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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

Direct Tv / Direct TV suspension request

JayWar on Dec 11, 2017
For account # 80905887 I called at the end of October and asked for the account to be suspended thru mid April 2018. This is a seasonal house. I was told that I needed to pay the open bill, but that I should wait until I got the bill to be sure of the correct amount. I paid the $105.29 when...

DirecTV / Scam

Gary Burkhart on Dec 11, 2017
On Thursday evening I received a call from someone who supposedly represented DIRECTV. Was asked if I was interested in a promotion between DIRECTV and Amazon. It was for 2 years of Premium channels with HBO, etc. For 79.99 a month. But I'd have to pay the first 4 months in advance with a...

DirecTV / customer service line offered a bundle price of select tv plus land line

MamaMac on Dec 9, 2017
12/5/17 Doris Chaplin, 819 West College Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550 843-383-0634 ATT/Directv not standing by the Price Quoted for a bundle service or Select TV/ATT land line phone Billing # 647-870-29 Order # 278-697-591 Install Wed. 12/6/ 17 between 12 - 4pm Directv was installed a...

DirecTV / billing

ressa04 on Dec 7, 2017
I am writing this email because my services were disconnected on 12/06/2017. When asked for service restoration, I was met with a barrage of no and unfortunately's over a past due 1 month balance of $145. Jack the the so called supervisor was very unwilling to assist with this. This i...

DirecTV / billing dept, customer service

Hawker Auto on Dec 6, 2017
Over a year ago Directv "mismatched" the billing they do through Century link to my daughters apartment. November 2016 through January 2017 they billed me for mine and another persons account totaling over $300 of overcharge. Three times now starting November 2016 I have spent hours on the...

DirecTV / customer service

Evelyn Mauney on Dec 4, 2017
The customer service we encountered today was absolutely abhorrent. This occurred on Monday, December 4, 2017, between 9:30-10:00 AM. My mother called DirecTV in regards to a Genie Mini modem in our home not operating correctly, and when she called the second time to resolve the problem...

DirecTV / not doing the job right.

Isabel Vaquerano on Dec 1, 2017
I have been disconnected since August of 2017 and they requested there resivers back, which I had no problem in doing. They sent out the box. They had the wrong address on file which I had called when I moved to change it, if not how did they come to my new address to connect everything. I...

DirecTV / rewards

Katey Daugherty on Dec 1, 2017
I order DirectTv in August and was told I would be receiving a gift card, which I never have. So I called today to find out where it was and because I had not claimed it within the 30 days I am no longer eligible. Since no one informed me that I would need to claim it within 30 days or...

DirecTV / billing

JPatts on Nov 28, 2017
Due to a move out of state had to cancel our DirecTV. Was told that because it was an out of state move, and I was signing up for DirecTV in my new house, the cancellation fee would be waived. Here is a list of what followed: 1. I was charged the cancellation fee 2. called 2-3 times to finally...

DirecTV / direct tv

Upsetcustomer18 on Nov 28, 2017
I fulfilled a contract with Direct TV. I decided to cancel my service in September 2017. I had pre-paid so they sent me a refund of the over payment and in October 2017 I received a statement (after sending back the equipment) that I had a $0.00 balance and the account was closed. Now in...

DirecTV / on demand

Kerri Gorman Dewitz on Nov 27, 2017
I have been unable to access any on demand programs on my tv yet am able to on the app. Have called and was given email stating they were solving problem 11/15/2017 email says not to contact again they would let me know updates. Today 11/27/2017 called again about continued problem. Wa...

DirecTV / customer service

Boyd Morrison on Nov 27, 2017
You guys charged my for the NFL ticket the following year after you gave it to me as promotion. I wasn't aware that I was being charged because I pay my bill automatically. I MAKE SURE YOU GUYS ARE PAID ON TIME!! I wasn not aware that you have been charging me $50 extra a month. 2 month...

DirecTV / installation service call

MikeW6 on Nov 26, 2017
On November17 our DirecTV service was installed improperly because the tech rep did not bring a ladder. we have tried to get DirecTV to return to correct the dish installation and spent at least 8 hours on hold and had 4 appointments scheduled and then cancelled. I have spent 2 days at...

Direct Tv / direct tv

jpkatae on Nov 24, 2017
Service was guaranteed to be reliable and functional, even during rain. Service from day one has not been reliable, especially during rain. Loss of signal every time it rains. Recently one of my tv boxes failed and direct tv would not replace it unless I paid for a technician to come out...

DirecTV / shut off before customer service opens

Bulb1 on Nov 24, 2017
This morning, at 6am. My direct tv was suspended. I have auto pay and never look at a bill. It tells me to call the 1-800#, so I do they don't open till 8. Ok we shut you off and you have 2 hours before we will help you. Mean. Then I call she says your bank card expired, I thought it wa...

DirecTV / unethical behaviour

Jovita0716 on Nov 22, 2017
On November 16, I received a call from a at&t rep that offered my direct tv service and Internet bundle. I was very happy with the bundle he was offering. So we set up service for direct tv to be installed on November 18. We did get that installed, but was told that it would be a few day...

Direct Tv / att direct tv

Linn Morse on Nov 19, 2017
For the third straight month my bill has gone up with no additions or changes on my plans! DirecTV is the most deceptive cable service ever and I am so sorry I signed up with DirecTV! I can't wait to get out from under this contract! I'll go without television if I have to, but I...

DirecTV / direct tv services.

Disgruntledcust on Nov 18, 2017
I am charged an outrageous amount for service. I despise direct TV the customer service shouldn't even be called service, the bill is outlandish, and the service I receive cuts out if there is a cloud in the sky. I am sick just thinking about having to have service with them for another 6...

DirecTV / at&t direct tv

Angry customer 234 on Nov 17, 2017
On the 24th a month ago I called direct tv about getting att phone service. I was told about a combo deal because I already had direct. I got two boho deals on cells. I was quoted a price I'd have to pay when I picked them up and I had to pay $115 more than the quote. I called and the...

DirecTV / 150 instead of 3500

Harry Peatson on Nov 17, 2017
I don't understand their problem. I paid for having all of the channels they've got, but in fact, instead of 3500, they provided me with 150 only. For no reason. I repeat I paid in full. Naturally, I contacted customer service and they said their system was down and messed up...

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