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Canadian Tire Customer Care Service

576 Reviews

Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.

PO Box 2000, Station Main
Canada - L3B5S3

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 746 7287(Online Customer Support)
42 33
+1 800 387 8803(Corporate Customer Relations - English)
71 54
+1 800 565 3356(Corporate Customer Relations - French)
16 14
+1 888 727 7478(Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance)
6 11
+1 800 459 6415(Options MasterCard)
4 17
+1 800 226 8473(My Canadian Tire 'Money' Program)
4 14

Canadian Tire Complaints & Reviews

Canadian Tire / East canadian tire

Lazypeople on Oct 21, 2018

No one knows anything or can help out .. Just today the kid was on his first day. He found 20 of each product online I needed. He asked the manager and he told him a isle that it was not there. After 30 minutes I told him to help someone else out. I went to home depot and bought the heat...

Canadian Tire / Unaccepatble Customer Service

Leonardo Sta. Ana on Oct 20, 2018

Date of incident: Oct 20, 2018 Name of Canadian Tire employee: Liza (Automotive Dept.) Description of incident: I came to their store at 9:15 am to purchase 4 winter tires. There were 2 people at the counter and nobody was on the line and I was entertained quickly. I paid my tires with my...

Canadian Tire / Bluetooth adaptor

Harry1432 on Oct 19, 2018

I purchased a Bluetooth adaptor from Brampton East store. I asked the staff if there is any issues what are my options. They said that I return it in 14 days. The adaptor kept powering off. When I took is in, the customer service lady refused to return. She said this item is exchange only...

Canadian Tire / exchange/returns

BaltejD on Oct 17, 2018

I ordered a lot of hockey equipment from the Canadian tire website, amounting to around 400. I came to pick up my order and exchanged the helmet for another size, today I wanted a Larger size, the lady was very rude, the process took them over an hour because last time they screwed up and she showed a lot of attitude and was agruing with other staf.

Canadian Tire / tire purchase and installation

SharD2018 on Oct 15, 2018

I purchased 2 sets of tires for both mine and my husband's vehicles online. Was told when they come in I would get notified (which I was) as I was also told that generally it's pretty slow that when they come in tire installations are first come first serve. I came in after receiving...

Canadian Tire / parts and service

Scrub26 on Oct 13, 2018

I drove 40 mins to yorkton Canadian tire to get tires put on my rim they said there shop was open till 5 I get hear 430 and they say they can put them on my rims. Because they need to clean there should be no cleaning till after your closed I am very pissed off at this service all it take...

Canadian Tire / employment

Vicky Dogra on Oct 11, 2018

I got a email regarding job from canadian tire... I want to know is this a real job offer or just a scam by a fake id or its a fraud . I am sending some images to you attached with this complaint please tell me as soon as possible beacuse as i went through the email they are saying that they...

Canadian Tire / winter tire installation.

Harkeon on Oct 9, 2018

Hi! I had my winter tire installed today. i brought my cae here in canadian tire 130th avenue in calgary alberta at about 12afternoon and I received a call at about4pm saying my vehicle is ready. When i arrived at the shop they said I still have to wait 1 hr cause they messed up and...

[Resolved] Canadian Tire / auto service

Cumberland House on Oct 9, 2018

I recently took my vehicle into one of your shops in Saskatchewan. They then checked over my vehicle and called me and told me about the work I needed done. They did not have the part in stock, so I offered to bring it in a week later. So I bring it in a week later and the work had a 4...

Canadian Tire / auto cashier rude

John Buford wayne on Oct 9, 2018

I was in buying a part for my truck and went to the counter and this big blonde girl maybe 20 starts yelling down from the counter 3 cashiers over and said in a snooty voice do u want something.i ask for my part she look up and says 40 bucks do u still want it.i said yes then someone went...

Canadian Tire / tire installation

Steve Appleby on Oct 8, 2018

At your Woodstock, NB store, near the end of August, I bought a set of General Evertrek tires and had them installed. A short while later I noticed a faint "ticking" sound that would come and go. Over the next 5-6 weeks it became more and more audible and I suspected a front wheel axle...

Canadian Tire / return

jaaz on Oct 7, 2018

my mom went to return two unused items while i was at work. keyword; UNUSED. she was able to return one but the employee refused to refund the other product claiming "it had been used" and forced my mother to exchange it and on won't let her return this unnecessary item that she forced my...

Canadian Tires Spruce Grove. Alberta / automotive department

Dale cherrington on Oct 6, 2018

On October 5 i was told my car was ready they instaled a battery and replaced a hose off the power steering and charged me 780.00bucks.i told them to give it a good check over .i just bot the car and needed to know what it needs.i got my car and it had next to no air in the tires.7 pound...

Canadian Tire / rude service

Amatthews on Oct 3, 2018

At CT in West Saint John NB today. Was going to buy a deer hunting licence. No one was working the counter in the hunting section so found a woman who paged someone. After more waiting I was approached by a second woman dressed differently, likely management I presume. Again told her I wa...

Canadian Tire / service

Kirkathompson on Oct 2, 2018

Purchase tires in October 2017. In September 18 had tire leak to find out nail in sideway. Warranty kicks in and Shane (service center) adivised they would change the four tires and costing 287.00 for labour ( lol). The day of the change ( Shane not working that day)they only changed 2...

Canadian Tire Capilano / manager on duty 10/1/2018 8:30pm unethical behaviour

Chad Dawe on Oct 1, 2018

My wife and I, along with our 2 month old baby girl entered into the Canadian Tire Store In Capilano 9847 50 St NW, Edmonton tonight just after 8PM. Our baby was in her infant seat which was placed into the stroller. My wife had a diaper bag that is small back pack style. As we walked into...

Canadian Tire / credit card

Mujtaba akbari on Sep 27, 2018

I applied for a mc and they sent me a letter saying that I am have been approved and I need to go to canadian tire store to verify my identity. I take time to go to a branch to get verification done then after a week I received a credit card. I called to activate it then they are saying...

Canadian Tire / customer service / pricing

Jackelynn on Sep 24, 2018

I went to deerfoot meadows in Calgary location to buy a food saver on sale for 89 bucks I went in and seen a better sale food saver in bulk with stuff plastic wrapped to the food saver for 109 there was 4 on the shelf I took one to the till it came up 169 ... I said no they called the...

Canadian Tire / auto disservice

David Mike on Sep 24, 2018

Went into Canadian Tire Sept 8th 2018. My check engine light was on . Had the mechanic do a Engine fault Code Retrieval & Diagnostics test. They road tested my vehicle and told me that I have to take my Jeep to the dealership to have PCM flashed. All is fine and vehicle is running well. I...

The Canadian Tire / pro-mix stim root

OptimusPastMyPrime on Sep 24, 2018

The Canadian Tire located on Smythe St, in Fredericton NB showed 36 bottles of Pro-Mix Stim Root in stock. When I asked the employee working in the gardening department to assist me in finding it, she went into the stock room and came back with a different and completely unrelated product...