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Hobby Lobby is an industry leading retailer offering more than 70,000 arts, crafts, hobbies, home décor, holiday, and seasonal products.

Complaints & Reviews

Lawrence Smith Asst. Manager

617997 6:25p 3/4/20 purchased an Easter decoration and the cashier wrapped it. When I got home and unwrapped it an ear fell off. I wanted to exchange it for one that was not broken. He...


Store #577 My sister and I went for last minute Valentines Day items. We first stopped by the floral section then made our way around the store till we got to the Valentine...

Hobby Lobby — hobby lobby lost a customer

Saturday February 1st 2020 my husband and I were to Hobby Lobby . We bought 9 different items and expend $77.41. One of the items was a metallic Home Décor for our house (I paid...

either a cashier mistake or a computer glitch... which?

Thursday, January 16, 2020: Don't we all know that all the items (without a credit sign and without any subtractions at the end) on the right column of the sales slip are our...

stereotyping, harassment

I am retired and went to your store with my daughter to get some ideas for Christmas on the evening of November 30, 2019. We always take our time and have fun looking but for an...

check out service.

So im in check out and im about to pay the girl I hand her an old $20 bill as policy they check the big bills under a light she had the bill double checked by 2 other worker...


I was at hobby lobby on Wednesday, as soon as walked in I had staff following me around the store watching me. "Stereotyping me". I felt very stereotyped, as I went to the...


First time in this store and I go to check out. The cashier doesn't say hello or anything and I hand her my coupon and she smarts off telling me I cannot use it on sale...


For years I have shopped at hobby lobby for both personal and business. I have always used the coupon when available and used for two transactions if I was buying personal and...

store stock vs online info

This company not only has the rudest employees and management that doesnt give a [censored], but they cant even bother to coordinate what they say they have online in store with what actually is in store. Most pathetic seeing section ive ever seen but tons of xmas and pottery deco JUNK. Wasted trip wasted time wasted patience. To hell with hobby lobby wasting peoples time by lying to them about stock.

customer service

As I'm waiting in line and the customer in front of me was checking out, as he was the employee Named Rita G started talking to another customer in another line and started ignoring him. He said thanks have a good day and she still continued to talk to someone else. As I approached the desk she said nothing to me but continued to talk to the other customer. And I wait there not being helped for almost a minute she finally starting ringing me up. Doesn't say anything to me and still continues to talk to someone else. Only when she has my total does she tell me my total I give her the money and she gives me my change I said thanks and she replied and said nothing to me once again. Now I'm not the type of person to typically complain about service, but when I'm being completely ignored and not even thanked for my purchase I think that's completely not ok. I love Hobby Lobby and I will never return to this location again.

customer service

management/ corporate

Absolutely terrible customer service. Corporate and the managers of this location do not think the customer is right at all. I was trying to find some items so my mother asked an...

customer service

I had four items all the same with one being a different price, a lower price. A manager was paged several times, never showed. I waited well over 10 minutes. There were several...

why hire people if they won’t help you

Tonight during my trip to hobby lobby there were 3 registers open. Only 2 had lines on them. I did my shopping and paid on the register all the way to the right. I wasn't...

customer service

Today Oct. 19, 2019, I had an awful experience with customer service. I normally get good customer service, but today there was a lady who would not give me a price check to...

unicorn projector light

See attached 2000 words on previous statements I just sent? The item started on fire, black smoke and I could have lost everything I owned in this world!!! Because of cheap...

store manager

617997 My friend & I visited this store on 10/3/19 - at check out there were only two checkers with customer standing in line past the first main isle of the Store.. Store manager walked...


I bought a cut of fabric and got it home to find that it was very crooked on the bolt and by the time I had it straight I was losing 5 inches. I went back to the store and they...

harassment by employees

I am an avid crafter. That being said the closest hobby lobby to me is about an hour away so I don't get to go there often. However 2 days a month I work in pensacola where...

register lines and employees

I was in one line behind 3 guys trying to purchase something and charge it to their company account; I stood in line behind them for at least 10 minutes, while there were 2...


My fiancé and my I love the merchandise Hobby Lobby carries. I am a coin collector and Hobby Lobby is one of the only stores in my area that has all the items I need to maintain...

[Resolved] covert racial profiling/covert consumer racism

Covert Racial Profiling/Covert Consumer Racism... I went into the store on Saturday, September 7th around 4:30 pm-5:00 pm looking to buy a zipper... I of course noticed the...

manager/ company in general

The store manager treats good employees like crap. He talks down to them and berates them on things that are not their fault. He just leaves when the regional manager is supposed...

front cam sandra

I only worked for hobby lobby for one month. I really liked working there and Greg and ed are great . The cam (Sandra) was not very inviting to me when i started, she never smiled...

abusive customers and feeling helpless for someone to help me

I've been working at Hobby Lobby for almost nine years and recently things have been good for me but lately, now things have ether just fell off the wagon as a manner of...

extremely rude manager

Yesterday 7/19/19 I encountered the rudest customer service experience I've ever had in my life at Hobby Lobby off of Bell & 7th St. In Phoenix Arizona and with a manager...

HobbyLobby.comrefused a return of cricut

We purchased the product at a Hobby Lobby in Rockwall, TX. We did take the product out of the box, set on a table, tried to do a computer setup. After hours of trying we gave up. The product has not been used but, yes, it was taken out of the box. Nothing more. Hobby Lobby refuses to take it back and only says "it's company's policy not to take returns". We were not informed about this "policy", more than that, on the back of the receipt it clearly states returns accepted within 90 days with the original receipt. Don't shop at HL unless you are willing to keep products that do not work for you!!!

no discount on flower purchase

On 6/28/19 at 3:14 pm my daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase wedding flowers. I saw an ad online that said flowers 50% Off We spent $387.71 on flowers that day. We went...

customer checkout

I am an online seller on I have had over 700 sales this year with 4, 500 inception to date. I get a huge amount of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. The check out process with people manually entering prices and then searching for a discount is antiquated and does not provide the best customer service. I personally have been charged incorrectly hundreds of times!!! People are not accurate when manually entering prices and then remembering 100s of sale items. I have asked the clerks why they do not have a bar code scanning system. They all usually tell me it is because our founder wants to us to interact with the customer. Interact with the customer? The clerks are so consumed by prices and sales they cannot talk to me. If they were mindlessly scanning away like other stores, we could interact and I could feel the utmost customer service. This is a store with Christian values and I appreciate that. I do not feel that Christian values are the prime focus because I am being over charged and you are keeping my money!

kennesaw, georgia

Hello. This is a long time issue, however in the past month it has become worse. Providing a working schedule, which includes not only the time of day, but also the days you will work, with 3 days of notice is not acceptable. This is not employee friendly at all and everyone has a life which needs planning. Time off for vacations, children, parents, school, health care, etc. 3 weeks minimum is expected and very doable.

There are MANY automated software scheduleing tools available to use and it is past time that this company recognizes a fundamental employee need to fix this issue. It costs nothing to invest compared to the return you would receive. Would you work for a company that did this to you? Yes, I am talking to the leaders of this company and asking you to make a change. This is not a ‘how much do you pay' issue. This is a core expectation of leadership to care for their hard working employees.

hobby lobby assistant manager

Deranged assistant manager at store #851

hobby lobby assistant manager

  • Updated by Krislyn77 · Jun 17, 2019

    Hobby lobby store number 851 in new iberia la 70560, assistant manager treated me like a theif, when i was contusily stalked like prey, i asked for her help with what i was looking for, her reply was (I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT) so no help nor did she find anyone else to assist me, followed to to the register, and waited at the front door, then proceeded to watch me outsude drive away, ILL NEVER SHOP AT HOBBY LOBBY AGAIN AND IM TELLING THE WORLD, IM NO THEIF SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN MADE TO FEEL LIKE A THEIF, BY THIS PERSON SHE NEEDS TO BE RE TRAINED ARE DEMOTED, BUT IN MY OPINION FIRED !!! THIS IS GOING VIRUL, , , , , , STORE # 851 NEW IBERIA LA 70560 DO NOT SHOP THERE EVER !!!

christmas merchandise before schools are out for the summer

It seems like Christmas merchandise goes onto your shelves earlier and earlier every year. But this year really beats all. June 6, the kids aren't even out of school for the year and your employees in Illinois are stocking Christmas merchandise? It's VERY unappealing. And potentially enough to make me stop shopping your stores. Not that my one little voice makes any difference, but I know there are others who feel the same way.

Putting Christmas stuff out now really detracts from the specialness of the Christmas season, let alone drowning out all of the other holidays you're selling supplies for. If you plan to continue with this distasteful trend, maybe you should consider renaming to "Holiday Lobby." Because that's a much more accurate representation of your store at this moment.

  • Yv
    Yves_3 Jul 24, 2019

    I completely agree. I went to Hobby Lobby on the first day of summer this year only to find Christmas items already going up. People are still trying to enjoy the summer, gardening and having cookouts or bonfires. But your Christmas items are pushing out any of the garden decorations or other outdoor items that they might like to have purchased. Last minute decision to throw an end of summer pool party or cookout? Great idea! Pick up decorations and things from Hobby Lobby? Nope, better shop someplace else, all of their items have already been replaced with Christmas. People used to complain about Christmas appearing in stores before Thanksgiving. Then it was Halloween. Now? You brought out Christmas before the Fourth of July! It is absolutely ridiculous how early it appears in your stores. Once Christmas decorations go up in a store, my husband refuses to shop that store until at least November so as not to have to look at it. Guess we won't be going to Hobby Lobby for a few months.

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bathroom and lack of a proper handicap stall

I have a knee injury and used the handicap stall at the Hobby Lobby store on Wade Hampton in Greer SC. There are to hand rails improperly placed. They were no help at all. If I were a giant maybe. This issue needs to be fixed. There is one rail behind you and one across the stall. Both rails were unreachable. I can't believe they passed building code.

bathroom and lack of a proper handicap stall
bathroom and lack of a proper handicap stall

customer service

On 5/18/19 it took 5 phone calls to get an answer on what type of slot cars the store carries . I finally asked for the store manager and he told me the store doesn't carry them any more ! When I know that they do !!! Terrible customer assistance!!! This was at the Totowa N.J. Store . I am in the retail business also and have never treated a customer with such disrespect. I believe your store managers name was Mike . Thank you for your time, Dawn Hess

your fire extinguisher in your chino hills store

June 2018, I was shopping for my husband Fire Dept. retirement party and was in line to pay, I saw a item I wanted to purchase for my grand baby that was with me. I bent over to get it and your fire extinguisher was on a hook not secured. It was probable 50, 60 lbs. When I stood up it feel on my lower back than on to the back of my leg. I was in tremendous pain. No one came to my aide and I had to ask for help... the manager got me ice which was melted and a chair to sit on. She had me feel out a claim form and someone contacted me and said if I needed anything to call. He also, sent me a letter, I had to go to urgent care and to the doctors. I called back and left a message. Not once have I heard back from anyone in your claims dept. The number that was on the letter is not a good number. I have pictures and all my medical bills for my X-rays and Mri... I feel completely ignored. Thank God nothing was broken or torn but I'm left with a huge scar on the back of my leg. Please someone respond... Toni Morales, Chino Hills [protected] [protected]

customer service

During my visit at Hobby Lobby in Albemarle NC I needed to return a few things. During the return process Lisa the cashier was extremely helpful and very nice to work with!...

customer service

On Saturday 4/20/2019 my husband and I witnessed a very irate manager verbally abuse an employee. We watched her walk away and speak to another manager when the first one rushe...


Medford, Oregon location I purchased a few items including $4.99 earrings, earrings were not put in my bag. I called as soon as I returned to work approx. 10 min, gave them...

discrimination and harassment due to claims of theft

617997 On April 11, 2019 I was shopping at hobby lobby located at 7011 w canal dr. Kennewick washington. I was doing my usual arts and crafts shopping separating my on sale items on the...

customer service

I went in to grab a few things. While I'm checking out, I ended up having to wait behind someone exchanging an item. No problem. The manager comes and tells me to go to another...