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Canadian Tire Complaints & Reviews

Canadian Tire / mechanic making my vehicle unsafe

Karentaylor on Oct 12, 2017
This is just a little bit of the whole 4 week ordeal!! Took my truck in to have my tires replaced!! Said I needed upper ball joint's and wheel bearing before they would warrantee my tires. Took my vehicle somewhere else to have it done. I brought back my vehicle to Canadian tire to...

Canadian Tire / behaviour of employee

suzzieQ1234 on Oct 10, 2017
In the Auto service deparment I was spoken to very rudely, by a young man named Jarod. I did not appreciate his costumer service, while I was asking for tire prices. In my oppinion this was a simple task, and I should have been treated with more respect as I was only trying to educate...

Canadian Tire / customer service

Will Kennedy1075 on Oct 8, 2017
I would like to say that your customers service was the absolute worst I as a consumer have ever experienced. Everything was going well up until it was time to pay for my service. First the automotive attendant processed the wrong bill and if it were not for my honesty I would have walked...

Canadian Tire / lasalle montreal garage

Tarek Aridi on Oct 6, 2017
Hello, I am a customer at candian tire lasalle, montreal. This evening around 6:30 pm i stopped at the garage to put air in my wheels as i saw low pressure tire sign. I drove directly to the garage as i used to do since 2/3 years to inflate my tires. I was faced by a very impolite employee in...

Canadian Tire / returning bicycle tube that did not fit; wrong size

MRasiah on Sep 25, 2017
My teenage son bought a bicycle tube to replace a punctured one; had to return the next day because wrong size. It was a 10$ item and he did bother keeping the receipt. We just wanted to replace it with one that fits. It was in original box and in 100% perfect condition. But Customer...

Canadian Tire / bikes

Shabbir Shah on Sep 21, 2017
I bought two bike last night from Whitby Store. I was not told that bikes are not returnable. I came out of the store and ask my son just to test the bike in parking lot. There were sounds coming out of it and it was missing peddals. I immediately took it to inside and ask for refund due...

Canadian Tire / mechanic shop

Nikolas Dos Santos on Sep 20, 2017
Took my car in yesterday to purchase new tires and get them switched over. I paid the cost of the tires up front. They told me I could wait around the store as it will take less than 1 hour. 3 hours go by and nothing, I had to talk to multiple people at the counter to finally find out that...

Canadian Tire / noma led light bulbs

Bruce Martin1957 on Sep 19, 2017
I purchased 4 led Noma lightbulbs last fall and all 4 have burnt out. They have only been used about 10% of their advertised lifespan . I have been warned not to buy any Noma brand lightbulbs by others for this reason. Apparently Canadian Tire owns Noma now . Noma is ruining Canadian Tire...

Canadian Tire / trying to get a rain check

Donna Humphrey Simpson on Sep 12, 2017
At Canadian tire in Bridgewater nova scotia today. Wanted to purchase a desk chair that was on sale. After looking for a sales rep for ten mins he said he had to go to warehouse as there was suppose to be three in stock. meanwhile 20 minutes later he came back and said had to get help to...

Canadian Tire / poor customer service

Jennjlt on Sep 11, 2017
Store 664. Canadian Tire 30-lynden-road Brantford Ontario I went to the local Canadian Tire store today. I obtained the store credit card a few months ago to take advantage of the equal payment no interest deal. I had been in on Friday Sept 8/17 but discovered I did not have the credit...

Canadian Tire / service

vilco on Sep 11, 2017
Hello during 2 weeks I can not make clean test on my car at Canadian Tire store #321 at 8081 Dufferin St, Thornhill, Ontario 905 889 7455, I visited store 3 times during two weeks and has been told that they do not have technician at the moment, equipment is not working, equipment not fix...

Canadian Tire / lack of communication from customer service

lcgn on Sep 9, 2017
Not happy! It took have someone to paged 4 times before we received help for furniture we wanted to buy. We opted to have it delivered and were told because the of the weight it would take 2 people and we cost $80.00 instead of the usual $40.00, delivery would be Saturday or Sunday and we...

Canadian Tire / bell at langford victoria customer service desk

Mteri on Sep 7, 2017
Purchased a kayak for my daughter at a Canadian Tire store in Victoria. We tested the kayak and it was too small for my daughter, so we decided to return it to the closest store being Langford. The return was two weeks after purchase, on arriving at The Returns desk - Bev was the person on...

Canadian Tire / customer service

Nsingh5 on Aug 27, 2017
Canadian tire located on mccowan and Shepard August 27, 2017 9:10 am I was lined up in return section. I heard the CSR Mr. Amit tell a customer to come and pay in return section as there was no cashier. When my turn came he asked me he would like to serve the customer behind me and if I had...

Canadian Tire / troy bilt tractor

Lorraine Gilbert on Aug 21, 2017
i purchase a brand new troy bilt ride lawnmower tractor plus a $25 assembly fee, which came to a total of $2, 465.00. After purchase and putting the tractor in my truck, you would think that the employees would turn the key to make sure that everything is running smoothly, they did not do...

Canadian Tire / fermor winnipeg store manager

Nebbs on Aug 18, 2017
Hi there, - Saturday 08-05-17, I bought a bicycle from Canadian tire before closure. Bicycle was not tuned and the technician was not available. - Sunday 08-06-17, Kids tried the bicycle Sunday and they couldn't use it coz it skips and they didn't like it. Monday morning we bought a Trek...

Canadian Tire / car service

Phil Rizarri on Aug 15, 2017
Car service done 9940 MacLeod Trail, SE, Calgary. New to city. Came from Grande Prairie, Alberta. Canadian Tire in Grande Prairie (Larry - mechanic) service both my vehicles for 15+ years. Today in Calgary tested a Canadian Tire near new home in Calgary. Wiring to my inverter not working -...

Canadian Tire / 060-3018-8 lawn roller

Ty Cook on Aug 11, 2017
I purchased a lean roller. It didn't fit together properly or work properly. I tried using it on a job site and it wouldn't work porperly. It was the only type you had. So I ran out bought another one because I tried using your at job sit and it just wouldn't work. So today I tried...

Canadian Tire / auto repair shop

Kathleen Hare on Aug 9, 2017
Hello, I am writing to try and reach someone about a recent experience I had at Canadian Tire and hope to receive some information and hope to get some information on how to best proceed. This is a written statement of events that occurred at the Canadian Tire Canmore, Alberta location and...

Canadian Tire / manager ron working at the grimsby canadian tire

Sana aziz on Aug 8, 2017
Ron was very dicriminative towards us. We had toaster oven that needed to be returned and we misplaced our receipt. The girl at customer service told us that we wouldn't be able to rerun the oven unless we had a receipt. We understood but wanted to know if there we any exceptions. We asked...

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