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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

Direct TV / billing charges

Boyd Cord on Sep 20, 2017
Never use a Debit card with Direct TV. If you have a dispute and cancel your debit card Direct TV can still access your money. I happened to me in 2016. Visa allows a feature called "Account Updater" . When you cancel your card and Direct TV tries to to debit the account, Visa AUTOMATICALLY...

DirecTV / Bad service

Eliyady on Sep 20, 2017
Since i started with direct tv they have been charging me different amount, i have to keep calling every single month to ask them why i grt over charge. I try to cancel but they will charge me too because its a contract, which i thought contract was goinf to be charge the same for the 2...

Direct TV / Installation

Tara Stracuzzi on Sep 20, 2017
Took the day off work was told the installer would be here between 11-4 by 3:45 i called and was transferred to technical support. They informed me the technician was in route. At 4:20 No one was here so I called again. I was told the technician was on site which he wasn't because no one...

DirecTV / unethical behaviour

ralphie1101 on Sep 20, 2017
I was quoted a price for the service I was ordering and after installation the price was much higher. I have had the service less than 24 hours and could not cancel, without a 480.00 fee. Speaking with a person I had asked if there were other charges, such as install, receiver and extra...

DirecTV / service tech

angela hawkins on Sep 19, 2017
We moved our service and had to wait 6 days for a tech to come out. The tech told us we had no satallite signal. Keep in mind the prior owner had DirecTV and the tech was standing next to the existing satallite. We had to wait an additional 2 weeks for another tech to come out and check...

DirecTV / billing/closing of the account - acct 12893255

Francia Vega on Sep 18, 2017
Earlier in August 2017, we called Directv to cancel service after 17 years. I was told by the first customer service rep that it would be disconnected by midnight and that in a few days we would receive return labels to return all equipment. Never happened. About 2 weeks later, I called...

Direct TV / loss of nbc to our area

christybaugh on Sep 18, 2017
We are a Direct TV customer and pay for the highest tier of service. We no longer can get NBC. The station sends you to a website which reveals a "promise" that they will always have local stations... except of course if they don't due to the provider. They go on to state that not many...

DirecTV / directv service

Lauren St Pierre on Sep 17, 2017
We were moving across country and decided that we were going to cancel our service due to cheaper options on the market. DirecTV rep offered us the movers deal with 2 options: receive $10 off for the next 3 months or receive NFL Sunday ticket (NFL ST) for free. We chose NFL ST. Football...

DirecTV / unauthorized charges

Brian Riley on Sep 16, 2017
My husband signed up for @DIRECTVService and was told there would be a $19 charge. They took $597.50 out of our account! No one authorized this, which means they stole $597.50 from us! We spent an hour on the phone and were hung up on twice while being "transferred." 3-5 days to get thi...

DirecTV / local weather on demand

mingriggs on Sep 16, 2017
We have lost the ability to access local weather on demand using the red button or active button. This was one of the features that brought us to you. I am 88 yrs old and I live rural. This is an important connection for me. I want you to please replace it or come up with an alternative. I...

DirecTV / new service

Never DirectTV on Sep 15, 2017
I signed up for new service on 9/8/17. I scheduled the installation on 9/15/17 from 8am-12pm. I receive a recording on 9/14/17 at 6pm advising me of my appointment and if I need to reschedule call 800-519-1823 or do nothing. The 15th comes around and im waiting. Receive another recording...

DirecTV / customer satisfaction

Laura Sigala Antidormi on Sep 15, 2017
Directv has no regard for their loyal customers. I am livid and stuck in a contract that I would like to burn. They only give you the run around and never make sure you are satisfied as they state they do. Half the time the things that are said are NEVER noted on the account. It is all...

Directtv / wthr issue in indianapolis area

Dawn Koers on Sep 15, 2017
It is ridiculous that this WTHR issue in the Indianapolis area has not been resolved. We pay for DVR service that we cannot use with a channel we watch the most of! We realize we can get the channel for "free" with an antenna, but buying an antenna for each TV in the house is not "free"...

DirecTV / customer service, unified billing dept.

cstefn on Sep 13, 2017
I am a long time customer of AT&T and a stockholder in AT&T. Service has always been great, however I cannot say that for Direct TV. It has been a nightmare. While visiting an AT&T store in New Hampshire I was told about the benefits of Combining with Direct TV. I signed up in that store...

DirecTV / directv and the fight

040178 on Sep 13, 2017
I bought the fight on 8/26/17 and had multiple problems with my service. My noise became distorted several times and also my screen went completely black during the fight. I contacted DIRECTV on Monday 8/28 by chat and explained to the agent what happened. The agent was forwarding me to...

DirecTV / faulty hd receiver replaced

curlymop on Sep 13, 2017
I had an issue with no display on my TV several months ago. The technician came out took out my HD receiver, fixed the display but did not replace my HD receiver because he did not have one in the truck. He installed a Standard receiver with no HD picture. I finally called Directv back to...

DirecTV / I paid my bill and cancelled a few minutes later talking to a dtv lady (recorded)

Chris Alford on Sep 12, 2017
I have AT&T phone and DSL still and I called to cancel my DirecTV service after paying my last bill online, immediately after paying the bill. They never cut off the TV service and the next day I got a call from DirecTV on my answering machine and I never checked what it had to say; I...

DirecTV / directv/u verse

Bethany1181 on Sep 12, 2017
I was promised a gift card I never received, my bill was a ways more that the agreed upon price, every month it jever wemt down, even if I made 2 pay, emts. Lastly, I received a bill that showed zero balance due, and then a separate one from att that showed 200 plus due. Now there's an...

DirecTV / service

Christinamiller on Sep 12, 2017
Hello, I'm a directv subscriber and have been for years.I pay my bill on the first every month from $200.00 to $250.00 every month.Well this month I was a little short $60.00 to be exact so I called and talked to a representative and told them that I'll catch it up next month they said...

DirecTV / wthr... zip code...47348

Jmizner on Sep 11, 2017
I am seriously upset that we cannot access NBC...we pay for NFL ticket and cannot even watch all of the games. Trust me, you are going to loose much business if you cannot settle with WTHR...I watch a lot of NBC...couldn't even watch the end of Americas Got Talent...this WAS NOT the deal I...

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