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Retail Stores Complaints | Page 9

ligh in the box .com / Credit Card Fraud

on May 5, 2015

Not only do they take your money for a cancelled order (within 12 hours) but it appears my card has been used in China, shortly after I handed over my card details to them. Since there is no way I can even contact Customer Services, no email, no phone, no instant chat, nothing! I just...

Tractor Supply / Arrogant Manger and mistreatment toward employee

on Apr 29, 2015

I have a friend who worked at the Tractor Supply in Greer, SC. Her manager, Mike Allison thought it was ok to yell at her and degrade her in front of other employees. No one, and I mean no one should ever be treated like this in the workplace. It is not only childish to act this way, but...

Jenelle assistant manager / yelling and being rude to my mom

on Apr 28, 2015

when we came inside to store my mom went shopping on one of the red bins after that the assistant manager was yelling to my mom that she's not able to shop on the red bin there is other customer around the assistant manager that saw what happened. andy's occur for how many time...

Седьмой Континент / Украденные деньги

on Apr 21, 2015

Хамское поведение кассира Шмаковой Оксаны вечером 13 апреля 2015, несоответствие цен на полках и на кассе. Данный кассир отказалась вернуть деньги при отказе от товара. Старший продавец не соизволила выйти и урегулировать ситуацию. Кто возместит украденные деньги?

Ruby / golden

on Apr 10, 2015

I went to the Family Dollar on 3401 West Chicago Avenue the managers are at the Family Dollar is very unprofessional and she do not know how to talk to people everytime I go in there she always have the absolute for example I went in there the other day the store with him at least 25...

Regal Theater / Not totally handicap accessible

on Mar 23, 2015

This is one of the theaters where you have pick out and purchase your seat when buying your ticket. I usually sit in row "C" which is the handicap level. I choose to see a movie with a friend and it would not allow me to pick 2 seats there. one is for the wheelchair and the other is for...

Best Tile / Purchased Material

on Mar 22, 2015

Purchased a large order of $5, 000+ of various tiles from this merchant for a home renovation project. Was shorted five boxes of a particular tile after we were assured the order was accurate and they suggested that either we or our contractor must have misappropriated the missing five...

Playstation For $ For $150.00 Both On 3-3-15… For $100.00 For $50.00 Both On 3-2-15 / transaction fraud

on Mar 19, 2015

Hello..My name is Kenya Smith..I'm wanting to dispute the above transactions that was made upon my account.I have no idea who could have done this or why..The morning I tried to use my card to purchase gas it was denied and I didn't understand first I thought the system...

games world / horrible customer service

on Mar 6, 2015

I had purchased an electronic chess board for my father. It was 230 dollars we had spent 3 days trying to get it to work the item was not working so I took it back. The manager told told the batteries for low so she put in one of their own batteries how ever the item was still not working...

Nemesis Project Bikes / Paid for 2 custom bike builds with no delivery. Only excuses and now no response.

on Feb 25, 2015

Ordered paid for 2 bike builds from Bradford Hodges aka Nemeis Project spring of 2012 and over the course of 2.5 years Brad provided answers of delays as well as personal circumstances. In the fall of 2014 after he had no longer answered my emails nor calls I began posting on his Instagram...

For your entertainment (fye) / Managment

on Feb 25, 2015

On Sun Feb22 my family went into fye.We checked out.On our way out alarm went off we thought items just didnt get deactavated so stepped back in so man working could check.Alarm went off again.It ended up being my 14yr old daughter setting alarm off.I told her to empty pockets for him a...

Shopkira / Refund

on Feb 19, 2015

They go to the extreme to not refund you your money On 01/21/2015 I called the company to let them know that my dress was damaged because it had red dye around the collar which I'm severally allergic too and I couldn't even try it on completely. I sent the dress back on...

backpack / price cheat

on Feb 13, 2015

Feb 13, 2015 at 4:45pm, i went to target to buy backpack, they put whole column new backpack under price $19.99. i picked one and paid. but after paid, i found price is $24.99, i asked guest service, a guy his name is Nathan, he said he is a manager in the store. he said it is $24.99, he... / Canceled order - no refund

on Feb 5, 2015

Hi, I purchased a shoe from D2H shop on 20th Jan. with order no. [protected]. Seeing no progress till 28th Jan, I cancelled it and purchased shoes from other website. I called them 6 times to confirm that they cancel and refund. I even spoke to their Supervisor, Mr. Dharmendra Singh and he...

Sprinkles Gifts / fraud

on Feb 2, 2015

I placed an order from Bargain Bunch, paid via Paypal and they never shipped the order to me. Filed with Paypal for refund eventually. I never got my order so I tried to contact them but they do not ever answer phone calls or emails. Also even tried thru facebook. After waiting several...

24 hrs groceries / selfish honkers

on Jan 25, 2015

Dear sir, Madam I would seek your kind attention about a constant menace of the 24 hrs cold stores in the residential areas. Outdoor noise (Noise pollution) worldwide is mainly caused by machines and transportation systems, vehicles, aircraft, and trains. But in Bahrain noise from...

Scit Scat Music / Unprofessional in every way

on Jan 9, 2015

Scit Scat Music1. Double sold a guitar I had already purchased so had to wait for new stock. 2. They continued to list the guitar on eBay as being in stock - it wasn't! 3. To be fair they paid extra for delivery to expedite the guitar when it finally came in from their suppliers but it got held up...

Michael's Craft Store / Fraudulent advertising

on Jan 7, 2015

Michael's craft store purposefully puts out in-store FRAUDULENT signs in the jewellery making aisle, especially around x-mas holiday time (to new years) when people are mostly rushed/stressed/burned out etc. so that most won't bother to complain or bother return to stand in long...

Radio Shach / Headphone don't work

on Jan 5, 2015

I purchased a set of headphones to use at the gym. I got the cheapest pair that cost $10. Since I would listen to TV with them I didn't need to spend any more. A few months later they started to crap out. I went to the local store and was told that they couldn't do anything...

MCFRUGALS / return and exchange

on Dec 28, 2014

I bought a Tekno robotic puppy today Dec 28 for 40% off the price. My kids was so excited to play with it but when they found out in you tube that it is not comparable to the other robotic dog "zoomer" that theyve been wanting so they want me to return it and I went back to store right...

DPauls Divine and Decor / Holy business run by crooks

on Dec 19, 2014

RUN BY VERY DISHONEST, AGGRESSIVE, SCAMMING FAMILY. They previously ran an unsuccessful travel agency by the name of Super Value Holiday, which they closed filing for bankruptcy, SCAMMING many customers out of hard earned money. Currently they are operating a new business under the new name...

Mabel Germain / Fraud

on Nov 22, 2014

Mabel GermainIn December 2013, Mabel Germain Oppong placed an order for 34 bottles of premium wines to be parcelled as hampers from a wine shop in Accra, saying she was promoting a highlife award program at the Mensvic Grand Hotel at East Legon, and advised the wine dealer to participate as a...

Quest Foods Exchange / food way to expencive

on Nov 7, 2014

Michelle Cahill is the so called manager that cant read her volunteers tell her bosses that you have anger problems and you scared her But its ok for her to yell at you in front of staff and customers and that does not make you feel to good of course you wont be happy.if you want to...

Hasbro Rainbow Dash Costume / Commercial Sale

on Oct 26, 2014

On Party City's T.V commercial, It announces 60% off of Halloween Costumes. My father spent about 90$ on a costume, Its tank top and jacket needed exchanging, with NO returns. But when my father went to the checkout, they mentioned nothing of nor showed no sign of that commercial...

Home Decorative Items Online - / Home Decorative Items Online Shopping in India

on Oct 25, 2014

Home Decorative Items Online - Importwala.comDecor is a reflection of taste and necessity, and at the very soul of what transforms your house into a home and gives your office a welcoming ambiance., a lifestyle brand, brings you furnishings to achieve this very transformation with its diverse range of product...

American Heartland High-Gloss Classic Red Oil-Based Barn, Roof, Shed & Fence Paint - 1 Gal. / Paint will not dry, and subsequent coats wrinke and orange peel.

on Oct 24, 2014

Purchase American Heartland High-Gloss Classic Red Oil-Based Barn, Roof, Shed & Fence Paint - 1 gal. Following the can instructions, this paint will not dry, and it runs all over the place, dripping everywhere. This product makes a HUGE mess out of any job. When you apply a second coat...

CLOSEOUTLINEN / company does not exist

on Oct 16, 2014

I ordered 2 sets of queen-size sheets from on the 7th of Oct. 3 days later I received an e-mail my item shipped..As of the 15th I still haven't received my items, so I called UPS and gave them the tracking # and UPS informed me they never received the item and the only thing they had...

LIDL Malta / Expired Food & Toiletries

on Oct 16, 2014

The following products were bought from various LIDL outlets in Malta. They were expired, despite having a correct, valid expiry date ! Cashew nuts, found soft, without flavour Floreyals wet baby wipes found completely dry ! Fresh / whole chicken turned to green after two days ! Philadelphia...

OnLine Herbs / undelivered product

on Oct 14, 2014

I made a very large order for ayurvedic herbal products 2.5 months ago. I received a notice from Online Herbs that one of the products was out of stock and they would send as soon as they got it. I received the rest of my order about 2 weeks later. The invoice indicated that that product...


on Oct 11, 2014

I've been reading some of the complaints lodged against this company on your website. I can't believe that other customers have actually been able to purchase products from this company. I've been trying to make a purchase on the corporate perks site, off and on for two...

Luxottica Warranty Department / Ray-ban warranty is a scam

on Sep 26, 2014

I use to be a loyal Ray-ban consumer. I have 5 pairs myself and absolutely love the style and fit of each one. My husband has 3 pairs and they are our 'go-to' Christmas/Birthday gift for friends and family. However, the last 2 pair purchased have caused us nothing but heart ache...

Aerosoles / Online order cancellation

on Sep 16, 2014

I am extremely irritated with Aerosoles online purchases. I made a online purchase this morning (around 9:30 AM) and realized I placed the order for wrong shoe sizes. I called the customer service unit around 4:00 PM to cancel or update my order for the correct sizes. I was told my the...

RC-Mega Cola 800ml / Foreign Body inside sealed bottle of RC-Mega 800ml

on Sep 16, 2014

RC Cola Corp Philippines: Hi, I am a sari-sari store owner as well. Here's my experience just awhile ago 9/16/2014 when we were eating Lunch, I decided to try the RC Mega 800ml as our refreshment, but to my surprise, I saw some white tingy at the bottom of the bottle. Without opening the...

AEG fridge freezer / Faulty

on Sep 15, 2014

Purchased fridge freezer from currys staples corner on 7/8/2014. Had delivery on 21/8/2014. Since then I have been in person at Curry's store in Staples Corner after spending over an hour and not getting joy I was promised by manager Niraj that the would be solved and confirmed to me...

CZ P07 9mm Pistol / Wrong item sent

on Sep 3, 2014

I placed an order on line for what Buds Gun Shop advertised as a CZ P07 9mm pistol with 3.8 inch barrel, night sights, new type finish and front serrations on the slide, new shaped trigger and replaceable back straps. I placed this gun on layaway in May, 2014 and paid it off in August. It...

Westwinds Superstore Calgary / Rudeness

on Aug 25, 2014

Today is Monday August 25, 2014 and I just returned from your store quite upset as to the way I was treated by a male employee of yours. I did not get his name being so upset. Went in looking for 1/2 & 1/2 cream and as it turns out it was on sale but there were none in the cooler so...

WSI Prepaid / unpaid hours of work

on Aug 23, 2014

I work for this business for 2 months and my pay was always late and I still haven't received my last pay check I've been trying to contact the owner Eduardo Perez and he has fail to get back to me I have been asking to get paid for a little more than a month now. He has never... / Providing used parts terrible service

on Aug 10, 2014

Thsi company offers terrible terrible service to the US. He has stated when i have asked for damaged parts to be replaced to just touch up with marker and that the US complains too much. I was a store that sold their product and had to push and push to get little things replaced that wa...

Wesfarmers Group / False allegations of Harassment by Staff

on Aug 9, 2014

I was a regular customer at Coles and was recently appalled and publicly embarrassed by the actions of one the Customer Service Representative of Coles. While purchasing a sim card Customer Service Manager approached me in the presence of other customers who were standing by, “Look...

Guns & Ammo Superstore / Thieves and Scammers

on Jul 30, 2014

I ordered off their website and was on "back order" for over two months. I never got my item and am out a lot of money. Theses people are crooks of the worst kind. The owner David even called me screaming and didnt even know what was going on.