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Auto Zone — Poor service / theft / racist

605537 I approached the counter to return the loaner tool Young man at the register is the one I'm complaining about as I was looking at the screen to look at any of the parts the...

battery — would not start vehicle

40982 I purchased a Duralast Gold battery for my 2007 Odyssey on May 31, 2018. 5 year warranty, free replacement within first 36 months. This morning, March 25, 2020, van would not...

The way I was treated as an employee

I came in to work on February 24 th did all my duty's and then was ask in the office and told to Toruń in my keys and leave. The paper said the list confince in me . I was there...

rude employee

This woman employee was very rude to my father. No other customer was present at the time of our arrival. She persisted to act Inconvenienced by assisting us. We had trouble...

Auto Zoneservice

I'm visiting here in the city and I have a problem with my car battery. So I have an extra battery that I've had for a while but I just needed to make sure that it was good and that it just needed to be tested. I know that it can be done because I've seen it done before with me and other family members.
So there is a young guy, very the counter and he's willing to help. I ask him if he could check the battery to see if the cells are dead so of course he says he has to go ask his manager. The battery tester is right behind the counter where he's standing and he can literally turn around and touch it within inches. So the older gentleman told him "No" that he could not do it which I know that was a lie. So the younger that apologized and told me that he was sorry.
I walked out and sit in the car for just a minute and another guy drove up and parked next to me and it seems like he may have had the same problem. So I sat there and watched them.
Here comes the young friend the guy that was at the register to check the battery of the gentleman in the next car. So at that point I figured "THE MANAGER" Had to tell him it was OK for him to check the battery on next guy's vehicle.
So it's OK to check his and Not Mine?
Get rid of this dirt bag!
I've only been there one time and I will never
! have my business again !!!
I drove to ABC auto parts on the loop across the street from Dirt Cheap. There was no problem they didn't ask any questions and they didn't take me through the third degree .
They checked my battery in two seconds it was NOT a PROBLEM!
Thank You ABC Auto Parts!!!
Do not go to AutoZone on South Broadway in Tyler Texas because they do not treat you right!!!

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Feb 04, 2020

    I think the battery has to be installed in a car for their tester to work because their tester only works when doing a full charging system test, and will not simply do a battery itself test.

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returning issue

40982 I bought a torque wrench on Saturday 1/25/20. The clear case lid on it was cracked when I bought it. I tried to return the item 4 days later, 1/29/20, due to not needing the...

refuse to be given correct change and threatened with physically bodily harm and intimidate out of the store!

40982 I came in to the autozone at 11310 evergin way December 30th 19:58 time And was refused to be given my change after my purchase called a liar told that I had artery seed my change...

tool rental

I went on the 7 th of this month and rented a Harmonic balancer puller and I went today to return it and they wouldn't let me. They said whoever the worker that day wa...

autozoneb — battery charge

I went into the AutoZone to have my battery charged in checked and I've done this before one time they say it was good next time they said it was bad next time they said it...

customer service

This evening at around 7:55, I called the clearwater store asking to speak to an employee who had previously helped me. Jose, who answered the phone, rudely said " he is not...

brake parts

I walked in to Autozone about 20 mins ago looking for brake parts when I was greeted by Kelley an employee. Kelley had a lot of trouble helping me find the parts. I tried helping...

store manager

The girl Helping me was extremely helpful and professional she explained everything I needed to know her name was Heather I believe but the store manager is the rudest person on...

customer service

So I came in to ask for some help on the type of oil I would need for my car. At first the associate at the register didn't know and said oh here's the guy you would...

customer service

Me and my wife have been waiting an hour or so just to purchase and change a car battery. So disorganized and very irrate due to the fact that all these customers who came in...

unauthorized transactions / credit card fraud

40982 On Friday October 4th 2019 I was driving and my heater core blew out on my truck I've been stopped at an AutoZone to get either a plug or adapter to fix it where I purchased...

I went in to purchase a battery

40982 This location declined install my battery, the battery was fully exposed took me 10 minutes to install myself.. normally I do this work for myself, but today my daughter missed...

employees not answering phone and outside smoking cigarettes

It is 12:30 a.m. my truck is broke down at a gas station down the street from a 24-hour AutoZone. This is not the first time I've had a problem with AutoZone or any of its store...

customer service

Im making a complaint about the commercial manager in store located on 4008 Boston rd bronx ny 10466, after an argument about the bill, at my mechanic shop located at 4028 Boston rd bronx ny 10475 .
The manager started cursing me out in front of my customers and workers .
This happened after i discovered that i have been paying a lot extra money on brakes and rotors . I was not getting the package discount .. even though the managers there used to tell me that you are getting the discount . However i need a regional manager to contact me asap [protected]
Im going to open the files and try to get all the discount that, that i was blinded on, also I'm requesting a transfer for the manager that disrespected me, . My company name is bruces car care center ; i currently spend over $2000 in parts from parts company other than autozone because i never got the treatment t wish from autozone at that location which is right next door to my shop .
Thank you

employees and management

giving you a one-star because I have to otherwise it would have been a big fat zero. I have never been so disgusted and appalled at the same time. I walk into a store with two...

5369 employee - eliza escuita

I ordered a starter via phone (vic) on 8/6/2019 and I went to autozone 5369 - 730 n. Azusa avenue west covina, ca branch that same day. Upon picking up, the person helping me wa...

customer service/ management

I work at Advance Auto Parts and travel an hour everyday to do so. I pass through Abbeville & Auto zone is the only parts house there. About 7:30pm my belt started sqilling & had...

I need receipt number &limited warranty info dated back 2017 at auto records?

please note me my familys &etc, been shopping at auto for 25 plus, some one at the store made a mistake by puting such info in computer of took it out on bout say two years ago my...

Auto Zone — dead duralast autozone car battery

605537 I purchased what was supposed to be a new car battery on March 2, 2018. After 2.5 months of its purchase the battery was dead. On July 6, 2019 the Dura Last Battery died for a 3rd...

foul smelling drunk employee

Me and my husband visit this Autozone location for all of our automobile needs and have came in numerous times to a Caucasian male with the name tag Derrick drunk and smelling...


While at autozone I encountered a gray shirt employee throwing things, arguing with a customer and being very rude I believe that his name was Ted. I also seen another gray shirt...


I've worked for the company 6 months now and I've been targeted from management this is the worst company to ever work for please avoid it at all cost the manager told me that...

rear hatch struts... wrong product.

40982 I purchased rear support shocks for my 2003 Explorer. After I installed them the rear hatch was very hard to close. I figured that the shocks were new and thus, hard to overcome...

use of debit card for services

Im furious about the fact that when I made a purchase at this place I found that the part Inhad purchased was no what was wrong with my car so i attempted to return the part for a full refund. When doing so the amount should have been refunded inatantly back to my card but instead i have been told by my card company i am required to wait 3-5 business dayd which makes absolutely no sense considering i paid in the store and not online...i should have recieved my money back that same moment in returned the product not 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS LATER. I WOULD LIKE IT IF YOUNGUYS CAN CHANGE THAT AND ISSUE MY MONEY BACK LIKE YESTERDAY!

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    Lauri Lindschmidt Jul 11, 2019

    I purchased an alternator online to pick up in store. I was charged an additional $60 for a core charge. I had called the store prior to my purchase and asked if the core charge wold be credited back to my debit card immediately upon bringing in my old alternator and was told "YES, it would".

    I asked again when I picked up the part and gave them my old one, "Will the core charge be reversed on my card immediately?" Again, I was told "YES".

    Hours later, nothing appears to have been credited to my account so I go to the store and now they say, "It could take up to 24 hours, depending on your bank".

    I have been with my bank for many years and know that as soon as something is credited or debited, it appears immediately on my online statement as "pending".

    So I called AdvancedAuto Customer Service. Was on hold for nearly an hour waiting for "the next available representative". Who told me that it will take 3 - 5 BUSINESS days (today is Thursday so it will actually be 5-7 days) for my account to be credited, depending on my bank.

    I called my bank and they çonfirmed that EVERY credit or debit appears on my online statement as "pending" the moment the transaction takes place.

    VERY deceitful business practice!! It isn't my banks fault that it takes so long to receive my credit!! They didn't have to wait 3-5 business days for my bank to pay them for my purchase and the core charge; and I shouldn't have to wait to receive credit for the core charge!

    They don't tell people up front that they will have to wait 3-5 business days for their company to refund your money because they know that people wouldn't buy from them. Instead, they wait till they are confronted and then blame it on your bank! Wtf? Get your #[email protected]! together AdvancedAuto.

    I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from this business again and will discourage everyone from purchasing anything from them as well.

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service driver

U have a service driver that works at. 3750 State St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115 her name is. Autumn shaw while she is at work and driving ur company's vechicals she makes videos while driving and post them on line this concerns me because she is putting the public at harm's way because if she is doin this she is not paying attention to the road and her surroundings and could seriously harm some one or even kill them I don't know if any thing will be done about this but it has to be brought to some Ines attention she is doin this

unprofessionalism in the workplace.

My name is Joseph Kamber and I am a current employee at Autozone on Irving Park and Narragansett. I have several complaints about the unprofessionalism of the store manager...


Hello I was at the AutoZone at 3715 western ave Chicago il 60618 around 5 yesterday and there were only 2 employees there. There was a black female sitting around doing absolutely nothing besides listening to inappropriate "trap" music with tons of profanity and disgusting lyrics. Not only that she was blasting this music for the entire store to hear. I asked her to turn it down which she did but had a [censored] attitude about it. This was a disturbing experience and I may not do business with you after this . My email is [protected] or u can call or text at [protected]

horrible employee treatment

Company doesn't care about the personal lives of the employees. I had to take off because my brother was in the hospital, and was told that i cannot take off because i would get...

waiting for parts/customer service

I visited the Auto Zone in South Elgin, IL - 209 Randall Rd. on 5/4/19. Ordered parts and was told they would be ready by 3:00pm. Then was told 7:00pm. Allegedly, truck was not coming because it was the "end of work day" for driver. Now, was told by 11:00 am 5/5/19 parts would be at store. Called and called. NO PARTS! At 1:40pm on 5/5/19 was told there was a big mix up and now we have to wait until 5:00pm for parts. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I refuse to let this go unnoticed! I plan to write a letter to the Better Business Bureau and post my experience and ALL platforms of social media!

workers slacking off

Through the months of January 2016 to May 2016, two store mangers where having sexual relationships inside the store I would go often to the autozone on Clayton road concord ca. Often the store closed early. I went to the store at a decent time the next day to only find that the young lady is going into the bathroom with a male both grey shirts. Leaving people in the front with long lines I believe the manager name is tidal harris she stated.

lack of customer service/wrong parts/rude

I went to AutoZone in Ontario Oregon to get u joints for my Ford truck a rude lady named Samantha who I'd had issues with in the past that never gives me the right parts gives me the u-joints I get home to find out the u-joints on my truck can't be replaced you have to replace the driveline so I call the store back and I get Samantha and she's rude on the phone tells me they don't sell the total available or the other u-joints to replace these ones so I hang up I call back I get some guy that answered the phone rude didn't even get his name tells me they don't sell drivelines and I said well I'm looking at them right now on your website and he hung up on me. and everytime I get points built up to where I should get my $20 free my account gets wiped out I spend enough in the last month to get free bonus plus should have a couple more credits and conveniently I only have 2 credits from what I bought last week in this week.

AutoZone IOS Appautozone ios app

The auto zone IOS app is nice looking however is in critical need of an update and could use some bug fixes as often I see that the scrolling limit is set too high for whatever item I'm looking at and I am not able to read the description. It just needs to be further examined and be more intuitive and for lack of a better word more modern. If this is achieved you will have successfully created the amazon of auto parts therefore making your app more recommendable and start attracting customers at a much higher rate which is more than I can say for any other auto parts store currently out there.

AutoZone #0578 employee — employee treating customer bad

Yes I when in store #0578 to look for a part for my truck. Soon as I enter the store I was meet by one of the employee named Cassandra Joyce Gonsalez. In which she was being very...

duralast battery for 2005 honda odyssey

Really bad experience. After 2months of buying $135 Duralast battery, it went bad and when I visited the shop after jump start, they checked with the instrument that said Battery needs recharge . I was asked to visit another branch of Autozone as their instrument that checks Alternator is not working (I should have realized their intention of avoiding). Then I visited the other branch to check it and it was still the fault with the battery. When I returned to the same Autozone branch for a replacement or recharge, I was told to check the leaks in the car as the battery is still good. I requested them the recharge the battery so that I can do the check later. So with arrogance, he told me to remove the battery off of the car and he can only help by giving the tool box, as he said they just have 2 peoples and cannot help me, even though all returned to the shop, when he gave me the tool box and the shop was without a single Customer. When I gave the Battery, it had bubbles coming from the cap, when I asked them if this is normal? one of the staff said politely, that it is common, the other one said all battery does that in a raised voice!!. After I gave them the battery for recharge and returned home, I realized the worthlessness of the recharge, I called them to ask for an upgrade and they agreed. When I returned for upgrade, I was told the battery that was given for recharge was bad. Not even a single word till then!!. The agony was not over yet. When I asked what's with the instrument that tested the battery that said the battery is good. He realized it and started testing it again and said the battery is good so he will start charging again!! 😤. damn, my big mouth!!!.I said please upgrade to a better battery, total ~$200. No not all done yet. Again no guys to fit the battery, I had to dirty my hands again, but this time difference is, when I started fitting it, the staff came out to share my tools to fit battery to others car (i realized they fit the battery for the very first time only and they are using my weakness of not going away without the battery)!!
I am not sure when will I have to get the towing guy again, but request to any smart ones out there who reads reviews before buying anything is avoid the Autozone and definitely not the battery. There very good battery like Duracell, Interstate, Bosch, forget this one else you will have to repent like me.
To Autozone
Request you to train the staff to be customer friendly without bias, when to turn down customers and when not to, proper working instruments and basic needed trainings.

getting service period

I went into the autozone on Buena Vista road to get a quart of oil got my oil went to the cash register to pay and the guy at the cash register told me to go to the other line...

customer service

The manager, Martin, was a complete jerk. Didn't even bother looking up the part, just automatically said they didn't sell it. He had an attitude the entire time, yelling. Rushing...