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speed issue

Dear Virgin Media,

Re. Broadband > Service issue > Booster issue

I would like to raise a complaint about my Broadband service. The issue occurred on 17/03/2020. To explain in more detail I have services issue since May 2019.but I am still waiting for solve my problem.
I called 17/03/2020 10:49 AM on 150, spoke with Aliyah she misbehaved with me, shouting on me she said she don't want to speak with me and she send me account closing email without my permission. I have all evidence. I got email too which was she sent me..

This meant that I can't even talk over they phone.

In order to resolve my issue I would like you to give me a discount in my bill, fix new free Booster. .

Yours faithfully,

All three services

Before I will put forward my letter of complaint, I would like to point out that I have been a loyal Virgin Media customer for over 20 years and never complained about my service and paid regularly.

Due to financial difficulties, I had to revisit my outgoings and that meant downgrading my services with virgin media. I kept asking my wife to kerb her using the Lan-line as she was racking up a bill by going over her 60 minutes window.

it seems that this was, not the case as highlighted by your CS. virgin do not have any records reflecting my accepting the new off of £45.00 + £50.00 credit.

As I pointed out that I had to downgrade, it's beggars belief that I had to downgrade but stayed on a package which was near a double that i could afford and a fool not to go ahead with the new offer.

the cs agent would not accept my concern, I then asked to speak to a manager, but was met with a statement " the manager will only tell you what i have told you" so it would be pointless. I asked again by the fourth time and she passed me to a line spokesman.

Why I never questioned the full price every month was due to the fact that I am registered as disabled/mental health and housebound in and out of the hospital and my only window is the internet and my wife's phone habits.

I also asked for a copy of the call to verify that was made by myself from my phone lines [protected] and [protected]) Virgin Media CS.

To cut a long story short, I asked the CS agent to weigh the difference between having a loyal customer who has never complained for 20 years against my word against virgin's record database the agent, in question, never updated my instructions (July 2019).

I have never questioned my payments and had trusted Virgin Media so why was there no help to provide me with a plan/ service.
Due to high charges, i have missed payments and occurred bank and virgin fees for missed payments and again, why as a customer orientated media a service provider never contacted me for missing paments resulting to Direct Debits cancellations.

I have made payments regularly for 20 years that amounts to over £19 000 and why cs chased up my instruction ( noted and should have flagged up if I had financial concerns).

No Network and overcharge

Dear Virgin Media,

Re. Broadband > Service issue > No service

I would like to raise a complaint about my Broadband service. The issue occurred on 26/11/2019. To explain in more detail I already complaint about service issues, but Virgin media never ever take customer complain. .

This meant that Always when I am on the phone talking with my family there is no internet available in my bed room. Always no internet problem. Why we pay every month??? This is village?internet only available in sitting room, but when I am at mu bed there is no internet what is this??? The box is very old, internet speed are always slow why??? Disgusting services as always. why internet not available in my bed room????? Why internet speed always slow???

In order to resolve my issue I would like you to I need last month full refund..

Yours faithfully,

Shereen phulpoto

Mobile number: [protected]
Account number: [protected]
Email address: [protected]@rocketmail.com
Date of birth: 22/08/1980
Address: 36 Fernstead, Bolton, BL3 5NT

No Network and overcharge
No Network and overcharge

Virgin Media

virgin telecoms media draw

I am Esimu Kenneth Enabu from Uganda. I received an email from virgin media Telecom saying that I had won a sum of 1.9m GBP in the 2019 virgin media draw. I was later asked to contact book legal bank in UK. Is this whole process legit?
Dr.Mrs Cristina Howel is my apparent claim agent. I'll be grateful to hear from you. Below are my contacts.

fibre broadband

I have superfine 70, for the last few days using Virgin's recommended speed checker my download speed is between 0.9 mbs and 2.4 mbs. They checked my equipment and said everything was fine. I have their superhero and a dual band n wireless adaptor that is operating at 400 mbs. When trying to contact them I get the message "all of our operators are busy".

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Application for fund release.

Hello, for nearly five monthes I correspond with three companies, supposedly I'm the winner of the...


Hello, I received a sms from VIRGIN with this text : votre numéro de téléphone mobile décerné 1.000.000, 00 USD de Virgin Media COMPANY LTD, contactez-nous avec TOKEN # ( 6807215 ) par courriel : [protected]@toke.com
Sow I want know if this information is true or not. My email address is [protected]@gmail.com
Thanks for your answer

  • Zs
    zsonam May 19, 2016

    I even received such type of SMS from Virgin Media COMPANY LTD, Contact with TOKEN # (680724T), is this sms is really true, it may not be true i guest

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  • khasrulalam Jun 07, 2016

    I received a sms . type from virgin media company award of 000000 00 GBP in Uk draw . It is ture . I sent my name & details under email. but i don't know.

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  • Da
    Dadon Aug 26, 2016

    I received a SMS. type from VIRGIN MEDIA Company UK, I Sent my Name & Mobile Number.

    -2 Votes
  • Se
    Seyed Ali seysdHosseini May 01, 2017

    I received a sms from the virgin media company about winning my number phone with winning prize refrence Code . but i can't connectad with all phon that send for me-- please guid me Thank's with regard

    1 Votes

Above Company offered me a prize of GBP GBP.900,000 through ur Good Bank

Good day, sir/madam. I received followings 3 emails, where your good bank has been affiliated. (1) fund...


So due to an attack on myself in my property I have been forced to move house. I contacted Virgin Media to explain I was moving and they said I had 6 months left of my 18th contract but do not supply Virgin Media to my new address. They said they were going to charge me £240 to leave.
I explained I have been through a traumatic experience an was being forced to move for my own safety as well as the safety of my toddler. This information fell on deaf ears and I was written to with a very robotic answer to say I would have to pay the £240. I'm shocked at the complete inhuman response from Virgin Media

The worst services and company

The worst services and the company www.virginmedia.com is real nightmare. I used the TV and Internet services from them, but their services became worse and worse. One day I woke up and noticed that my TV didn’t show and the Internet was so slow. I found their phone number and called, but the rep didn’t listen to me. He started to offer me other their services and was shocked that I refused. Stay as far as possible from them.

no phone for over a week

I have phoned vie media at least 4 times, I have been told so many excuses. I have asked to speak to the...

Can't provide a service

I have been with virgin media for nine months now. I am in process of moving house and buying my first home. I have recently moved out of my flat and told virgin media I will soon be moving into my new home. They asked for the postcode then told me they wouldn't be able to provide me a service as the fibre optic cable is not in my area. So in my eyes this is not my fault as I was happy to carry on with my contract of 18 months. Virgin media told me I have to cancel my contract. I knew straight away it wouldn't be as simple as that and knew I would be faced with lots of cancellation fees. I asked what happens after I cancel my contract. They stayed I would have to pay a £60 cancellation fee for each service I have, I have all three phone line, broadband and tv package meaning £180 is how much I will have to pay just because they don't provide a service in my new home. I don't have this money as I am already paying lots towards my new house and I am simply upset and angry at virgin media. I want people to know what this company are like and would never recommend them to anyone. I am going to be in dispute now as I refuse to pay money for something that is not my fault.

Appalling service/contract

acdbDespite a flurry of e mails have a look at the correspondence which has been sent to Virgin Media and to date no reply has been received;-
First letter 12.02.2014

After a recent telephone conversation with Ross who I believe works in your

Collection Department I was very annoyed to find that the billing for broadband/TV

had increased to £110.74 without my knowledge, he stated I had received a letter

confirming the increase and can assure you that no such letter has been received by

me.This is not surprising as I have received a letter from Virgin Media at my address

for(someone else) which I will deliver myself

in due course.My immediate reaction was to cancel the contract but was informed that

would face a penalty charge of £240.00 if went ahead and agreed to reduce the charge

on the bill by £33.30=£77.44.1 agreed to this but now find that the HD Movie

channels have now been removed which was not advised or agreed at the time.

I have since used the complaints procedure via Email and although an

acknowledgement has been received there has been no response to date.

I would like to make it clear that the reasons for cancelling the contract with your

Company are as follows;-

1) The increase in charges was not notified to me and as such the fees advised should

not be imposed under the terms and conditions from your Company.In the event of

cancellation the contract can be terminated without any disconnection fees applying.

2) For the broadband while I appreciate fast speeds I am constantly having to re-set

the hub to get an internet connection, having both wired and wireless connections.The

speed when manage to logon is very slow irrespective of whichever connection is

used and not meeting the fast broadband you advertise.

3)So far as the TV is concerned I recently had a 3d LED TV and could not programme

the virgin remote control, when I rang through all I was advised to try every code

which did not work.After looking at the internet I found that your TV help/online

instructions are incomplete .

Using another website I found that where a TV is not recognised using code 0999 I

was able to re-programme the remote for volume/switching off.To be honest you have

not given accurate instructions and as such would not be able to get this function.I am

not prepared to tell where you are going wrong but would suggest that you work this

out for yourself.

In addition the normallHD channels the picture makes no difference.From the Sky

transmission(I can still use FTA channels although subscription channels cancelled in

favour of Virgin) the clarity of pictures is far superior.

For broadband I have been a customer with you as advised by your office for about 6

years and only took up a contract for the TV based on the price. You have gradually

increased this neither informing me or keeping to the original TV contract that agreed


As such I am giving you 30 days notice to arrange for disconnection of all services

both Broadband and TV on the basis that no further charges will apply IE

disconnection fees ..Unless Ireceive in writing that this has been complie-d within the

next 7 days I will have no option but to cancel the direct debit and commence legal

action against your Company.

Yours faithfully,

The next letter is dated the 14.02.2014
Thank you for your letter dated the 11th February which received today and for the

Residential Service Contract this is to be cancelled immediately.! would advise that

both Broadband, telephone service and TV services have been cancelled, refer to copy

letter dated the 12.02.2014 sent to your Complaints centre at Swansea as attached.

Your marketing tactics are totally unacceptable and Iam considering taking legal

action against your Company as you have increased your payments without my

consent or knowledge.Also your Company while making an offer of reduced service

charges neglected to inform me that you would be taking out the lID movies as a


Despite a number of email complaints made to your company only

acknowledgements have been received but no responses have been received.I have

already given you 30 days notice to cancel all services and unless you accept

cancellation without any penalties then I will cancel my direct debit within the next 7

days and commence legal action against your Company.

Ihave already made alternative arrangements for broadband/telephonerrv and so far

as Iam concerned will not be dealing with your Company again despite being a loyal

customer for many years

That is as far as I have got
What the outcome will be I do not know

  • Ke
    KellyStevens Apr 05, 2014

    That sounds pretty bad to me, you should lodge a formal complaint: 0844 409 8730. If that fails go to Ofcom: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/
    Source: http://www.complaintsnumbers.co.uk/numbers/virgin-media

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charged too much

back in feb last year i downgraded my virgin broadband acc as i was on the highest tarif but my daughter had...

Incompetent and Apathetic!

I phoned to set up Virgin Media for TV and internet on the 17th of September 2013. I was told that technicians would only be able to come out to install everything on the 5th of October. I guess had no choice but to wait the 3 weeks (although, this in itself is unacceptable). On the day before, I was called by an agent confirming that someone would come out on the 5th. On the date of installation no body came and after phoning through, I was told that the installation date had been rescheduled to the 18th of October.

No body I spoke to seemed to be damned about the situation or could explain to me why the installation had been rescheduled. I was passed from pillar to pole and no one took responsibility for this. Each person would claim that it was not their responsibility and there was nothing that could be done. I am absolutely dumb struck by the level of service I have received from Virgin. I was told by a friend of mine that this is standard with Virgin.

I seriously suggest using another service provider!

SMS message received about winning money

I received a SMS message on my mobile phone about winning $1, 000, 000. USD. They assigned an agent by the...

Credit limit

Where do I begin? I have been a Virgin Media customer for over two years now. The first 15-16 months with them was pretty good, but since then the quality of service has nosedived dramatically.
First of all I had several problems with my internet connection which became very unreliable. At one stage I had no connection for over two weeks. 2 engineers had to come out on seperate occassions to sort the problem. The first engineer made what turned out to be a partial repair (it lasted a week) and he moaned constantly about being sent out of his usual area to do the work. Two weeks late another engineer came out and fixed the problem. In total I had no interent connection for 24 days though. I have also had problems with Virgin and their bizarre credit limits. I have always cleared my account every month as soon as I get paid. Virgin bill me in the middle of the month, since Jan 2012 my services have been disconnected 6 times late in the month a few days before I get paid!!! I call them whenever this happens and explian that I alsways clear my account so why cut off my services. They have promised me twice this week that my limit will be increased so that I do not have this problem in future. Since they have said that I have been re-connected once, and cut off twice...in the same week!!! I have just spoken to them again and they have said that my account is not in arrears as I clear my account every month!!! When I asked "so why have my services been disconnected" they said that they don't want me to be in arrears!!! I have NEVER been in arrears!! Too much hassle, too much fuss, I just want to watch TV and surf the net. If they can't provide the service I'm sure someone else can. I definitely would not recommend Virgin Media to anyone and will be replacing them very shortly.

bad services

Unfortunately I have been left feeling both very unhappy and dissatisfied by my experiences with you. The series of events is as follows
(1) I booked the day off for the install on Friday 24th June.
(2) On day of install the engineer and informed me that he could not carry out the install as there was a faulty cable. I was told that the drive would be dug up to lay a new cable. You cut next doors phone cable whilst checking our line.
(3) I had to re-book the install and for the drive to be dug up. There was very bad communications from the construction team to dig up the drive and also from the install team. We were told that the drive would be prepared on the Saturday before the install, this was not done.
(4) On the day of the install, the install team arrived before the drive had been dug up so therefore the cables were pinned to the drive.
(5) The cables in the house were run around the door frames using nail clips which looked awful and also around the skirting boards which looked equally as bad. No care was taken at all.
(6) Upstairs install, I pre-installed the cable and made it clear where I wanted the box. The box was put where it was easiest for the installer on a very small candle shelf. We had specified that we wanted it in the wardrobe. I noticed interference on the TV and this was apparently caused by a faulty scart lead. To get over this problem the installer used my HDMI cable from my PS3 which he said he would replace, this never happened.
(7) My PS3 and PC would not connect to the broadband.
(8) 20 + nails were left on our drive and bits of wire were also found throughout the house. We have got pets and this could have harmed them.
After numerous phone calls over the period of a month to get the problem rectified I was told a team would come out.
On 30/07/2011 Muktaar ( Team manager ) arrived and he looked around. He then informed me that he was unable to sort the problems out that day. I was left feeling very disappointed as I was told all problems would be solved that day.
Another date was given for 06/08/2011, I Grant ( Muktaars manager ) called to confirm this appointment on 02/08 and he said he would get back to me.
On Saturday 6th August Steve ( a specialised engineer from Devon ) arrived with just the HDMI cable and was not told about the re-install and the other issues. This was despite the fact that I had been assured by Grant the previous day that all problems would be finally resolved on 6th August.
On 13th August Steve came again and rectified the issues. After he left the phone line wasn’t working, there was a constant engaged tone. Also the box upstairs packed up. My wife called Grant on 15/08, he was on holiday and asked me to call again on 16/08.I called the next day and he said he’d get back to me which he didn’t. I got home from work late on 16/08 as I was trying to make up for my loss of overtime over the previous Saturdays. One I got in there was a calling card from Jason, an installer who had been to the house. I wasn’t even made aware that Jason would be calling hence the fact I missed him. I called Jason back on 17/08 and left a message and the problem was then resolved by Jason.
Overall I’ve had two days off work and 3 days loss of overtime on Saturdays. I had no phone line for a month causing heavy usage non our mobiles. Our hall now needs redecorating due to the cable clips. I am getting 15MB and paying for 30MB.
For a multimedia company your communication skills are appalling and likewise your customer service. I am very upset and dissatisfied with the whole experience .I am looking for compensation or I will take the matter further.
I have documented each phone call and conversation and I am willing to go public if the outcome is not satisfactory i.e. Watchdog etc.
I look forward to your prompt response to my letter

Further to my above letter I was contacted by Virgin around 12th October and all they offered us was £20.00 for all our inconvenience.We find this totally unacceptable and a joke really.
On 5th November Virgin turned up to dig up our drive which connects to our next door neighbours drive without our permission.A slot was cut in our drive to lay next doors cable, I only found out about this because my car was on it at the time.
I now wish to escalate our complaint and we will take it further.I look forward to your prompt reply

horrible cservices..never go for it

Dear All,

My genuine advise, please never ever opt vergion media services. They are the worst services provider I have ever come across. From last 4-5 months there is hardly any connectivity at my home and everytime I call they would simply advise that next month this will be sorted out. They are the biggest liar in the market. I am too frustrated that I don't know what to do. Please do not subscribe this.
My acct no is [protected]

  • Mi
    michelle May 05, 2008

    virgin media are the worst we had broadband installed april 07 the account we got was for telephone service so the bills we received said 0.00 to pay then in september 07 the service was cut after talking to customer services they eventually sent out a bill with different account number so I paid bill at bank I phoned them 2 weeks later and they said never received payment I even photocopied the bank receipt and still they couldn't find it in november I had letter from debt collector about non payment so sent them copy of bill they said it wasn't the right account number and as I tried to explain to them it was the account number on my bill now it is april 08 and still being hounded by debt collector looks like there's going to be no end to this.

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  • 1o
    1OD Oct 02, 2011

    If they are not providing you with a service you a paying for then dont pay them. I also find contacting them via facebook is a good way of getting them to sort problems out pretty quick.

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numerous calls from [protected] trying to sell me a virgin mobile
politely told them everytime that I am quite happy with my pay as you go that costs me about£10 a year howver they continued to make these calls
I finally asked to speak to a supervisor but the caller hung up
Two minutes later the same caller rang from an undisclosed number (very distinctive asian male voice) and said "you'd better watch it we know where you live"
Have complained to Virgin Media but they refuse to comment

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