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Turner Broadcasting System / streaming service for champions league

Oct 24, 2018

Why in the world did you take over the contract for the UEFA Champions League??? You put it on the worst network system in the world. Constant stopping and starting. This is ridiculous!!! You are the worst network to ever host this!!! I am going to make it my mission to start a hate...

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. / samanthaq bee and cnn

Jun 01, 2018

I used think CNN and Ted Turner were smart and innovative. When you get old you get senile, I am old, but CNN and Samantha Bee make someone wih Alzheimers, look like a genius. Fire the [censored], Samantha, pardon my vulgarity, you get what you deserve. You are increasingly irrelevant. You...

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. / samantha bee's horrible statement about ivanka trump

May 31, 2018

I am so disgusted by the comments of Samantha Bee. Her show should be canceled. There is no excuse for speaking about another woman like that. And to imply incest by the President and his daughter is even more offensive. These words were approved by your network people! I will not watch...

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. / cnn (in spanish)

Dec 12, 2017

I'm shock! I grew up watching the news in CNN in Spanish. Today, on my Facebook, I found an article from CNN "Having an older brother increases your chances to being a gay man" what kind of news is this? The world itself it's falling apart, war conflicts everywhere, terrorism and hate...

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. / program scheduling

Jun 05, 2017

My daughter loves watching Boomerang cartoons - Last night I was checking to see if any Scooby Doo programs were going to be on for her to watch and I saw that on the Boomerang cartoon channel, you have The New Scooby Doo Movies listed at 10am (central time ) so I went to put that on for...

Anderson Cooper / Poor service!


I have been watching CNN news lately and I have loved most of it except Anderson cooper's 360. He just comes off as this holier than thou who you can just see his feelings about whatever he is reporting. I watched him on Oprah Winfrey and thought here is a fair, hardworking guy. But...