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Parts Geek Complaints & Reviews

Parts Geek / partial order

Jun 18, 2019

I ordered a camber kit that was supposed to include 4 bolts, 8 cams, 4 nuts, 8 flat washers, and 4 lock washers. I received a box labeled camber kit that had 1 bolt, 2 cams, 1 nut, 2 flat washers, and 1 lock washer. Exactly enough to do 1/2 of one side. This company doesn't allow customer...

Parts Geek, LLC / upper ball joint

Jun 07, 2019

I ordered the lower ball joint for 2000 Chevrolet s-10 2.2, I received the upper ball joint now I have no way to get to ups to ship back and I still need the lower ball joint to get my truck fixed and I'm supposed to what wait another few days to get it I would like the right part so...

Parts Geek / mirror lh pwr ptm 11-14 200. bin # n29.19.02

May 04, 2019

This item does not fix my car. Yours has 3 screws but they are not separated equally. Also the plastic base is not a perfect triangle. I need my money back. He order number is 15-51979637 and the part number is CH1320335. Price is 68.47 and the total is 82.96. in your web site shows in the...

Parts Geek / parts return

Apr 23, 2019

Parts returned, no money refunded. Several attempts made to resolve through contact. Believe the reviews - bad service and very poor communication. I wouldn't recommend anyone ever purchase here unless you just really like hassles and not getting your money back for timely returns of the...

Parts Geek / bumper inset 2500 gmc sierra

Apr 05, 2019

I notified customer service that I had received the wrong part for my vehicle. I had ordered the correct part which they have verified. I sent in pictures of the part along with pictures of the label on the part I received. The label clearly shows that the part sent was for a sierra 1500...

Parts Geek / power steering pump/refusal to refund

Mar 08, 2019

Ordered a power steering pump (rebuilt) from them. When I received it the box was damaged, greasy and the pump had been ground on at the case bolts. I didn't want to take a chance on it because I had gotten a rebuilt pump from another source which had made squealing noises when turning the...

Parts Geek / starter

Nov 23, 2018

I bought a pure energy starter from you back in june. Part no. 16318. The starter has failed allready . The starter spins but the starter solinoid wont kick the bendix out to engage the flywheel. Isn't there a warrenty on this? the six volt starter was rebuilt by bosch & is on my 1964 dune...

Parts Geek / I ordered parts from parts geek and was completely disrespected

Nov 17, 2018

and was told they would be on my porch in 1 week I called them on that day because they changed the date of delivery till 11/23/18 that was crazy so I spoke with the supervisor RYAN and he informed me that they could not do anything about the matter today because it was closing time so I...

Parts Geek / non serious business

Nov 10, 2018

I am very dissatisfied with the service of this company because they confuse everything and then they do not have people to solve the issue and you end up paying for their mistakes, more than a month and still do not know where they delivered my piece, and they do not want to refund me my...

Parts Geek / shipping

Oct 20, 2018

I payed for a headlight and now I cannot find anything about it I can't track it I can't find out if it was shipped no one knows anything about it the only thing that I can find out is that the money was taking out of my account can you get any information about this email me at...

Parts Geek / poor customer service the word service should'nt even be in same sentence with partsgeek

Oct 09, 2018

I had purchased a 20gal. fuel tank and received a small heater core. The e-mails went on for four days with no answer. After numerous calls I finally got a real person to talk to. This was the rudest person I have ever dealt with. If I could drive to N.J. or wherever this person was THERE...

Parts Geek / wheel hub assembly

Oct 05, 2018

This part was ordered 9-6-18. I received the BOX clearly marked by USPS as EMPTY! I emailed pictures but this was not enough. I had to send the EMPTY box back at MY expense. They received the EMPTY box on the 17th of September per their (computer) request. Today is the 5th of October and...

Parts Geek / no way to return a wrong part!

Sep 27, 2018

Awful. Wrong part, no way to return it unless I pay $284 out of pocket in postage. I'm stuck with this incorrect part, and I lost $110. Do not do business with this company. Attempted to resolve by asking if they could generate a return label at their cost ($50 instead of my $284) and their...

Parts Geek / sent wrong parts and blamed me

Sep 12, 2018

Parts Geek sucks and deserves to be put out of business. I ordered a pair of Raybestos rear brake drums, specifically for a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE Prospector 4wd, and they sent the wrong drums and a customer service rep blamed me for it when I requested, and was denied any...

PartsGeek / auto parts

Aug 14, 2018

Ordered 2 struts and 2 bump stops for my car only received 1 strut and both bump stops. Email about issue because you can't call and the games started from the beginning. Was the box damaged yes the top was torn and packaging was very poor not big enough for a strut to fall out and the box...

Parts Geek / know defective parts

Jul 20, 2018

New Standard ignition part sent was retuned defective to them and they just shipped it out to someone else (me) this appears to be a deliberate scam, it is hard to believe some one just missed the sticker( part of it ripped off) now I am expected to pay for return shipping and wait for who...

Parts Geek / catalytic converter

Jul 09, 2018

I made a big mistake not looking at their return policy. While I admit I ordered the part but didn't have the time to get to a service station to put it in. MY FAULT However, when I did bring it to get it fixed I was told that the part that was sold to me could not be installed into my Benz...

Parts Geek / power steering pump/no reply after requesting earlier promised ra. repeated lack of reply.

Jun 19, 2018

The Parts Geek web site is flirting with some seriously felonious practices and they need to be brought up short. There are things such as liens that can be placed on their inventory/business equipment etc. to assure that we all get our money and our costs (even legal) back as well as a...

Parts Geek / clutch kit

May 31, 2018

I ordered a clutch kit for my 2013 Dodge dart. Typically there is a description of the parts included, but unfortunately there wasn't for this. When I receive d the parts, there was no throw out bearing. The throw out bearing is a part of the clutch kit. This is a very crucial part of any...

Parts Geek / belt return

May 23, 2018

Dear Heather. This is in reference to a belt that I ordered on Amazon for a Husqvarna riding lawn mower model YTH1542XP. The part number for the belt needed is posted under the hood of the riding lawn mower. I gave Amazon that number which is, 532-14-42-00. That was crossed to your belt...

Parts Geek / radiator

May 16, 2018

I bought a radiator from you and I had to have it replaced as it was leaking water from the top. I have tried to call you and ask some questions, I cant get a live person to answer the phone. What kind of customer service is that? I have also tried to email you and still no answer. You...

Parts Geek / bought a fender from u

Apr 19, 2018

Bought a fender from u now its out of stock after i ordered it i called to get corp..# the guy hung up on me and was very disrespectful refuzed to give me the # i want something duhn i got it recorded and will be taking it to my lawyer And will be making it Viral how your customer service...

Parts Geek / 2010 jeep commander/ washer spray nozzle

Apr 07, 2018

I ordered this part on 3/27/18 I recieved one email on the item being processed through my debit card! My name is Richard Byers address 16474 Fish Creek Road, Cameron, WV, 26033 my phone number is 304-686-2120, my email is 69HowlingHollowFarm69@ I have not seen nor have I...

Parts Geek / return shipping

Feb 02, 2018

I ordered a wheel (rim) for my 2015 Nissan Versa Note (Dorman), The rim came in through FEDEX, I took it to a tire dealer to change out the one on my car for that one and the rim was defective (bent). The cost of the rim was 53.00. I got a RMA to return the rim to Parts Geek for a refund...

Parts Geek / Unreliable company

Dec 01, 2017

Once you get into trouble because of them, be prepared that all your communication will be via email. Those people who had the same will be surprised that the partsgeek have a phone number ending with 7155, but it's non-working, so don't bother. In general, you should stay away. Because no...

Parts Geek / deceptive sales

Aug 21, 2017

First, let me just start with saying they sent incomplete tracking numbers for 5 packages. At first, I only received 2 in a shipment marked "2 pieces" and couldn't not track the rest with Fed Ex because ALL of the packages had the exact same tracking number that was emailed to me from...

Parts Geek / wrong rear brake shoes sent poor customer service

Aug 14, 2017

order # 15-35200672 I ordered rear brake shoes for a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500. they sent parking brake shoes that do not even go on my vehicle. They refuse to take a return unless I pay for shipping. even though it is clear their own part description talks about stopping ability and fade free...

Parts Geek / customer service — order procedures — receiving of parts

Jul 25, 2017

I came here because I was interested to see what kind of feed back there was on Parts Geek and wow did I find it!!! I have a mechanical and Body Shop so I order many parts in a year and have been doing business with Parts Geek for probably 6 or 7 years and in all that time I never once had...

Parts Geek / website errors, return policy, customer service

Jun 02, 2017

Ordered two a/c hoses for my Subaru, the discharge line and the suction line. Received two of the exact same hose with different part numbers on part bags. Email Parts Geek (PG) to tell them I got two of same though ordered two different and wanted to return one and get the one that...

Parts Geek / parts geek order # 15-33918133

May 26, 2017

I needed new wheel bearings for my Audi. I placed my order with Parts Geek on 5/19/17. I received an email telling me that the order shipped and gave a UPS tracking # on 5/20. When I order parts ... I need them now. I was thrilled to see that the order had shipped on 5/20. Now I find out...

Parts Geek LLC / terrible customer service

May 23, 2017

I ordered a new CV joint and axle assembly for my 1993 MR2 Turbo. Parts Geek's database identifies the incorrect part (not even close to physically the same size!) When trying to return the part their customer support first refuses to believe me that the part is incorrect (even when I show...

Parts Geek / wrong part return issue

May 01, 2017

First of all, let me say I had never had an issue with Parts Geek until my most recent experience. I ordered a K&N filter for my car. The package arrived and even though the box the filter was in had the correct part number for my car, the filter inside was clearly the wrong filter. (my...

Parts Geek / troublesome site

Apr 11, 2017

Do not waste your time and money buying from Parts Geek, their site is the worst. They sent me wrong parts twice and when I demanded a full refund they said they were not able to do that. Parts Geek is probably the worst auto parts seller, they are very unprofessional and made a terrible...

Parts Geek / a fender and a mirror for a 2006 saturn ion three

Jan 06, 2017

A fender and a mirror for a 2006 Saturn Ion three. Problem I am having is with the shipping cost they charge me as they told me it was a big piece and could not be shipped by the post office or a small UPS truck and yet they charge me separate shipping on the mirror and the thunder but put...

Parts Geek / wrong item received fraudulent return practices

Dec 22, 2016

I ordered control arms for my 98 Chevy 3500, I searched for the item on their site and the ones I ordered showed up as a direct fit. When they arrived the control arms were 4 inches to small width wise and 3 inches too long length wise. Also in 98 Chevy 2500's and 3500's had torsion bar...

PartsGeek / super slow delivery!

Aug 12, 2016

I was supposed to receive my order at the beginning of August but nothing arrived. When I contacted PartsGeek customer service they said that they had some difficulties with the delivery and said they'll contact me back soon. Few days later I received a call from PartsGeek support who said... / part shipped did not fit the year and make of vehicle requested

May 16, 2016

On May 2, 2016 I ordered a Fuel pump push rod for a 1964 chev corvette 327 small block engine. The part was shipped on May 2, 2016 from order fulfillment center in Corona, CA 92883. Included in the box was a packing slip referring to Package ID#9110541. It states before returning the part you...

Parts Geek, LLC / stop, don't order from parts geek until you read this

Mar 09, 2016

Listen, don't listen that is to your buddy that says ordering from this place is okay. Look do you really want to order from someone that doesn't even have a phone you can call if you have a problem. Don't buy into that submit a ticket they do just to keep from facing you over the phone...

Parts Geek / customer service

Feb 18, 2016

On 2/18/2016 Parts Geek sent the wrong vent shade kit. Order #15-24135003. The front vent shades fit and were installed before I realized the rear vent shades were incorrect. I called customer service and asked if I could return the rear window shades. They said they had to have the entire... / worst online business

Feb 18, 2016

This was the worse shopping experience I ever had! I ordered brake parts from PartsGeek online store. When I finally received my order, I found out that items were damaged. I have no idea how did they damaged things made of steel. So I went to their website and looked for a phone number...