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Jet Stores review: My account

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I have been a trustworthy customer of Jet Stores for years. My account was paid up by the insurance in February 2018 due to my husband's passing. I then bought a top loader washing machine from Jet Mart in Southdale Johannesburg some time in 2018 which was +/-R5000, so as time went I religiously paid my installments every month, however, as you know financial problems started, as I am I pensioner and some months I skipped my payment but then doubled up the next as I did not want to spoil my reputation. My gripe now is, my account never decreased, instead, the more I paid, the higher my account went or stayed. I personally visited Jet Stores in Trade Route Mall Lenasia on numerous occasions to inquire as to why my account does not decrease, and time and time again I find different stories that just doesn't make sense. I would really like this account to be closed by now as I seriously can't keep up with this anymore, as I said I am a pensioner and I need urgent assistance with this matter, please and thank you.

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