Cartoon Network Complaints & Reviews

Cartoon Network / I am not complaining I just want old cn back

Jul 10, 2019

Hey I wish yall could put back the old cartoon network and boomerang with the commercials and all the bumpers I'm 24 years old it not really a complaint but I miss it I know we in the future but I still watch cartoons I missed all of that please put it back or give us a channel with all of...

Cartoon Network / sexual contact

Jul 03, 2019

The episode aired today on Cartoon Network at 2:30 central time called "The News" was inappropriate at the end when the weather guy did his report. The green screen having the outline on a man of a penis and other equipment is pushing the limits too far. If this was during adult swim or on...

Cartoon Network / water aid

Jun 30, 2019

I am more than happy for charity adverts, however what i am not happy about is distressing images of children being shown when my young children are watching, when they clearly are as it's a children's channel! I think this type of targeted advertising is out of order! I do not wish for my...

Cartoon Network / commercials

Jun 28, 2019

It's starting to be too much. Commercials with sexual content about sexual problems, kids don't need to worry about there reproductive organs or sexual identities. A lot of kids are too young for that, I am disgusted my young son came to me and asked me what intersex was. When I asked him...

Cartoon Network / teen titans go mocking scout vespers

Jun 25, 2019

I as a boy scout am offended like every boy scout who saw the teen titans go sixth member special skit epsiode and thought "hey is that scout vespers i think that was just offending as possible" I will not stand for a mocking of my life's pride i went through lion bobcat bear tiger wolf...

Cartoon Network / iam suggesting that please present more shows on channel

Jun 12, 2019

Hellow CN, my childhood friend, I want to suggest you to bring back old shows like richi rich, scooby Doo, ben 10.. Etc we want to enjoy back shows. Please as soon as possible provide that shows. Present shows are also good but only two or three shows are running throughout the day. Make...

Cartoon Network / total dramarama

May 21, 2019

Dear cn, my childhood tv channel. Hello producers of totaldramarama, please stop making this show a thing, this is probably the most stupidest show I ever seen. this hellish, stupidest, cringey, show in existence. on all things, atom, molecule, particle, and thing ever made and alive...

Cartoon Network / amazing world of gumball

May 06, 2019

Really shocked to find the monkey in this cartoon who is supposed to be the teacher, stick her middle finger up twice at the kids, I have it recorded on my phone to show people, and people agree it's inappropriate for kids, I enjoy the show with my little boys, and I'm not usually one to...

Cartoon Network / tower prep

Apr 13, 2019

After watch Tower Prep many years ago I would have to say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I have heard that the show was cancelled due to the ratio of male to female viewers and since there were more female viewers the show was cancelled. This is ridiculous, whether many...

Cartoon Network / total drama island

Jan 19, 2019

Total Drama Island is NOT a children's show! It never was and never will be and marketing this show to kids during the primetime shows, when you know younger kids are watching is purposeful and predatory imo. You know that these kids will watch gumball, craig, teen titans, and if TDI i...

Cartoon Network / absence of 30 minute/action shows

Jan 07, 2019

There's always been a presence of kids shows with a 30 minute runtime in both animation, and live-action. From 1998-2016, they always had an action block as a way to premiere their action shows like Teen Titans, Samurai Jack, and Generator Rex. However, starting in 2013, they stopped making...

Cartoon Network / please give some air time for old show

Jan 07, 2019

When I'm still a kid in 2001 to 2013, I used to watch variety and general audience of cartoon Network shows all the time after school after 5 p.m., but now where are those shows now? Why are'nt you just air the reruns from the good old days? Also why are you guys only targeting toward...

Cartoon Network / you keep repeating old episodes and not new ones

Dec 14, 2018

Cartoon network please stop repeating old episodes because we now know them very well. Every day you repeat old episodes that I have seen at least five times when I am looking forward to enjoy new episodes that I haven't seen yet. This fault is ruining my experience of cartoon network a...

Cartoon Network / programming

Sep 26, 2018

Why did you take Bob's Burger off the air? I Watched it every Night. Also why don't you have Space Ghost on anymore? Also why don't you carry some old shows. Like Dinosaurs . Look I'm done. I believe short and to the Point with Complaints. Since I have to continue. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

Cartoon Network / the ads for bendy merchandise

Aug 23, 2018

in the UK your cartoonnetwork channel have adverts running for Bendy merchandise. Bendy is a youtube horror show character aimed at 18 year olds and as such I feel it is inappropriate to advertise horror film and program merchandise on a TV channel aimed at younger children. I'm sure I am...

Cartoon Network / the good old shows

Jul 27, 2018

Well I grew up with CN watching symbiotic titan, megaxlr, ACTUAL ben10(Ben 10 that shows now is really awful). So could you air the old shows only on weekends ie old shows the whole weekend. If you don't many kids now are going to watch shows like Ben 10 and see it differently from how we...

Cartoon Network / tv shows

Jul 26, 2018

cartoons??? seriously parents are fed up?? we adulta are fed up now with non sens parents drama.. why should we watch animes on cinemax or animax what ever... its growing world ... i am a adult i know some cartoons are not good for kids but still cartoon network is not only for kids it i...

Cartoon Network / I have a major complaint concerning we bare breas

Jul 23, 2018

I have over the school Holiday period, watched the We Bare Bears with the children, I am in complete shock and horror that this cartoon is thought to be suitable for children of any age, a panda with a desperate desire for a romantic and sexual relationship with a female human being, I...

Cartoon Network / product content

Jul 11, 2018

Parents spend an excessive amount of time trying to ensure that their kids watch decent programmes. We often look at cartoons on children's channels as safe options. This evening on DSTV (South African private decoder TV) the Cartoon Network channel aired a programme "Regular TV" between...

Cartoon Network / I am complaining about a show dragon ball super

Apr 13, 2018

Sir, This is to bring to your attention that the show 'Dragon Ball Super' is just repeating the episodes on your channel. In other countries the show has fully complete but in your channel its repeating the episodes. At last I want you to make more episodes of dragon ball super english dub. I hope you will show your gratitude towards my complaint.

Cartoon Network / the language used in the shows

Jan 11, 2018

First of all mostly why are you playing cartoon in Hindi language why don't you keep it English for kids to learn better words and even they can learn out of it. The Hindi vocabulary used in your cartoon shows are so low standard it is not even Hindi it is road side accent of Hindi what i...

Cartoon Network / teen titans go! season 4 episode 18- easter creeps

Apr 14, 2017

My 8 and 12 year old kids were home for Spring Break. I left work early to be home with them. All week they talked about the NEW Teens Titans Go! episode to air Friday at 6 p.m. My son even set it up to record, in case we were out. They were excited. We were not excited nor was I happy...

Cartoon Network / adulterated cartoons

Jun 27, 2016

We have been noticing that cartoon network is showing adulterated cartoons for Teen Titans kissing non stop. Many others to mention. We are totally disgusted at this as our kids are little. What happened to sweet innocent cartoons like the 90s.

Cartoon Network / young justice

Jan 03, 2016

Why did you stop young justice a know I was ages a go now but I loved the show and if it is the reason I heard why I will never watch Cartoon Network again is it true it was because not a lot of boys were watching it I am a boy I loved it so bring it back the way you ended needs to explain and carry on the story please

Cartoon Network / cleveland show at 8:30 pm

Oct 18, 2015

My 8 year old son was awake at 8:30 pm when the channel showed "Cleveland Show" and it had this sentence "Fries do you want sex with that" in print on the screen. I am really annoyed how you could do that? I am so angry with the channel. This was not even beyond 9 pm even though they...

Cartoon Network / pathetic nature and content of cartoons

Dec 05, 2014

I am a teenager and uttery disgusted at how cartoon network has taken a turn for its worst installment of cartoons to date. Uncle grandpa with no plot and utter rubbish as such as a floating tiger with the main character constantly repeating good morning? What's entertaining about...

Cartoon Network / extremely negative words

Nov 29, 2014

Hi I'm fed up putting Cartoon Network on everytime all it does is talk about evil and not liking animals it's disgusting and I don't want my kids growing up with it something must be done surely there is positive things u could actually make up

Cartoon Network / inappropiate language and sexual content

Aug 21, 2013

Adult Swim is not appropriate for our children at all. If adults want to be entertained put it on cinemax but don't put it on a cartoon network. These cartoons are turning into something I wouldn't even watch. There is a lot that gets slipped in to the script that are not good...

Walt Disney / Nickelodeon / Cartoon Network / bad tv shows

Jun 17, 2013

Dear Disney Channel, I was watching ANT Farm and noticed that during the theme song, the blond girl's talent is being pretty. You actually consider being pretty a talent? Too many young girls these days are obsessed with their looks, weight, etc. Considering prettiness a talent will...

Cartoon Network / inappropriate language

May 23, 2013

whilst watching cartoon network at 5:30pm on Thursday 23rd may, my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter was watching a programme called "adventure time". towards the end of the programme one of the characters starts singing a song, and in the song it said " I will shake my fanny" I find...

Cartoon Network / horrible cartoons for kids

Mar 07, 2012

I was so upset today when my 8 & 5 yr old where watching cartoon networks the regular show and the bird said "[email protected]" ( fill in the blanks). What kind of kids cartoon network is this. Shows like this should be band, they teach nothing but destruction. There are no morals or anything...

Cartoon Network / inappropriate cartoons for kids


I am so discusted with cartoon network, I watched scooby doo as a kid watching it on cartoon network is like watching smut. Daphne and Fred are out right with sexual inuendos, Velma is making out with shaggy (WHAT) and nothing seems to be changing, I am a mom and refuse to allow my son to...

Cartoon Network / animations on bottom of screen


Have you ever hated those animations on the bottom of the screen when watching shows on Cartoon Network? Someone should really do something about those. It gets annoying when the bottom part of the picture is blocked out and the good part appears to be there, whether they're big or small...