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DirecTV Customer Service

DirecTV, LLC

2230 E Imperial Hwy
El Segundo
United States - 90245

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 777 2454(Customer Service)
72 74

DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV / billing/refund

Dendee on Dec 11, 2018

I cancelled my service on October 4th because I moved and directv wouldn't provide service at my new home (tech was too lazy to do the work). I was bundled with my phone company and directv first billed me for 20 days after disconnection and then sent my refund to my phone company instead...

DirecTV / tv service

Snowkilla on Dec 10, 2018

Description: I have called DirecTV several times to have my service repaired so that it works properly. Fact of the matter is I have had 4 service calls in a month's time period the 1st 3 times the service men said they got up and fixed my satellite and/or checked my satellite dish on...

DirecTV / early terminatin fee

jvortisch on Dec 10, 2018

My name is Jeff Vortisch, my email is, phone number is 843-812-7949. My ATT account number was 295039830. I terminated my ATT/Direct TV account this month due to the high cost. I was in the process of returning the equipment when I realize that Direct TV/ ATT had me listed...

DirecTV / genie replacement

JerriH on Dec 8, 2018

On Nov 27, 2018, the hard drive failed in my primary TV Genie. I called Direct TV and the customer rep said one would be express mailed (1-2 day shipping) for $19.95 or I could purchase insurance, in which case the shipping is waived. I asked why I had to purchase insurance or pay shipping...

Direct TV / customer retention sucks

Ron Gilmore on Dec 2, 2018

Im a long time direct tv customer. never had any real issues with them before. something has changed. Today I received a bill that was $60 higher than normal. problem is a promotion ended. this is not abnormal, but what happens next is. I called direct asking for a new promotion. I got...

DirecTV / customer service

ssipress on Nov 27, 2018

Believe everything you hear and read about how insultingly horrible DirecTV's service is since AT&T took over. We notified DirecTV three weeks before our move, and they sent us a confirmation email of our appointment from 8am to Noon today. At ten minutes after Noon I started calling -- I...

DirecTV / cancelled upgrade appointment and didn't notify us.

Daleman on Nov 27, 2018

We scheduled an appointment to upgrade to 4K Directv boxes today Nov. 27 and tech was a no show. I went to online chat and got nowhere dealing with bots and was assured of a call back. When "speaking" with the bots I kept asking the question "what colors are on the flag?" to prove it wa...

DirecTV / billing wrong amount

stqwana35 on Nov 27, 2018

In May 2018 I moved to a new address and requested directv to move my service to the new address with changes in my programming to lower the bill. I had to get customer assistance in Spanish because in their English speaking department I got always a person from the Philippines or some...

DirecTV / failed programing upgrade

Josie Thompson on Nov 27, 2018

My husband and I have been DirecTv customers since 1999. We found DirecTV to be a reliable system and have been pleased with the programing and service. November 9, 2018, we decided to bite the bullet and upgrade our ancient Standard Definition system to the new Genie 2 high definition...

DirecTV / technician

Ruben Rivera on Nov 26, 2018

on november 1 a technician visit us to fix a problem wich he did got it fix but when he left we notice tools missing from my garage i contact by phone and its a dead end no luck as soon my contract its over i want no business with direct tv i hope some one can help me recover my tools a...

DirecTV / installation appointments

Tammy Runyon on Nov 25, 2018

I cancelled my Dish service when I moved because I was unable to find help in transferring my service to my new house. Having had DirecTV in the past I was actually excited to go back to them. November 2nd I called and set up my new service. Earliest I could get installation was November...

DirecTV / bill problems

teniehaus on Nov 23, 2018

I have been trying to resolve billing issues with DirectTV since April, 2018. I have a record of every agent I spoke with, including their employee numbers. The problem never gets resolved. They NEVER follow up. When I refused to pay the bill until they resolved the problem they shut off...

DirecTV / equipment and billing

John Pek on Nov 19, 2018

I called to have a receiver upgraded and was pushed into an upgrade I didn't need. The technician that came to my house agreed I had the best equipment, but installed a Genie 2. Since that day in June I have had problems. My screen freezes and there is a delay when changing channel...

DirecTV / disputed charges

wpiatt on Nov 19, 2018

DirecTV incorrectly charged me for not returning equipment that I absolutely returned. I have the pictures of it in the return box and the pictures of the tracking on the boxes. When the tracking is checked, it states it was delivered. When I talked to DirecTV the first time, they admitted...

DirecTV / cable

Melissa McNab Duprey on Nov 16, 2018

I had a scheduled appointment today to install a new additional cable box and upgrade my 4 other boxes. The technician was scheduled to arrive between 12 and 4 pm. At 3:41 I received an automated text that stated "We may not arrive by 4pm. Reply KEEP to confirm install today or call to...

DirecTV / cable

€/€^@ on Nov 16, 2018

Started a chat with Direct To inquire why my bill had increased by $58 dollars. After 2 hrs of chatting & being transferred to two different worker plus one supervisor, I still did not get an answer as to the bill increase. When I asked to cancel they offered a one time $50 dollar credit...

DirecTV / unethical behavior

Jet Torres on Nov 15, 2018

I was a direct tv customer. I moved from a rental home to a new home. I requested to move my equipment. When the installer came to my home, he recommended direct TV's wireless receivers. I agreed. The installer placed me on the phone with a phone representative. The phone rep asked me if I...

DirecTV / removal of tv channel

WhocaresDirectTVdoesnot on Nov 15, 2018

This is an ongoing issue with DirecTV concerning tv channels that have been removed because of a long-term contractual dispute with the channels in question. When I call, depending on the day, I'm told by the customer service rep that the channels in question aren't being shown because...

DirecTV / tech support

texasmerk on Nov 14, 2018

I have been a Directv customer for 12 years. I had the same receiver and dish for the 12 years. My receiver went out so I contacted tech support (big mistake) After talking to a person who couldn't speak English for over an hour. He finally said he would send a technician to install a...

DirecTV / new genie software a mess

RandallLee on Nov 11, 2018

About 2 months ago Directv uploaded a new software interface on my Genie DVR. What a mess. Took me a couple of weeks just to search out some of the features necessary to record and watch. Have to click through mutliple screens now where it use to take only one click. Now programs are...