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Canadian Tire reviews & complaints

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Canadian Tire - auto service unethical behaviour

I needed a winter tire/summer tire swap. They said I needed a wheel alignment, without presenting any evidence of tire wear or measurements. This is on a car with 10, 000 km. This is a well known...

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Canadian Tire - Customer service

Sun jan 16 was at your store on chain lake dr halifax ns went in to use wash room and to look for a snow blower well when I came out of the wash room a guy asked me do I need a mask I said no im...

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Canadian Tire - Service department - installation services

We bought a wireless back up camera as a Christmas present for my husband from Canadian Tire in Simcoe on Dec 9. We were quoted $60.00 for them to install it at the time of purchase. We made an...

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Jan 10, 2022

Canadian Tire - Manager at Canadian Tire 7878 120 st Surrey BC

Dear Canadian Tire Ombudsman, On Saturday, January 8th at approximately 7pm I went to the Canadian Tire Store located at 7878 120st, Surrey BC. I had purchased the Type A Freestanding Closet...

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Jan 08, 2022

Canadian Tire - Outbound Luggage

I purchased a set of three Outbound luggage about a month ago. The suitcase broke within one use. I traveled with the luggage to India from Canada and am having to purchase a new set since my flight departs in a few days. I would like to be refunded for the luggage that I purchased.
Looking forward to a response as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Sanjana Sharma


Canadian Tire - A return

I bought a Amazon tablet for my son for Christmas, I didn't realize you couldn't download stuff from Google Play. So I took it back not having my receipt. I had said that I didn't want the return to...

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Jan 07, 2022

Canadian Tire - Air vent tab broken by a Canadian Tire mechanic

Hello complaints department, My name is M. and I showed up at the Heron location in Ottawa on January 5th at around 6:20 pm and I told the clerk I have a GPS mount that's stuck and I need it to be...

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Canadian Tire - Difficulty trying to get access to your triangle bill online

If your a Canadian tire Triangle credit card holder and want access to your online account it will be by far a extremely frustrating experience just to sign up for this service so I say let them send...

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Canadian Tire - Auto service

Mechanic not qualified to install a simple thermostat after looking at car for 2 hours and redlining RPMs straight for 20 minutes, blowing out the piston rings. Mechanic did not speak English or...

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Canadian Tire - Lack of first aid supplies for staff

I was in to Cdn Tire Truro N.S. today to buy a tarp. when I went to the checkout I noticed that the cashier was trying to tend to a cut finger. I told her she should grab a bandaid and I would wait...

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Canadian Tire - Tire warranty does not apply if i will not have all four suspension assembly replaced even though i don't have any problem with those suspensions

I bought all 4 tires at Canadian Tire Millwoods branch Edmonton Alberta and had them installed at the same branch 3 years ago on my 2006 Toyota Sequoia. Some 3 weeks ago, i noticed that the front driver's tire deflates about 3 psi each day and i can hear growling sound on that same tire at a speed of 50 to 80 km/hr. Since i know that it has 6 year warranty, i got my vehicle in their shop for inspection. After a few hours, the mechanic called me up and told me that the tires must be replaced because they are cupped. When i reminded him that it still has the warranty, he paused for about a minute to talk to his manager, when he came back he told me that they will not replace the tires if i won't have all 4 suspension assembly replaced, which will cost me more than $3, 500 which he said includes other issues that my vehicle has. But the truth is, i really don't have any other issue on my Sequoia other than the tires. To cut the story short, i just end up getting my Sequoia back because i don't have that amount to spend. They had me paid $73 for the inspection without even fixing the deflating problem of the tire. i now inflate my tire every other day, and my Sequoia is still my daily driver. i'm saving right now to have those tires replaced by costco.

It would be a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by another reputable shop. Have someone else confirm that there isn't a problem with your suspension. Then you have something to argue with Canadian Tire about.

On the other hand, if they confirm the issue of a suspension problem, you can look at getting it fixed.


Canadian Tire - Barbeque

I purchased a Barbeque from your Dufferin Store and was clearly informed that it can be used for GAS. When today I spoke with Customer Service I was told that this Barbecue need Propane only.

I was deliberately misled. I need to exchange it. I moved into this area. I am new Senior Citizen and need your help to resolve this.

Canadian Tire 321. The receipt and operator # is on the receipt.

Kausar Ladha

Desired outcome: Exchnage

Hi Kaysar.

Please realize the term gas is somewhat misleading, in that both natural gas and propane gas are both gasses.

Dec 19, 2021

Canadian Tire - Install battery

Canadian tire mechanic / tech that installed a battery in my 2006 chevrolet impala broke the battery terminal protector off and did not replace also left wiring harness hanging into engine instead of secured to cable and properly taped if canadian tire can send a battery terminal cover for the positive battery terminal on a 2006 chevrolet impala to your granby store they will need to put this back on battery terminal to prevent arcing and possible explosive fires under the hood. If you send it to my house I can put it on myself

Desired outcome: provide positive terminal cover for battery on 2006 chevrolet impala

Canadian Tire - Abuse received by a seller

My wife and I went to the the Canadian Tire store in Shawenesy, Calgary, to buy a Dyson vacumm on Dec 17. The item was not on the shelves as indicated inthe web page for that store, so we ask for...

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Canadian Tire - air compressor kit [protected]

i can not get a response from the customer service dept. at [protected], i am trying to get a replacement part for my compressor, i have left messages with my name and phone #, rick payne, phone# [protected], the part i am looking for is described in my owners manual as a connecting rod # 53 in the manual, it is a orange colored rod that is located on the top of the oil storage tank that allows oil to added or checked to show if oil should be added, top of the rod is damaged and the compressor blows oil out the filler hole when started up

Desired outcome: call back from them so i can order the damaged part

Canadian Tire - Auto parts customers service

I an a regular customer who always preferred cabadian tire but I hv repeatedly bad experience Week ago for claiming battery warranty and 2 person ahead but I waited more than one hour one person dealing with customer and also going to the store for assistance and at the same time some hanging big shield wS going on no pre action for customer when my turned reached I was advised tobring battery separately yet I was asked on phoneto bring vehicle . Yesterday I went to same store and lady was on tell which was for key she was just putting off and said go to dealership no facility in canadian tire for your vehicle 'skey then drove to canadian tire deerfoot branch which resolved my need with greet 🙄 I am unhappy with rude behavior and waste of time canadian tire north east 3516 8th Avenue NE Calgary
I am expecting to take postive initiative otherwise I will cancel my canadian tire card and stop visiting the same

Canadian Tire - Soda stream co2 charger return

During the Covid lockdown I purchased several Soda Stream CO2 chargers that I picked up outside the Canadian Tire store in Napanee. At that time I was unable to return the chargers and paid another...

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Canadian Tire - poor service

Racco Parkway Mechanic not able to fix noise coming from my car after bringing the car to them five times. Paid good money for parts that I probably didn't need as mechanic diagnosed the problem. New parts but still had the same problem. Recorded the noise for the mechanic but still no resolution. Today found a greasy rag that was left in the engine, was fished out with a stick and returned to the store. Apologizes from weekend Manager. Not acceptable service. Now I have to find another Mechanic as I will not be returning to Racco Parkway Canadian Tire.

Desired outcome: Better Trained Mechanic

Canadian Tire - 2006 infiniti qx56 september/november 2021 repairs which still has not been resolved - compounding issues

From: hans harry felix Sent: Friday, November 19, 2021 8:10 PM To: Bento Aguiar ; Jonathan ctc192 ; Hamza ctc192 ; [protected]; [protected] Cc: [protected];...

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Nov 17, 2021

Canadian Tire - Marketing emails

Unable to unsubscribe from mailing lists on marketing emails. When you update your preferences to unsubscribe, you get an 500 - Internal server error.
indicating "There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed" - I have tried to contact Canadian Tire over the last two months multiple times by different means to resolve this to no avail.

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