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Autozone / Brakes pads front and back ford fusion store#0335

todd rivers on Feb 23, 2017
On 12/04/2016 I needed to replace the pads on my car. I gave the sales clerk my number for warranty look up an he did a search saw where I bought the pads for front and back. I purchased some new pads so I can bring my older one back for a refund, well on 02/23/2017 I took the old pads in...

Autozone / Very poor service, attitudes

Tim Fenner Sr. on Feb 2, 2017
I have noticed poor service at Mountain City Auto zone several times in the past, but had marked it off as my perception or just employees having a bad day. However yesterday, 2-1-2017, I tried again to shop at the store. The clerks, several working were slightly occupied, but I picked my...

Autozone / Autozone

secret456 on Dec 27, 2016
on the 20 Dec I was in autozone 1051 sams crossing. After standing in line for about 10 min I was next when a female came in and received service right away. ON 24 Dec same store, I was in line again with 4 customers behind for about 15 min when a white male came in and received svc right...

Autozone / I returned products, unopened and intact but they have not credited my account in 30 days.

tkinder on Jun 4, 2016
I purchased some products my mechanic said it turned out I didn’t need. I returned them to AutoZone, got a return receipt, but after 30 days the $79.38 still hasn’t been returned to my account. I called the customer service number and Ron, a pleasant guy, took my information, transaction number...


GUSRENTIT on Jan 5, 2015
In my opinion, Autozone.com DOES NOT GO THE EXTRA MILE, it does not even come close to the starting line. Just a bunch of arrogant employees, that claim that they do not have the power to solve problems. To give you an idea how bad this company is, even after politely calling the...

Autozone / poor upper management

Alejandro Alba on Oct 21, 2014
So upset with grand rapids district manager, and payroll department. First off I have been a store manager for over 4 years with one of my previous employers. I was promised a store manager position at Autozone after a year. Then they asked me to run the commercial department. My district...

Autozone / company workers

tntoys on Jul 27, 2014
i have a friend that works for autozone he has worked there for almost a year, he has been a mechanic since i have known him, also a fireifghter and emt.he has also been a manager at a ford dealer.he ran into some bad times so he started at auto zone. he has asked time and time again to be...

Autozone / warranty/ rewards

reggie b on Nov 4, 2013
I bought a warranty for my cars breaks an when I went back to exchange the they said they could not find the warranty in the system all my other cars are their what am I going to do with these old pads what happened to the warranty? also I have a problem getting my rewards point, I had...

Autozone / warranty/rewards

reggie b on Nov 4, 2013
I have a warranty with all my cars when I went in to exchange my break pads they say the could not find the car for the breaks I bought in, also I had more points the are needed an they said I needed more so i got a card in the mail giving me extra points when I went to claim the point...

Autozone / Employees and service

PingYu on Mar 24, 2013
The worst experience I ever have. Today, we went there to buy the head light for my car. We asked the sellers that we wanted a set of 2009 Honda accord head light when we purchased it we asked the seller to make sure it is the right one I buy. When I went home and tried to inserted the...

Autozone / Rude and disrespect to customer

PingYu on Mar 24, 2013
The worst experience I ever have. Today, we went there to buy the head light for my car. We asked the sellers that we wanted a set of 2009 Honda accord head light when we purchased it we asked the seller to make sure it is the right one I buy. When I went home and tried to inserted the...

Autozone / employe

13245 on Nov 24, 2012
I am a customer to this store and i go here often and there is a manager that she is always on the phone, and she ignores the customers when they walk in. I also only see other employees doing the work while she sits by the window on the phone.

Autozone / employment

mikein on Oct 17, 2012
i worked here for about 5 months and it was good for the first few months. then one of the managers a 41 year old man started decreasing my hours for no reason and never told me why. i went from 40 hours a week to 10. i dealt with it for a while before finally asking why im not getting any...

Autozone / Customer service and refund

mwoods19 on Jul 6, 2012
I went with my mechanic to Autozone to purchase an alternator. When paying, we asked if (as long as we paid cash for the core charge) we could put the rest on my debit card and when returning the old alternator we could get cash back. If they had said no, I would have gone to the bank and...

Autozone / I will not shop again at your store and will tell my friends and compadres not to shop at Autozone

Tinauer on May 10, 2012
I recently went to an autozone store in Aguadilla Puerto Rico and purchased a set of Duralast brake shoe for a 2005 Scion XA.The total cost of the item was 82.00 dollares, which included the tax. When I went to replace the brakes shoes, I discovered that I also needed the cylinders, so I...

Autozone / Dirty store and lack of service

Opalooze on Apr 24, 2012
I went to the Autozone store located on Myrtle St New Britain Ct. on Sunday November 6th @1230pm. the store floors wer filthy, but my complaint was lack of service. 3-4 employees waundering around the store- 5 persons in front of me- 5 behind me. staff were drinking a what appeard to be...


Apostle C.L De Peyster on Mar 28, 2012
I went there to buy locks for my ford f250. Went home and tried to install them but they were the wrong type. It happens! But upon returning as the were locking the door, i asked could the gentleman who sold me these change them, they're wrong and don't fit. The Security officer...

Autozone / bad parts

johnny williams on Feb 26, 2012
I've got a 93 ford ranger 4.0 l automatic i bought ia radiator from auto-zone on 10/23/2011 i started running hot so i bought a water pump still didnt fix problem so i went down the line thermostat, heater core them sensor come to find out the radiator was bad had a small leak so on...

Autozone / Rude manager

Angrycustomer100000 on Feb 12, 2012
First off I'll tell you why I went there in the first place.. my car wouldn't start and so I called AAA and they came and jump started the car. The guy who did this was very nice and he told me that I should go and get a new battery. So, I called my Dad and he said to go to...

Autozone / Terrible Customer Service

sebboh on Dec 4, 2011
The experience that I had at AutoZone the other day was TERRIBLE. I went in to purchase a headlight & brakelight for my car. They gave me the bulbs. I had visited other AutoZones where they would put the bulbs in for you. I asked if they offered that, and they said Yes, they will put the...

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