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Carttoon network is so boring channel kya asy bekar or bachkany cartoon koi thekta ha cartoon naetwork is a fool [censored] and boooooring channel please bring back dragon ball z kai super please add your channel dragon ball z super gt dbz movies with english and urdu dubbing we want a new generation animation nad anime please add in your channel naruto hunter x hunter pokemon dbz dbz kai db super if you were not complete the request your channel is very boooring and so so so so boring and your channel is not like to anybody please fell my fellings of the anime

Cartoon networks recent father's day commercial.

I was very offended by the network's Fathers day commercial. It was only about black fathers, or dads...
That's racist. Not saying thank you to all fathers or that all fathers matter.
Just saying black dads matter.
Well white dads matter just as much. I will do everything in my power to publicize this. I am sick of this whining about color.
I watched a lot of this channel until that.
Until this is rectified I will point it out to everyone.

  • Ca
    CaLemont Jun 26, 2020

    I felt the same way. However, I looked up what possible reason Cartoon Network would do this
    and found what is to me the clear answer. I have read some articles and watched some clips from
    interviews and documentaries. Although I do not agree with the medium used, I understand the
    reason. The message to me now is that there is an issue or understanding in the black communities
    that all Black Fathers are dead beat dads and do not want anything to do with their children's life.
    When in fact, as with a lot of misconceptions about any given race or sex, there are a lot of truly
    good fathers out there that would die to save their children. Do I believe that Cartoon Network
    viewers (children) are the proper demographic for this message? No. I asked my kids if they
    understood what they meant and they either didn't know (my older kids) or they didn't care
    ( my 7 year old). This is an issue to be expressed to adults, and to children via their parents
    not a children's cable network. I hope this helps others and the good folks at Cartoon Network
    understand why people get upset with things like this. Its the parents and/or legal guardians job to
    speak to their children about very important issues like this, and others.

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Unethical Behavior

On 6/22/2020 around 9:30am an LGBTQ commercial came on encouraging children that it is okay to be gay and transgender. My son is 5 watching this channel for the cartoons and this nonsense is being shoved down his throat to be accepting of transgenderism. It is unacceptable and should NOT be on a children's network! In no way do you see commercials about people being straight and that it is okay to love the opposite sex. Transgenderism is not something that should be shoved down my 5 year old's throat just because some people THINK that other's should be accepting of it. It is unprofessional and unacceptable that this is a commercial. My son like the cartoons, but I do not want him to watch this channel if this is what it means to be apart of this channel; allowing him to hear and see that transgenderism is okay and to be cautious of what pronouns you use to refer to others. This is all just something that is being forced on children that is a phase the majority of adults end up regretting even doing. PLEASE STOP FORCING THIS ON CHILDREN!! Not every family agrees with such things and shoving it down everyone's throats is unacceptable.

Adventure Time

Not a prude, grew up on the shows of the 90s-only now am I seeing the HORROR I took in. The things that it obscured or denied me. How I played a part in a scheme.
Of all things you can present to children (adolescents, young adults)-the great world and its ideas, why images, and philosophies overtly sexual and occultic all make it to the fore?
I am familiar with thelema, enochian magick, etc (many names, same face) as a one time proponent of those things, and it follows it to a T. There is no imagination to this view. Its hiding in plain sight under the guise of ‘alternative' or ‘random' comedy.
I have a pretty broad vision of the threads of the garment of life, how people contribute to the good of life, but at least this show represents a usurpation of our parental right to freely inform or not inform our children about DANGEROUS subjects, and our personal right to be free from evangelism of any kind within our homes.
Even if a child doesnt understand the references (which I surely did in the Ren and Stimpy, etc era and I was definitely a child), it provides a framework for viewing the world that is insidious and very apart from the one that made our lives possible. It just is not innocuous.
I don't understand why people keep throwing out that old trope about religious people foisting their views when they are rooting for moneyed interests thay promote open violence, nihilism, and worse. You dont see how badly youre playing yourself. Or you know what youre doing.
Ultimately, we choose right or left, Good Life or hatred of it. This show promotes a truly philosophically satanic magickal view of the cosmos, along with sexualization of characters portrayed as kids, and cannibal motifs. I REJECT IT UTTERLY. Leave us and our kids alone. If it was another person in public doing this it would be cause for a fight at least. If theres any sympathetic audience here, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

the cartoons that you have been airing

Sad thing is classic cartoons like chowder, Ed edd & Eddy had so much content.But the cartoons you have been airing like Uncle grandpa, Unikittt, Power rangers are not that significant and entertaining.Those cartoons actually promote fighting and underscored scenes that are not suitable for kids under the age of 6.It would be much better if cartoons like Courage the cowardly dog, Foster home for imaginary friends, The adventures of flapjack, Chowder and many more

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cartoon channel.

Well I'm from southeast asia.I want to complaint this channel.Well the cartoons are good and theres nothing wrong with them.I want to complaint about the cartoon broadcast.The cartoons broadcast are usually late and I usually miss the ending of the cartoons when im recording them.And another issue is that the cartoon's episode always repeats.Im bored seeing the same episode.They never broadcast new episodes .They do it sometimes only.Please dont ignore this issue .

tv show craig of the creek

I dont appreciate cartoon network promoting same sex to kids!! Y'all are [censored]ing crazy and out your minds! These are children just cause the person that wrote it may be gay doesnt mean you have to promote it to kids like wtf are you doing trying to recruit or sumthing gtf outta her my boys will never watch this [censored] again! I hope they cancell this [censored]!! So [censored] craig of the crack of my ass!! I will post this everywhere to shut this abomination down!!!

cartoons that are being aired these days

Cartoon Network airs the worst cartoons of all time these days why cant you at least play cartoon network classics these one you play are super lame and made cartoon network lame like at a count of 1/10 i give it 1 try adding classic shows to at least make the channel watchable again you brought back bakugun but is lame the old one was better you brought back ben10 but is also suck and what is apple and onion really is it suppose to the the replacement of Regular Show came on guys air out cartoon networks legendary classic shows back

teen titans go

REALLY?! In the episode where trigon goes camp counselor and robin and the titans go pirates in order to fight you give robin a variation of Monkey.D.luffy? Seriously the open top the cross scar on his chest the sandals the red shorts and yellow ribbon? It's like luffy just different what's next you rip off power rangers? My hero academia? Naruto? Don't do it again one piece and monkey.D.luffy is off limits

teen titans go

teen titan go

Teen Titans Go is an awful TV Show many viewers agree with my statement. Many parents say there are some episodes that have BULLYING in them and think its an insult how these characters shake there butts at everything not really something I want my kids to be doing. I loved the original teen titans when I was younger but this will be something I will be boy cotting and many of my family and friends who have children.

teen titan go
teen titan go

craig of the creek

My son was watching an episode of Craig of the creek. The episode was about a haunted dollhouse. At one point in the show these two teenage girls started kissing in front of the children. My six year old son was watching and asked me why those two girls were kissing. I don't really appreciate Cartoon Network allowing this type of content on a kids show. It is completely inappropriate for a kids show. My son will not be watching this cartoon again.

  • Ch
    Chris Hrud Oct 28, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called them this afternoon and in regards to the same issue and they hung up on me, because one Jeniffer at Tramm Wigzell's office said that if i don't have a problem with kissing it's got to be i have a problem with girls kissing. She did not even give me a chance to explain my grievance, just hung up on me. It is not fair to our kids that they have to see this before us parents have had a chance to explain. All my respect about your choice but don't take my choice away.

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  • Er
    EricaMcNair Mar 15, 2020

    @Chris Hrud I was a little taken aback by the girls kissing as well. It didn't really have to do with the fact that it was same sex but more the fact that they showed people making out on a kids show.

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we bare bears

I am disgusted at the league that comes from this show. My two boys were watching it today, and the character swore. There were three adults in the room that Heard it also. I have shared it with others and they hear the same as I do. It's disgusting that we can't allow our children to watch a children's Channel without them being subjected to this language

victor and valantino cartoon

Every other character on this stupid cartoon is openly flamingly gay.

This is ridiculous.

It's a kids show.

There are lots of places for stuff like that, my childrens cartoon isn't one of them.

There's no reason for me to be explaining to my 5 year old daughter why the older female cousin is blushing and holding hands with her girl friend. Or why the tough guy street toughs suddenly have flowers in their hair and are acting like girls. Or why the ghosts are "partners" and act like Richard Simmons.

I'm looking into ways to reach large petitions, seems easy enough to do.

Remove the show, or deal with the controversy.

tawog mean roasts/ teen titans bad morals

I am not saying the amazing world of gumball is bad, its just that you use too much being a hero and mean things. like teen titans go is not a problem watching, i got bad morals from that show. gumball is always selfish and he's always like lets go with my ideas instead of yours. what kind of cartoon network character is that, plus i dont like the fact that teen titans has 2 movies. half of cartoon network shows don't even have movies. and Darwin, mean of them all. hitting people, family members hurt.and he is jealous like in the BFF he was gonna kill gumball's childhood toys. anyways, i just want you to give better advice like Steven universe.

to telecast courage

You guys why stopped telecasting Courage? Me and lots of my friends in my school love Courage. Lots of people from India get angry when you guys stop telecasting Courage. So please telecast Courage again. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Cartoon Network.

why you stopped streaming anime in india

We want anime back in India why do you stop streaming anime on Cartoon Network now Cartoon Network is nothing in front of other channels but before you are number one because of Anime I don't know why did you stop that but it was a very bad decision I swear if you bring it back you will get your back and you will be number one Believe That - NARUTO 🙂

channel 66 time base

There's not enough Steven Universe being aired it's only like once a day so I was wondering if you can maybe air Steven Universe more and also can you air the Steven Universe movie One More Time and also you air Teen Titans Go so much, and and if you want to contact me through email my email is [protected] and my second email is [protected] if you want to contact me there

channel 66 time base

adult swim

I'm extremely upset about the broadcast you guys have on your channel that is aiming towards young children with a certain sound that only they can hear. That is complete [censored]! Not all children are asleep at the times you are screening that across the TV. My children dropped to the floor in pain because of the noise. I feel that is a form of torture and slips not be allowed to be broadcasted like it is.

card wars

I purchased Adventure Time Card Wars probably 5years ago now and I love the game. Recently I decided to redownload the game after years of not playing it and found a lot of bugs. I purchased the Fiona and Cake adventures and now it's saying I will have to purchase it again and the Jake and Finn adventure keeps replacing there creatures in there lane for other creature worse than the ones in there even though they have empty lanes. I have seen the opponent replace creatures in the same lane 4 times in one turn at one point. I never experienced any of these issues when I first downloaded the game and these bugs really have taken the fun out of the game so I'm just wondering if there is any update coming out to fix it? Ik it's an old game but my friends and I love this game and are all having this same problem so we would love it if this issue is resolved.

Please get in contact with me about this issue by emailing me,

Thank you

marceline the vampire queen in sunlight whole episode

I'm a huge fan, I've watched every episode probably 11 times or maybe even more! I don't know for sure at this point haha I've lost count, although... I did notice that in episode 14. " Princess Day ", Marceline the vampire queen escapes the breakfast kingdom with Lumpy space princess driving away in a car made from " breakfast items/food " in broad daylight? Well newsflash Marceline is a vampire and can't be in the sunshine! The whole episode she's completely IN THE SUNLIGHT!!! Wow that's is such a huge disappointment! As well as a huge F up on the network and all the producers part, anyone producing/ creating " Adventure Time " needs to do much much better with the production aspect of the creation of the episodes/show! wow this will forever bother the HECK OUT OF ME OMG! Thanks a lot! clearly no time, care, and true essence as well as barley any true thought was given about any of your fans who truly care and keep your business running! u gave us unthinkable crap in this episode, thankyou!