. There are no minorities on the show either. I have been boycotting HGTV, for about a year for this same reason. Please consider all Nationality groups when recruiting for the Tv shows. This is disturbing that HGTV doesn't include more diversity in their tv shows.

  • Ha
    Harpers Bat Sep 27, 2019

    Diversity my behind. They've gotten so diverse it ruined the program. It's unwatchable now.

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HGTV Magazinehgtv magazine delivery

I received the June 2019 issue today from someone on the other end of my complex who received it. Prior to this, the last issue I received was for October 2018. Whoever has this delivery contract is not reading the address and just delivering any where. The magazines are not being returned to me. Either refund me for missed issues or go back to USPS delivery.

hgtvshow - housefull and spouses

Why would you air such a program and promote polygamy??!! This is not a normal lifestyle, nor is it even legal in the USA. I was horrified to see this at work the other day. What happened to your gardening programs? You are the home and garden channel, aren't you? We would love to see new gardens and gardening techniques rather than ridiculously expensive garden makeovers or the same house Hunter shoes over and over. Give us some variety! What happened your character? We don't want to see polygamy in any shape or form.

  • Na
    Nazy954 Apr 28, 2019

    Why would you air polygamy show on hgtv. This was one show we watched as family and enjoyed we can’t no longer. So disappointed. This not TLC and people who watch hgtv don’t care for TLC.

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hgtvhgtv-house full of spouses-disgusting

I work in a Dentist office and we keep HGTV on for our patients to watch while they wait to be seen. Our Doctor chose this channel to continuously be played because studies show that HGTV is the most calming and mutual channel that can be played in Doctor offices. However, we are very disappointed that you have chose to play House Full of Spouses! It is disgusting and very distasteful to add such a program to a wholesome channel. This is a VERY controversial program and it has made our patients uncomfortable.

  • Ma
    Mark Long Apr 25, 2019

    I have to agree with the previous post from the Dentists’ office. I found the show to be offensive. Bigamy is not legal, nor should it be, so why are we glamorizing such acts? Especially on a Network has been known for its family friendly, wholesome programming. What’s next, HGTV, House Hunters Heals Domestic Violence?

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  • It
    Italian Girl 2010 Apr 25, 2019

    I agree. I just saw this and I am appalled to say the least. This is illegal IN THE STATE OF UTAH and everywhere else in the US and should not be on TV. It makes these people look normal, but it is not showing the oppression and heartache this lifestyle causes women, children, and young men? Its like glamorizing a drug addict’s life without showing the brain damage, bondage, withdrawals, family heartache, etc! UNBELIEVABLE! Do you understand the damage these people do?!?!

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  • Sh
    Shaun R. Apr 27, 2019

    I really don't see anything offensive about it. If a lady enjoys being married with sister wives, why should anyone have a problem with it?

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  • Na
    Nazy954 Apr 28, 2019

    @Shaun R. It is abuse

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  • Be
    BelieverLKG May 02, 2019

    Illegal, immoral. You have broken my trust in HGTV. I'm very disappointed that you have stooped to sensationalism. If this show or this type of programming continues, I will have to share with all my friends and family on social media who will join me in boycotting HGTV and your sponsors; it will backfire on you...Big Time!

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  • Wi
    Wilothy May 05, 2019

    Get over yourselves! You call this disgusting, but how many of you hypocrites have had previous spouses and/or boyfriends/girlfriends you've slept with?

    You call yourselves monogamists, but you're really serial monogamists (polygamists)!

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hgtvlove it or list it/property brothers, boise boys and others

How come only 1 or 2 seasons are available to watch of many fixer-upper shows which I binge least I want to. You show same episodes over and over and over. How come? Is there any way to watch other seasons of my favorite shows? It's making me write more so I'll say I LOVE these types of shows. From Restored by the Fords to that one in Laurel, Mississippi. I enjoy all of them and really want to catch up as I only started watching these shows a couple years ago.

  • Mc
    McPat Aug 10, 2019

    Love Boise Boys! The intro music is great too. Would love to see more about their families, like they did on Fixer Upper.

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Your programming seems a little lazy. Every day is fixer upper, and more fixer upper.
Why is fixer upper - reruns - on all day? Not everyone wants to watch this duo from the homophobic church all day. I have stopped watching hgtv and watch diy now instead, except on wednesdays when property brothers is on all day. Can you get more shows like property brothers? I liked david bromstad when he was designing spaces... His lottery dream house is ok too. For reference, I am a middle aged woman with a husband and three kids...


Please consider finding other shows, instead fixer upper and property brothers reruns. The theme never changes. Fixer upper new style is a crossover to other show on the network, which reveals that the producers can't shake or come up with something new. Property brothers no matter what you pay for the house the other brother is going to set the budget to the remaining amount. Never a saving with that show. The drama line in both shows are consisted with adding more money "cut in the budget", which is always the case in love it or list it.
Please, consider not playing any of your show beyond 2018.


hgtvhgtv magazine subscription

My most recent magazine delivery attempt failed. Due to the new delivery service, Doorfront Direct, the "Pops of Color" issue was laying on my driveway for two days of inclement weather. When I was able to pick it up, not even knowing what it was (I thought it was maybe a new area directory book or something else undesirable), I was understandably upset with the condition of HGTV Magazine. Although, there was a plastic sheet covering, it was obviously not water tight. Also, doesn't "door front delivery" imply that it would be delivered to my doorstep? Because it definitely was not!
I would appreciate a fresh new magazine delivered to my mailbox expediently. Thank you.

Kelsie Larsen

hgtv magazine subscription
hgtv magazine subscription

  • Ma
    Mann L Holland May 13, 2019

    Not sure you got my first note. Just got my magazine about 7am this morning on the street by my mailbox. The note for front door say you will deliver our magazine to the front door. They missed the front door by about 30ft. This is Monday morning so it was delivered some time after 5pm on Sunday because that was the last time I was out front. Right now I do not like this service. You should take a look at the contract you signed because somebody is not doing what the name of the program says. This delivery was made to 1850 Belleair rd, Clearwater, Fl, 33764. For Nancy Holland.

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hgtv — scam

379 They're charging me $19.98 for a magazine subscription I didn't order!! There was a $100, 000 makeover sweepstakes I signed up for. That's what the ad was for, a...

hgtvdisturbing commercials

I enjoy watching hgtv with my family, especially House Hunters, Property Brothers, Beachfront Bargain Hunt and shows like that.
Yesterday, February 10th, we were watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt around 8:30/9pm and there was a VERY disturbing commercial for the show, the Walking Dead. This left all of us feeling awful and my children were scared from the graphic visuals. I had always thought that hgtv was a safe network where we didn't have to worry about commercials for disturbing or tasteless shows, especially since those don't even air on hgtv.

  • Ma
    Margie Hallwas Aug 20, 2019

    Pleading with you and other TV stations to please remove the Stanley Steamer vomiting baby commercial from your shows. It's not only once but it's on several times in the morning...while watching this channel and eating you see the issue?

    I change the channel EVERY time it comes on if I can catch it in time.. It seems to be aired on NBC/ABC and your channel more than other stations.

    I've already written to Stanley Steamer as I noticed many others have...but weeks go buy and it's still on.

    Remote in hand at all times to change the channel..

    Thank you for any attention you can give to this matter.

    Margie Hallwas
    Chicago, IL

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hgtvhgtv mag

I first received an email saying I owed for my magazine (never subscribed). Then a bill came in the bill. My daughter went on line and thought she had cancelled it. Now I am receiving the magazine and bills. I'm reading how this has happened to countless others. This is ridiculous. It's little stupid things like this that are not only a huge inconvenience, but can ding your credit score. I am currently on hold from the number I've found on this site.

hgtv — person

You have sent me an invoice for a magazine with account number [protected] for 19.99. I did not, not, not, not, not, not, not order anything from you. I never ordered a magazine...

hgtv — invoice

I continue receiving invoices for hgtv subscription that I have requested numerous times to cancel. I only paid for a 1 yr subscription and then requested a cancellation. The...

hgtvhgtv urban oasis

I enjoy hgtv programming. I enjoy entering their contests like hgtv urban oasis. What I don't enjoy or agree with is their huge advertisements from ad providers like google. Unwary visitors to the site can be sucked in to scam sellers provided through the hgtv contest page. Before you buy, go to and check out companies that flash pictures of really nice, cute tops and shoes, like justfashionnow or liligal, among others. The clothes you receive might be nothing like the pictures on hgtv's site. Shame on hgtv for blindly propagating sites like these and by not being discerning on which ads they allow on their contest pages. It reflects badly on them.

HGTV - Desert Flippers — desert flippers - destroying a cactus

I am watching Desert Flippers and, while I have no major complaints about the show, I wanted to point out something that happened on Season 2, Episode 2 that I found...

hgtv — advertising

2017 dream home videos are preceded by velcro ads with aggravating loud music, ads are waaay too long, so much so that I would only explore 2-3 short videos of the home Really...

hgtv — too much flip or flop

Hgtv is my favorite channel. But lately there's a lot of flip or flop. Today [protected]) all afternoon from 1pm to 10pm tonight is flip or flop come on guys. Really?? You expect...


I entered a hgtv sweepstake on 9/20/18 and a few days later received an email with subject "thank you for your order." then received a bill for a subscription I never ordered. When I contacted customer service they stated they were not aware of the sweepstake details and there was nothing in their system yet but it usually takes a few days after I open the account (that I never opened). I'm curious, if you aren't aware of the details, how do you know it usually takes a few days for an account to show in the system. Of course, no supervisors available. Really bad look hgtv

hgtv — magazine

A few days ago, I received an invoice for an unsolicited subscription to hgtv magazine. According to the notation on the bill, I had subscribed to hgtv magazine and entered the...

hgtv — fixer upper

You state you have a wide variety of programming but fixer upper is the lion's share of it. I always used to watch hgtv on the weekend. Now it's almost always fixer upper all...

HGTV Magazine — house beautiful and hgtv magazine

I have been billed for house beautiful and hgtv magazine, I didn't subscribe to either of these! I did pay for the hgtv and I finally received a magazine this week but now I have...

hgtvfixer upper

So tired of fixer upper. It's on everyday. I used to watch hgtv everyday. Now the only thing on is fixer upper. What happened to variety? I don't watch hgtv at all anymore. What happened to kitchen, bathroom, room and yard makeover shows? I still like property brothers. Not so much buying and selling. The new flip or flop shows can't replace the original.

  • Lo
    LoriJP Apr 01, 2018

    I agree!!! Why don't they just change the channel name from HGTV to the Chip and Joanna show...all the designs look the same and so are their stupid tiring interactions

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  • Re
    Rebecca Robles Jun 18, 2018

    Love them don’t change a thing-

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  • An
    AndreaRei Apr 23, 2019

    Agree ... enough Chip and Joanna

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  • Jg
    jgc36 Jun 23, 2019

    @AndreaRei Tired of those no longer in production. Where are the good couples from Flip or Flop - the Corsinis in Atlanta, the couple in Vegas. First Flippers is so silly and ridiculous ... a waste of my time. Like Mina and Karen from Indianapolis IN. Why don't you return some of the GOOD Flip or Flop couples in another season? I do not watch HGTV as much as I did. Your programming is not nearly as interesting. jgc36 TX

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I am being threatened by this scam company. I never ordered a subscription of this magazine and notified them of this and they still keep sending final notices to me. I have seen several similar complaints listed online - people having the same issue as myself.
I need them to cease and desist sending me notices - I have not received any more magazines after the first one at this time

  • Pi
    Pixelcole Aug 04, 2018

    "I would like to receive 1 FREE issue of HGTV Magazine.
    If I like what I see, I'll get 1 year (for a total of 11 issues) for just $19.99 – that's 54% less than others pay on the newsstand. If not, I'll return the bill marked "cancel" and keep the first issue with no obligation. I'll still be eligible to win the sweepstakes."

    Just don't check the box.

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hgtvtv programming

Hgtv seems to have forgotten what made them popular originally. It was the variety and originality of their designers and concepts. At this point home depot has more substantive variety on design and decor. We are tired of joanna gaines and her [censor] husband as well as the scott brothers. You have completely walked away from outdoor designs and landscaping which really got us motivated. Tiny houses have proven to be unsafe and a poor investment. Please, please, please update your designers and programming as we would love to return to hgtv binge watching #save hgtv!!!

  • Su
    Suzy Scott May 01, 2018

    Agreed monotonous
    Ive gotten where i do not watch hgtv hardly at all due to only 2 show monopolize the day viewing time.

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  • De
    Dee Milledge Jul 11, 2018

    Why are YOU NOT SHOWING "HOME TOWN" on HGTV. I live in Lakeland, FL., and changed time Direct TV in order to see my most favorite HGTV program, only to learn that you're NOT SHOWING IT ON DIRECT TV ANYEHERE????????!
    WHY IS THIS?????
    My email is: [email protected] Please send your reply to my email, Please!!!
    Dwanda Milledge

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hgtvstop the flip or flop show

The flip or flop show is extremely irritating.
It's boring and uninteresting from the first episode. I think that everyone got tired of these untalented and not gifted people. Sorry, but they weren't born to host the show. One hundred houses in one year? What a lie! Could you please show us something else in the evening except for flip or flop? Stop repeating it over and over again, please

  • Ca
    Cailin64 Jul 26, 2018

    Please cancel this show. Christina is acting like a tramp and is very hateful and argumentative. This is not what HGTV is about...this is not tras tv like Big Brother, etc. please, please send Tarek & Christina a message and cancel the show.

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HGTV Magazine — hgtv magazine I never ordered

497995 I recently got a bill from hgtv 3 weeks ago about a magazine subscription they say I ordered but I never ordered. I tore it up because I figured it must be a mistake because I...

HGTV Magazineunordered magazine subscription

I have been entering the hgtv sweepstakes forever, and this is the first time that i've been billed for a product I did not order, nor agree to.
Thanks to this site, I found the contact number & waited on hold for over 10 minutes before an agent came on to affirm my identity. She said she would remove the bill and to ignore future bills.
Beware. I am now posting this on facebook.

HGTV Magazinemagazine

I received two invoices from hgtv saying I had ordered a 2 year magazine subscription at a cost of $28.00. I never placed that order and using the customer service number someone posted on this site I was able to contact the publishing company. The lady I spoke with was very rude and said someone had submitted a postcard order with my information. She then went on to say the subscription had been cancelled the day before... How convenient. Here is the hard to find number to speak with customer service [protected].

This seems like a poor business practice at best, at worst it's extortion.

hgtv — dream home giveaway

This isn't actually a complaint but more of a request. I love the annual dream home giveaway but isn't it about time to freshen things up a bit? Why is it that linda woodrum i...