AutoZone Complaints & Reviews

AutoZone / Customer service

Oct 19, 2019

Me and my wife have been waiting an hour or so just to purchase and change a car battery. So disorganized and very irrate due to the fact that all these customers who came in after us was taken care of. 3 employees from 10am to 11pm on 10/19/19 and 1 out of the 3 did not know how to change...

AutoZone / unauthorized transactions / credit card fraud

Oct 08, 2019

AutoZoneOn Friday October 4th 2019 I was driving and my heater core blew out on my truck I've been stopped at an AutoZone to get either a plug or adapter to fix it where I purchased an adapter and hose clamps for around $7 and some odd sense. I paid for the purchase with my PayPal debit card...

AutoZone / I went in to purchase a battery

Oct 06, 2019

AutoZoneThis location declined install my battery, the battery was fully exposed took me 10 minutes to install myself.. normally I do this work for myself, but today my daughter missed dance class because they declined the service that you provide..Won't be going there anymore. One employee...

AutoZone / employees not answering phone and outside smoking cigarettes

Oct 05, 2019

It is 12:30 a.m. my truck is broke down at a gas station down the street from a 24-hour AutoZone. This is not the first time I've had a problem with AutoZone or any of its stores but this one I have always had problems at the store. My husband called the AutoZone store up here on Garland...

AutoZone / customer service

Sep 30, 2019

Im making a complaint about the commercial manager in store located on 4008 Boston rd bronx ny 10466, after an argument about the bill, at my mechanic shop located at 4028 Boston rd bronx ny 10475 . The manager started cursing me out in front of my customers and workers . This happened after i...

AutoZone / employees and management

Sep 15, 2019

giving you a one-star because I have to otherwise it would have been a big fat zero. I have never been so disgusted and appalled at the same time. I walk into a store with two employees and older man and a kid working at the counter nobody else was in there. I needed help. I needed to find...

AutoZone / 5369 employee - eliza escuita

Aug 14, 2019

I ordered a starter via phone (vic) on 8/6/2019 and I went to autozone 5369 - 730 n. Azusa avenue west covina, ca branch that same day. Upon picking up, the person helping me was a new employee of autozone and I asked him if I would get my $40 back once I returned the old starter (core...

AutoZone / customer service/ management

Aug 10, 2019

I work at Advance Auto Parts and travel an hour everyday to do so. I pass through Abbeville & Auto zone is the only parts house there. About 7:30pm my belt started sqilling & had to stop to tighten my retainer.. I parked in front went and asked if I could use a tool to tighten my belt..a...

AutoZone / I need receipt number &limited warranty info dated back 2017 at auto records?

Aug 05, 2019

please note me my familys &etc, been shopping at auto for 25 plus, some one at the store made a mistake by puting such info in computer of took it out on bout say two years ago my wife and i brought an item a water pump kit for a total $119, 00 plus taxs.for some reason they found the...

Auto Zone / dead duralast autozone car battery

Jul 31, 2019

Auto ZoneI purchased what was supposed to be a new car battery on March 2, 2018. After 2.5 months of its purchase the battery was dead. On July 6, 2019 the Dura Last Battery died for a 3rd time in a little over a year, which tells me the battery was defective from the outset. The Part Number i...

AutoZone / foul smelling drunk employee

Jul 21, 2019

Me and my husband visit this Autozone location for all of our automobile needs and have came in numerous times to a Caucasian male with the name tag Derrick drunk and smelling horribly bad of body odor and alcohol.. Yesterday July 20, 2019 around 5:15pm we entered the store and upon...

AutoZone / employee

Jul 15, 2019

While at autozone I encountered a gray shirt employee throwing things, arguing with a customer and being very rude I believe that his name was Ted. I also seen another gray shirt employee disrespecting a red shirt employee in front of the entire shore full of customers I believe her name...

AutoZone / employment

Jul 15, 2019

I've worked for the company 6 months now and I've been targeted from management this is the worst company to ever work for please avoid it at all cost the manager told me that it's ok no one will miss and I've been told I'm lying even tho we have cameras. The managers are unprofessional...

AutoZone / rear hatch struts... wrong product.

Jul 12, 2019

AutoZoneI purchased rear support shocks for my 2003 Explorer. After I installed them the rear hatch was very hard to close. I figured that the shocks were new and thus, hard to overcome. After a few days I went to close the hatch and it was extremely hard to close. The area where the hinges are...

AutoZone / use of debit card for services

Jun 23, 2019

Im furious about the fact that when I made a purchase at this place I found that the part Inhad purchased was no what was wrong with my car so i attempted to return the part for a full refund. When doing so the amount should have been refunded inatantly back to my card but instead i have...

AutoZone / service driver

Jun 07, 2019

U have a service driver that works at. 3750 State St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115 her name is. Autumn shaw while she is at work and driving ur company's vechicals she makes videos while driving and post them on line this concerns me because she is putting the public at harm's way because if...

AutoZone / unprofessionalism in the workplace.

Jun 05, 2019

My name is Joseph Kamber and I am a current employee at Autozone on Irving Park and Narragansett. I have several complaints about the unprofessionalism of the store manager Valentin Rivera. I have been with the company since 2017 October and learned a lot of things that I plan to take with...

AutoZone / service

May 20, 2019

Hello I was at the AutoZone at 3715 western ave Chicago il 60618 around 5 yesterday and there were only 2 employees there. There was a black female sitting around doing absolutely nothing besides listening to inappropriate "trap" music with tons of profanity and disgusting lyrics. Not only...

AutoZone / horrible employee treatment

May 18, 2019

Company doesn't care about the personal lives of the employees. I had to take off because my brother was in the hospital, and was told that i cannot take off because i would get written up and two people already called out. The company doesn't care about the employee, only thing they care...

AutoZone / waiting for parts/customer service

May 05, 2019

I visited the Auto Zone in South Elgin, IL - 209 Randall Rd. on 5/4/19. Ordered parts and was told they would be ready by 3:00pm. Then was told 7:00pm. Allegedly, truck was not coming because it was the "end of work day" for driver. Now, was told by 11:00 am 5/5/19 parts would be at store...

AutoZone / workers slacking off

Apr 29, 2019

Through the months of January 2016 to May 2016, two store mangers where having sexual relationships inside the store I would go often to the autozone on Clayton road concord ca. Often the store closed early. I went to the store at a decent time the next day to only find that the young lady...

AutoZone / lack of customer service/wrong parts/rude

Apr 29, 2019

I went to AutoZone in Ontario Oregon to get u joints for my Ford truck a rude lady named Samantha who I'd had issues with in the past that never gives me the right parts gives me the u-joints I get home to find out the u-joints on my truck can't be replaced you have to replace the...

AutoZone IOS App / autozone ios app

Apr 21, 2019

The auto zone IOS app is nice looking however is in critical need of an update and could use some bug fixes as often I see that the scrolling limit is set too high for whatever item I'm looking at and I am not able to read the description. It just needs to be further examined and be more...

AutoZone #0578 employee / employee treating customer bad

Apr 21, 2019

Yes I when in store #0578 to look for a part for my truck. Soon as I enter the store I was meet by one of the employee named Cassandra Joyce Gonsalez. In which she was being very rude, vulgar, & loud telling me to get out of the store and if I came back in she would call the police. A...

AutoZone / duralast battery for 2005 honda odyssey

Apr 16, 2019

Really bad experience. After 2months of buying $135 Duralast battery, it went bad and when I visited the shop after jump start, they checked with the instrument that said Battery needs recharge . I was asked to visit another branch of Autozone as their instrument that checks Alternator i...

AutoZone / getting service period

Mar 30, 2019

I went into the autozone on Buena Vista road to get a quart of oil got my oil went to the cash register to pay and the guy at the cash register told me to go to the other line that they would take care of me fine so i go to the other line which the sign said it was for returns and other...

AutoZone / customer service

Feb 27, 2019

The manager, Martin, was a complete jerk. Didn't even bother looking up the part, just automatically said they didn't sell it. He had an attitude the entire time, yelling. Rushing the other employees for no reason. It was like they only had time to look up one thing and if they took too...

AutoZone / night manager

Feb 24, 2019

I had purchased a 45 peice toolkit from the Lynwood AutoZone I believe on 168th in Lynwood Washington and later in the day I had went to the auto zone on Broadway and when I went threw the door the buzzer went off and rite away the guy started screaming and yelling at me called me trash...

AutoZone / service

Feb 23, 2019

Went in to buy ac hose for car. Employee had poor attitude and acted like he didnt want to even search the part for me. He asked me the part number. Kept saying we aint gots that part with an attitude. I looked the pary up my dam self and showed it to him. This is the second time by...

Auto Zone / employee rights of conduct

Feb 12, 2019

I was in autozone when I had a employee check my car for the engine size to make sure I recieved the right part as the employee and I walked in a man was walking out we all 3 passed through the doors at what to seem to me the same time with the employee in front of me reentering and the...

AutoZone / new alternator having a dead short

Feb 10, 2019

My alternator went bad in my blazer. I had my car towed back to my house. I was driving the car on the freeway when I lost all power and the vehicle final stopped running. I then bought a replacement alternator from auto zone. After installing this part the battery could not be reconnected do...

AutoZone / service

Jan 27, 2019

I went to autozone in toms river nj 08753 next to rite aid. I needed a new battery because I had to get a boost in forked river . I was going to go to Walmart but i had to work in toms river so I figured i would stop at auto zone to buy a battery. I got there at 8:00 am sunday jan 20. I...

AutoZone / service

Jan 26, 2019

The white lady manager in lindsay is very disrespectful that I will never do business there again ...I bought a battery and needed help on the install ...she ask how old I was and said you that old and can't install a bettery and the worker that was going t help me she yelled at them and...

AutoZone / customer service

Jan 16, 2019

I went into AutoZone to purchase oil and was not helped! During that time I was the ONLY customer there. Employees were just standing by the register talking. I asked to speak with the manager, told her no one helped & the customer service is poor. She brushed it off and laughed. This i...

AutoZone / customer service

Dec 31, 2018

Placed order 28 Dec. Entire order was in stock, supposed to arrive 31 Dec. Order split into 3 shipments part of which had been cancelled entirely & reprocessed, part not processed at all. Alex at cust svc informed me FedEx was not escalating investigations due to the season. Asked if Auto...

AutoZone / animal abuse being aloud

Dec 18, 2018

Would be a 0 they are bad people they had been listening to a puppy/dog wimpering, yelping and howling for two weeks in the freezing cold. I pulled up after dark because my head light had gone out and that's all you can hear from just 50 feet from their parking lot. I walked in and they...

AutoZone / customer service

Dec 17, 2018

Went to the store on greenwich st in reading pa and the employees both men and women and the manager are the rudest people. They are disrespect and use profound language. The stand by the cash register and dont attend customers. They have no knowledge about vehicles and are quick to throw...

AutoZone / ms lott at store #0403

Dec 11, 2018

I went into this store and asked ms lott a question and she snapped at me so i asked her not to talk to me that way she replied [censored] you this is my store and i can talk to you any way i i asked for the store manager she said i am the damn manager and made me leave the...

AutoZone / accused of theft

Nov 26, 2018

I had went to autozone 4303 W Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78237 United States and was looking for a item a employee came up to me, helped me and payed for my I got in the car the manager tells me to row down my window so I did and he said sir please return the items you didn't...

AutoZone / customer service and store manager

Nov 25, 2018

Hello my name is Maria Lopez and I need to speak to corporate about AutoZone store 5216 about the store manager and the bad customer service I just experienced with them they charge me for a item I was trying to return when I noticed the charger I went back and they were really rude very...