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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV / bad driver

Starr Williams on Feb 19, 2018
Me and my dad were driving into weatherford, tx on hwy 51 and the driver of a white dodge ram pickup truck was swerving all over the road just about ran us off the road. My dad tried to speed up and go around him and he then proceeded to swerve into our lane and alomost hit my dads car, my...

DirecTV / unresolved streaming issues and terrible customer service

jpatricklow on Feb 17, 2018
Since December I have been trying to get this issue resolved. But your tech and reps are inept at their jobs. I am tired of being lied to. I am told that it is an engineering issue and it will be handled as they get to it. I have been told that they would call me back in 10 minutes just to...

DirecTV / unethical procedures

jt1962 on Feb 16, 2018
Originally signed up for service at a Sams Club warehouse store. Was given a contract in writing with a PRICE GUARANTEE for 2 years at a set price. Service was excellent. At the end of 1 year, my price almost doubled. When contacting the company, was told I was supposed to switch my...

DirecTV / technician no call no show

ArisO on Feb 12, 2018
Hello, I had an appointment scheduled for Saturday 02/10/18 between the hours of 12-4. We waited and waited, 4:30 rolls around and still no technician. I called Direct TV to get an ETA of the technician and after being put on hold for more than 30 minutes, they tell me that the technician...

DirecTV / deceptive billing

S. Dunn on Feb 10, 2018
When I signed up for directv I was told my billing will be $79.93 a month for 2 yrs. Billing breakdown is; ultimate pkg - $75.00 + regional sports fee - $4.93 which is $79.93. Billing in jan 2017 looked good, then in feb 2017 they changed their formula; ultimate pkg - $75.00 + regional fee...

DirecTV / service appointment

Marilyn Muse on Feb 10, 2018
My phone number is (310)359-2045 and I had an appointment between 8 a.m. an 12 Noon today 2/10/18 to have a problem fixed with with my service. I received an automatic message confirming the time. By 12:30 the tech was no show/no call and when i called to check the status i was informed...

Direct TV / extra billing charges... scam

Gracie Lou on Feb 7, 2018
I was quoted $45mo for the choice programming and the price included the equipment. I couldn't believe my good luck. Well, they got me. My first bill showed $6.65 mo regional sports charge... I wasn't told about that when I signed up, there was a $7.99 charge for a "protection plan" that...

DirecTV / scam

heferforever on Jan 28, 2018
Directv has a third party (Mobile Media) signing people up for promotional packages that are being misrepresented. I was told I was getting a promotional price for a 2 year contract guaranteed with a third year option. Signed up and found out I was lied to and it's only a 1 year...

Direct TV / on demand does not work and has not for 5 months & im told it doesn't work in my area even tho I have been paying for it

TCK55 on Jan 16, 2018
Direct TV installed 9/2017 and on demand has never worked. We have spent countless hours with technical support, we replace our internet router, they replaced the boxes and still not working. Another tech came today & spent 90 minutes. He said DTV hasn't got their on demand working...

DirecTV / satellite tv

Jan Ingve on Jan 16, 2018
I am disabled and on a fixed income. I had also been a customer since 1999. My bill has been on auto pay for years. Recently received a letter stating the bill was going up again. Tells you what kind of [censor] are running this company. DirecTv gets the largest tax cut in history and the...

DirecTV / billing issues

Osugrad on Jan 15, 2018
I have not been informed about the billing cost. It went from $57.99 to $97.99 overnight. Lack of communication on their part. Not clear about why they are doing it. I only want the basic cable without Internet and phone. I am on it for a two year contract. This is my second year and they...

DirecTV / termination fees

Sking3056 on Jan 11, 2018
I have been a customer for 23 years. (Customer 876044). I have 70 years old and living on a fixed income. I have been reducing services so we could afford your services. Every time I deduced service the bill was not what was quited. I finally could not afford your services. I have called...

DirecTV / no customer service and poor practices for claims

Cedie on Jan 4, 2018
This was sent to mastec!!! Date: november 7, 2017 Mastec claims I have contacted mastec cooprate in regards to claim #1707006811-01 the cooprate office contacted me weeks ago. They said they would look into it, and haven't heard back since. I have contacted drtv as well, who...

DirecTV / help with viewing problem

jdya on Dec 31, 2017
I left for 3 month vacation somewhere warm and for got my DVR so n direct tv I ask if I could rent a DVR while away from home the tec and the tecs supervisor laughed at me well I said can you suspend service to my home till I get back well we cant till you bill is paid I said bill is due 9...

DirecTV / satellite tv

Hherren on Dec 30, 2017
Do not believe anything the sales rep tells you! I bundled with Hugh's net because I was told I would have 60 GB of data a month what I wasn't told was that 50 of the GB was only useable from like 2 to 8 am which is no better than I had only slower! I was also told to call back in year to...

DirecTV / regional sports fee

user1781082 on Dec 29, 2017
You have added this to my mother's monthly billing (5.83). She is 88 years old and could care less about any type of sports and doesn't even watch much of the other stations. I think it is a travisty for your company or the local government to arbitrarily add a charge to older citizens on...

DirecTV / tried to cancel service on

sevcar on Dec 22, 2017
I called to cancel on Dec 8th. to cancel my service. I was told I would receive a recovery kit in 2-3 business days and as long as I sent the receiver back within 21 days I would not be charged a non-refundable fee of 135.00. I got an email on the 9th about equipment being shipped to me...

DirecTV / tv portion

Debby Vail Norton on Dec 22, 2017
I was with y'all for over 10 years and my bill kept going up. My husband is a disabled Veteran with his PTSD AND TBI I needed something to keep him occupied but with the money being paid to y'all every month got ridiculous and to put salt in the wound of this Veteran you stole money from...

DirecTV / worst tv, wireless, wifi experience i've ever had!

total sammers on Dec 20, 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen who feel they are going to rip their hair out due to the excessive amount of money you spend for Direct T.V./At&t service only to realize they have been completely duped/swindled/cheated...etc... I've read a lot a complaints on just this site alone. Simple fact...

Direct TV / customer service at at&t

eulah on Dec 20, 2017
On Dec. 11, 2017 I call this phone number, 877-390-3228 to cancel my direct tv account. The male representative told me they had a $100 gift card promotion going on and he had to have me authorize my credit card for $4.95 in order for me to get the gift card. After I told him about 10...

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