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How does Canadian Tire work?

Canadian Tire Corporation Limited is a Canadian retail company which operates in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and housewares sectors.

How can I contact Canadian Tire?

Via email :  [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

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What is the return policy?

Unopened items, with a receipt, in original packaging and returned within 90 days of purchase will receive a refund to the original method of payment** or will receive an exchange. Items that are opened, damaged and/or not in resalable condition may not be eligible for a refund or exchange. Click on the tabs below for a list of exceptions and exclusions to our returns policy.

Valid photo ID may be required.

What are the payment methods?

Canadian Tire accept Masterpass, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit and American Express.

Where is the company located?

Canadian Tire are located in Mississauga, Ontario (Full address - 6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir Mississauga, ON L5N 4B7)

Is Canadian Tire a legitimate business?

Canadian Tire have been around for almost a century now so they are no doubt legitimate, but their customer service should definitely work better at resolving customer complaints!

Complaints & Reviews

rip off

I received a Canadian Tire Mastercraft grinder as a (X-mas/2008) gift from my mother. I used it once for five minutes to trim a wooden door. It was then stored with my other power tools. Recently I needed to grind a piece of steel plate. After grinding for less than a minute, a large washer fell on my workdesk and the disc began to wobble. (Front bearing failed.) I returned the grinder to Crappy Tire and was told that the three year warranty was VOID because I didn't have a receipt. I didn't want a refund, I wanted a replacement grinder. Crappy Tire here in Sydney refused to help except to give me a toll free telephone number for Mastercraft, their brand. I received less help from them, I was speaking with a very rude woman who couldn't care less about my grinder if I didn't have the receipt. My mother, the original purchaser does not still have the receipt but does remember that the grinder cost $59.99 + taxes. I feel "ripped off" and will never purchase another item from Crappy again my lifetime.

  • Ro
    Rohn123 May 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Two basic things to remember. You must have your receipt to get service on a warranty. Also a warranty is valid during a specific period, 90 days, a year. Read the warranty and you will see it is clear from date to date.
    It does not matter what you do with a unit. Even if you do not remove it from the package if it is a 90 day warranty it expires and you have no warranty after that period.
    No receipt no protection. Save you receipts and avoid this in the future.

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  • Le
    Len McLaughlin Feb 02, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaint is not with CT itself but with the people they recommended for warranty work. I bought a Troy Bilt snow blower from CT 3 years ago from their Rothesay (NB) store. At that time I was referred to KV Rentals in Rothesay if any warranty work should be needed.
    Well, the blower failed and i called KV Rentals and was assured there was no backlog and that they could get right at it. When I inquired mid week as to status, I was rudely told that their policy was for them to call me when finished and not for me to call them. From a couple more communications, it appears that they never touched the machine for a week or more. Now consider this is mid winter and the gall of a customer simply asking for status as his snow removal had to be planned for.
    Long story short, it'll be 4 weeks tomorrow and I have had no assurances as to when it might be ready. They continue to blame MTD and even told me to complain to MTD and to where I bought it, so I'm complaining.

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careless service

On Friday March 26 @ 0800 hrs, I took my car in for an emissions test at the Canadian Tire on Rexdale and Kipling. I got my vehicle back around 0820 hrs and immediately proceeded to go to work. I drive about 60 kms one way to work. As I got on the highway and hit about 80 km per hour, my hood lifted and smashed into the windshield. Completely blocking my view. I immediately had to pull over as I was in the left lane and there was no shoulder on the left side. Luckily enough there were no cars behind me or beside me. Tow truck driver was not too far away so I had the car towed back to the Canadian Tire. The service adivsor was very defensive and rude when I told him what happened. He immediately stated that the mechanic had no touched the hood of the car. Arguing back and forth was of no use, so I went to find the manager. The manager did not know what to say or do so she went to find the owner. After waiting almost 15 mins, the manager came back with the service advisor and stated that the owner was on the side of his employees and they were not taking responisibility for the damage to my car. I immediately stated that I wanted to talk to the owner. He finally came and introduced himself. I told him exactly what happened and he said that he had spoken to the service advisor and the mechanic and that they did not touch the hood. He stated that the mechanic would most certainly admit that he touched the hood if he had. The mechanic has apparently been doing emissions test for over 25 yrs and has never had a problem with his work.
Anyone know how emissions test work with Canadian Tire?
I work at an independent shop and know alot of mechanics. They all say the same story. They have to get under the hood. Even if its just to confirm the engine size. Is this true?

I need to replace the hood, the windshield, the hood hinges and the windshield wiper hose after this incident.

careless service

  • Un
    Unknow123 Jul 09, 2010

    Canadian is the worst services, I have treat the same way how you did, the services
    Adviser take very defensive, and assistant manager so rude
    I bough 4 tires with them, the nuts didn’t tide a good job, after 2 weeks it fall out. That could get me in kill in highway.

    Never trust Canadian tire services, instead will go somewhere else

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I went to Canadian Tire to purchase paint. The girl that helped me had to tint it 3 times but just couldnt get it right. Then she said if I changed from egg shell to a semi latex it would be better. So I did. Then she did another tint test on the paint and she still didnt mix it right. She said it will look different on the wall then on the shiny peice of paper she's showing me the dry color on, so I should go test it out on my walls. So I said okay, and paid for it, took it home and its not the right color. Went back to Canadian Tire a few days later and they wouldnt take the paint back, the manager was rude and didnt believe me. No option of refund, only to get it tinted again, which is ridiculous, I've already put the project off, so just wanted my money back to get a professional at Rona to do it instead. So if you have a paint project to do that is within this lifetime dont get paint from Canadian Tire.

  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    You're right about Canadian Tire- what can you expect when they hire kids to do the job after-school!

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  • Ni
    Nibbles Mar 27, 2010

    Aquafire- same with Rona.

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  • An
    André Nickell Sep 01, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Canadian Tire Premier paint is excellent paint and often on sale. Benjamin more is overrated and too expensive. Heck, my local Benjamin Moore store charges a dollar for one colour card, whereas they are free everywhere else. And if you want "official" proof regarding BM paints, look up Consumer Report reviews: Behr is consistently better for almost half the price of Benjamin Moore... I think you are paying for the name.

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no store support

I purchase a brand new in the box wet tile cutter. On the receipt it says that Candian tire will not accept...


Last February 6th my wife bought a present for me. It consisted in a solder gun. She bought it from Canadian Tire in Sarnia Ontario (the only one in this small city) . Before she gave it to me, she removed the sticker that includes the price and at the same time the code bars. Of course it was a present, so I was not supposed to know the price. Unfortunately this solder gun was to small for my job (truck mechanic).
Next day I went back to the Canadian Tire store and explain them that I needed the industrial solder gun, so I wanted to return it and get the right one, of course paying the difference and showing them the original receipt. 45 Since I started explaining my situation, I felt the difference between me and the rest of the customers. My mother language is Spanish, even though I speak English, I should have accent, I don't have blue eyes, clear skin, etc. and they denied the transaction saying that they need the sticker where the price is included in order to make the return or credit. The name of the girl who took care of me is Lynn and is not the first time that I have problem with her (some friends mine have the same opinion) then I tried to talk to the manager (his name is Steve) and he was worse than the girl.
My question is: Why when I try to return or exchange any type of tool I have the same problem, even if they are lifetime guarantee ? Is it discrimination? Do they practice discrimination in this store? Why only with customers who are minorities like me? . I asked to one of my friend who is a "real" Canadian to exchanged for me. And guess what? There was no problem and nobody asked any question. At the end I feel like a second class Canadian Citizen in this country.

  • Mu
    Muffinlover Feb 24, 2010

    I hate when people use their race as an excuse for their poor experiences. Don't try to make people feel bad for you because of your race. Perhaps your "real" Canadian friends had a different attitude when they tried to return the product, or maybe they had a different cashier?
    Ask yourself something...why would you remove the barcode when the store needs it to scan? If you look at the receipt for stores it will tell you to bring the product back IN ORIGINAL CONDITION. That means barcode in tact. How else is another customer supposed to buy it? Is it fair to that customer to stand and wait for a cashier to try to find a number to enter into the computer when it was your fault that it happened? Your wife did not need to take the barcode off to hide the price as the price is not on the barcode. I hope that you have stopped shopping at Canadian Tire just so that they do not need to deal with you or your silly problems again.

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checking policy

I bought skates for my daughter at Canadian Tire. I paid by my credit card and tried to get out, but was stopped by cashier. She asked me to show what was inside my box and for receipt. There were many people around and all they were looking at us like robbers. She said it was new rool to check customers boxes and she did it extremely slow. In receipt was something else I just bought in Canadian Tire and I put it to my packet. I was suprised she wanted to check my pockets as well. I called for manager and tried to explain how dare she ask me to check pockets but manager said it was new rool - you have to show your pockets...I refused speaking with them and showing enything and told call to police. They didn't call and let me go. I'm 40 yers old man with a master degree and never never in my life was insulted like this...

Canadian Tire service is horrible.
Their new rools are against people and for insulting people.
The new return policy is again against people.

  • He
    heyyou1008 Jan 30, 2010

    Thieves come in all shapes, races, education ...
    Good cashier, she did a good job . People like you should not be even aloud to go shopping...

    1 Votes
  • Le
    Learn2Spell Feb 05, 2010

    As I post this comment I read above, "Please check text and spelling before submitting a comment" this is a very simple rule (not ROOL) that anyone with a masters degree should find simple. In the future please respect the rule (not ROOL)

    Also anyone with a high school education should know how to spell anything(not ENYTHING ANYTHING with an A!) I my self even can see the squiggly red line underlining the word.

    If you feel like commenting to this please fax me a copy of your masters degree. My fax line is 1-800-EAT-### (1-800-328-7448)

    Thank you, have a nice day!

    1 Votes
  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    I would highly doubt that it is a store rule/policy to search people, especially their pockets. This voilates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You cannot be searched unless you consent to it, or you have been lawfully arrested or detained by a peace officer.

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  • Ni
    Nibbles Mar 27, 2010

    I understand the checking the skate box, as people can and do change skates in boxes fairly often...(augh) but your pockets isn't allowed unless she saw you putting stolen goods into them.

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  • Ra
    RAWBY Aug 07, 2010

    Learn to spell simple words and then maybe I will believe you have a masters degree.

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return policy

I purchased a GPS on 9 October 09. I was told by the person at the Service Department that I could return it...

el camino contest

Today I got a chance to win a '64 El Camino truck after a purchase at a Canadian Tire gas bar, when I punched in the web address on the ticket it came up as an invalid address.I emailed C.T. but only got an email confirming they received mine.This whole thing has a rotten smell, the same thing happened before with a contest sponsored by another company recently.This is very off-putting, there should be better controls in place to prevent companies from continuing these maddening practices.

  • No
    not happy grandma Oct 22, 2009


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  • El
    EL CAMINO CONTEST Oct 23, 2009

    I also tried to enter this contest and I also couldn't get it to work (invalid). Canadian Tire is a huge corporation so I hope that they aren't pulling anything. I'm going to call head office tomorrow and see what's going on. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and think it may be a typo on the address they gave. I'll post my findings (if I can get any answers).

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  • Se
    Sean Walker Oct 31, 2009

    October 31st and still this problem has not been resolved. Canadian Tire is getting a nasty Corporate reputation because they cannot seem to solve a simple I/T issue. Some of these complaints are over a week old and this hasn't been resolved??? Some of us are loyal Canadian Tire customers, this doesn"t give your loyal customers a warm fuzzy. Get this fixed pronto.

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  • No
    notmyproblem Nov 03, 2009

    I was able to enter just fine. Same thing with my friend.

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  • Ca
    Canadiantiremoney Nov 09, 2009

    i have entered four codes and they have all went throuhg i think you people are crazy

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accused of forging raincheck

There was a Mastercraft 18V cordless deal advertised about 4 weeks ago for 1/2 price. Showed in stock online at Mavis and Dundas CT so went to pick one up. Unfortunately they couldn't find it so got a raincheck good for 30 days (they said more would be coming at the end of the month). Went last night to see and again they couldn't find the drill. Then I was told that drill hasn't been on sale since January. Huh? Went downhill from there. Was taken to Customer Service and asked to stand aside while they talked. Was then told there was no way this drill was on sale at all? By now my blood pressure was thru the roof. The raincheck wasn't signed and I didn't see the young fellow that issued it (how is that my fault). Therefore was told they would give me the drill for $129.00 but not $99.00. I then asked point blank if they really thought I had somehow forged a raincheck? She danced around the question and again said the raincheck wasn't filled out properly. Not wanting to say or do something I might regret I told her to keep it and that after 35 years of shopping at CT I'd never be back. She then ripped up the raincheck and said "have a nice evening". Emailing CT head office but doubt anything will be done. Thanks for listening to my rant. The lesson would be to make sure I's are dotted and T's are crossed when accepting a raincheck from this outfit.

bad and cheating service

Very Bad service and cheating quota.

Charged 5 hours of labour fee but actually worked on car not up to 2 hours.

Assistant manager in Auto service is very rude to customer and by his saying, he "kicked customer out of store" and told customer to find other garage and he refused to do service.

They will be out of business if they won't improve. I will tell everybody I know in Saskatoon -- Stay away from Canadian tire Auto Service. But if you want to be humiliated and cheated, go ahead!

  • Ti
    tired of forced downloads.. Nov 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Once again, , Canadian Tire Policy is to take you for what you have, If you have nothing they do nothing.

    Even if you got your car/truck/van, whatever it is looked at you can be assured that they have done a poor job, I worked for them some time ago in the auto service dept and, I know first hand how it goes, You come in for tires, Only tires and they inspect the vechicle, , You did not want, ask, or even mention the extra inspection that they do for free, Cause the idea is to drum up more work.
    Now, After the inspection, Which I might add is done by a tire tech, Whom most likely has no formal education in machanics is telling you, , , you need all this work.
    I have seen customers lied to, cheated, Ripped off, And all this is done with the service manager, store manager, and the owner all in on it.
    You can't trust them, Or even let your car into there garage.
    I am totally convinced that you could get a brand new car off the lot, Have 5 km on it, And they would tell you something is wrong with it.
    The service counter staff, They just write up the orders and take the heat, so after the 10 customer in a row going "why does a oil change take an hour?".Well its simple, , they are trying to figure out how to rip you off.
    Weather its a bad computer, a head gasket, ect..They will damage lugg nuts, hubb caps, wheel studs, rims, and yes even tires and say it was like that upon entering the store..And you will have no recourse against them, , , you have to totally prove you are right..
    Threats of lawyers don't disturb them as they have more money than you.DONT DEAL THERE!!EVER!!ANYONE!!.

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exhorbitant auto repair quote

I went in for brake inspection for my 1994 Plymouth Voyager in Canadian Tire Auto service center at 1019...

no receipt

I am complaining about a u - joint I bought at the canadian tire store in gander, nl. There was no notice on the door coming in that they do not take items back without a receipt. I lost mine but wanted to exchange the u-joint for a larger size. When it was bought they looked up my truck and gave me the wrong one. When I got to the service dept. They told me they don`t take back items without a receipt and it was posted at the service counter. They could see that it was their product and it was their mistake that I got the wrong one. Now i`m stuck with a u-joint no good to me and have fork out money elsewhere for another if I don`t get this rectified. I thnk the least they could have done was a store credit or exchange. It is a bad policy for an unused item.

  • Ro
    Rohn123 May 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you can find any store in Canada where a receipt is not necessary to return an item let me know! Too many people think the employees own the store. It is owned from afar and thus they have to follow the rules or get dismissed! Guard your receipt like your money.

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scam artists?

Due to unforeseen delays to receive the bill of sale, I ended up having Canadian Tire at Sheppard and Leslie...

broken and missing

I just bought some Debbie Travis Roman blinds for my son's room, and when I opened the package, the...

terrible service

Due to every former bad service I try to avoid Canadian Tire, however, they had the range hood i wanted so I HAD to go. I ask a staff member (unpacking) where i might find the range hoods. She points and says "Go down there and find the staff working & ask her for help".
I did find (an older blonde lady with hair up in a top-knot) and told her i was sent to her for help. She says, "Who sent you?" Taken aback, I said, "I dont know, one of the other staff". She responds, "Was she too busy to look after you?" I said, "I assume so." By now the conversation is ridiculous.
"Well", she says, "I am busy right now".
I waited and waited. Finally she comes over and says she will have to go upstairs to get the item. I wait, and wait and WAIT! Finally on the verge of walking out, I spot her. I said, "Did you find it?" She says "Yes, i put it down over there".
What the H_ _ _L is her problem that she did not give me the item to pay for??!!
Angrily i took it to the till and told the girl about the terrible customer service (in short terms). She asked what department, when i told her she said, "Oh that does not surprise me, she is something else".
Now i ask you, why do the keep the old bat on if she cannot be civil and give customer service??? Is she the Managers Mother??
Anyway, just another dismal experience and reason to avoid Canadian Tire Spruce Grove, AB, Canada.

sales attendant and process.

Attempting to puchase two (2) cans of [protected] Honda ARG Seattle to repair paint surface on my 2000 Honda Prelude (Silver) and one can Clearcoat. The sales person at car parts was really obnoxious and should not be dealing with the public. He has no patience and lack the personal skills to deal with the public. He said there should be three cans of [protected] and I told him that there was none in the slot. He said I had the wrong CTC product number and I begged to fiffer as I wrote it down from the empty shelf. He angrily went to the empty slot, checked the number which I wrote down correctly and then told me that it was automatically ordered and would be in September 2009. I asked him if I could order and pay in advance for it as I was having great difficulty obtaining at three other Canadian Tire Stores. His reply was they don't do that.

He then told me there were three cans in Pickering and I told him that the Lawrence Store told me that his store on Markham Road (bet Steeles and Hiway 7) had product but when I got there, there was none although it still showed on his computer.
I worked for Canadian Tire Corporation from around [protected] as a Computer Mainframe Shift Supervisor so I did know at that time anyone could place an emergency order. It now seems you cannot do this and no-one at the store gives a damn that you cannot get the product at any store. But to put up with an arrogant and obnoxious sales attendant is atrocious and should not be tolerated. I was at the store at around 11:30:00 on Thursday July 30, 2009.

Is there any way to get in touch with someone at Canadian Tire Corporation in the Senior Vice President or CEO positions to relay this complaint?


Peter Frank Lee
341 Military Trail, Unit 10
Scarborough, Ontario M1E4E4
TEL: [protected] CELL: [protected]
EMAIL: peter.[protected]@canusatrini.com

bad customer service

There is a lady at the customer service counter that always gives me a hard time, as I would often catch her conducting return fraud, when returning an item she would return the item under the sales price indirectly ripping me the customer off. Today she got her revenge.

I typically take advantage of a "loan a tool" program at this store due to its advantages, you pay for a tool and you get your refund for the tool once you take the tool back.

Well I did three rentals over the duration of the last few months and apparently the books didnt balance on the last tool return, this lady whom doesnt like me reported me to the manage and here is where the arguing started:

Without going into extreme details, the manager was accusing me of returning the tool twice and double dipping on a refund. The hole in the managers story is four fold

1. the tools were rented 3 times

2. the receipts provided showed amounts that didnt match ie. credits and debits didnt match each other.

3. my credit card statement including floating balance did not reflect this "extra" money they seem to think I received.

4. Apparently they had video footage but could not substantiate anything, which is borderline threatening behavior. They treat their customers like garbage.

So the entire argument or conversation started with them trying to call the cops and realizing no mater how they stuck to their story they couldnt conclusively prove anything so they back off the cop scare tactic then they tried the " you shop here a lot" we just want to fix this mistake tactic, lets go upstairs so we can see your credit card balance on "our computers" not realizing how many countless laws they are breaking by invading into peoples private data and confidential information.

Then get this... she ( the manager) takes my credit card and notes the expiry date and .. this is what blows my mind... after the argument I told them listen I understand your side but I have to look into my credit statements and see if there was an overpayment if so I will consult my credit card company and get it fixed, instead this lady Fredericton, canadian tire smythe makes a manual transaction to "balance" her imaginary books for the sum of almost 200 dollars.

I didnt even know she did it till I tried to make a purchase and it was declined only an hour after I left the store due to her illegal activity. I didnt even make a purchase at the canadian tire I was there simply looking around!!!

Anyhow the entire matter is before the credit card company and I am expecting a favourable outcome on my part as they " canadian tire" cannot prove the overage as such doesnt exist ie, credits and debits are 0 on my card, thus the extra surreptitious illegal charge made by this lady manager would seal their fate as a dubious organization of cheaters liars and thieves.

Beware of canadian tire stay away from their organization no matter how good the deal is, we just do not have the resources to see our transactions at a level to audit them in real time and expect certain protections of which canadian tire does not subscribe to.

Boycott them they do not deserve my business or anyones business for that matter.

terrible customer manager

This is a case of “buyer beware” at canadian tire (Calgary store #419, 64th ave & deerfoot trail n. E, calgary, alberta).

Here’s my little story:

Bought a cordless mower one year ago, the battery dead just few days before the warranty expires, I think I was lucky.

Then the trouble starts, first I took the battery to the return desk, two ladies ask me to bring the whole mower so that they can replace a new one for me. (Sounds too good to be true for canadian tire.), I believed them.

The whole stupidly heavy mower was taken to their store today, the new face behind the return desk asks me why bother to take the whole machine here? She was trying to kick me back to the factories, I explained to her, but then she told me there was no battery and this type of machines in the stock right now, and I have to take the mower to the other store to try.

I'm getting confused and feel like a fool, this yardwork mower is used only 4-5 times, and where am I suppose to take it now? So I asked her to call the manager who's named james, that so called manager has the worst attitude i've seen in canada, first he told me I must have void the warranty by store the battery outdoor, I swear in jesus name that I keep the battery in my basement all the time cause my charging station was there. And i'm that type of guy who always read the users manual. When i'm trying to speak something, he start yelling..."do you want me to help you or not?, will you let me finish?" I realized that I have no more things can talk with this guy. Then I ask him who's the higher manager, he points back to himself and told me he's the one... Great way to go! Canadian tire!

In the end, he told me he knows some magic, and he can get one new battery for me if I want, (Now you want me to believe a new battery is in stock now?), I asked him is there any warranty for that "new battery", he says no! I might be stupid once, but not twice in two days!... I spent 30 mins yesterday, and more than one hour there today for a $230 dollar crap!

Anyway, I will never buy anything from that 64 ave store, just a simple battery swap within warranty has already made me looks like a scam customer. Bye canadian scam tire!

  • Ja
    Jamiej Dec 06, 2010

    I don't know if the manager's name is James, but I had a really bad experience with the store manager at the 64 Ave NW Canadian Tire Store as well. If you speak to them a little loud because you are frustrated, they will let you know that they don't deserved to be yelled at, and they don't need to help you at all. I will never to back to that store again.

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  • Wa
    Wader B Jun 16, 2011

    I probably bought the same Yardworks mower and have burned through two batteries in a year even though I have maintained them properly. Now I am getting the run around too. No stock even if I want to buy one. Doesn't matter which store. Life time ban on Canadian Tire.

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bad service

This is the last time I will ever use the auto centre for anything. I went at the opening time 7:30 a.m. on...

cecile - dispute resolution

I am in shock and people should be forewarned. When Conquest Tours went out of business, I forwarded all of my trip cancellation documents in order to receive the reimbursement that those who book trips with credit cards (the whole point of booking with a credit card) can usually rely on when issues of this nature occur. I received word today that, according to "Cecile", one of their dispute reps, because the actual flight took place, Canadian Tire Financial Services would not refund the payment (although Conquest did NOT pay for our passage and the travel agent provided documentation that made it perfectly clear that our trip would not be honoured.) How shady is that?? As an active member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce, the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade and the Toronto Board of Trade, I will be informing everyone humanly possible about this underhanded practice. Hopefully Marco Marrone, as the president of Canadian Tire Financial Services, reexamines this policy and realizes how not delivering even the most basic of cardholder benefits can create bad relations and negative opinions. Their customer service with regards to dispute resolution is absolutely reprehensible!!!