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Defective box

I have 2 boxes, one gets all the channels in my package the other does not get ch 51,
After 3 1/2 hours with being transferred to 6 departments, 2 managers & 1 supervisor they all agreed my box was defective.
They said since I was a 25 year customer there would be no charge & would send me a new box.
Then I get an email that says a service man would come out & up grade me to recording boxes that I didn't want.
More calls & they refused to replace my box.
Then they added a charge on my bill for 69.00 dollars.

Acct # [protected]

I called on 04/09/20 to cancel my service with Direct TV. I spoke to Eric from the Arizona office he stated that the early term fee would be waived because I had been a member since March 2018 and my final bill would be $62.10. I received my final bill this week and it shows I owe $262.10 with a $200.00 early term fee. I spoke to Ashley from the Texas office yesterday and she stated I would have to file a complaint and that the audio from my conversation would be pulled.

Thank you for your time.

Customer service & technical support

Out of service for April20-April 24, 2020, while customer service and technical support decide how to restore my service. Once restored they changed my channel package from choice to preferred extra and now wants to charge me $185. Contacted customer service who states there cannot be any adjustments because bill has already been sent out. So I am left to pay for a package of $185 I did not ask for or my service will be interrupted again. Customer Service states a $30 discount will be reflected on the next bill. Why am I being charged for a $185 package I didn't ask for or change. This is my point. A week without service and all you can offer is $30 discount.
I have been a 10 year customer and this is how they treat you.

Repairmen were useless

I have had Directv for years and had no problems. The picture started to freeze and the only thing you could do was turn it off and then back on. It was impossible to watch anything. The first repairman replaced a box and said that should fix it. That did not fix it. The second repairman said it was a bad switch in the attic and replaced it. That did not fix the problem. The third repairman said the dish was bad and it needed to be replaced. He told me the roof was too high and Directv would not allow him to go up there. He did suggest that there was a company I could hire and pay to go up on the roof to replace the disk. I did not want anyone walking on our tile roof and was not going to pay for a new dish. I switched to a cable company after nearly a month with no TV. Directv sent me a bill and I called and said I owed nothing because there was no reception. So they sent a loyal customer to collections for a problem they could not fix

2 year contract, I didn't sign! Bill started at $40.00 now over $137..00 a month!

Direct rep.was in Walmart selling Direct Tv service, she stated $40.00 a month, signed a contract for $40.00 a month!Main office refused to honor it, added fees for each room, wiring warranty, this was new wiring and boxes, ended up $73.00 a month, a lot so I payed it, guess what In Jan 2020 a $5.00 price increase, and my $40.00 a month bill went to $80.00 plus, $5.00, boxes, wiring warranty price all total Around, *$140.00 a month, didnt sign a contract for this, help me get this Bill back down or I'll disconnect all!

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Customer service scam

Account# [protected] on march 26 2020 im contact customer davied to disconected service expired that day march 25, on february I contact one month before my contract expired to let them know im not renew service im moving to comcast, davied customer at direct tv said I will receivred label return to return the moderm, I never receivre any lable since now, I contact comsumer report to complaint I want them to investigate scam customer service on direct tv, now I receivre bill $163.35 for service I dont have

Direct tv service disconnected during covid-19 can't see local channels

Hello, my name is Temilolu Slack my DirectTV account number is 6789847. My services were disconnected on Monday I called and said I live in Willowbrook IL and I am affected by the COVID-19 I stated wireless and the home phone has worked with me and ensured me that my services would remain on. My past due is $80 bucks I said I could pay maybe $40 they refused and said DirectTV is not part of the COVID-19 allowance and that's for phone and wireless-only and that if payment is not received by May I will be fully disconnected. I asked to speak to a supervisor after the rep went back and forth with me for 20 on how no one is going to help me and it will be a waste of his time to warm transfer me to a supervisor. I am a former employee who worked for the company for 20 years. I have had major surgery in Feb that I almost died because the wall sack to my heart was hit and I have a surgery April 7 where they have to crack my chest open to fix it. I am not looking for drama or trouble. I spoke to a supervisor Alex user id 3718085 who stated sorry can't help you and told me the disconnection date again. I would like some sort of help with this situation My email is [protected]@yahoo.com

My wife and myself have been wronged by at&t / directv customer service and feel no one will ever listen

Here is what happened to my wife and myself in response to CoronaVirus and no income whatsoever. Ever since...

No service for over a month

I have been a customer of DIRECTV for many years. I lose reception and go without television when the weather is bad. I patiently wait for reception to return. This time around there was no bad weather and I did not have reception or any television for over a month. I contacted DIRECTV on four separate occasions. One customer service representative told me to go to the roof and check for any obstruction. That advice was not the smartest, but I went to my roof anyway. No obstruction in my dish and so I called back. A technician attempted to troubleshoot my signal loss code. I was given a service date after my third DIRECTV call. I eventually received a bill for the month I had no television. I called DIRECTV and the representative apologized and said a credit would be given. When I checked my account the representative gave a $10 credit on a bill with a remaining balance of $157.92 for the month of February. I contacted DIRECTV about the bill and was told I had to pay the bill although I had no reception for the month. I immediately disconnected my service before being billed again for service I am not receiving. This is horrible customer service. Why am I being charged for service I did not receive ? I am searching for resolution to the situation. Thank You

Tech told me to f off

On March 9, 2020 we had Direct TV come out to set up new service to our home in South Carolina after having...

Talked to a diane taley she assured me in november 2019 my bill should be 108.00 per month after speaking to direct tv they say something different

i need a phone call from someone to much to explain after talking to a diane taley from att& or direct tv she assured me my bill should be cheaper the folks at direct tv tell me that the conversation i had with diane did not state that i want to resolve this issue i dont have the number just the name this dates back to november 2019

No access to the debate tonight on cnn

We are on your family plan and therefor have no access to watch the Presidential debate tonight on CNN.
The debate tonight should be available in all your packages because of it's obvious and critical importance to all Americans not only in the coming elections, but because the world is in pandemic status and we as Americans need access to all the info and legit advice we can get.
Direct TV should have made sure that all customers have the access to watch the Presidential debate tonight on CNN.
Direct TV is clearly putting profit before the basic critical needs of it's customers.
I am reconsidering my loyalty to your service.

Customer service

I am looking for a different provider as I type this your reps are lying to me and telling my 4 year old child to shut up I have paid over $500 for crappy service since being a member for just over 3 months the service has been interrupted every 2 weeks and then they want more money the first disconnect I was told I had to pay $200 then 2 weeks later they interrupted again and said I had to pay $176.13 now exactly 2 and a half weeks later they say I have to pay another $175.10 I was told my services were billed together that was a lie I was told my total bill for tv and internet was $99.00 with free install and free equipment that also was a bold face lie I am 100% unhappy with your service and your reps. The installer was rude and was prior convicted of charges that should not permit him in a home with kids I was scared for me and my kids while he was here after being 4 hours late and then drilled holes in my house that he didn't need to I will tell others not to go with your service because I have been screwed over by your company

The tech did not install properly and was not authorized by the owner to install.

The technician that came out installed the wires wrong and drilled holes in my home without authorization. Also it done damage and is currently causing more damage. I need it to be repaired thank you. There are four holes in the side of my home. In the picture only shows one please contact me [protected]. If the damage is not repaired I will be getting in touch with the FCC the Better Business Bureau and I will also hire an attorney to make sure that my damage is repaired.

The tech did not install properly and was not authorized by the owner to install.



Since AtNT have taken over direct tv its horrible, its not even ok, as ATNT comercial says, I spent the whole week trying to add a tv in my shop, I talked to 7 different People, 3 I could not even understand what they were saying, I asked for a supervisor of course there were none available, IOne of these broken english people gave me a number to call of a company that does satelite for motor homes, Not what I was needing, I finally spoke with a lady in tech support who understood what I needed, I asked her to schedule a appointment and transfer me to the retention department, I recommend talking to the retention department every time to reduce your bill, the lady in tech support said my appointment was wed. 12 to 4 pm, the same night at 9;59 pm we recieved a messagewith a case number saying there was no appointment scheduled, after talking to case management, I explained what I needed and the appointment was set for thursday 12pm to 4 pm, about 3pm we recieved a text the tech was running late did we want to reschedule, we replied No, 15 minutes later the tech showed up and said he did not send the last text. The tech arrives and wanted to run a cable down the outside of my new house and across the ground, till another department could come bury it, I said no way, I have been through this before with ATNT, it laid the for months. The tech did not have what I was told I would need and told me I would have to call back in, here we go again. I talked to a lady in case management who scheduled my new appointment and told me my contract would be renewed for two years. The day of the appointment I called case mangement and asked for the retention dept., I explained what I had been through and the only way I would agree to a two more year contract was to get new customer pricing. They would not give me new customer pricing and did not care, I canceled the appointment and told them not to extend my contract that expires in july, I will changing over to dish as soon as my contract is up. These people do not care about the customer at all, they will lie to you and think nothing of it . Use any provider but direct tv or Atnt, These people do not care !

  • Updated by ATNT is not even ok ? · Mar 06, 2020

    Since ATNT has taken over Direct TV it is horrible, its not even ok, they do not care about You the Customer, they just want your money ! Here is a list to report you issues to, https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceeding s/102-3141/directv, https://www.usa.gov/phone-tv-complaints, https://www.fcc.gov/media/cable-television-where-file-complaints-regarding-cable-service, www.consumerfraudlegalservices.com/directv.html, this will get you the attention you deserve!

  • Updated by ATNT is not even ok ? · Mar 06, 2020

    Do a search where to report complaints, we are wasting our time posting here, they will pay attention to Government agencies!

Cost of directv service

I am charged $173 a month and everytime it rains my tv service goes out, alot of the time I turn my tv on it comes up no signal and I have to reset box, also I have been charged for 4 additonal tv's so all tv's could be viewed at the same time but only 4 tvs can be on at the same time, I do not think my service is worth $173 and when I call to lower my plan I find out I have to pay just as much for a lower plan. My contract is up Aug 4th and I will be cancelling at that time and will never recommend Directv.

Internet provider

I don't want to talk to a representative they are useless unless you are signing up a new contract.
When I signed up with DirectTV I was asked what are my needs i told Directv streaming movies and will
be using two devices(cell phone) and a pc to the network.
Watching a video clip on YouTube is painful I get constant buffing this network is useless
and since I had this service I haven't been able to watch Netflix or YouTube on my tv. not once.
DirectTV signed me up with HughesNet a third party provider since ATT service was not available
in my area.
I called HughesNet and they said that Im setup with a data cap and they don't provide limitless
data usage. One Directv representative suggested to unplug my modem in order to preserve my
data usage being drain on having my tv on wifi... really!!!
The bottom line DirectTV promise me a service that I will be able to stream movies and have two devices with no issue
in which I was told and agreed of 3 mbps will do the job. It has been 4 months of constant subpar
bandwidth of under 1 mbps.
Why would DirectTV set me up with such restriction knowing the technically what it will take
to run a network that includes one TV and two other devices?
DirectTV signed me with HughesNet on my behalf now DirectTV needs to fix the problem on my behalf.
Bottomline DirectTV is not delivering what was agreed on our contract therefore if
DirectTV can not deliver and fix the issue I have every right to cancel my subscription
without any penalty or buy out and that's to include cancelling HughesNet as well or
find me another internet provider.



I need someone in customer service or corp. to pull recordings from feb1, feb 27, and feb 28. in listening to these recording it would solve the problem. As nothing that was spoke about was left on record... The recording will show that the agent siad the problem was fixed and the 110 dollars woud be refunded back and bill would be corrected... This issues has been going on for months i have called every month from dec til now... each agent saying the problem would be corrected and that it would reflect on the coming month but never put in the notes... this is the reason i ask that the recording be heard from Jan to Feb 28...


I cancelled my account in April 2019, turned my equipment in May of 2019 with email confirmation of receipt. Email in June with a balance of $0. Yesterday I received an email saying I was delinquent of $252. Called and was told it was for services for OCT/NOV 2019 for internet and TV which I did not have. Then I was told by the supervisor it was for over refund in Dec 2019...What?? I have a feeling someone re-activated my account without my permission as a search of the internet shows this has happened frequently. Now apparently my account has been sent to legal and the first and only email I received about this bill was yesterday. I have emails to support my account cancellation but not available to upload at this time.


I just got my Direct TV in November. I am locked into a price for 12 months. However, my bill increased on the February bill. I called and they said it was a ATT increase to all customers. I am a Direct TV customer only. Does not matter. 3 years ago I cancelled my ATT phone service because of their policies. I loved my Direct TV. However, decrease in monthly income made me drop it. Now things are better but still on a monthly budget. And ATT still is a thorn in my side. I will be cancelling as soon as my contract is up and I will remember. Other options out there.

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