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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV / discounts

Starzcast on Aug 16, 2018

8/16/18 I have been a customer with Directv since it began in 1994. My son put my dish on the roof himself. On my account now it says since 2004 but that is from when I moved to SC My issue is this: Every month my bill changes and I have to call on promotions etc. The people today were...

DirecTV / pathetic service on maintenance and service calls poor customer service!!!

cheryl livingston on Aug 16, 2018

Sad to say I have been with direct tv for 4 1/2 months and my service has been the POOREST SERVICE I have ever had with a television company!!! My first problem stemmed from the INSTALLER not installing the dish correctly!!! FINALLY problem was resolved when a second installer came out 2...

DirecTV / deceptive business practices

monicaf on Aug 15, 2018

I would like a manager to contact me immediately regarding my account for the following reasons: 1) I was told when I first ordered my service that I would be able to bundle my tv & internet service. I then learned that AT&T does not offer internet at my address so I was not able to bundle...

DirectTV / directv policy

Febrown on Aug 13, 2018

My 86 year old father went into the AT&T and was convinced to purchase Direct TV. Not understanding the terms of the contract and not needing a new cable provider he signed up with them without understanding the contract or cost per month. Upon me learning of the cable change I called to...

DirecTV / no technical service

Bessie Ewing on Aug 13, 2018

I called today because I have a 775 error code. I was on the line for over 30 mins just trying to get to technical help. I was told they would have to send out a technician. The technical help said they could fix the problem, first find the sim brick. They said it is in the basement. There...

DirecTV / directv online access

CharS on Aug 12, 2018

I am a long-time subscriber to DirecTV, at least 14 years. I could not log into my account, and chatted with 3 reps, and talked with 3 others. I heard different stories from each. I formerly used an email address, but changed it months ago to an outlook address. The login kept...

DirecTV / promised cancellation fee waived

RoxRidL on Aug 9, 2018

RE: Account # 10603453 In May 2017, I signed up for 2 yr promotion combining Directv & ATT under my husband's name James Riddle. After 1 year my bill doubled. On June 22, I called to question the bill & I was told the promotion was for high speed internet and did not include DSL, which I...

DirecTV / installation/service

sandy9s on Aug 8, 2018

I am ready to contact the highest possible person at Direct TV/AT&T if this email is not answered. I had wireless cable installed 7/25. I have had no service for the past 15 days. Nate (the tech) came out the 25th. I had to call the next day and I told him it was cutting out and going...

Direct TV / satellite dish lie

rszymczak on Aug 7, 2018

I cancelled my service on 7/30/18 and requested my dish be removed from my driveway as it was already taken off the roof. They sent me their recycle website, but it's only for Colorado customers and I'm in Minnesota. I told them I wasn't paying a 3rd party to remove it and wanted it gone...

DirecTV / charges on my bill

selfjl on Aug 6, 2018

On 5/21 I was charged for install/dish to a location that had previous service and a dish in place. I have been a customer since 2012. I was charged for a dish that was already there. $199.00 and told that I should have told them there was already a dish there. Really? When I called they...

DirecTV / guide on the genie

SheriB16 on Aug 5, 2018

The updated guide on the Genie is the worst. It is so hard to look through your playlist and be careful when deleting a recording - it sometimes jumps to another recording and you can end up deleting a recording you haven't watched. I wish we had the option for our old menu that is on the...

DirecTV / overcharges about their equipment.

Daniel Torres on Aug 5, 2018

Called last month to the company, to be able to watch FIFA World Cup in 4k, since my equipment was supposed to be 4k compatible (It was shown on the compatibility when it was sold to me). We were told we need to update one of our 3 mini genie boxes to the 4k one, because of a technical...

DirecTV / forced into a two year agreement

Victoriamj on Aug 4, 2018

Was told we had to upgrade because our equipment was outdated but told our bill would not change. Then we receive bill and it's $13 dollars more called them and they said that I had to pay for the DVR receivers that was never mentioned when we called about the upgrade that they told me I...

DirectTV / directv

kathyhydier on Aug 3, 2018

This company is the worst... when ever I call they either hang up on me...transfer me to a department that has nothing to do with what I am calling about...keep me on hold for excessive periods of time so you get disgusted and just hang up... lie to me when a charge on my bill shows up...

DirecTV / cable signal

nick904_ on Aug 2, 2018

ive been having a lot of issues with the cable signal, the people at at&t told me when it rains it will only go out for 1 minute but it honestly goes out for a lot longer, and the technician who came to install my cable made a huge mess and they put the main receiver box in the master...

DirecTV / possible fraud by a directv regional manager

Wayne Luallen on Aug 1, 2018

This afternoon (8-1-2018) an older lady friend living in a mobile home park had two men knock on her door saying they were with DirecTV and were there to switch her from Dish to DirecTV. IF she did so in 24 hours she could keep her current rate of $34.70. If she delayed past 24 hours she...

DirecTV / directv bill

Janet Swan on Aug 1, 2018

I am very upset! I disconnected my DIRECTV service # 3353483, from 104 W. 36th Pl Kennewick Wa 99337 at the end of May, which I paid my bill off then too. I disconnected because the service was at my ex fianc├ęs house and we had broken up! I had moved in with him but for only a few months. I...

DirecTV / service

Carolyn and Steve on Jul 31, 2018

I was a directv customer for 11 years, I was told that I called back in april 2018 and requested to extend my service for another 12 months; however did call to only request to return one of 3 boxes in april, we purchased a smart tv and went to july 2018 I called again to cancel...

DirecTV / genie receivers wireless

judy byrd on Jul 31, 2018

On july 28th 2018 a tech install equipment into my home. We discover that he had wrong work order ticket. He was to install wireless receivers but they are waltlets cables cords. The reason we which to directv was to get rid of all cords hanging down. When I call to discuss this issue I...

DirecTV / bad customer service - lost this returning customer (4 calls plus no shows no calls)

April Ainsworth Stills on Jul 30, 2018

I called Direct TV as a returning customer to come back to them and I had liked them a lot before. I spoke to an agent who signed me up for service and told me someone would contact me within 72hrs to set up my installation. Nobody did. I called a 2nd time and spoke to a different agent...